Capture the Stars (2006)

She lifts up the curtains

And she wonders with gleam

She watches the moonlight stars

And smiles towards them

She lifts her arms up

And reaches out the window

She wonders how can she

Try and capture the stars

She reaches far out the window

And closes her eyes

Her hands start to glow and the room turns white

Her head shakes in fear and fright

She feels the points of the star

Upon her fingers

Her month is wide open and her eyes quickly awaken

She had captured the star

Her unbelieving eyes blink blankly at the star

Her arm draws in the light

And twists around her fist

To show the captured star

She feels magical, she is in peace

A captured star always brings a smile to a crying pair of eyes

In a world where fear and despair rules

The heaven and the stars can always lift us up in a world of pain

The bed glows in a holy white snow

And the girl lifts up her arm and views the star in her sights

A tear falls from her eye and touches the star

The room blows apart in a white glow

And her face turns white

Her tears of an unknown future dry in an instant

Her soul is blessed and she can understands

For she is very young but yet a star is very old

Throughout the ages, a star grows in wonder and magic

And watches the world with its light

She is touched by a star and its magic gives her insight and knowledge

And she is now beyond her years of knowledge

She opens her eyes with knowledge of a million years

And blows wind at the star and it rises up out the window

Out of the house and out of the air

Into the air and into space

She watches the stars with a new found wonder

She understand the past, present and future

But yet she is not fearful or sadness by her knowledge

Because the love in her heart knows one day she will become a star

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