Chapter 1 – Chisoutsa: The City of Demons

The heat of the fireplace warmed nicely and the shadow on the wall lightly showed a wine glass and a man rolling it around in his hand. The man was aged in his late thirties and a black walking cane leaned against his leather chair. A light sigh came out of his mouth when he heard a figure wandering past him. He took a slow sip of his drink and called out to the figure.

          “Chisoutsa, come over here. I have to talk to you.”

A young woman walked over to the lounge and lye down over it. Short light brown hair and athlete slender body drooped over the lounge.

          “Does this place remind you of years ago?” the man asked the woman.

          “A little when I see old places in the city. But nothing good comes up Professor Walken,” she answered.

Walken look away from Chisoutsa to the fireplace and lifted up his wine drink to his lips.

          “It’s been four years since you came here last, when you were dumped in the back ally. Your recovery was more than amazing and the skills I have taught you, you have learnt very well. It’s just your memory is the weakest link in your body,” Prof. Walken commented.

Chisoutsa smiled little and sipped off her shoes to the ground and thought about her memory and her past. Since knowing Professor Walken she had never known her past. The last of the drink went down Professor Walken and he leaned to his left to grab his cane and stood up.

          “We’re going for a drive. Show you around the place. Up you come,” Professor Walken said to her.

Chisoutsa quickly rose from the lounge and watch her mentor wander over to the front door with the keys to his car.

          “What are we going to see?” Chisoutsa asked.

          “The world you used to live in,” he answered, opening the front door.

A sleek black vehicle slowly drove out of the mansion and went into the outside area of the city. Walken watched the road as he drove and Chisoutsa leaned on her arm watching the cars around her out the side window. She noticed the strangeness of the city with few cards and grey and brown buildings around the outside area of the city. Lone strangers wander the city streets and most of the traffic lights are broken and dirty.

          Why is the city so run down?” Chisoutsa asked Walken.

          “Only the outside of the city is run down Chisoutsa. Inside the central heart of the city is glowing of lights, action and buzz,” Prof. Walken answered.

Chisoutsa look backed at Walken and smiled, “That sounds better.”

          “And then government corruption, sex, drugs and murder. Good with the bad,” Prof. Walken smiled back at Chisoutsa.

          “It’s not like I haven’t done most of them already,” she replied.

          “Yes Chisoutsa. City of Demons is a mix bag. The danger and crime rules the outside of the city. The government corruption and mystery rules the inside and heart of the city,” Prof. Walken explained to Chisoutsa.

Chisoutsa turned to see a toxic filled river where her eyes brighten with homeless people sleeping next to it. Gangs are trading drugs and guns on the spot. He turned back to Walken.

          “Is there any police in the City of Demons ?” she asked.

          “Yes and no. They only watch over the inside city section. But they are more bodyguards for the government parties and not for the people. You can see the first beautiful sight of the city of Demons . The Trouten River , named after one of the past majors and leaders of the City. It’s been turned into a wasteland because of the government’s growing disregard with the poorer people, especially since they forbid them from voting and ever voting is on the way out within secret sectors” Prof. Walken said.

The car turned a couple streets and entered the inside area when he quickly turned the car into a house and stopped. Prof. Walken opened the door and rose to his feet with his cane. Chisoutsa followed him up the driveway to the door.

          “Um, Walken where are we?” she asked.

          “At an old friend’s place. He knows you too,” he answered the girl.

He tapped on the door and leaned on his cane where he rubbed his poor leg alittle. The door flew open and the professor’s old friend appeared.

          “Jonathan,” the man smiled.

          “Charles my old friend,” smiled the Professor, “This is Chisoutsa.”

          “Welcome Chisoutsa. You have grown a lot in just four years. A young woman now,” Charles spoke.

          “Thanks,” she answered wondering why she was here.

          “Walken, why are we here for?” she rudely interrupted the pair.

