Chapter 1 – The Author’s War

A young man was waiting outside of a café shop looking at his phone when a call came up. He was brown haired with a messy look to it. He wore typical jeans and a black shirt and he normally looked tired or rushed due to the nature of his work. He picked up his phone and answered it.

“Doug, yes I’m meeting this guy. Well I meet him through some of the discussion forums that I visit online. It’s interesting that he was too working on the same project that I was. I guess it’s good to be working on something that’s not to do with aliens or underground theories for a change,” he said.

“Just make sure you are safe Daniel Phoenix. Please don’t start doing something that risks your life again you know? We have had enough of those moments for a lifetime. The rest of us are here for you if you do some help on the matter. You got that?” Doug reminded Daniel on the phone.

Daniel looked around the street to see if his visitor friend was coming, “I know, I know. I will be fine this time. It’s important to find out what this legend says about this book. I didn’t believe much of it at first but when you start digging there are others that believe in it too and you always wonder if this is true or not. I have to go I think he’s here,” Daniel replied hanging up the phone and turning to see a man in a brown Trent coat with a brown walking stick smiling at Daniel.

“Good morning Mr. Phoenix my name is Vincent Lamour it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Vincent said with a happy face.

“The same with you too. Would you like to come inside for a coffee?” Daniel asked Vincent.

“Sure, let’s have a discussion about what we know,” Vincent said.

Together the pair entered the café shop with Vincent sitting down and putting his cane to a side. Daniel asked the waitress for two flat whites in a bright white café setting room. They sat opposite of each other watching one another. They seemed to have this feeling they knew each other and that were secrets to each one. However they felt at ease with each other for some unknown reason.

“So the main question is not of this book I have hearing about but of this mystery tower that many people have seen?” Vincent said to Daniel.

“This tower is something I haven’t come across in my time as an investigator of different things you can say. My main interest is the fact that no one knows anything about this. Crazy sighting of the tower in different locations around the world. It almost feels like there are many of them appearing in different spots,” Daniel explained.

The waitress came over with the two flat whites and Vincent beamed a great smile while helping her with the drinks and he nodded towards Daniel.

“This has all the markings of a great little adventure we could have. What I have heard of is that some people have suggested that this has been coming for a long time and that the layers of truth are buried in a pool of lies and mystery. I could have worked on this alone but my connections here are not as great as they used to many, well some years ago,” Vincent said.

Daniel sipped his coffee thinking about the mystery of the tower and he was excited to be working with someone who shared the same passions for mystery and adventure like he did.

“I have some technology based software that could help track the tower down. If we based finding the tower on odd sighting it could take weeks to months to find it. I can put in the past sightings and it will come up with suggested locations the tower will show up or places that likes to appear. I do believe there is one stationed spot for it. There must be a main tower from the all the fakes and that we just have to work out where to find the real one,” Daniel told Vincent about his abilities.

“Well it’s settled. We shall work together and crack this little case of the mystery tower. I’m in-between teaching positions at the moment and I normally leave some time off for this type of this thing. It’s a good way to exercise the mind and soul!”

Daniel laughed at Vincent’s overly happy tone about the tower, “Yes, this could some fun to have looking for the tower.”

It took the newly formed pair of investigators a couple weeks to work Daniel’s computer software to pinpoint the real tower. Daniel Phoenix and Vincent Lamour’s tracking of the tower had lead them to a desert location by some large craters. It was a cold chilling night as they stood by Daniel’s car looking at a laptop.

“We can’t get too cold tonight we have to think of our health,” Vincent told Daniel.

“Yes, my friend Sonia has told them over and over. It finally sank into my head. Check out this reading and that image over there. That’s the real tower there. There’s no other sightings or current ones available on the screen here. It’s quite large the tower itself it?”

“It’s not the biggest that I have seen. To me it gives a strange vibe out. It feels cold to me, it gives out nothing, nothing at all,” Vincent replied looking over towards the tower.

Daniel didn’t seem to be so in sync with Vincent’s thoughts while he studying the laptop. He finished up his worked and closed the laptop and looked at the tower himself.

“The energy ratings for the tower are off the charts. That can’t be possible on those readings. I suppose the software still has its bugs in it. I’ll address that later on. Well Vincent you are right it is pretty cold. We’ll make our way to it now and see what’s inside. If something happens we will just go I think.”

The pair made the short journey from their car to the tower doors which was left half opened. Tall, dark and black was the theme that the tower was. It truly gave no feeling or thought out to people.

“I’m not used to getting inside of places this easily. This feels it’s too easy if you know what I mean,” Daniel noted about the opened door.

Vincent agreed with his thoughts, “Whatever is in there might want some company or wants us to come in for another reason. Let’s take a look now.”

