Chapter 1 – Chisoutsa: The Virgin War

A Japanese house stood in the middle of a small side town out of the City of Demons. Away from the pain and destruction that had happened only days before. An older man was sipping tea and looking at his friend as they leaned down to the Japanese table for noddles for dinner. He was old but strong minded and was a master of the old Japanese sword and martial arts. His friend was troubled, unable to smile or think straight since his drama. The Japanese man handed a tea pot to his friend.
   “Professor Walken, you cannot blame yourself for your student’s lost. She was the one who wanted this,” he said to him.
   “I know Shentile but I feel I should have helped or warned her more before moving to the City of Demons,” Professor Walken said.
Shentile poured him a drink of tea and didn’t like his friend’s answer.
   “I remember when I taught you a thing or two of sword fighting when you were younger, you wanted to find about your past too,” Shentile reminded Jonathan.
   “Yeah but it was where I lived and who I knew when I was a child. Unlike Chisoutsa, I didn’t have my parents killed by a madman and was created as DNA creature. Her case is far serious then mine.”
   “But the case is Jonathan is that she is very much like you. She may not like helping everyone but she won’t rest until her task is complete.”
The Professor rested his tea and started to eat his noddles.
   “She would have gone even if you forbidden it,” Shentile told him.
   “You are right Shentile as most of the time you are,” the Professor sighed.
Shentile leaned back with his look at the Professor and the wind blew in the ancient Japanese house.
   “I have a large building near the edge of the City. I’m going to create a team for Chisoutsa so she’s not on her own for once,” Professor Walken said.
   “She’s never been on her own since she’s been in the City, Mr. Professor,” Shentile grinned at him.   
   “I mean with someone who isn’t a cripple and can walk and fight like a normal person.”
   “You still hate Censilo for what he did to you with your leg those years back. You were both young and in different battles. Does Chisoutsa know you knew Censilo before he created her?” Shentile asked.
   “No and that’s going to be the case for a long time. He was part of a world crime inside and outside the City. I was a teacher fighting for the rights of people. Then he reveals Centrax to the world and I left the city to get away from it all,” the Professor answered.
   “You bring her to me when she wants to fight with the sword well. Settle down in your new building. How does the city look?”
   “It looks better now but the other businesses have no clue what Censilo will do next nor have they got a plan to stop it. They just didn’t think. None of them did.”
Shentile stood up over the Professor and looked at him, “Things will have ways of turning out. Keep the faith my old student. Follow the light when it comes to you in your darkest moment.”
The Professor smiled at him and thought of Chisoutsa.

The City of Demons was resting from its terrible battle of silver machines and Censilo’s attack. A large hideout building was housing most of the Chisoutsa team needed to combat the terrors of the Centrax business. Jiko was first to be seen rubbing his head and watching television in a small room. Another head popped in to see Jiko.
   “Jiko, the Professor should be back this afternoon,” he said.
   “Thanks Alan, how are you feeling?” Jiko asked.
   “Charles is doing better then me. Still getting headaches but I’ll be fine. This new hideout looks interesting. Lots of rooms and other places too,” Alan answered.
   “Yeah the Professor had this place saved for a rainy day,” Jiko said.
   “More like a thunderstorm to me,” Alan replied.
Jiko stood up and switched off the television and rubbed his head again.
   “Chisoutsa’s in the training room. She’s been working hard since she first met Censilo. Everyone turned out ok but knowing her she wanted to finish the job then and there,” Jiko said to Alan.
   “Yeah but you can’t win them all. I’ll be back when the Professor returns,” Alan said walking off.
Jiko walked out of the room and past testing rooms that Alan was using for new works for Chisoutsa and others. It was all coloured in silver steel rooms and white rooms in the hideout. The doors would open by themselves and lock at different times of the night. Small cleaners that lurked the ground would clean the floors every hour and the hideout was large because of the lack of people who lived there.

Jiko came across the training room where Chisoutsa was working in and looked inside the door to watch her in action. Inside it was a white room and she was dressed in a complete white suit and a white high boots. With her Eagle gun close to her, a group of computer fighters appeared and she ran into them fighting them off. The Eagle fired bullets at a fast pace and made the fighters fall to the ground. Another fighter came behind her and wrestled for the gun. She kicked him in the stomach and smashed him across the room. She turned and shot him down to the ground. More fighters appeared through the walls and she gave a high kick to a couple and pressed herself to the wall where they came in for the kill.
   “Come and play with me,” she cried out to the group and they ran towards them.
She fired more bullets at them and some of them came at her fast. She punched down one and lifted another and threw him straight at the remaining lot. The fighters soon disappeared and it was the end of the session. She spat out a pool of blood from her mouth and walked to the door and saw Jiko watching. She opened the door and put her gun away.
   “That was pretty good inside there Chisoutsa,” Jiko commented.
   “They keep on coming too close for me. I must get better,” she answered back.
   “You shouldn’t so hard on yourself. You’re still very good at things,” Jiko said.
   “Yeah yeah, I know. I can still get better. That’s what I want. Censilo will be back for sure,” she answered lighting up a cigarette.
She had become very fixed on Censilo since they first met. He was the only man who pushed her to the edge which she hated but also loved deeply. She loved the challenge of someone able to keep to the high degree of fighting that she could and push her to be even stronger.
   “When you do you think he’ll be back?”
   “I don’t know. It won’t be a long wait. He’ll be stronger too. Those silver machines will be fighting over the city too,” Chisoutsa said dragging on her cigarette hard.
   “I’ll be here to help Chisoutsa if you need it. And all the others too,” Jiko said with comfort.
Chisoutsa half-smiled knowing Jiko was quite the innocent character and not hard-hearted, “Yeah Jiko you will be good for us.”

