Chapter 1 – Chisoutsa: Revolution of the Worlds

The Allegheri Castle was blinded by the bright light of the whirlpool that was raging in the distance. Allegheri in his black and dark robe stormed out of the castle on his horse followed by the Black Vixen as it beamed up into air and headed for the City of Demons. The Black Vixen past the Convoitise Castle where Professor Walken was scanning the area.  

“I see there is a body there however it’s not the Vampire Lord,” he replied.  

“I think that’s Sarge. I couldn’t see her getting out alive in that mess of a castle. The blast would be too great,” Chisoutsa said.  

The Black Vixen turned around the corner and saw the empty coffin when Jiko suggested returning back to the City of Demons, “I think it’s time to head home and tell everyone.” 

“Yeah, no use being here when everyone is running around, “Chisoutsa answered back. 

The vehicle shot through the dark clouds while Chisoutsa thought about the College, “Professor, have you ever been to the College before? Do you know any students there?” she asked him. 

“I’ve never been before but maybe I might know one person if I’m lucky,” Professor Walken answered with some sorrow in his voice. 

While Chisoutsa, Professor Walken and Jiko headed back home, the fast riding Allegheri was heading straight for the whirlpool portal. The horse jumped high into the portal and a white beam sparked around the area and the village nearby. Allegheri covered his eyes with the flash and appeared on the other side. The eyes opened to the distance College where he built to keep the wizards safe. His head turned to see the demon empire in the far distance. The fire and smoke was burning very heavily. Allegheri knew Censilo was preparing for his epic battle. To the far centre in the mountains was where the vampires roam and where Convoitise will return to. 

“All the chess pieces are set. The lords know their chance has arrived. I have to move the students soon,” Allegheri spoke before heading off with speed towards the College. 

The College was a white building with blue strips on each corner of the sides. Inside many students were talking and working around the dorm rooms while they lived in the College all year round. One popular student was found in his bedroom with some company.  A young blonde wizard was on top of his desk while the young male student was found kissing her neck. She was moaning as he was pushing hard against her.  

“Mr. Walken you are so good,” she cried out in pleasure.  

The young Walken rubbed his firm breasts as she noticed his wall covered in maths signs and science quotes. 

“Have you always liked doing that kind of stuff,” she asked. 

“Yeah I don’t know why. I guess it’s in the blood or something,” he answered back.  

He let out a slow moan and pulled out and pulled up his jeans and placed a tie around his bare chest. 

“That dress should be good enough. I like to have the best of both worlds. Study hard and fuck hard,” he winked at her.  

Suddenly a red alarm was sounded throughout the College and Lucas heard the sound, “Come on Kate let’s get the fuck out of here,” he cried. 

Lucas rushed around in his room and collected a pile of science and maths books and grabbed Kate’s hand. The pair ran outside to see the tall and powerful vampire calling out to the students. 

“Come with me to the portal. We must make our move to Lake Pure where Shentile is!” 

“Shit, that’s the vampire that the teachers spoke about. Some guys said that he would come back if danger is threatening us,” Lucas cried.  

Allegheri turned around and saw Lucas in the distance and he rushed up to him. 

“Are you Lucas Walken?” he asked. 

“Yeah, what’s this about?” he asked. 

Allegheri looked up and down him as he wore jeans, shoes and just the tie around his chest. 

“You have a pile of study books and a girl around you. You’re a classic Walken,” Allegheri said.  

‘So she can come with me. I mean she’s only with me for study periods,” Lucas said. 

“Fine, let’s get out of here,” Allegheri cried.  

It was a while before the herd of students were found near the whirlpool portal where Allegheri grouped the students and grabbed two staffs from a couple wizards. 

“Wizards of the College, a great danger has arrived on our doorstop and our worlds are in danger. I will fix the portal and force it to transfer everyone to Lake Pure,” Allegheri boomed out.  

