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Ninty Ninja and the Smokebomb Squad

Two figures were standing outside a building looking at a sign inspecting the look of it. One dressed in a lab coast and the other in his typical ninja outfit.

“So this is the Smokebomb Store? This is how we are going to fund the whole operation?” Dr Sora the woman in the lab coat asked.

“It sure is. People come here to pick up merch that we make or we send them out to them. It’s been going pretty well so far the past few weeks.” Ninty replied.

“And the other levels to the building is where we do our work with the Virtual Motherverse. I hope that we are well protected from anyone finding out what we do. It can’t become public knowledge to everyone,” Dr Sora said.

“That’s why we are putting together the Smokebomb Squad. A team of people who will protect the store and the missions we are doing in another universe. Let’s going inside and see how your little sister is going” Ninty suggested.

The two of them opened up the door to see the store had mostly boxes and some display of merch of shirts and items inside/. There inside was a young teeenager girl looking after the operations of the store. She had on a grey ninja outfit and looked bright eyed at Ninty and Dr Sora.

“There’s alot of orders to do today. People love our merch you know,”s he said to them.

“Hana it’s your first week here. Are you enjoying yourself?” Dr Sora asked her sister.

“Oh yeah it’s been good fun so far. We haven’t had any drama but I’m ready if it comes. I’ll just use these if they run out the door without paying<‘ Hana said holding up a collection of ninja stars.

“Hang on there how did you get those?” Ninty cried out grabbing them from Hana.

“My throwing skills are pretty good so why can’t I use them” Hana protested.

“Because you are too young for that for now. Just behave and maybe one day you can learn from Ninty in the future. You running the store is already a big thing to do, “Dr Sora said looking back at Ninty.

“Why don’t I go out with you on one of your adventures? I mean you have time away from making merch and music don’t ya?” Hana asked.

Ninty thought about it for a moment and turned to Dr Sora.

“You know I do have to go to the virtual verse of Pokemon soon and catch my first Pokemon. I mean she can tag along with me right?” Ninty asked her.

Dr Sora nodded her head knowing Hana wouldn’t happy if she said no, “Alright I think she can go on a trip with you. Just be careful when you do.”

Ninty picked up a couple boxes and looked back at Hana, “Come around tomorrow and we can go and have some fun with Pokemon. I’m gonna this merch and check out the quality.” Hana smild happily while Ninty and Dr Sora walked out of the Smokebomb Store. Ninty looked at the dark clouds looking puzzled.

“This weather is looking real odd. Heavy rain one day the next it’s all sunny. It’s like someone is controlling the weather,” Ninty noted above him.

Dr Sora giggled to Ninty, “No one controls the weather. It’s just a few weeks of wild weather it’ll die down soon enough.Let me know what time you wish to do mission with Hana tomorrow.”

Ninty waved goodbye for the day and headed on his way back home. It was only the beginning for the Smokebomb Squad.

Chapter 1 – Universe Guardian: Shadow of the Soulbreaker

Out in the floating world of space Flyn the Universe Guardian was outside his spaceship giving some fine tuning to it. He floated along the ship giving a pat to it.

“There you go Nippy, with the engine taken off you you look more like a spaceship and less like a plane I suppose. You can move your wings more freely now,” he said to it. Nippy made some pleasing sounds as if he was happy with his upgrades. Nippy’s front windows lighted up with a two letter icons and Fyn’s own eyes lit up.

“We have a hologram message coming through Nippy? I’ll get back into the ship right now!” he said quickly flying back to the side of the ship and entering. He walked up and sat down in his seat and clicked on the message coming through. Appearing on the screen was the Cheif Commander Adira Smith of the Matrix Commission. They are a group of people who help look after the universe at large.

“Flyn, we have a mission for you to help us with. There has been some strange activities happening in a certain of space that we would like you to look at. We have the directions here for you to go to. A number of asteroids have been moving towards this areas and like to know why. Are you ready for this?” she asked of Flyn.

“Yes I’m ready for anything now. With a few years of this type of space work under my belt I’m ready for anything,” he answered abit excited about the mission.

“Good. Travel there and after that find out what is going on. Give us a report on it when you are finished.”

