Chapter 1 – The Legend of Evermore

Do people ever think what life is all about? What are people after in life? What is the
answer to our life? Well that question was asked to the people of Evermore and this is how
it goes. Evermore Castle was known for it secret powers of the past and its success in
ruling the country. Graford was an ancient wizard who once tried to rule over the lands
and the world. Only the four heroes, of whom legend speaks, only they can defeat him in
years to come. When Graford challenged someone, they never had a chance. He was just
too powerful. No one has seen the full extent of his dark magic, or the spells he uses,
because no body he battled has ever survived.
Seven days ago there was misting evil tendrils of fog over the castle. He had returned.
Graford had said 25 years ago that he would not attack until this day. He wanted the royals
to create a team to combat him in the war that was to come. Sadly for the royals, no one
had remembered…

Prince Chambers was the only leader of the castle. His father had died and no one had the
authority to crown him. He also needed to create a band of warriors that will get rid of
Graford forever and he will be the greatest prince and hopeful king. He was the type of
person who loved the feeling of power but like some unguided kings, he didn’t know what
to do with it when he got it. His chancellor walked in as the prince was racking his brain
for solutions to his problems.
“ My friend, I must try to overcome these problems but they seem too hard to conclude,”
said the doubtful prince.
“ So you have stopped having fun for the day Prince Chambers? Sometimes I wonder what
you will be like when you are king. If you get to that position,” said the Chancellor.
Chambers acted like a kid at times. He was only 33, young for a king for Evermore.
“ I can’t seem to find any answers to the dilemma I have today, tomorrow and the future.
This Graford seems to be tough. Why didn’t anyone remember about him?” asked Prince
Chambers to his adviser.
“ Because the kingdom has never really been under attack before. If you think a peasant
mild boycott is serious that is,” answered his Chancellor.
“ So what ideas do you hold in your intelligent mind of yours,” asked the Prince.
“ I have a idea my prince. Why don’t you create posters across the lands so people will to
you? You can offer them money beyond their dreams,” suggested the Chancellor.
“ That seems to be a good idea. I shall do so, seeing there are no other options to tolerate
with,” spoke the prince walking back into his throne room. His head was filled with strong

warriors who will knock over the job with no problems at all.
Therefore, the search was on to find the world’s heroes. Many people didn’t sign up. They
knew facing Graford would be facing death itself. They remarked that even if all the
money in the world was offered they still wouldn’t do it. However, some did, only four
men who needed money fast and wanted to be someone in the world of millions of people.
Only down the road and the first warrior was walking up the road to the castle. It was a
small short Dwarf. He had lived in the land of the dwarves all of his life. He wanted to
prove to his fellow men and family that he was a somebody, not an anybody. That might
of sounded cruel but it was somewhat true in a way. He had opened the doors, as the
chancellor’s face turned to face him.
“ Did you sign up for the special position that Prince Chambers asked for?” he asked.
“ Yeah I thought I needed the gold and be a celebrity too. I want to prove that I am
something significant in this world. I hope this is my big chance,” said the Dwarf.
“ Everyone wants to prove something. Being brave, loyal, powerful or just a hero,” said
the Chancellor.
“The prince should be in in a little while,” added the Chancellor
The Dwarf waited as an other man entered the castle. A tall man dressed with a magic staff
and a spell book in his other hand. He saw, looked at the Dwarf, then the doorway to the
prince’s room.
“ Are you here for that employment offer little man,” asked the wizard.
“ Yeah. You’ll have to remain with me to see the prince,” said the Dwarf.
The wizard had lived in different towns for the last seven years. He hit the Evermore as he
heard there were big positions for good wizard jobs in the Castle City. Then he heard of
the job by Prince Chambers, and he needed cash fast. The wizard looked around as a huge
noise was heard outside, the dwarf and wizard looked outside to see an Elf in some
“Stupid spells. That’s the last time I’ll ever use one,” snapped the Elf.
“ Are you doing spells too? I am practicing them too. They can be hard as nails,” spoke the
The Elf nodded his head as he got up to get a better view of everything.
“ I think the both of you are pretty stupid with these funny spells,” said the Dwarf.
“ You shouldn’t judge things that you don’t know about,” cried the Wizard.
The Elf had lived around the Evermore kingdom for the past eleven years. He had
abnormal jobs around the towns, and they sounded odd for an elf to do that is. He saw the
poster that Prince Chambers put up and thought the offer was sound and was determined to
engage in the job for himself Then the three of them saw a shadow, a tall man with a long