          “Cause I wanted to visit a friend Chisoutsa. Be quiet, also to help you get to know the city better. Charles here knows a lot about the secrets of the city,” Prof. Walken snapped at her.

Charles rubbed his head and half smiled at Chisoutsa and Prof. Walken, “Do come in and I’ll get a drink. Red wine Jonathan?” Charles asked him.

The professor smiled and pointed his cane at him, “You know me too well Charles,” he smiled and the group went inside and the door closed.


Charles took Prof. Walken and Chisoutsa upstairs to his window look out and there was a double fridge. Wine was brought for the two men and Chisoutsa collected a bottle of sweet beer for herself.   She watched out side the window and saw a number of building and areas.

          “That’s the City of Demons government building. Everything is sorted and worked out in that building alone. Governments here are run more like a business. They have forgotten the common voter. To your right here is also famous area, the Halls of Destiny. It also leads to another side of the city,” Charles pointed out for Chisoutsa.

She quickly turned to Charles and asked a question, “What other side of the city?”

          “Hasn’t Jonathan told you yet? City of Demons also has an underground city too. Throughout the inside and poor outside of the city buildings and fast trains exist everywhere in the city. Also it is where much of the dirty work and foul play is mapped out in the city. Always look underground first for the bad shit,” he answered her.

          “What does Hall of Destiny stand for?” she asked him.

          “The City once upon a time was better than what it is. It was suspected it was where the first government of peace was made right in the place of the Hall of Destiny. Oh yes another known area is the business section in the Far East of the city. Of course nobody says it out loud but the businesses are the places where the true power of the city is built on. The government is more like a nice little puppet that plays the song of the business machine,” he answered.

Prof. Walken weighted into the discussion of the city, “There are gangs from top businesses to gangs of war and guns. So we have to careful of what we do here. Of course Chisoutsa you will learn the city by yourself soon enough.”

          “I will,” she said quietly and wandered downstairs to grab another few beers for the group. Charles watched her and turned to Prof. Walken and shook his head.

          “Four years Jonathan, what the hell have you been doing lately?” he first snapped at him.

          “A lot of training,” the professor answered slipping his drink.

          “Training Chisoutsa for what?” Charles asked.

          “She’s a trained and powerful assassin,” Prof. Walken answered.

Charles looked at his old friend in wonder. His miss matching clothes he played with and slipped down his drink.

          “So she kills people for money. She’ll be handy in the city. Every bastard wants to kill someone. Only way to go up the business ladder here,” Charles answered him.


Professor Walken put his drink down and sat at the table looking out the window to the city inside. He knew she was gambling Chisoutsa’s life for riches.

          “It’s not the only reason why we are back,” he noted.

          “She wants to find out her past right?” Charles asked.

          “Yes, how did you know?”

          “There was going to be a time when she would want to know who she was in the City of Demons . All she got was that thing around her wrist and her name. It looked like she was dumped in the gang war area. Near the Trouten River ,” Charles said.

          “True I understand that. I just don’t want her to find out anything bad. There are many secrets in the City of Demons ,” Prof. Walken said.

          “Everything in the city is a lie. From the young boys to the business leaders, everyone is a cheat here,” Charles reminded his old friend.

          “Yes, I trained Chisoutsa so she could defend herself in the city but also for another reason,” Prof. Walken’s eyes rose to Charles. He looked serious at his last comment.

          “What’s the other reason Jonathan? Why train a girl?” he asked him.

          “She is nothing that I have seen before. She is not normal Charles. She isn’t built like a normal human,” the professor spoke; unease he started playing with his cane and thinking to himself.

Charles walked back to the fridge and grabbed the wine bottle. He came over and grabbed the professor’s wine glass and filled it up again.

          “You mean like an alien or what. You know we don’t believe in this superhero shit,” Charles said.

          “Not like a green goblin Charles but like a superhuman, made of steel, super strong.”

          “Man of steel sounds cool. Examples?”

