Chapter 1 – Paranormal Spirits

There have always been stories of haunted houses and mansions over the decades but not quite the one that a man called Hayden Norman and his new assistant Anya who were found in a city park looking around for someone who had contacted them about something.

“Now remember you have to follow my lead and make sure that we pick up any clues and ideas that this person is going to talk to us about. Have you got your notebook there,” Hayden asked her in his smart coat and black pants with his slick black hair.

“You have reminded me at least three times about that today and I have brought it. When was your last time you had an assistant?” she asked him.

“I never have and never needed one but some people thought it might be best for my protection or someone to bounce ideas off,” Hayden answered. 

Anya spotted out the man who they were to visit and the pair walked over to the park table and seats where he was. There was a slight breeze in the air in the cool spring time for the city area with the traffic in the background. Hayden stretched out his hand to shake the visitor’s.

“Afternoon, my name Hayden and this is my assistant Anya. We came to hear about your story about this subway thing? It seemed interesting,” he said.

The man sat with a smile and nodded to himself thinking for a while, “Thank you for coming, my name is Ken and I wanted to share an old story of a haunted subway train station that I thought you would be willing to look into,” Ken started.

“Train station, this sounds like great fun. Tell me more,” Hayden grinned watching him with excitement.

“Well this story dates back to the 1930’s about a train station that was haunted. Every now and again people at night would see figures or ghosts as you call it wander around the station and the sounds of an old train can be heard. What some have said that a train crash happened during that time but there’s no official records of it,” Ken explained about the story. 

“These ghost that these people have seen. What are they doing when people see them?” Anya asked writing in her notebook.

“Well they appear for a few seconds, maybe up to ten seconds and they seem to be waiting for a train or something like that.”

“I guess the only way to check this out is to go to the train station tonight and see it for ourselves,” Hayden replied.

“Now, tonight? Don’t we need to learn more about this story before we jump into that?” Anya asked.

“We can do that tomorrow when we have something interesting that we have seen with our own eyes. Thanks Ken for your information, we will look into it and we’ll keep you posted!” Hayden replied.

Hayden and Anya walked over to the traffic lights while they waited for to cross the street, “We’ll not really going to go the train station tonight are we?” Anya asked him.

“Why not, we can learn more from the actual place and not in a book or stories told by people. This was part of the job description to seek out ghosts and spirits. You knew this was all part of the job you signed up for,” Hayden reminded her. 

She sighed as the two disappeared into the busy city section looking for some dinner. 

After the dinner and Anya going off to do some work at home, she came back to the city at the train station tunnel where Hayden was waiting to go with her underground. A cool mist of air was around the area when the pair started to walk down the tunnel to the train station. It was her first stake out for Anya and she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“Do they normally come out at night?” she asked Hayden.

“Most of the time but sometimes they come out during the day. It all depends on the spirit or ghost as most people like to call them.”

The pair came into the train station and sat down watching a couple of the night trains arrive. The passengers came out all in order while Hayden was reading something on his phone. Anya kept watching for any spirits and she saw the second train pulling up and the passengers coming but this time they looked at each other in a confused state and looking at the train station timetable. Anya nudged Hayden and pointed it out for him

“Why do they all confused and strange those people? They look like something happened?”  Anya noted.

“It could be anything. I guess while nothing’s happening on our front we could wander up and ask something,” Hayden answer poping his phone back in his pocket.

They walked around the platforms and went up to a female passenger, “Why hello young lady how are you? You looked a tad confused,” Hayden asked the female.

The young short female nodded her head at Hayden and Anya in agreement, “I needed to get off at Central station but I came out here at Brickham Station and I have no idea why,” she answered.

“Surely it was just a mistake of the station, they do all very much the same,” Hayden replied.

“I wouldn’t make a mistake like that. I can’t even remember what I did on the train. Sorry I have to go and catch the train again,” she answered heading off to the next platform next to them.

Hayden tossed his head and put his hands in his pockets in wonder, “She seems lost.”

“Why are they a group of them from train going to catch the next train to Central Station now?” Anya asked Hayden.

Hayden eyed the passengers and thought for a moment, “Alright we came here and got what we wanted. That’s enough for tonight,” Hayden said.

“What did we get again?” Anya asked him.

“You’ll find out tomorrow!” Hayden answered starting walk out of the train station.

“You can’t just walk off like that. We didn’t even see a spirit at all!” Anya cried as Hayden had already left the area. 

Anya was sitting in her lounge room at home surrounded by stuffed toys. She was a collector of them and sorting them out when a tap at the door came. She came over to the door and opened it.

“Good morning, you have a computer here?” Hayden asked at the door with a smile. 

“Of course I do. What are you doing here?” she asked.

“To show you things of course. Take me to your computer and I’ll show you something cool,” Hayden replied. 

Anya took her to the corner of the lounge room where a laptop was placed there. Hayden clicked on a browser and typed in a web site and it appeared. He started reading it to himself and nodded and pointed at it.