“I will. I’ll see you later,” Flyn answered clicking off the message and turning Nippy around towards the location. The spaceship built up some power and pushed off from it’s spot quickly into space. “Let’s find out what’s going on Nippy!” Flyn told his space.

The Universe Guardian had traveled along the long distances of space to arrive to where they needed to be. Thy noticed a number of asteroids floating around in a circle whic puzzled Flyn in his ship, “”That’s not quite normal Nippy. Let’s land on a asteroid to get a better look” They traveled a little more when they noticed another ship had landed on one with two figures already out of it watching on. Nippy slowly landed down nearby them with a gently bump on the ground. Flyn climbed out of the ship and he patted the ship, “You keep a eye on things in case something goes wrong. I’ll chat to these two. Who are they?” he wondered.

Flyn flew over himself and landed near the two figure. He was taken abit back when one of them was a grey looking alien, “I’ve never seen one of those before,” he whispered to himself.

“Who are you? My name is Tazu. I am a traveler of space and this is my friend Daniel Phoniex. We are peaceful,” called out the alien.

“I’m Flyn the Universe Guardian and I think I know you,” Flyn replied pointing at Daniel Phoniex.

Daniel Phoniex looked surprised at first and unsure if he has ever met another space traveler in his life, “Are you sure we have met before. I mean you are human but I don’t remember your face at all,” he replied.

“Oh I don’t knowyou personally but I have met your old boss Doug. We met a few times. You’re the UFO researcher. Didn’t you break into Area 51 a few years ago? It’s great to meet you, anoter science person you can say,” Flyn explained.

“Well it’s a small universe after all. So you know Doug, amazing. This is my second trip out into space. The past years has been traveling around back on Earth researching on a number of cases but what we are seeing out here is something abit new. This is not the only area that I have seen this happen. Well Tazu has seen this before. Something is pulling these asteroids together like this but no idea what,”

As everyone was meeting each other Nippy’s front screens lit up a red light and Flyn noticed the red shinning on the ground in front of the three of them. He turned arond quickly worried as Nippy was slowly moving towards him.

“Everyone I think something is about to happpen,” he told the pair in Daniel Phoniex and Tazu.

A lage black and white glowing light appeared in the middle of the asteroids. Daniel Phoniex stepped forward not believing what he was seeing, “No science do this” he said blankly.

Flyn lifted up from the ground into flight mode to see a planet was appearing before their own eyes seeing it shaking and positioning itself. “The planet has moved from somewhere else in the universe but where and why?”

“Should we go down there Universe Guardian?” Tazu asked Flyn.

“You might be handy Mr Tazu. You have been to as many planets as I have I say even more,” Flyn replied floating down keeping a eye on it. Flyn susggested to get back in their spaceships and travel down to see what this world was like and where it came from.

Chapter 2 – Universe Guardian: Shadow of the Soulbreaker

The planet that had appear out of nowhere in the middle of space had settled down by the time Nippy with Flyn inside and the grey alien’s ship had touched down on a rooftop of the tallest building in the city that they found. Flyn and Tazu came out of their respective spaceships and looked around the area.

“It’s pretty tall. That’s the sign of this building called. Scienceworks? Never heard of it,” Flyn said to Tazu.

“I have not been here before. It looks like Earth but it is not the same planet. There are some planets like this in the universe but they are very rare to find together in a short distance of vast space,” Tazu replied back.

There was a lift on the rooftop and a small garden area surronding it. The lift buzzed to signal it was about to open. The doors opened up and three figures appeared coming out. Flyn greeted them in a friendly manner, “Hi everyone who are you folks. We are visitors from another planet as you can tell,”

The female of the trio looked at Flyn not looking very pleased and looked at Tazu. “My name is Chisoutsa and I’m the protector of this world. I like to stay retired but someone moved our planet and I just happen to be in the city seeing someone has appeared from nowhere too,” she replied to Flyn.

“Mr Umezu came back from another universe where he was trapped there for years. Of course you didn’t beleve when I called you and decided to come visit him with your own eyes,” said the other.

“Lucas well now she believes you and here we are in another crisis it’s like the Author’s War never ended,”

“Wait did you say Author’s War?” Flyn asked confused.

“And that is a face we know,” Chisoutsa cut in pointing at Daniel Phoniex coming out of Tazu’s spaceship.