Prof. Walken leaned forward to Charles and used his hands to explain his story. Both men were never into the idea of fantasy but Walken had seen the events unfold and the wonder that still keeps him guessing.

          “She is the pure talent of sword and gun fighting. She picked up from the first moment. She was the best student I had, a real master. But also her body itself. She doesn’t cut easily; you have to really push the sword inside her for her to feel pain. Her skin is super strong. She doesn’t tire down or lose energy easily. Also very strong, can punch into walls and lift large things up easily. Strange I tell you,” he explained about Chisoutsa.

Charles grinned at the moment and rubbed his chin and thought about it.

          “I just can’t believe it. You found like this superhuman girl in a dump and she now wants to find out her past here in the worst most dangerous city in the world. Now that is interesting,” he said.

Professor Walken leaned back and finished his drink and frowned at himself,

          “Yes, I don’t know what’s going to happen. Her past must be connected to how she is today. But just what?” thought the professor.


There was a quiet pause between the two of them and Charles smiled at Prof. Walken and looked at the stairs leading down. He looked down at his clothes and pointed at himself.

          “Yeah it’s you. Bloody stupid looking,” laughed Professor Walken.

          “Exactly, I try to keep some laugher in the City of Demons ,” Charles said to him.

The pair walked downstairs to see Chisoutsa watching television. She turned around to smile at Professor Walken.

          “There are some strange programs on this,” she said to him.

          “Most of the programs are Japanese. Some of the business heavy weights are Japanese. Half of the channels are news programs and reports on attacks in local area of the City,” Prof. Walken explained.

          “Is there anything I should know about this city?” she asked.

          “There are still many things to know but it’s best to learn them yourself,” Charles answered Chisoutsa.

Chisoutsa rose from the lounge and looked out the window to the business buildings in the central heart in the distance. She was thinking of her past and who in the City would know about her.

          “Where do I go first to find people?” she asked Charles.

          “Go to nightclubs or parties. Meet up with gangs and tail them. They will meet with government officials then with business leaders one day. It’s a connection chain in the city.”

          “I’ll find them. Don’t worry Professor Walken,” Chisoutsa said.

          “I won’t. I worry about the others,” he grinned to himself.

Chisoutsa walked past the pair and left the house by herself. Charles grabbed another wine glass and held it up. Prof. Walken smiled and rubbed his chin.

          “This is going to be exciting time for the City. If she is all what you say she is,” said Charles.

          “She is. How would a girl like her end up with this rare talent and power? It doesn’t add up for me,” Prof. Walken spoke.

Charles nodded and put his wine glass on the table and sat on the lounge with the television still on.

          “The government might have some idea about Chisoutsa but the gang leaders could be the key to get the information. She could have been used on, like a major testing of something. So she ended up like this superhuman thing,” Charles suggested.

          “Yes. I don’t want Chisoutsa to be hurt like this. Her past could damage her future. These business leaders must have the answers but the journey to them has cost hundreds of lives.”

          “Yeah see it on television all the time. Business leaders hate common people and try to erase anyone who tries to get into their company. You don’t join up with them. You are chosen for their task, for their world,” Charles drummed.

Prof Walken looked around the house and smiled at Charles. It had been a long time since they last met. Charles was still in government and Professor Walken was working on other projects.

          “I must be going but I’ll keep in contact with you and see what happens with Chisoutsa,” The Professor said.

          “I will help as much as I can,” Charles answered.

Professor Walken wandered outside to see Chisoutsa has disappeared into the city and turned back to Charles, “Don’t worry this happens all the time.” He smiled.

The car engine was turned on and the low beam appeared and slowly pulled out of the house and disappeared into the night.


The night was dark and Chisoutsa had walked along the streets and watched the people in stores and conversations on the road. She came to a place and she looked up at the name.

          “Tyrell’s Bar and Grill. Sounds good enough,” she thought.

She opened the door to a grinning man behind a bar. The door closed and the man showed her a seat.

