Chris Ticehurst | The Creative Life is my own web site where it hosts my creative works . I’m also the host and creator of two Youtube channels in Smokebomb Show and Nintendo Ninja News. This web site is a jounrey of a creative person. I’ll talk about my own creative works, talking to others about their creative works or the world of entertainment. I’ll also talk about my own personal life and areas of life that interest me from sports to politics via SB Show.

You can use the Contact Page if you wish to ask me a question on the web site or Youtube channels. You can normally find me on the NNN Discord Server.

The Stories, Photos, Special Films, and Collabrations

1995 to 1999 LegoLand (1995) , LegoLand – The Dragon Knights (1996) Time Cruisers (1997) LegoLand – Through Time & Space (1997) LegoLand – Twin Worlds Battle (1998) LegoLand – The Final Chapter (1999)

2000 to 2005The Legend of Evermore (2002) The Chronciles of Vincent Lamour (2003) Vadey The Short Love Story (2003) Wild Western (2003) The Silver Knight (2003) Personality Speaking (2003) Seasons of the Moon (2004) Seasons in the Woods (2004) Seasons of the Moon Artwork Collection (2004) Seasons of the Moon Book Cover – Tejay (2004) The Ghost Writer (2005) Chisoutsa The City of Demons (2005) Chisoutsa OG Poster (2005) Pink Chisoutsa Artwork Collection (2005) Chisoutsa Lost Blossens Artwork (2005) Miyomoto Girls Artwork – Expel XP (2005)

2006 to 2010 Chisoutsa the Virgin War (2006) Chisoutsa – The Vampire Convoitise (2007) Treason & Treachery & Masks & Deceit – Writersmuster Anthology (2007) Origins of Chisoutsa (2008) Chisoutsa – Revolution of the Worlds (2009) Chisoutsa – The Undead Emperor (2010)

2010 to 2015The Alien of the Phonix (2012) Brisbane Lions in Canberra (2012) Xtreme Squad (2013) Super Bakery Sisters (2013) Super Bakery Sister Banner – DJNY (2013) Modern Chisoutsa Poster – DJNY (2013) Paranormal Spirits (2014) The Author’s War (2014) Super Bakery Sisters – Norwin’s Christmas Quest (2014) Xtreme Squad 2 (2014 ) Xtreme Squad – Lucas Walke Poster – DJNY (2014) Chisoutsa Bedroom Banner – DJNY (2014) Xtreme Squad – Miyomoto Girls – DJNY (2014) Canberra 3DS Birthday Bash (2014) Chris Ticehurst Creative Writer Past Logos – DJNY (2014) The Author’s War Art Collection – DJNY (2014) Currong Apartments – The Last Day (PC) (2014) The Alien of the Phoniex 2 (2015) Written into Existence (2015) Super Bakery Adventures – The Magical Fruit Tree (2015) Sydney Trip 2015 (PC) (2015) The Bookcases – DJNY (2015) Ninty Ninja Early Battles – DJNY (2015) Xtreme Squad 3 (2015)

2016 to 2019GAMMA CON 2016 (SF) (2016) The Alien of the Phoniex 3 (2016) GAMMA CON 2017 (SF) (2017) GAMMA.CON 2017 (PC) (2017) Canberra Lego Brick Expo 2017 (PC) (2017) Neon Post Human (2017) Universe Guardian (2017) Canberra Lego Brick Expo 2017 (SP) (2017) Floriade 2017 (SP) (2017) GAMMA CON 2018 (SP) (2018) Sydney Holiday 2018 (PC) (2018) The New Home (PC) (2018) Gorwie Court – The Last Day (PC) (2018) My Gaming Story 2 – Atari 2600 (SP) (2018) Neon Post Human 2 (2019) Whisk – The Shirt Film Collection (SP) (2019) GAMMA CON 2019 (SP) (2019)

2020 to 2025The Legecy of Whisk (PC – Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3) (2020) Ninty Ninja and the Virtual Motherverse (2021) Universe Guardian: Shadow of the Soulbreaker (2021) Ninty Ninja and the Smokebomb Squad (2022) Madison Fern and the Beloved Forest (2022) NNN Glow – 1AD Photography (2021) GAMMA CON 2022 (PC) (2022) Under the Blue Light – 1AD Photography (2022) My Gaming Story 2 – Sega Master Sytstem II (SP) (2022) Tenacity Gas Mask – 1AD Photography (2022) Majura Valley Sunflower Maze (PC (2023) Enlighten Festival 2023 (PC) (2023)


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