Daniel Phoniex was surprised to the old faces he first met during the events of The Author’s War many years ago. He shook Lucas’s hand first, “It’s great to see you all again after a long time. So if your planet is here this means it’s been moved across universes. That’s not possible at all.”

“I have moved a planet out from damaged universe that was dying. it’s very hard to do but possible. Howver this is a real feat to achieve,” Flyn said.

“For some reason I doubt that. If Mr Umezu is right we were talking about what he experienced in his other universe and the Soulbreaker appeared. Not the puppet we played with during the Author’s War,”Chisoutsa said.

“This is the third time the Soulbreaker has made a major move. He had two followers in Gladus back a thousand years and only a decade ago or less with Valentine. This time it’s the real deal. No more shadowplay now,” Daniel Phoniex said to the group.

Flyn looked up at the sky and turned to Tazu, “I think you should take Daniel back home and keep him safe. I’m going go and find the Soulbreaker now. What are you three going to do?”

“I’ll be staying in the City of Demons for the time being. Look you can go and take care of things if you are really good at what you do. My concern is just this planet alone. I’m not interested in dealing with anything else,” Chisoutsa answered walking off.

“I don’t think she likes me,” Fyln said to himself. Everyone had split up, Daniel Phoniex and Tazu waved goodbye and headed off on their own way and Flyn and Nippy decided to travel back out to space to find the Soulbreaker.

Final Chapter – Universe Guardian – Shadow of the Soulbreaker

Flyn and Nippy had take off again towards the stars and planets as they worked their way to finding Hadean the Soulbreaker. Flyn scanned his whereabouts on his network to figure what he’s been doing and any traces of magic or movement. He looked up to what it seemed to be a large rip in space showing off strange colors inside the hole. Flyn flew out of Nippy as the pair closed in on the hole. A lone figure flew out to see the pair. It was him.

“You’re the Universe Guardian. Created by the Spirital Guardians to watch over the universe and help it when it needs it. Once again Heva and Ise lets the humans do the heavy work while they sit back. Sitting back and watching the world is their speciality,” Hadean spoke out.

Flyn was starting to get nervous being around the Soulbreaker, “What is that behind you?”

“It’s a cut in reality from a secret pocket of a universe to the real one. I’m only restoring what was lost in the past. Once the planets are returned to where they truly become will than I will get what I need. I believe it’s time for you to go – if you like that or not,” Hadean called out

He raised and unleashed a wave of raw energy at the pair. They both was smashed out of the area flipping around in space like a bullet. Nippy and Fyn entered Earth’s orbit and Nippy was trying to slow itself down but was unable too. The pair fell through thick tree and bushland and landed loudly on the ground. Fyn was knocked out for a while until something touched his eyes. A bright green female figure was in the air watching over Fyn.

“I know who you are and how did you get here?” she asked.

Fyn was too weak and fell asleep again.

Ninty Ninja and the Virtual Motherverse (2021)

Ninty Ninja is the first blended character who will mix with multiverse fanfiction of video game characters and my own story universe.

chris ticehurst

Inside a room of computers, large screens and special devices lying around tables. A young man adjusted his grey ninja robes around his belt and looked towards his friend who was watching the screens above them.

“So how do I look?” he asked her.

“You look fine. Just the right look, well I mean you are a black belt and the only person I know who self stuided to be a ninja,”she answered.

“Thanks Jada. I can’t believe after six years of work you managed to make this reality,” Ninty the Ninja said looking at the screems above, “Access to the Virtual Motherverse, where all the video game universes exist and I’ve been a big fan of your work since you started this.”

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Final Chapter – Chisoutsa: Revolution of the Worlds

The fate of all time and space had fallen on Chisoutsa’s heavy shoulders as she eyed the burning Black Vixen in the distance as her worst fears were flooding in her mind. Censilo raised his staff again and another beam of hell sprayed a bolt that destroy and thundered the rooftop to start the epic war battle. Censilo moved back with thousands of lighting and fire balls hitting the ground every second. The master eyed his creation with great interest. For all long he had waited for his chance to show her what full power he had. He didn’t have all of his skills and powers in the City of Demon and therefore defeated but only just. Now however with the final curtain drawing, he knew he had the upper hand and Chisoutsa was the underdog in the battle. He loved the mental battle within the minds of both.  