          “Welcome to my bar and grill, have a drink and a meal on me. You look new to the city, what’s ya name,” asked the grinning man.

          “Chisoutsa, I’ve moved back to the city a couple days ago. Who are you?” she asked him.

          “I’m Tyrell, owner of the joint. So there is a place outside of the city,”

          “Yes there is. Why are you surprised?” she asked Tyrell.

          “Not many people come to the City of Demons . Let alone come back, unless there is a reason. Is any reason why you are here?” Tyrell asked.

          “Abit about my past let’s say for now. But anyway nice place here,” Chisoutsa said.

          “Thanks Chisoutsa. Many people come here for mystery. Problem is many people get hurt in the meanwhile to the truth,” Tyrell warned her.

          “If I wanted to find out my past where would I start?” she asked.

          “Don’t know really. Let me think,” Tyrell answered.

Chisoutsa leaned over the counter to see Tyrell was an overweight man, black messy hair and wearing a cook’s clothing. He breathed heavily at times when walks about the bar and grill store.

          “Gang groups have a good idea of the gossip but I don’t know which one. Maybe the one called The Red Team,” Tyrell said.

          “And the other gangs are called Yellow, and green team?” half-smiled Chisoutsa.

          “No not like that Chisoutsa. The Red Team used to do science stuff, technology things and the odd works. They used to be a business but got out of the business world for some reason. But hey give them a go however all gangs are highly dangerous,” Tyrell said.

          “That doesn’t worry me. It’s just finding these people are the hard part,” Chisoutsa answered him.

She looked back at the door and turned to Tyrell, “Where do they live?” she asked him.

          “Umm gee Chisoutsa this is dangerous you know. They are found at the edge of the Trouten River . Follow the bad smell to the river first,” Tyrell answered her.

          “Thanks Tyrell. I’ll bring my friend Professor Walken here for a meal,” she said.

          “Sure you will. Seeya latter!” he cried out when she exit the store.

He turned around to his workers and smiled, “The people we meet hey. Strange city we live in!”


Chisoutsa was found walking along the Trouten River when a car quickly pulled up behind her and she turned around. A familiar walking stick came out of the car as Professor Walken appeared to her. He gave a wry at his leg and looked up at Chisoutsa.

          “What have you found out Chisoutsa?” he asked her.

          “You know you should be at home. You know the cold hurts your leg. Don’t do this to yourself ,” she cried.

          “I’m fine Chisoutsa. I’m interested in what’s going on. Have you found out anything?” he asked.

          “This guy I met said something about The Red Team. You know them,” she asked

          “I have heard of them but personally haven’t been with them. I’ll call Charles tomorrow. Are you gonna find them tonight?” he asked her.

Chisoutsa pulled out a gun from behind her and played with it and looked at the Professor.

          “Sure I will. Best time of the night for looking,” she answered.

          “Ask about yourself Chisoutsa and any project with your name on it. Understand me?” said Professor Walken.

          “Yes I will Walken. I’ll be good as always,” she answered.


Chisoutsa watched the professor’s car slowly drive off away from the Trouten River . She turned back to the waste land of toxic and the smell that ruled the area. In the river a number of old black barrels and a greenly purple stream flowed throughout it. She noticed two men on the other side looking around the place. They were dressed in brown armored suits and with high powered shot guns. With microphones attached to their heads they had good technology with them.

          “No problems in this area sir. Is there anything else to do?” asked one of the men.

There was a small pause and then an answer was heard, “That’s fine with me sir.”

          “Time to go now,” he called out to the other man.

Chisoutsa saw a small bridge down the path and jogged down to the bridge to see the men going for the bridge too. They saw her and aimed their shot guns at her. She gave a small grin at the men.

          “What are you doing here young woman?” asked one of them.

          “Just going for a walk. What are you doing?” she asked them.

          “None of your business. We are the Kaiser Unit. Don’t you remember?” asked the other man.