He crossed the staffs and a great flash of white beams appeared from it. He shouted for the students to run into the portal. The students without doubt and Lucas and Kate watched on another horse. The staffs were uncrossed and Allegheri walked up to his horse. 

“Why do you need me?” Lucas asked Allegheri. 

“Because your family needs you,” he answered. 

Lucas fell quiet and looked behind to the demon empire in the background, “My family? I was told they were all dead.” 

“You were lied to for a good reason. To keep you safe until now, your wizard skills will help your sister,” Allegheri said.  

The two horses started to ride toward the portal, “I have a sister now? I have to see this to believe it!” Lucas cried out as they jumped into the portal. 

Meanwhile Charles Thompson and Emily Walken were contacted to meet the Black Vixen at the Government Square with the Prime Leader. The three of them waited outside the building while the Prime Leader was unhappy. 

“Why are we waiting for and what the hell is that bloody building in the distance. It’s not even in the City of Demons for god’s sake,” he complained.  

The Black Vixen smashed through a building and came to a screening stop on the streets. Chisoutsa and Professor Walken rushed out of the car and met up with the trio. 

“Jonathan what’s going on? I know that face,” Charles asked.  

“A whirlpool portal has been created and it’s opened the door to the Second Life World. We have no time,” the Professor answered. 

Emily hugged Chisoutsa and looked at her husband, “I’m sorry for everything. I know things between us haven’t been well but I know where my heart is.” 

“I know, it’s been hard for everyone. To try and work with our feelings with this evil around us,” Professor Walken replied. 

“So that’s the building I keep on seeing. We are all in danger. Where do we go from here?” the Prime Leader asked. 

“Call on every government guard and army to protect the city. Hold back everything at will,” Professor Walken said.  

Charles looked at the whirlpool portal and the dark clouds choking the First life World, “Jonathan, can she do it?” he asked. 

Chisoutsa stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder, “After everything we have all been forward. I’m not going to give up now. Besides this is a dream come true for a girl like me,” she half smiled.  

The group rushed towards the Black Vixen and Chisoutsa called out to everyone, “After we go to Lake Pure, I’m going to the Second Life World to sort out Censilo.” 

The Black Vixen rose up into the air and blasted off with a great speed. The dark clouds covered the City of Demons once more as it’s demon lord prepared his armies. 

Powerful fire and smoke covered the demon empire over the main castle where the thousands of demons roamed and cried their war chant where their lord was viewing the First Life World outside his window in his main chamber. The figure turned to face his demon army inside his throne room and cleaned his famous glasses and put them back on. His white glowing robe shined while a demon ran into the room to see his master. 

“Censilo, lord of all things possible, you have a special visitor here to see you,” he cried. 

“Let the visitor inside young demon. I want to see him. I had a feeling someone would come to see me today,” Censilo answered. 

The doors boomed open and hit two demons in the face as they fell to the ground. The Vampire Lust Convoitise entered the room with a beaming smile and stretched his arm and hand towards. 

“Censilo! Who would have thought that Tekkonro’s death would result in such as a beautiful moment for evil such as us? The bastard of a ghost did something good for us for once,” Convoitise said. 

“I heard about your terrible performance against Chisoutsa. That’s what happens when you use your penis as your brain all the time,” Censilo snared at him. 

“It’s not my fault I have the biggest penis around. I was born out of pure power. You had to create Chisoutsa to draw on more power. For me, I only had to have sex with her to gain the best pleasure in life and boy did you create a hot vixen there. Even her vehicle is named after her sexual hunger,’ Convoitise replied. 

“I found some pleasure in the knowledge that you didn’t know that vampires couldn’t mate with demons. Especially with the strong powers that Chisoutsa has,” Censilo said. 

“I have had enough with the insults Censilo! You failed and I failed with Chisoutsa. If we join forces we can steamroll Chisoutsa and her group. We have that bloody Professor and Allegheri who I hate to pieces. You know you will be pressed with hard luck if you went alone,” Convoitise explained. 