“Your father is dead. Your brother is dead and now the only fool minded figure that loved you from the first time he set his eyes on you in the Hyper Camp is dead. How do you feel about dragging them to impossible dreams of defeating me? Convoitise may have fallen but the true demon lord will show that the light of good is false hope and that your willpower will never match the true awesomeness of demon power,” Censilo eyed Chisoutsa will his dark soul. 

“My father would want me to defeat you. There is a world down there that is depending on me. I will stand until the very end,” Chisoutsa cried. 

“Join me Chisoutsa. Come to the darkness and you will see where your real light comes from,’ Censilo purred as he shot a beam towards Chisoutsa and she span around and landed on her head.  

The red demon eyes burned inside of her. Feelings of the past were poising her mind. Censilo moved closer to Chisoutsa and fixed his staff on her, “Listen to your desires of blood and hate. It is what you were born to do, to lead the demons into battle. Your army awaits you Chisoutsa. Listen to them all!” Censilo yelled out.  

“Never Censilo. I won’t become you!” Chisoutsa said with pain and struggle in her voice.  

Censilo shocked Chisoutsa’s body with his staff, “Listen to your master now!” 

Chisoutsa rolled away from Censilo and rose to his feet. Censilo blasted a beam and Chisoutsa was thrown to the wall. He then directed the dark and black clouds to attack her. Chisoutsa came charging in and the lightning bolts strike her over and over again. The demon empire rooms flooded with blood and fire as it circled the entire area. Chisoutsa was drained of raw power as Censilo watched on with pleasure. 

“Death comes to those who deserve it,” he cried as he punched Chisoutsa to the ground and grabbed his neck and started to choke her. 

Chisoutsa twisted her body on the ground as Censilo’s dark soulless eyes were fixed on his prey, “You support the now dead and I will let you join them if you won’t join me! Your master created you and I will destroy you!” 

The whirlpool portal was sparking unlevelled amount of energy at Lake Pure and the First Life World when Alan, Charles Emily saw the burning Black Vixen appearing from the skies. 

“Oh my god Jonathan!” screamed Emily as she ran across to see it coming down. 

“Emily! Stay away from it. You’ll get yourself killed doing this!” shouted Charles coming after her.  

Alan Richards jogged after the pair when his eyes caught the sight of the wizard’s spell breaking and the students of the old college appearing in full glory. 

“What is happening?” he shouted. 

The wizards saw the Black Vixen falling to its death and straight away shot a spell of water and dust towards it. The Black Vixen crushed into the ground and Emily and Charles turned back to cover themselves from the fires and waters. The trio came to the fallen team and started pulling people out. Allegheri, Jiko and Lucas were on the ground without movement while Frithdar was dragged out onto the ground next to him. The Professor was dragged out by Charles, “I have already lost a good friend and I won’t lose you my dearest one!” he cried out.  

Professor Walken woke up and he sighted the wizard’s spell was broken. He broke into tears at the result of the spell. Emily came to his side and he pointed at the wizards. 

“The wizards are free. Frithdar said it would only happen if Chisoutsa is dead! No, this can’t be the end for all of us. She can’t be dead. I won’t believe it!” the Professor shouted in tears.  

Charles turned around to see the student wizards coming down to help the group, “Jonathan, I don’t know what to say. But I think we have lost all hope now. Chisoutsa must be dead now. I’m so sorry. I really am. She meant the world to all of us. To Alan, to me, to Emily and most of all to you Jonathan,” Charles said with a heavy heart. 

Jonathan Walken was held in the arm of his wife as they watched the whirlpool portal starting to die. After all the battles and times of hardship, Chisoutsa’s parents were now coping with the loss of their daughter and the lost of the world.  To them, the world was already destroyed. 

Censilo threw the lifeless body of Chisoutsa away to the ground of his empire. He stood tall and powerful over her body as his terror was complete over the worlds.  

“I am now the master of the worlds. Ruler of everything and the death of my creation have been completed. The demons will destroy the crushed hearts of whose who believed in Chisoutsa’s false hopes,” Censilo shouted out to the worlds. 