          “Do you work for a business or something? I’m new to the city,” Chisoutsa asked.

          “Yes we work for Scienceworks, you know about us?” he asked.

          “No I don’t.”

          “Ask someone one day about us. You will find out,” the man said.

They lowered the shot guns and fronted off past Chisoutsa and she looked over the bridge wondering where to go next. She wandered down to the other side and walked back up to the road to where a dusty and old payphone was. She past a couple lone cars broken into and took the handset off the phone to dial.

          “Hello,” ask the strange on the receiver.

          “It’s Chisoutsa. I haven’t found the Red Team but I bumped into a couple guys about Scienceworks. Do you know anything about them Walken?” she asked.

          “Scienceworks I know pretty well. I should have made contact with another old friend of mine who works there. Don’t start finding people yet or knocking people dead who maybe in your way. We need to get you the right tools for the right missions. You only have a hand gun for now,” Professor Walken said.

          “But you know I can still be dangerous without any weapon,” Chisoutsa reminded him.

          “Yes I know but this is the City of Demons and even your skills will be pushed. Come home and I will discuss to you some interesting choices and places to go to.”

          “If you wish Walken,” Chisoutsa said hanging up the phone and looking at the broken down car.

Behind the car popped a young street man and moved forward to Chisoutsa. He was waiving a knife in her face and she moved back from him.

          “Give me ya money now,” he shouted weakly.

Chisoutsa grabbed her hand and threw it away from the two, “Look I’ll do it without the gun. Just put the knife down. I only give the one warning,” Chisoutsa said to him.

He moved onto her with the knife as she quickly gave a kick at his arm and the knife threw out of his hand to the ground. She turned back and kicked him several times in the face and he fell to the ground. An angry view appeared on Chisoutsa and she grabbed him and dragged him to a building wall. She looked at him and shouted, “You know how fucking hard it is to try to find these businesses and my past without some shit drug boy like you!”

She held his head and smashed it against the wall again and again as a grinning Chisoutsa seemed to enjoy taking out her pain on others. The man slide down the wall in blood to the ground and her hand was filled of blood. Her eyes were solid black and her hand was shaking.

          “It feels so wrong but so good inside of me. I just don’t know what’s wrong inside of me. Am I really just human or something more?” she asked herself.

She licked the blood off her fingers and thought about it to herself.


Morning rose above the cold City of Demons and a visitor was walking with a walking cane through a lab section of a warehouse. The warehouse and sliver and white and lined the way to a secret doorway. Professor Walken starched his back alittle and flashed his card and the door opened was greeted by another old friend.

          “Oh Professor Walken it’s been such a long time since we last met. What you been doing?” he asked.

          “Traveling a lot from countries and you?” he asked.

          “Just working on my devices here. What’s the occasion of the visit?” he asked.

          “I need to set up my friend Chisoutsa with weapons and gadgets. She needs a lot of things in order to do her job.”

          “A girl? Wow not many female fighters around here. You know it’s going to cost a arm and leg for some of these top prime products we have to offer at the lab,” he said.

          “That’s why I’m funding this project,” said a voice from the background.

The lab man looked over Professor Walken and Charles Thompson appeared in the room.

          “I have a lot of money from the government super and it’s not doing anything in the bank. I want to help you Jonathan and Chisoutsa,”

          “Can you help us then Alan?” Professor Walken asked.

          “With this guy’s help sure I will. I can even throw you some of my secret devices I have been working on,” Alan said smiling.

Professor Walken turned to Charles and smiled, “Thanks for your help. This will help a lot of things for the future.”

          “Anything for Jonathan and Chisoutsa. Where is she now?” Charles asked him.

          “She’ll be here. She’s cleaning herself up from something,” he answered.

Alan walked the pair around the lab showing different devices and weapons. The professor grinned watching the small presentation knowing that Chisoutsa would love playing with some of these toys.

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