Chapter 1 – The Alien of the Phoenix 3

A car was slowly rolling into a dark location on a farming section as the driver in the car was watching everything around him. The car parked itself next to the farmhouse and he climbed out of it and looked at the man on the front bench at his home.

“The Witness, you called for me. You know the past few weeks has been very busy for me.”

“It has been Daniel Phoenix and your role in the Author’s War was difficult for all to be a part of. Your time to uncover the truth in all the matters of your investigations is about to begin,” the Witness told him and behind him appeared Tazu, the short alien creature who he met before the event of the Author’s War.

“Tazu? What are you doing here? I thought you would have escaped the planet by now. There’s more to this meeting isn’t there?” Daniel asked walking to them in the cold night.

“Tazu has been talking to me about his reasons being here. He does need to go home but the government has something he needs to destroy,” the Witness explained to Daniel.

Tazu nodded and showed Daniel a device that he turned on and up flashed a holograph video. The video showed a large weapon that some army troops were using. One troop was shown firing a weapon towards a dummy alien figure and it killed it in one shot

“That weapon is a dangerous tool in the hands of humans. You see Daniel your planet is protected by my race and other races who work with us for some sort of universe peace. However there are races out there stating if humans created weapons that could hurt them and if they explore space than they would attack your people,” Tazu explained to Daniel.

Daniel tossed his head confused, “Wait, our people have only sent a few people to the moon. Who says we have explored all of space, we haven’t”

“Due to the Author’s War there was discoveries of some gifted people who have explored space and now Earth has access to universe portals which is a technology that could bring in powerful weapons. It’s a technology that only the gods understand. They are now heading for the planet to attack. I want you to come with me to destroy this weapon and the plans they have found on it. It’s at Area 51,” Tazu said.

“Well if you’re a UFO investigator you’re going to have to visit Area 51 at one point in your life or cover a story on it.  I want to bring Jack and Sonia it’s going to require a team effort here,” replied Daniel.

He looked up to the skies green lights were popping up along the clouds, “What are those?”

“The ones who wish to do harm. We don’t have much time due to the war before. Things have become quick now,” Tazu said.

The Witness sat down on his chair and looked at the sky, “Take the device that Tazu uses. You must go now. I hope to see you again.”

Daniel gave a blank look towards the Witness and Tazu went with him into his car. The Witness nodded goodbye and looked to the skies again, “His future is clouded and I don’t know if it was the war or this that will break him”

During the drive in the car with Daniel and Tazu, Daniel for a moment smiled for a moment looking looks towards Tazu, “You know after all this time I didn’t think I would be in my own car riding along with an actual alien. Something I have been waiting for all my life. I was thrown into this war beforehand and now this. It’s just everything has come at once.”

Tazu gave a confused look at first but nodded to himself, “Humans make plenty of mistake but there is good in them.  My race can be like that too and others. We are similar in more ways than one.

Daniel rubbed his head driving along the highway thinking about his investigation career and the questions he always wanted to know, “Do you think the world should know about you and others? It’s been a question I have always wondered myself. Could they live with someone like you?”

“One day the choice we have to do that will come out of our hands. Maybe for now it’s not right for the world to know us. Humans are still young minded and soon one day they will mature to understand that their planet isn’t so special. You have a honest mind and heart Daniel and I know you are trying to do right. At least you know we exist and you have not been chasing shadows all this time,” Tazu answered Daniel.

“You know I have been doing this for a long time. Investigating aliens and UFO’s?” Daniel asked interested in Tazu’s remarks.

“I have heard that there were some close calls on you discovering alien contact. It was just you didn’t quite catch them in the act.”

“So did you find me or did I find you?” Daniel asked.

“You found me. You kept digging when others gave up and you dug in places when your life was on the line” Tazu answered keeping his face watching on the road ahead of them. Daniel gave passing looks at Tazu the short grey typed alien that most people in the world had known about. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel thinking of what type of conversation do you have with an alien from another world?