Chisoutsa fell into a deep dream of a far away land in his memory as Censilo’s empire grew in power. Through the space and time she came to a place she had been before.  She awoke inside the dream and saw a park with a swing set in the middle. She was dressed in white clothes much like Censilo’s. She walked over the swinging child in the set. Her eyes could not believe who she saw. 

“Hayco. You came back for me,” she said with a tear in her eye. 

“My friend Chisoutsa, I never left you. You know that. Tell you see me now. I’m a real boy here now. I can play with the other boys and girls now. I can comb my hair. I can scratch my knee and cry just like you now. I can feel the heart beat of a human. Just like I told before in my wildest dreams,” Hayco spoke in a holy voice. 

“Am I am dead like you Hayco? Did I fail everyone that I tried to save in the worlds?” Chisoutsa asked.  

Hayco rose from the swing set and stood before Chisoutsa, “You are not dead but still alive. You died in the First Life World. Remember like all humans, some people get a second chance in life. Some do not and I have them appear to me not so long ago. You have so much to do in your life still,” Hayco answered her. 

“To come back to life and face certain death. Is that what I want? I have learnt to be loved from you. Jiko has helped me and the Professor has done everything for me.” 

“Chisoutsa, your family and the world need you more than ever before. Be strong like you were when you left me. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here playing with my friends and feeling the wind through my hair. I understand now how it feels when your heart skips a beat when you feel love and understand. Your placing is with the ones you love now,” Hayco told Chisoutsa. 

Chisoutsa lightly touched Hayco’s chest and felt his heart beating as he had dreamed for so long, “You believed in me when I had no heart. Even if I had a beating one, you saw there was more than flesh and skin.” 

“Why is it that I can open up to you?” Chisoutsa added. 

“It’s because we were created by the same hand. You will open up to others in time. It is fear that you holding you back. Do not fear Censilo. He only desires to rule and destroy. It is time for me to go and leave you back where you belong,” Hayco said. 

Chisoutsa stepped back from Hayco once more and wanted to stay for longer, “How am I going to defeat Censilo? What’s going to happen in the future for me?” 

“Your destiny is crafted by your hands and your actions Chisoutsa. Choose the path less taken and walk the fine line towards a bright future for all. You know what to do,” Hayco answered her as the vision of the swing sets started to disappear. 

The demon lord was calm watching with happiness where the Second Life World was ruled by him and the streets of the City of Demons were covered by the demon armies and the Death Lands were without vampire control. He gave a another look down at his empire from the rooftop when a chilling feeling came over him and a firm and dark glare flashed over his face. 

“She awakes from the dead,” he spoke softly to himself. 

Censilo turned to see the waking Chisoutsa as she rose to his feet reenergised and with passion, “I’m so tough that even death doesn’t want me,” she called out to Censilo. 

“If I can kill you once I can do it again. Prepare for the end of everything,” Censilo warned withdrawing his sword. 

The two clashed with their swords and pushed each other around the roof top while avoiding the chaos storm that was raging above them. Lava was seen shooting up around the rooftop as Censilo rushed and jumped on a level that was rising due to the lava pools in the air. Chisoutsa jumped on another and the lava pools moved around high in the sky while the two fought hard against each other. Chisoutsa cut Censilo’s side of his chest while he returned with a fire at her arm. The lava pool started to drop up and down while the two struggle to stay on board. A fall would be a certain death for the two. 

“Isn’t it wonderful that the two of us have died for what we love to do? When I was your age I was a youthful criminal wanting to learn the magic and skills of demons and vampires. My second life presented me with all my dreams.  For you Chisoutsa your life was simple. It’s about defeating me and saving the world. Without me you are nothing. You are worthless to everything if I am dead. I am the link that completes and you know that,” Censilo explained to Chisoutsa. 

Chisoutsa swinged her sword towards Censilo with all her might as her lava stand lowered under Censilo’s. 

“It’s what you make of life. I learnt that from an old friend,” Chisoutsa answered. 

