Chaper 28 – Seasons of the Moon

The Thunder Dragon’s view on life was changed after his curse on the dream spell. Every now and again he would smile for no reason but to remember that moment. But there was still one problem to get rid of…Gladus. The elements were there to give advice on what to do as the ThunderDragon was thinking.

They were at the ThunderDragon Sky Castle thinking about what to do with Gladus and how to trap him. The idea of the freezing had been quite successful with now Morcar and Draken were taken care of. The elements weren’t in their usual line up and were resting by the walls of the castle. Alfred was in front of the ThunderDragon listening to his latest wise words.

“We must trap him somehow. But he is a very smart person. He will be hard to catch out. He is neither Morcar nor Draken,” noted the ThunderDragon.

“Yes. Hard he will be,” said Ice. “Same here too,” agreed Wind.

The elements walked around the castle as Ice looked into his pocket.

He opened up the music box to notice half of it was missing revealing only the male dancer left..

“My music box, the lady is missing? Where has she gone to?” he asked himself.

“What, you lost a lady? You never had a lady before. You’re getting a bit mad in your old age,” joked Fire.

“Be quiet Fire. You do not understand what I say. Half of my music box is missing,” reprimanded Ice.

“Well start looking,” suggested Fire walking off leaving the Ice element to himself and the male dancer.

“She is off to find my perfect love. I wonder if it will come true or not?” mused Ice hopefully talking to the male figure on the music box dance floor.

The other four elements were watching the ThunderDragon chatting to the humans

Ice putted the music box back in his pocket as Alex and Celia walked into the castle.

“Have you sorted out your problem?” asked Ice.

“There’s no problem,” admonished Celia as she walked up to where the ThunderDragon is throne was.

Ice took Alex to a side and questioned him about Celia, “You haven’t said anything yet?” he asked surprised.

“No, not yet,” Alex whispered to her.

Alex turned away from Ice and headed to Celia and Ice gave a stress-filled look at the young pair.

The ThunderDragon was in the corner as he was still thinking but the attention of Alex and Celia caught his eye. He tinted his head and watched the pair discuss.

“I know how you feel about me,” cried Celia.

“You don’t, Celia. You really don’t know how I feel,” cried Alex walking up closer to her.

“Father and Gladus were right. You just used me. You got what you wanted,” said Celia.

“Don’t you listen to them, they don’t know what they’re saying,” cried Alex.

“It’s over Alexander. Good bye,” she told him.

Alexander’s heart broke into pieces. Celia started to walk outside. Ice watched as he couldn’t let Alex do this. Then he waved his arms around as the elements and the ThunderDragon froze for a minute only. The figures of the castle froze and the two figures left were Alex and Ice. Ice quickly walked up to Alex and begged to him to understand.

“Alex. Don’t let this one go. I have seen love for thousands of years. I know this is special. I have only seen it a couple times before,” counselled Ice.

“My love for this world. That is true love in a different way Alex. Do what you think is right. You’ll get this chance again Alex. Do you really know what you’re losing?” Ice stopped and the freeze effect stopped and the figures continued their movements again.

Alexander looked at the ground and looked at Celia with a smile as he knew something that Alex didn’t. But Alex figured it out quickly.

“I love you, Celia,” said Alexander.

Celia had finally heard the words that she had long desired for her life. “You changed my life, Celia. I don’t know how you did it, or why.

But I don’t want that feeling to go away. Can you please see my love for you? Don’t you understand that?” begged Alex weeping a single tear. The elements were pleased about the outcome as the old Alfred was overjoyed in happiness.

“I love you Alexander,” cried Celia.

“Young love, so sweet and innocent,” Alfred smiled with Fire. “Yep. That’s one thing that won’t change,” Fire commented.


Just outside the castle was the old threat of danger. Gladus had a sword with blood on it. He looked at it as he thought about the blood.

“Celia’s mother should not have tried to stop me like that. It ends in tears of pain. This sword still has more to slay,” said Gladus.

“It is time to put an end to this mess for once and for all,” cried Gladus.

He walked into the castle and the mood changed and everyone froze and turned to Gladus. There was silence again before the figure spoke.

“What’s this? What is happening in the great halls of the ThunderDragon,” snapped Gladus at the young couple.

“Another win for hope and love,” Ice answered.

Gladus shook his head and he swung around at Alex and Celia for an answer.

“I knew that Alex loved me. You’re a poisoner of words, Gladus. You’re days are numbered!” cried Celia.

“Cursed dragons and thieving eyes! This cannot be countenanced!” yelled Gladus.

Alex and Celia moved back to the throne room as they stood together. “Why are you doing this?” asked Alex.