“What do you know about the Witness?” Tazu asked.

Tazu looked back at him and didn’t show much emotion about the Witness. Daniel quietly waited for a answer, “He is a special human who has had contacts with us in the past. He has witnessed many account, he delivers the message to those who seek it.”

Daniel thought about his times with the Witness and remembered trusting him all the way through his time as an investigator, “My friends have helped me with my investigations and they have been so important to me. Doug my friend used to be non-believer but now joining this madness he has started to believe. He has been helping working with the Inner circle.”

Tazu’s head shot up and stared out of the window. He raised his arm and his hand opened up. A glow appeared from it and the car suddenly used it’s breaks without Daniel using them. Daniel was caught by surprised and held on like hell as the car thundered to a stop on the quiet highway. Tazu turned to him, “Where is he now?”

Daniel turned to him in shock over the stopping of the car, “He should be at home why? Is it the Inner circle?” he asked. Tazu gave a dark glare towards him, “The Inner circle is working with rouge alien species to make this weapon work and now they have one of your friends,”

Daniel eyes widened and started the car up again as he tried to make his dash to Doug in time. Nearly an hour had past and the car rolling into the street of where Doug lived. Daniel jumped out of the car and ran up to the front door as it was opened. Tazu made his way behind him. Inside the house it was wreaked, papers all over the ground, ripped furniture and there was Doug on the ground nursing an injury to his arm. Daniel came up to him, “Are you hurt, are you ok?”

“Daniel,” Doug cried in pain, “They have Susan,” he cried to his friend with fear filling his eyes. Tazu grabbed Daniel and turned him around to him, “You dug too deep and now you have come out before they get you all. We need to go to Area 51 now.” Daniel looked a look at Doug, “It’s time to finish this.”

The early morning had rose over the desert plains and Daniel had collected Sonia and Jack to come with him to Area 51. Tazu watched the fences and the shadowy guards that sometimes showed their figure in the distance. Jack grabbed out a number of guns from Daniel’s car and gave them to everyone in the group, “This is serious now Daniel. I can’t believe we actually have an alien and Doug is still in the car in shock over Susan.”

Daniel felt the guilt about he brought his friends into the dangerous world of his investigations. “I promise to find Susan and destroy this weapon. After all of this I’ll take a long holiday from all of this. What do we do now Tazu?” Daniel asked the short grey alien who was still keen watching the dirt and the security guards. “We use these invisible cloaks is the word that might describe them best. They timed for only a few minutes and then we enter the main building to the right over there. From there we should be able to get to the weapon. Only one has been made so it is important to destroy the blueprints that comes with it.”

Jack handed Tazu one of his personal guns and pointed at him, “Here you go,” he told Tazu.

“These are not going to be very useful against what is inside there. You keep it on yourself,” Tau replied. “Suit yourself if you like. Is Doug coming or not?” Doug climbed out of the car and wandered over to see the outlines of Area 51. “They have my wife. I’m coming”

Sonia placed a hand on his shoulder and looked at the others, “I’ll keep an eye out for him” The group placed the invisible cloak devices on their arms. Daniel and Tazu headed off first leading the group. Together they marched to the fence where Tazu held out his hand and the fence wires heated up and a hole appeared enough for everyone to enter inside the fence.

“What abilities do you have?” Sonia asked Tazu as he wandered inside the fence. “I have some abilities; some things I can control with my mind. Some things I can heal and others I can heat up or freeze. I’m not a powerful creature as you might think I am.” He answered her. The group made their way quickly past the security and found the large building that Tazu knew where the weapon would be and the blueprint. As they were about to enter Jack and Daniel looked to the sky to see the green clouds and UFO’s hovering around Area 51. The early morning sun was being blocked, “They are the mob that threaten to blow up the place if we don’t get this job soon?” Jack asked.

“Yes and creatures that we don’t want to see on the ground too. There is enough danger inside here,” Daniel commented.