Censilo jumped off his stand and pushed Chisoutsa off hers. She fell and caught the edge of the rooftop. She looked down from the highest point of the Second Life World to see the demon armies and the lava and smoke. Censilo slashed with his sword towards Chisoutsa and grabbed hold at it with one hand and the other barely holding on to the edge. Censilo’s glowed a darkly red as blood came down from his hand. The tense look on Chisoutsa’s face showed while she tried hard to push the sword away from her. Suddenly a flash of lightening cut between the two of them. Censilo moved away in fright and Chisoutsa moved her bloodied hand back to the wall. The demon lord made a dash over back to the rooftop and grabbed his staff from his throne. Chisoutsa pushed herself up the side of the wall and closed her eyes in pain. She placed his shoes against the wall and back flipped up and over Censilo as he fired a beam towards her. Censilo turned around and saw Chisoutsa circling him. 

“You still want to play with me do you? Censilo cried out. 

“I sure do Censilo,” she cried as she charged into him. 

He swinged around and pushed his sword through Chisoutsa’s shoulder and pinned her to the side of his throne.  Chisoutsa gave a quick jab at Censilo’s face and his glasses fell to the ground and smashed in hundreds of pieces. He looked up with a foul and evil sight. He pulled Chisoutsa’s head to the side to look towards the whirlpool portal. 

“You wanna see something big. No one is leaving here alive!” Censilo shouted at her in her ear. 

Censilo slashed out his staff and a sonic boom blew out of it and sent shock waves across the Second Life World towards the whirlpool portal. The portal shook around and scattered into piece with millions of pieces hitting the demon armies. Chisoutsa’s face sighed at the destruction and her only way out was gone. Censilo turned around and looked at his creation. 

“Now you have no way out of this Chisoutsa. You forced my hand and the card has been dealt. You will never see your home the City of Demons and all the people who you loved,” Censilo cried out to her. 

Chisoutsa slowly pulled out the sword and dropped it on the ground, “Your death will have to be the last thing I’ll do,” she stared at him. 

Censilo gave out a war cry and stormed towards her.  Chisoutsa grabbed the other sword and used the two to clash with Censilo’s staff. The staff fired off a range of beams and hit both of Chisoutsa’s hands. 

“Fuck me!” she cried as she fell and leaned on the throne as the swords fell down the side the of the demon empire rooftop. Chisoutsa looked through her pockets and all she found was old bits and pieces she had kept with her since the start of her battle against Censilo. She had another idea and grabbed out her old Eagle pistol and fired at Censilo. The demon lord moved around her and fired again at her. She kept on step sliding the attacks and returned fire. She coughed with the smoke fire entering the throne room and the lightening and fire balls hitting everything. Censilo dodged the fire balls as he edged towards Chisoutsa. A shot from Eagle finally worked as it made its mark in Censilo’s head and he fell to the ground. She rushed up and grabbed hold of his staff and swinged it around him and stabbed him and shots of beams at him. 

“Arrhh!” screamed Censilo as he rolled away from Chisoutsa. 

“Do you think you are going to get this easily from me? All of these years you have created hell for me and now I’m going to return it all back to you!” Chisoutsa yelled at Censilo giving him another shock to his body. Censilo kicked the staff out of Chisoutsa’s hands and the staff moving over the edge of the roof top.  

“Damn you Chisoutsa. Won’t you fucking die and leave me in peace? I want to see you dead so much now. You can’t believe it,” Censilo cried in frustration. 

“So do I!” returned serve Chisoutsa where the two struggled with their bare hands at each other for a final tilt at success. Lightening and fire balls smashed into their bodies as they pressed on for the end. Censilo pushed his way out of the fight and stood up at the edge of the throne room. Chisoutsa reloaded her last bullets into the Eagle and raised his gun. 

“For the ones I love,” she boldly said with the burning fire in her eyes as she fired the remaining bullets and hit the demon lord’s body. He waved around towards the edge and Chisoutsa ran up and gave her biggest upper cut smash to Censilo’s face and his red eyes turned pure white as he fell off the edge and his body headed down the long and high empire castle to a brutal death. A massive pool of blood and fire blasted the area and flew Chisoutsa away on the rooftop and she landed on her head. She stood back up and looked at the falling empire as the castle was starting to fall towards the lava ground. The demon amries were running away from the lava and fire but they were no match for the hell unleaed by their lord’s death. The Second Life World was being destroyed as Chisoutsa glared at her Eagle gun and pulled out all of her items in her pockets and threw them on the ground and she dropped herself with them. She looked up at the sky knowing she had saved everything expect for herself. 

