2023 Youtube and Stream Plans

It’s been a long year trying to put together the new PC and now it’s completed. I’ve been able to greatly expand the retro game collection and be able to play PC games which is a big step up. There’s been alot of thinking about what 2023 will be. The end of the year did creep up on me but being in content creation you tend to look forward alot. There are my ideas for 2023.

  1. Donations and Supporting Me is simple now. (Now) One off donations goes to Buy me a Coffee, Monthly membership goes to Youtube with Nintendo Ninja News and the Merch Store for ongoing one off donations via buying products.
  2. Brand New Detailed Stream Overlay (Feb2023). We have a basic stream setup that needs a good upgrade and I have the perfect design with this one show in a YT video. We will add a video showcasing all the games we stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPRJzn-O88U
  3. Stream Clips on Discord (Now). You can add the stream clips you take on Youtube and put them on discord for all to see. Some might be picked for stream designs.
  4. New Emotes and Badges for Youtube Membership (Jan 2023). The Youtube Membership is getting some rewards finally. You will get the nice Gemstones badges for joining YT Membership. There will be emote collections for Youtube live streams and our Discord community such as: Ninja and Pixel Text.
  5. Smokebomb LIVE (SB LIVE) for YT Membership (Jan 2023). Each month there will be a Sunday stream for YT members only to chat with me and pick out a game to play too. There will be live discussions and possible recordings for the Smokbomb Show YT channel.
  6. New PC Features (Now): Our Retro gaming collection covers 15 consoles and has nearly 800gb of games covering over 40 years of gaming. PC Gaming is now possible and ability to expand the stream show designs and functions. Better video editing abilities.
  7. New Phone (Feb 2023). Youtube Shorts are now a thing and after five years I’ll be getting a new phone to do shorts and do the everyday business.
  8. New Graphics Card (March 2023). Our next big donation goal is my first real graphics card to help stream modern day PC games. This will also help with video editing and creating content.
  9. New Web Cam (April/May 2023). The old web cam is eight years old and needs to be replaced. The Elgato Face Cam will ease into the streams and in 60fps for the first time.
  10. Elgato Wave Mic (April 2023). Gotta be saving alot of space on the desk with this one. It will tidy up the streams too.

There’s alot of planning but I’m looking forwards to adding all this for next year.

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