Chapter 1 – Madison Fern and the Beloved Forest

The forest trees were blowing in the wind and a young female sorcerer was walking through the walkways that have been around for hundreds of years. The same paths she had walked herself all that time. A strange noise from the sky was heard from the sky and she looked up towarss it. Two bolts of light were coming down towards her area and her eye lit up. She moved quickly through past the trees and arrived where the crash had landed. She looked at what was a young man and a spaceship was on it’s side damaged. She looked up at the sky and looked back down on them.

“I know who you are but how did you get here?” she asked the stranger. The man was too weak and was unable to move. She nodded to herself and waved her hand at the trees and thousands of leaves came off the trees and came down to both the man and the spaceship picking them up.

“Take them to my forest house and let them sleep there. I’ll come home soon. Return back to where you were before leaves and you can rest again” she called out like it was a magic spell.

Thoughts were running through her mind wondering why this person had arrrived here and why he was so badly hurt. She decided it was best for her to go home and find out more about the mystery man.

The high winds of the forest blew inside her house where Madison Fern entered from the sky and landed at her front doors. She opened the doors with a wave of her hand and saw the young man half awake on her lounge in the main room. He turned around whilsitting up and saw her,” Who are you?” he asked.

“I am Madison Fern the sorcerer and protector of the creatures of the world. My life is about protecting the animal of this land and you must be the Universe Guardian. I’m surprised the Spirtual Guardians actually appointed someone at last. Something must have changed while I’ve been busy at home caring for animals during the past few hundred years,” she asnswered him.

“So you know what my mission is too? My name is Flyn, I’m to protect the universe at large and it’s a pretty hard job to do. I fought against someone called the Soulbreaker, have you heard of him?”

Madison nodded and hand waved herself a couple drinks that appeared from nowhere and handed one to Flyn, “Hadean the Soulbreaker. I have heard in the past he had used people as puppets to do his bidding. They picked you because he’s come out of the shadows and that’s something that’s not good. Both Spirtual Guardians and the Soulbreakek have had proxy wars with each other for a long time but now this is more serious. Something has changed and I don’t know what,”

Flyn heard the noise of his spaceship outside the front of Madison’s forest treehouse and headed for the doors, “It’s my spaceship. He’s kinda like a real person you can say,” he noted to Madison.

“I did get a strange vibe from your spaceship friend. There’s many strange things I’ve seen and that’s a new one in all my time,” she replied smiling.

Both of them came outside while Nippy the spacesship was making noise at a tree at a bird that looked very different to anything that he or Flyn had seen before. A white ghostly bird was atching Nippy from a branch and looked and looked straight at Madison’s face. A look of concern came over her face.

“Who’s that bird?” Flyn asked her.

“That was a old pet of mine and there’s only one reason why a animal of that kind would travel outside of their natural land to come here. Someone wants to see me and it’s urgent. We are going to go for a long walk tonight. Your spaceship is still damaged and will need to stay here. Are you ready to come along?” she asked him.

“I can come with you if that is what you want me to do. What is this place we are going to?” he asked in return.

Madison kept looking at the ghostly glowing bird on the branch thinking to herself why after all this time she was required, “I’ll tell you when we get there.”

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