“I’ve beaten him and that’s the last thing I will ever do,” Chisoutsa said as she closed her eyes and tried to dream of wonderful things. 

Lake Pure and the First Life World was in sadness over Chisoutsa’s death. Each of the ones who helped her during their trails and battle sat around the lake looking into the sky and wondering what they could have done more. Professor Walken was still in his mind as Jiko walked up to him. 

“I heard that the demons have departed,” he said. 

“The whirlpool portal is gone now and the Second Life World is destroyed. The people might have been saved but we lost too. I don’t want to talk about anymore Jiko. I’m done with fighting and dealing with this shit,” Professor Walken said turning around on the ground daydreaming. 

Jiko saw the images of Lucas and Emily in sorrow and Alan Richard in tears remembering Chisoutsa by the destroyed Black Vixen. Frithdar was nursing the battle injured Allegheri at Shentile’s old house. Jiko walked over to the lake side and sat down to watch the water running peacefully.  

“She’s gone now. All this time I loved her and now I told her and it all ends here,” Jiko sighed with a tear.  

“I said I was going to come back stupid,” said a voice in the background. 

Jiko got a large fright and fell into the lake. He climbed back up in the lake and saw Chisoutsa before him, “Chisoutsa! You came back!” he shouted happily.  

“Hey there tiger, I’ve never seen you this excited. You must like me,” smiled Chisoutsa. 

Jiko gave her kiss and rushed off waving his arms towards Professor Walken and the group, “She came back!” he shouted out again. 

Professor Walken head popped up from the ground and saw Jiko running towards him and saw the image of Chisoutsa following behind looking very tired. His eyes grew brightly and a tear run down his cheek, “She came home to us.” 

Alan and Frithdar caught sight of Chisoutsa coming up the lake side. The whole group came running towards her. Professor Walken dropped his cane and pushed through his pain to get to Chisoutsa and hugged her. Emily and Lucas hugged her next and Allegheri and Frithdar were present with smiles on their faces. 

“How on earth did you get out of the Second Life World?” Professor Walken asked wandering.  

“Yeah, it’s impossible to think you are here without mean of transport,” Alan said rubbing his head in disbelief.  

“I was going to call it quits after Censilo took away the whirlpool portal but when I was on the ground thinking I turned to my left and saw this that I had in my pocket,” Chisoutsa said showing the device from her pocket. 

“My god, the transport device that Hayco gave you, you transferred Censilo to the Second Life World and then now you transferred yourself out of there before it was destroyed,” Alan answered smiling.  

“I can’t believe you still had that on you Chisoutsa. I know if Hayco was still he would be so proud of you. Also the losses of Mr. Umezu and the Prime Leader would be so happy to know that their battles against evil were not in vain,” Professor Walken said. 

“I know. I feel bad that I couldn’t save everyone,” Chisoutsa answered. 

“You two are going to quit fighting if you like it or not,” Emily Walken told the Professor and Chisoutsa. 

“Well I’m out of business for a while. I’m stuffed,’ Chisoutsa answered. 

The Professor turned to his wife and smiled, “I’ll quit too. I just want to spend many days resting after this. Besides we all deserve a holiday.” 

“I understanding the feeling Chisoutsa,” Allegheri answered her. 

“Allegheri saved the day too. Without either one of us we would have lost,” she said to the group. 

The group walked back slowly to Shentile’s house and Professor Walken thought about his time with Chisoutsa, “I think now Shentile is resting in peace. Looking down at us and seeing his dream in motion,” he said to himself. 

The City of Demons was in full swing of massive parties and celebrations across the now bright city. Charles Thompson’s house was full of the older adults when Professor Walken was sipping on his wine with his old friend and wife.  

“How does it feel to be running the whole City of Demons now Mr. Prime Leader?” smiled the Professor. 

‘Don’t call me that. Pretty good I might say. I can make the changes to make this city even better. I’ll be getting the government guards to be getting me the best drinks and wine in the world you know,” Charles replied. 

Professor Walken laughed as the front door opened and Alan Richards came in, “I have a visitor!” he cried. 