“Those passengers on the train that you saw were confused. They were contacted by a spirit during the train trip,” Hayden explained to Anya.

“Contacted? What do you mean by that?” she asked him.

“Their spirit entered their bodies during the trip and took them to the Brickham Station. It’s known that people lose memories of when they have contact with a spirit ghost. Very interesting discovery and many people were lost and confused like that girl was when she came to the wrong station.” 

“They were many ghosts on that train?” Anya noted starting to understand that she was close to so many spirits at the station.

“Yes, the term that we use is called a Apparitional experience when contact is seen between a living human and an ghost in simple terms. It’s immaterial but can seem real and tangible. Those people on the train were all channelers with the spirits using the human beings for some reason.”

“So why did they get those people to this station than?” Anya asked.

“That’s the big question. Ken talked about a train crash but it was reported once in a newspaper and only two people died. The public took no notice of that.”

“So what is our job than. I mean we are Ghost Hunters right?” Anya asked.

“Ghost Hunter is one term, I called myself a Ghost Detective,”

“Oh, like a Ghostbuster?” 

“Ummm, expect without the technology to catch them. We have to do it a different way,” smiled Hayden. 

“So what do we do now?”

“We will go on one of the train routes and see if we catch these spirits in the act.”

Anya seemed nervous at the idea of seeing spirits herself and turned down looking at the laptop. Hayden knew the first experience of seeing spirits was always the most frightening part of the job. 

“You’ll be fine. I’ll be with you and I’ve seen plenty in my time. Small cute ones, big scary ones, and all in between.” Hayden reminded her. 

Anya grabbed her writing notebook and looked at Hayden again <”We’ll going now aren’t we?”

“Yep, you’re starting to know me by now. We are just going to head straight into the action!”

She nodded her head still wondering why she took on the job in the first job.

The only times they could to the train stations was at night to make sure that no one was going to see their investigations and that if anyone unsafe happened that the public would not be harmed. Hayden Norman and Anya appeared at the trunnel train station ready to board one of the late trains. Anya kept watch of the platforms while Hayden was checking out the time table. Anya for a moment brushed her hair back and looked at her notepad while something caught her eye. An electric orb was shining at the next platform. She looked up and touched Hayden’s back.

“I’m busy checking the time table for the next train Anya,” replied Hayden.

“I’m seeing something Hayden, look!” she quietly said to him.

Hayden turned around to see the electric orb ahead of him. He grabbed Anya’s hand and walked over to the edge of the platform, “Let’s jump the tracks and get up there. I need to use this quickly or it’ll disappear. Together they jumped down on the tracks and walked over to the other side. Hayden helped push Anya up to the platform. She climbed up and slowly walked towards the orb flashing.

“Don’t go near it. Wait for me,” Hayden shouted out climbing up the edge of the platform.

He pushed himself onto the platform and dusted his coat off and walked over to the orb next to Anya. He brought out a small device and pointed it at the orb. A bright spark came off the orb and both jumped back.

“I thought we weren’t Ghostbusters?” Anya replied looking at his device.

“It’s a called the Parapsychic Scanner. It scans for strange orb or spirits like this and gives me some suggested clubs on what it is and it can send electric sparks at spirits if we come up against something,” Hayden explained.

  “So what is this?” Anya asked standing back from the orb. 

“This is a Place Memory orb to be exact. It uses energy in the area by spirits to replay some images. Let’s spark it up and see what happens,” Hayden answered.

He stood forward and gave it an electric spark to the orb. The orb flashed as Hayden and Anya blocked the flashes with their arms until as Hayden said images appeared like a virtual television. 

“Is that an old steam train in that picture?” Any asked.

“Yes it is. What it’s telling us,” Hayden wondered narrowing his eyes to it.

The images showed people gathering on board on an old steam engine train ready to go to work in the morning. The train pushes off the platform slowly out of the train station that Hayden and Anya was at in today’s present. A few passengers on the train was talking on the train while suddenly the lights turns off. Screams and noise was watched via the orb and the image started to break on Hayden and Anya.

“Don’t cut out on me now when the good start is happening!” Hayden snapped giving the orb a few sparks via his Parapsychic scanner. 

The orb dropped the image and disappeared with a fizzer and flash all at once. 

“No! Why does that happened all the time? That doesn’t tell us much,” Hayden responded with his hands on his hips. 

“But there were screams and shouting on that train. Something must have happened,” Anya noted.

“The lights off would have scared the old women on the train in those days. Nothing to this. Still will can board the next train and see what that offers us in entertainment.”

“Can’t we get the image back or use your scanner to bring it up again?” Anya asked as Hayden started to walk off.

“The scanner isn’t a magic device. It told us what it could and it’s gone now,” Hayden said in a huff and a puff. 

Anya waved her hands in the air walking behind him towards the next platform. It was going to be a long night. 

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