Censilo leaned his glasses down towards the Vampire Lust and thought about his plan, “We are too used to fighting each other but maybe we can that again after we defeat Chisoutsa together. We both have a score to settle with her. Professor Walken’s death would be sweet too for me. We shall unite and destroy the ones we hate so dear in our dark hearts,” Censilo said with agreement.  

“Very well then Censilo. Both the vampire and demon armies are ready to attack. I’m sure we can create hell in the City of Demons and the Death Lands again!” Convoitise cried out.  

“Allegheri is a wise vampire. Despite I hate your kind he knows what to do. He’s moving all the students to Lake Pure and that’s where we shall make our first move. It will be a joy to watch Lake Pure burn. The land where peace and happiness was born from,” Censilo smiled towards the Vampire Lust. 

The Black Vixen was grounded at Lake Pure while Alan Richards, Mr. Umezu and Frithdar were present. A group of wizards called on Professor Walken to see Shentile inside his home. The green leafs that once greeted the Professor were cold and black as he entered the Japanese styled house. A tired Shentile was found on his bed when Professor Walken leaned down to see him. 

“What’s happened to you?” he asked in shock. 

“The power of the portal stuck me hard young Professor. I have been alive for hundreds of years and my time is at an end,” Shentile replied. 

“You can’t die now when we need you so much. I have learnt everything from you,” begged the Professor. 

“This is why I can leave you. You and Allegheri are the future of the world. You can mentor the future into goodness and lead the battle of good against evil. This is not my battle. I have fought them long ago to make sure that people like you were able to born into goodness and understand,” Shentile told the Professor. 

The ground shook and the Professor drew his sword from his cane, “Go now and leave me in peace. The future is in Chisoutsa’s hands. Guide her to her destiny that awaits her here.” 

The Professor slowly departed the house and face of pain appeared when he came out of the house. His eyes widen when he saw the armies of demons and vampires quickly coming into Lake Pure. Chisoutsa charged into the demons pack and started to slash into them. Jiko joined her quickly and punched his way into the vampires. The vampires flew up high and circled around the wizard students. Frithdar appeared from the lake top and raised his staff and ordered the wizards to follow suit. Powerful white beams crashed through the vampires as some jumped in the sky to avoid them. The Prime Leader and Charles rush for cover near Shentile’s house when a demon fired a crossbow towards the pair. The Prime Leader pushed Charles out of the way and was hit hard by it and fell to the ground. Charles tripped and found his balance and saw the Prime Leader on the ground.  

“Why did you do that?” Charles cried to him. 

“Because I have never taken a hit for anyone Charles. I was going to retire at the end of the year and hand it over to you. But I thought it would make it better on my resume going down fighting,” the Prime Leader said with a smirk. 

“Even at death you still find a way to score points,” replied Charles.  

Another crossbow shot fired towards Charles as he left the Prime Leader on the ground for death. He ran to the house when he hid behind the woodworks and watched the battle from there. 

Professor Walken cut into the demons as his leg played up again and struggled to move, “He’s here,” he said to himself as Chisoutsa and Jiko came to the clearing where she eyed two powerful figures approaching her. Censilo and Convoitise fired a beam together towards Jiko and he flew into the air into the lake wall and into the water.  

“My dear and wonderful creation Chisoutsa, I have longed since the day you killed me in the City of Demons. You battled me when I did not have my full powers. Now thanks to the great Tekkonro. He has unlocked my dreams of ruling everything and everyone in both worlds. You will never win now. No teaching will show you how to defeat me,” Censilo spoke to Chisoutsa. 

“If I can do it once, I can do it again,” Chisoutsa snapped back. 

“You couldn’t kill me Chisoutsa. Besides you never saw my full powers. You had to seduce me to do that. This time, I’m going to get dirty in a different way,” Convoitise replied to Chisoutsa.   