Hew Richards floated inside and Charles raised a drink towards him, “We missed you old friend. Good to see you are mended and well!” 

“Yes I feel much better. It’s amazing to be in the world when the evil lords are now gone. I feel very much in peace now,” Hew replied happily.  

Alan came up to Emily and showed her some papers, “I’m rich everyone! Mr. Umezu in his will gave the entire Scienceworks and his riches to me. Over three hundred million dollars!” Alan cried. 

“Shit that’s alot.” Charles answered. 

“I own the Kaiser Unit. How cool is that?” Alan smiled. 

“At least they won’t be trying to kill Chisoutsa and Jiko now,” the Professor said. 

Hew turned around and ask the Professor, “Where is she and the young folk?”  

“At Washu Springs, horny young buggers,” answered Charles with a smile sipping the last of his wine.  

Another tap at the door was heard and in came another old face, “The Librarian! Holy hell you never come up to see us,” Charles cried out. 

“The world above the Library is peaceful again. Thanks to Chisoutsa and Allegheri. I thank everyone who helped in the final battle. History has been written and will take a proud place in my library for all to see,” the Librarian said giving a nod to Allegheri and Frithdar who sitting in the corner seats. 

“Allegheri is still tired but we are happy too Librarian,” Frithdar said. 

“I’m sure everyone is. I wondered why no one thought of holding celebration in my lair?” the Librarian asked while the group smiled at each other. 

Charles moved his head and turned to his old friend, “Get me another drink Jonathan,” Charles said nudging his glass in his side. 

“Oh my leg is playing up. Need to stay in my seat and keep drinking,” the Professor answered. 

“Come on. You go off fighting demons and vampires and you can’t walk to the fridge. Lazy bastards all of you,” Charles answered getting off his seat with everyone laughing at him. 

The massive party at Washu Spring was hot and heavy while Chisoutsa and Jiko was at the bar section having a drink and celebrating the dawn of a new start for everyone. Riyoko was at the bar serving drinks to them. 

“Great stuff on your win Chisoutsa. It was terrible the sight of the demons and vampires covering the area here,” Riyoko said to them. 

“It would have,” answered Chisoutsa. 

Lucas came up to the pair with two of the garage girls. He was groping both of them as they stood side by side, “I found the hot girls you were hiding sis.” Lucas smiled at Chisoutsa. 

“Ain’t Kate going to be pissed at you?” Chisoutsa asked. 

“Nah. She’s bisexual. You see sis I have had it all worked out from day one,” Lucas grinned. 

He turned around felt up Muri and kissed her while Jiko turned around to Kate all steamed up with a topless Yuri kissing her breasts. 

“You feel left out?” Jiko asked Chisoutsa with a smile. 

“Yeah I do. However I wanna see someone now,” Chisoutsa said getting up from her seat. Her hand felt down Jiko’s jeans and smiled at him. 

“I’ll be coming back tonight for you,” she smiled and she walked out the door.  

She wandered down the street and saw a familiar Grill and Bar shop and she walked inside. An old friend popped his head up from his oven and waved hello to Chisoutsa. 

“Hello Chisoutsa. It’s been a while. I was wondering where you were,” he cried out. 

“Tyrell, it’s good to see you,” smiled Chisoutsa. 

She sat down on her stood and Tyrell served out a meal for her, “You know the oven has been working so well nowadays. I have no idea why,” Tyrell said. 

“Maybe some luck is coming our way now,” Chisoutsa suggested. 

Tyrell started cutting up some meat and chatted away, “Thanks for saving the world again. This time it’s for good I hear. I have seen you grow up into a mature person. Now you can go out and have fun like the young people do,” Tyrell said. 

“That’s what I’m planning,” Chisoutsa said. 

“I think everything will be good for you and me Chisoutsa. I don’t get out much but I know the tough roads you had to take. Cooking is like that too. Getting the meals out to the people and making up menus and seeing what…” Tyrell continued to chat away while Chisoutsa daydreamed about the bright future. Everything in the entire one world has been set right. It’s amazing how a journey and how hard lives are balanced in the end. For Chisoutsa she had learnt all the important areas in life, how special friendships and love is and how the world was like all around the different lands and locations and she has only just begun. 

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