Meanwhile away from the safe haven of the new hideout the darkest of the city grew and a tired working Mr. Umezu was working hard on some new products while looking over Alan Richard’s file.
   “Cheater, how dare he work behind my back for Chisoutsa. That girl gonna be dead one day,” he murmured over the paper.
His office windows opened by a gust of wind and a figure stood in front of Mr. Umezu’s desk.
   “I’m glad you have so little faith in her life. To which she will lead a short one that I can only offer you for now,” said the figure.
   “Censilo! How did you get inside my building?” cried Mr. Umezu moving his chair back in fright.
   “Quite easy. I hope I didn’t scare many people away from the city from that battle last week,” Censilo said,
   “You sure did and you nearly won the city in one night. I must hand it to you for doing that. But that Chisoutsa was a match for you,” Mr. Umezu said.
   “Chisoutsa was an interesting girl. She has learnt well from people.”
   “So you did create her? Those bloody hyper camps and that project we worked on years back. She was the out cast. She’s didn’t fail last week,” Mr. Umezu reminded Censilo.
   “Yes the hyper camps were useful but now with the silver machines. They do everything with my command.”
   “What do you want Censilo? Is there a point in this discussion?” Mr. Umezu.
   “There is Mr. Umezu. I want you to build technologies for me. Some powerful ones in mind.”
   “So how many billions would I get in this? You would just use me and blow the place to pieces.”
Censilo started to clean his silver glasses and smiled to himself, “Yes I am going to use you and eventually destroy everyone in the end but I’ll let you live longer then most,” he replied.
   “My Kaiser Unit is still quite strong. You know that. What can you do to stop me Censilo?”
   “I have enough power to destroy you right here and right now. Chisoutsa isn’t here to save you but I wouldn’t think she would. Unless that cripple mentor of hers told her so because he’s such the good man that he is. You do as I say and you live. You disobey me and you die by my sword,” Censilo offered him.
   “No choice I have here. What’s your plan then?” Mr. Umezu said.
   “A nuclear power plane is needed for my plan to reach over the scope of the city. You know the city grows quite a lot in just days in size. I have a plan to stop Chisoutsa and bridge my power over the city. I need someone who knows how to make them.    You might be the right man for the job Umezu,” Censilo explained.
   “Ok then. That can be done. It will take a while. How will you take care of the girl?” Mr. Umezu asked Censilo.
   “With great ease,” Censilo replied before walking out of his office and disappearing from sight.
Mr. Umezu leaned back in his office chair and thought about Censilo. He knew there was more then a simple plan to build a nuclear power plant. There was more to his plan then what he said. That was the interesting mystery in his mind.

Late afternoon arrived and Chisoutsa and Charles saw the Professor’s car drive into the under car park and stop next to them. He opened the door and Charles waved hello to him.
   “How was Shentile, Jonathan? Still living in the stone age?” he asked while the Professor got out of the car.
   “Still pretty much the same, he’s going well,” he answered.
He closed and locked it, “How are you Charles?” he added.
   “Feeling good now, painkillers are working like a treat. This place is pretty good what we cooked up here. Good back up plan when Censilo arrived in town,” Charles answered.
   “And what an introduction he gave us. Chisoutsa, you have been working hard since I’ve been gone?” he asked.
   “Yes Professor, haven’t rested yet,” she answered her mentor.
   “Good to hear. I might have a snack now. It’s been a long drive home,” he said heading off upstairs from the car park.
   “Who’s Shentile?” Chisoutsa asked Charles.
   “He was some Chinese guy who was mentoring him a long time. He was a swords master. The Professor taught himself on other aspects like gun fighting and degrees and you name what stuff,” Charles answered smiling at her.

It was late at night in a lone hall room where Professor Walken and Chisoutsa was found in a training room. Like the old days before they came back to the City of Demons. Chisoutsa was dressed in black small top and long black pants. Her shoes and socks neatly at the door. The Professor banged his cane on the ground and the lights turned on. She reached for her sword on the ground and the Professor Walken watched her.
   “Censilo fights much like you. Tough and cruel like. Takes no prisoners alive, a born fighter,” he called out while Chisoutsa practised with the sword doing moves.
   “You must be quicker and stronger then he is. You must outlast him and fight him tooth and nail; to the very end,” he boomed and banging his cane on the table again.
A small group of computer sword fighters appeared and marched up to Chisoutsa to battle.
   “Even if you know you can’t make it. Fight on to the end. Even if you are dying with blooding pouring out of you and you lose sight of your fighter. Keep on fighting until you breathe your last one!” he cried.
Chisoutsa slashed into the fighters and fought hard against them. High kicks and spinning around with the sword. She was fighting four and five men at once during the battle. The Professor watched in the background with a grin on his face. The battles with each of the fighters were getting faster and faster. Chisoutsa was on fire slashing down each fighter and the Professor ringing in her ear.
   “Keep the fire burning Chisoutsa. Don’t let Censilo get inside you! He was the evil of the city. You must fight him to the very ends of the earth. To save this once crime free city!” he cried out.
She was getting angrier and harder towards the fighters and pushed harder. The Professor stood up to watch her in full motion. One sword strike in her side and she didn’t stop and kept fighting on. The Professor stamped his cane again and the fighters disappeared and Chisoutsa stopped. She was sweating and still had a tight grip on her sword. She pulled the sword from her side out of her and dropped it on the ground.
   “How did I do?” she asked Professor Walken.
   “It was ok,” he answered trying hard not to smile.
   “You will improve well by the time you fight Censilo again. But he’s not the only bad guy in the city. There are many out there and you must work to get at their weaknesses,” Professor Walken reminded her.
Chisoutsa walked to the door bare footed and left the room.
   “Well done Chisoutsa. Keep working hard,” Professor Walken said to himself.

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