“To rid this control on the weather, I know I can control the weather and yet you haven’t my full mind. I’m sick of all you people achieving so well. Someone will leave this castle a winner. It won’t be you Alexander. The time has come for a verdict!” commanded Gladus.

Suddenly the doors of the castle opened again. It was Richardson. He wanted Alex dead by now. His anger was fuelled by Alex’s love for Celia and by Gladus.

“What is this I see?” yelled Richardson. “Us,” answered Alex.

Gladus turned around and smiled at the King, “You have come at last. Your body looks tired from the trek here,”

“Celia. He is just using you!” yelled Richardson from the doorway. “Father, your mind is controlled by Gladus. Don’t you see that? He

is a better man than you father,” yelled Celia.

“What. He is nothing! Nothing!” shouted Richardson. Richardson heard up his sword as Gladus was behind him with his.

“He uses you for love, Celia. Don’t you see!” asked Richardson, as the elements and the ThunderDragon watched the unfolding action in amazement.

“Richardson understands the picture quite well I see here before us. Won’t you believe your own father?” Gladus asked Celia.

“My father is ill because of you. You and your twisted mind!” cried Celia at Gladus.

“Twisted mind, your words do cut into me. I do have feelings somewhere in my heart, if I could ever find them.”

Celia walked down to his father and looked deep into his eyes. The elements and Alfred watched intensely. The ThunderDragon moved a couple of steps forward keeping an eye on Gladus and King Richardson.

“It’s me, your little princess. Don’t you know me? Can you see beyond what Gladus says? Has he really twisted your mind into nothing?’ she asked him shaking in her voice.

For a moment, Richardson’s eyes changed concerning Celia and a new thought entered his mind.

“Celia, my little daughter. I’m sorry for everything. But it’s too late now. I have gone the mile and now I must walk into the shadows,” Richardson said.

Celia gave a tear for her father walking the green mile and her father touched her tear with his hand.

“What has been said and done is it. The end of me has come my little princess and I have always loved you but yet I showed it in the strangest of ways,” he spoke to his daughter.

Richardson turned back to Gladus and cried at him.

“What have you done to me? You feed your lies and pure evil into me. You poison my blood and my mind with these lies. I don’t know what to believe now.”

“Alex is true to me, he loves me and does not want your death upon you! Listen to the words of Celia, your only daughter!” she cried. Gladus’s eyes shook again in green and Richardson stood back with Celia in fear.

“No one will leave this room in happiness. That is a promise I can keep,” he cried and slashed his sword into Richardson.

“No!” she cried and the king fell back onto the ground. His father fell dead next to her and she covered him in tears of sorrow.

Gladus quickly turned around to face Alfred.

“What is this, the old wizard wants to fight?” Gladus asked him. “You can’t do this to people. Look at what you have done! The

king through his madness and his troubles in life still had a heart but other thing could be said about you,” Alfred shouted at him.

The ThunderDragon watched on in the background with the elements in shock.

“What are you going to do with me then? You can’t do anything you old fool. The only experience you have and you have no skills of combat you own!” Gladus cried and knocked Alfred onto the ground. Suddenly a beam shot past Gladus and he too fell onto the ground in shock. Alfred was frozen solid and Gladus shot a surprised look at the ThunderDragon.

Alex, Celia and the elements watched in shock and turned to the ThunderDragon.

“He was not the one I meant to freeze,” he said sadly.

“I’m just as surprise as the audience is, ThunderDragon. I must be moving and don’t think of tyring to stop me! For the shadows of despair will chase you forever!” Gladus shouted. He quickly stood up and darted outside the castle.

The ThunderDragon roared after him and suddenly the room was attacked by a sonic boom. The dragon and four elements were shaken to the ground by the boom, leaving only Ice and Wind standing.

The ThunderDragon appeared to be weakened by Gladus’s defence shot. “Go and hunt this evil down at once!” cried the dragon towards Ice and Wind.

“I will my lord,” Ice answered and quickly followed outside to see the dragonflies.

Ice and Wind looked at each other and they knew they had the hard task of ridding them of Gladus. Alex and Celia rushed up to Ice and Wind and spoke to them.

“I want to come to help you in this final battle,” Alex cried to Ice. “You have done enough for us, Alex. There is no more you can do,” Ice answered him.

Alex stood right up to Ice and spoke in a clear and commanding voice. “Let me finish the quest that I started with. Let me help you rid the third and final enemy of this world. Together we can do it.”

“Very well then, come with me. What about you?” Ice asked Celia. Celia was now holding one of the element swords and looked back at Richardson’s body in the castle.

“The same blood of Richardson runs through me and I wouldn’t let this rest until Gladus is defeated,” she answered and the element nodded.

“Then let us trek and find him at last,” Ice said and the four warriors walked outside of the castle and recruited the use of four dragonflies.

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