Chris Ticehurst | The Creative Life is my own web site where it hosts my podcast, my creative works and showcase the videos of my Youtube channel Nintendo Ninja News. The Creative Life podcast is a jounrey of a creative person. I’ll talk about my own creative works, talking to others about their creative works or the world of entertainment. I’ll also talk about my own personal life and areas of life that interest me from sports to politics.

You can use the Contact Page if you wish to ask me a question on the web site or podcast. You can normally find me on the NNN Discord Server which it has a The Creative Life section.


We maybe on different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube but our Discord community is the central place where everyone comes together for discussions and preparing for live streams. We have sections for the Creative Life Podcast Show, Nintendo Ninja News and other type of discussions.

We would love for you to join our Discord Community and help shape the future of this web site and what I do.

Join the Discord Community – https://discord.gg/AXbnV5c

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Nintendo Ninja News is my Youtube channel full of Nintendo content from Streams, News, Thoughts and Reviews. Since March 2015 NNN has grown into a long term project that has helped to create the Smokebomb Merch Store and the Smokebomb Show vlog Series.

Find us here on Youtube – https://www.nintendoninjanews.com