The group came inside the building and Tazu reminded Daniel to get out the map device that he gave him earlier. He pulled it out from his pocket and Tazu waved his hand over it and a full map was showed up on it, “There is a prisoner or testing zone depending on what they like to do to you. I suspect Doug’s wife Susan is being held there for now. The other side of the building contains where the location of the weapon is however I have not be able to detect where the blueprints of the weapon maybe,” Tazu explained to the group.

“What is this weapon you keep talking about. Does it have a name?” Jack asked.

“Known as the Reapo 1500, it has the ability to shot down strong alien species with a few shots. The inner circle wanted to use this as part of the agreement,” Tazu replied.

“The agreement. I’ve heard this before but what is it?” Daniel asked.

Tazu waved his hand to tell the others to turn off the invisible devices as the timer was soon running out and he turned to Daniel to give an answer, “Weapons in exchange for protection from alien forces and a possible role to play with the planet. Possible control of certain countries if something happened. These Men in black characters are criminals. These alien forces up above do not care who they hurt.”

“That’s enough to hear about. I’ll take Sonia and see to the weapon destroyed. You take Daniel and Doug and find Susan. We have to work on this quick or we will be trapped inside here for good,” Jack told the group.

Daniel, Tazu, and Doug headed off in the other direction where Sonia and Jack moved off together. The three stalked the rooms noticing test rooms with humans and alien like creatures on beds where they seemed to asleep. Doug entered one of the rooms with Tazu and placed his good hand on one of the creatures. The human was average height and had large black eyes, “These are grown up versions of the Black eyed children?” Doug asked Tazu.

“Crossed mixed species with human and my own race. They are in a deep sleep but the chances of them living are next to zero. Humans are far from making the process a success. Daniel could have ended up like one of these if the Men in Black was successful in capturing him.” Doug sighed at the human, “There is still a part of me that doesn’t believe this or any of this happening but it’s all here to see.”

“I know it is hard for many to understand all of this and I think you were important for Daniel to keep him grounded. Logic is an important tool to have to level with one’s passion,” Tazu reminded Doug.

“Yeah, I brought myself into this and Susan along. I involved myself into the mess and I hope this is all worth it in the end.”

Daniel shouted out from the side of the rooms and waved Doug and Tazu to come over to see what he had found. They saw him trying to hold up a sleeping Susan who was placed in a bed in one of the lab rooms. Doug rushed inside and came up to hold Susan, “You’re here Susan. Is she ok? Will she be ok?” he asked Daniel and Tazu.

There was a number of trays next to the bed with needles and tubes. Tazu raised his hand over her chest and a glow appeared on her, “We caught her in time before they tried to turn her into an alien hybrid. She would have died if we waited. This little help will wake her up”

Susan slowly awoke brushing her short brown hair and rubbed one of her eyes. Doug hugged her and whispered into her ear, “I’m sorry for what happened to you. I couldn’t stop them from taking you.”

“I’m tired Doug, I want to go home now.” Tazu gave her his invisible cloak device on her am and spoke to Doug, “You should know the way back to the care. Go now before it’s too late. Daniel and I and the rest can handle this. The injury to your arm isn’t going to help us in this case. Doug nodded and turned to Daniel, “Come back in one piece. I believe you.” Daniel smiled at him finally his boss and friend believing in all the things that he did for so long.

“We finally made it to the same page. I’ll see you soon.” Doug and Susan left the room as Daniel and Tazu watched them off. Daniel turned around to see Tazu when the some of the hall way lights switched off and shutters rolled down on the lab rooms. The two darted at the door when the shutter came down on them and they were trapped inside the lab room. Tazu quickly tried using his power glowing heat on the steel shutter and door however it wasn’t working, “The steel is too thick for me and its likely there is technology blocking my power. Area 51 does have alien tech that can block some of my abilities.”

“Great and you don’t have any other magical devices on you that can solve this?” Daniel asked.

“No I do not. We might have to find another way out of this,” Tazu answered

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