They tiptoed inside the tower to reveal just the one large room that looked like a library full of books and papers. Vincent moved ahead by himself without too much fear while Daniel sat behind and stood in the corner of darkness. Daniel’s eyes lit up as a ghostly lone figure appeared at the end of the library room. Vincent noticed the figure too walking up and coming into his full view. The pair looked at each other for a few moment while Daniel’s heart started to race not knowing what was happening.

“Who are you?” Vincent asked with wonder.

“I am a proud writer who now lives in a world that doesn’t understand us. We were once seen as the creative souls of all people. Now all I see is ashes and dust of the writers of this world. Taken over by disgusting people in this society who claim they are worthy of my position, of what I am. When I was born centuries ago I was in a high position of power and creativity. That was because they respected the writer, the author, and the novelist. They knew not only we wrote of stories but we wrote of legend and history and thoughts that changed this world and universes beyond. I am so angry that now I have done my deal with the war that I return to this same world that now author’s are treated like nothing. They are not important anymore and I will change that. I will remind them in the most damaging and most destructive methods that no soul has witnessed that the writer, the author is the creativity lord that they must obey to.”

The lone figure was speaking to Vincent in the library room that was filled of thousands maybe tens of thousands of books lined across the dark hall ways of a tower that was the highest in the world. It was unseen and unknown to all but one person who had somehow entered this place.

“I have been around for hundreds of years too whoever you are but I can tell you writers are respected and treated with the most respect that I know. Through the world of teaching writing is still known as an art, a wonder and a magic all in itself,” said the other man in the room.

The figure moved forward with a ghostly look on his face. His darkness and hate could be felt in the room like a dagger to your heart.

“You are Vincent Lamour, a teacher that I have read about over the years. Tell me are you lying that you are the only person who came in here. Because I know that only certain skills and technologies would allow you in here and what I know is that you had someone break in here to find out who is here. I’m waiting for your answer Vincent,” the man asked him.

A second man did appear behind Vincent with his hands up meaning peace to the dark figure in the tower, “I’m sorry but I wanted to see who you were. It’s a special investigation into this tower in question. My name is Daniel Phoenix I’m a UFO researcher. We bump into each researching the same case decided to come here to find out what this place is. It seems that no one knows of this area,” Daniel said.

He had a mid lengthen black hair, half messed up with a brown shirt and blue jeans on it. He also had a scanner device with him in his front pocket when he put his hands down standing next to Vincent.

“You two are not prepared to understand what you have discovered. There is a war coming. It is not just for you or for others but one for all the universes together. I have a sense you will play more in this role but for now you should leave with your lives intact,” the dark figure told the pair.

“I have seen many amazing things in my investigations, aliens, different types of worlds. My scanner has been picking up some unbelievable amounts of energy and power in this tower. One that suggests this tower has more energy than a number of planets together. How could this be? It’s not possible,” Daniel Phoenix asked him.

“I think we should leave Daniel. I don’t want any dramas and that was the deal we had before coming here,” Vincent reminded him.

“Your friend is old and wise despite his youthful looks. Your questions will be not answered and you will leave now,” the figure told them.

The books on the shelves lit up green and Daniel’s scanner suddenly stopped working. There was growing sense of terror coming from the tower and the man. He dressed in a black gown holding an olden style writer’s pen. Daniel decided to grab Vincent’s arm and moved away from him. He knew when something was too dangerous and dark to contest with. They headed backwards watching the dark figure eyes lighting up in red

“There is a war coming and the deal I made will seek the blood I wrote with my own hand. There is no version; there is no ending that means well for you and all that you love. There will be no universes that you escape to. No corners that you kept you safe. I will become everything and everyone, I will become the author in the war,” he boomed as the two investigators started running out of the tower entrance area and into what they were hoping to be a safe area.

It was a number of hours before both Vincent Lamour and Daniel Phoenix returned back to Daniel’s house to discuss what a strange and twisted event they had experienced. Both were in the lounge room of the UFO researcher’s house drinking some coffee with blank minds thinking about their encounter. Despite their experiences in their past nothing had prepared them for what they had seen.

“You’re one of five people in this world that knows my secret about my true age but for some reason I felt like telling you and to that man. I don’t know why but the feeling I had about that figure was chilling to my bones. The sense of a greater power is unspeakable really,” Vincent told Daniel.

“Well your walking cane and your brown suit seemed outdated and the fact the knowledge and experience that you shared with me over the past couple weeks suggested to me that maybe there was more to you than the eye could see,” Daniel replied.

“Is it true you really have seen aliens and even interactive with a few on your investigations you speak of? I have to say this world still amazes me after being on for so long,” smiled Vincent to Daniel.