“It was good while it lasted Convoitise. You and Censilo will be going down soon enough. I have done everything in my teaching and I’m ready to take back what belongs to the people!” Chisoutsa cried out to everyone. 

Professor Walken ran out to confront Censilo and raised his sword to him, “I won’t let you harm my family again,” he cried. 

Convoitise flashed a bolt of energy at Chisoutsa and she tripped and fell to the ground. Censilo moved closer to Professor Walken while Chisoutsa watched on the ground with a headache.  He moved his arm out to Professor Walken, “Finally you will die this time in this battle,” he boomed. 

A sudden flash of a figure appeared and pushed the Professor out of the way as the bolt of power blasted into his body. Professor Walken fell to the ground and turned over the body and was shocked, “Mr. Umezu, you stupid fool as always! What have you done to yourself!” he cried. 

Alan Richard ran out to see his boss lying to die and he started to shed tears, “On no, not you!” 

Censilo had a sudden flashback and smiled towards the Professor, “This is the second time he has saved your life from certain death.” 

Professor Walken looked at Censilo then back at Mr. Umezu in his arms, “The second time Mr. Umezu. What does he mean by this?” he asked. 

“I remember now. When you fought him and he injured your leg. I was the strange in the background that fired the shot that saved you. I’m not completely evil as you have always thought,” Mr. Umezu replied. 

“And so I am very wrong and sorry Umezu. Your change of heart through these times of darkness will bring hope to future of many. I will always remember you when I was in my time of my own great darkness. Without you, I wouldn’t never found Chisoutsa nor the world would be been saved and kept intact until now. Thank you,” Professor Walken said with shock and despair. 

“Leave me be now. Just get the bastards for me. As Chisoutsa knows, I always back the winning side. No use dying in vain. Go and win you stubborn bastard,” Mr. Umezu said with his final words. 

Chisoutsa stood forward on her feet again and turned to the wizards. Frithdar shouted up from the lake top, “You won’t be able to kill anyone!” 

He created a powerful spell and threw it towards the wizards. Censilo and Convoitise replied with their own magic, thrashing a large amount of energy towards the spell beam. Chisoutsa ducked from the beams as she saw a light through the darkness over Lake Pure. A dark figure appeared and blocked the magic of the vampire and demon lords from Frithdar spell beam. 

“Allegheri!” yelled out Convoitise. 

Allegheri arrived with Lucas Walken behind Chisoutsa in a flash of lightening and moved behind Chisoutsa and the lords.  

“Leave us alone now. Go back to your empires and we will come for you,” he shouted at the pair.  

The spell beam touched the wizards and a blue glaze floated over the group and they appeared frozen in time.  

“The wizards are untouchable until Chisoutsa is dead. I’m sure that you Censilo would love to kill her in your homeland instead of a paradise like Lake Pure,” Allegheri said. 

Censilo and Convoitise stepped back and thought about their next move, “So be it Allegheri. We will leave but we are waiting for you Chisoutsa. Don’t go running because our armies have covered the Death Lands and the City of Demons by now. Only pain you get from now on,” Censilo warned. 

The demon and vampire lords took off in a flash of smoke as the vampires and demons turned and followed them through the whirlpool portal again. Chisoutsa dusted herself off and looked at the dead. 

“This is already a battle that has become personal for all,” she said to the group, “But we have to be strong and beat them!” 

Lucas Walken gave a interesting look at Professor Walken as he watched Charles Thompson being helped over to the clearing by Emily Walken.  

“Who’s the young man you have here. A powerful wizard I’m guessing?” 

“I guess you can say that,” smiled Lucas, “I rate myself very highly.” 

“That sounds cocky, like my daughter here,” smiled Professor Walken. 

Allegheri walked up to Professor Walken and turned to Lucas, “He should be cocky like Chisoutsa. He’s your son,” he replied. 

Professor Walken’s face changed and Emily felt faint in the head as Charles was now helping her. Chisoutsa raised a eyebrow, “Bullshit!” 

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