“Yes, there is an alien in the care of my three good friends Sonia, Jack, and Doug. Investigations have died down which is a good thing on my life and my anxiety issues. It’s been a rollercoaster to put in the simplest words without going into details. Thou this is something that I feel could be even worse. He spoke of respect for writers that now he lives in a terrible world and that a war is coming to everyone. He’s not telling us the whole picture for his own reasons. The mystery is what this person is planning. All we know is that my scanner device was off the radar when it was trying to read energy fields and electricity it was holding. It was excuse the pun out of this world or even universe,” Daniel explained sipping his tea.

Vincent stood up with his trusty walking cane and started walking around the lounge room thinking and pondering as he has done for a few hundred years.

“We have to wait and see what will happen to this world if there is a threat to it. This man has only spoken of a war and despite the amount of energy that this tower has that is not enough evidence to suggest he plans to do something to anyone,” he spoke out loud.

“I’m on the other side of the coin Vincent. He’s made threats and he made that speech about he felt about this world. I have seen threats from aliens in my time and they have come true. I just sense this is real and it’s coming. It’s scary because we don’t know what’s happening. I’m clueless like you are,” Daniel answered.

Daniel stood up with Vincent and he took him downstairs to his computer lab room filled with a cleaner look than years ago when he started his UFO investigations. He turned on his computer and a massive television screen hanging up on the wall in front of him. He keyed in some notes about his investigations and then called up someone on his video link up. Vincent sat on a chair next to him and placed his cane to his side rubbing his knees half in pain from all the walking they had done earlier in the day.

“Hayden is that you old friend?” Daniel asked.

“Yes it’s me Daniel. How are you and what’s up with this tower business you talked about via email a few days ago. I was quite interested in the invisible aspects of the tower,” Hayden answered.

“The tower business is much more than what we could have dreamed of. I think it’s more serious than the alien child and the major plans by the higher order. By the way this is Vincent Lamour, an old teacher who is much older than he looks. He has been helping with my investigations,” Daniel explained to Hayden.

Hayden leaned back in his chair ran his head through his sleek black hair, he was a known investigator in ghosts and spirits and he knew if Daniel was more worried about the tower than UFO’s than this was a serious matter, “That’s a serious statement you have made Daniel. Is it really that bad? You could be under some sort of illusion power while you were in the tower.”

“No I wasn’t Hayden. My scanner was off the radar. That never happened during my UFO investigations at all. This is something serious to be noted about. I think we should all team up for this and research into something called the author in the war. Have you ever heard anything about that wording? This man was talking about writers being disrespected and that an incoming war was here,” Daniel asked him.

“Well Daniel the saying itself rings a bell, maybe in a past discussion I have had with others but if you think this is serious I will travel and meet up with you and Vincent and try to solve this issue. I would suggest like always keeping safe and not trying something stupid. Like pissing off the men in black like you did. I hope you learned from that,” Hayden reminded him.

“I have and I think having Vincent with me I’ll be more careful,” Daniel noted.

Hayden waved goodbye and the video link up closed.

Daniel and Vincent leaned back in their chairs and looked at each other for a few moments. Both were smart and logical men and both were in deep thought about what the man had said earlier in the day.

“The power you said the tower had, how could that be used and how far reaching is it?” Vincent asked.

“It all depends on what this person wishes to do with it. How far reaching as you put in your words is very far, he could power the entire world for years if he wanted to do. That’s based on my scanner readings but to be honest we would have to wait to see what happens next,” Daniel answered.

Vincent’s phone buzzed and it was from his known former student called Susie with the message appearing ‘Turn on the TV now!’ He turned to Daniel, “Is there a television somewhere?”

“Yeah there’s one there on the big screen,” Daniel answered looking through his draws in his desk and finding the remote control and turning it on. Images of fallen power lines and cars blocking up on the highway were shown as it crossed to a news reporter on the scene.

“Reports are coming in as power stations are being drained from a unknown source and some of the stations have shut down due to the these drains. There are now tens of thousands of people without power and if the problem continues to worsen it may run into the millions. We will keep you updated around the clock on this.”

“This is quite amazing. There have only been a dozen or so moments when I have witnessed something big like this,” Vincent remarked on the news report.

“Shit. I have to turn on the backup power grid here if it does go all out,” Daniel said standing up and running around the room looking for something. Vincent looked around the room and started playing with his cane, “You have a power grid all here in a house like this?” he asked.

“Yes in case the aliens come and I know how crazy that last sentence sounds and it did happen!” Daniel answered.

The lights started to blink on and off and the lights and power in the house dropped out. Daniel Phoenix threw his hands in the air unhappy about the timing.

“This is not what I wanted,” he murmured to himself.

Vincent played with his cane outside of the room and came back to the lounge room. He noticed the windows were shaking a tad and quietness was felt around him. He came up to the front door and opened it to discover black clouds covering the entire city but to him there was something different about these clouds. Daniel popped his head out the front door next to Vincent and watched the clouds for himself.

“They’re not normal clouds,” Daniel replied where the two of them were left of no power and no communications to anyone outside.

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