broadsword appeared in view.
“ A Barbarian? How unusual for a team. I thought they work alone?” asked the Elf.
“ I don’t have to. I like working with people,” he said.
“ I don’t. I hate people in my damn way,” cried the Dwarf.
The barbarian himself had gone through tough times in the past. His parents went missing
in the past wars with Graford, although he didn’t know Graford on a personal level. He
had only heard of him in the past. Now he wanted the money, fame, and hopefully find his
parents again.
Then the chancellor walked in with some news.
“ Prince Chambers is ready to see you. You may come forward,” he answered as he
walked back into the room.
The band walked in as the Prince saw them. He was dressed in a red robe, not one of his
best clothes but he wanted to save the best ones for his crowning.
“ You four look perfect for what I looking for,” said the Prince.
He looked at each person as walked around them to speak. He was lucky that anyone did
appeal to the job offer in the posters in the towns. He knew it was a hard job, only four did
offer their services. They weren’t the prettiest band to offer services to the prince but they
had to do. Here they were now.
“ Your rival is Graford, he is the most powerful man in the land. Your job is to stop him
anyway you can,” said the Prince.
“ That sounds easier said than done,” thought the Elf, the words ‘most powerful man’ got
to him.
“ It is, but you will succeed. I can feel it, you’re the ones to stop him. It will be hard but if
you stick together you can do anything,” said Prince Chambers.
He always got a good feeling that people were going to win in battles. Maybe the
crowning goal was overshadowing his mind a bit.
“ But your first commission is easy. I need to be crowned but only the ancient wizard of
Evermore can do the honours,” said the prince
“ Can’t you crown yourself?” asked the Barbarian.
“ No I can not. That is the only power I can not perform. I wish I could. Really I do,”
sighed Prince Chambers as he continued on with the story.
“ Your commission will be to see him and to transfer him back to the castle. Graford will
try to attack you with his magic. He uses the evil magic called Chaos,” said the Prince.
“ Will we survive through this?” asked the Dwarf.
“ Maybe my warriors. If you are good enough,” said the prince.
“ Be careful my friends. Go out and beyond,” said the prince as the four slowly walked out

of the castle. The prince wanted to make sure the crowning service was as quick as
possible. He rather rushed them out the door to grab the only man who can officially
crown him.
The band walked on for an hour northwest as the Dwarf was getting exhausted. His legs
were very short but could take a good walk around, but this was an extensive walk to the
mystery wizard’s castle.
“Could we respite or something,” asked the Dwarf.
“ No you sluggish thing,” cried the Wizard who was still in a feud with the small man.
“ I guess we can,” said the Barbarian.
“Who made you leader?” snapped the Wizard.
“ He’d make a better one than you!” said the Dwarf.
The wizard naturally thought that seeing he was the smartest, he knew he got the role of
being the leader of the band. However, other people had other ideas.
“ But he’s stupid and I’m smart,” said the Wizard as the barbarian gave a dirty look.
“ We have our pros and cons about ourselves. The wizard is smart but weak and the
Barbarian is strong but not so smart,” said the Elf helpful.
“ I guess we should young Elf. I guess the Barbarian can be the leader,” said the Wizard.
The wizard didn’t like the Elf’s last statement but he knew it was fair and decided to quit
his short election.
“ You can make recommendations to me on the voyage ahead. I’m not good with some
things,” said the Barbarian.
The wizard then smiled as he knew that had a distinctive role to play and knew he had the
role of second in charge in the bag. Just the thing he wanted.
Soon the band had arrived at the castle where the ancient wizard lived. It was tall castle
with a light blue sky around the area. The band didn’t feel secure about the whole mission
at this point.
“ It’s dark and cold,” said the Dwarf shaking.
He hated the cold because he was small and short. So he wore thick clothes at times.
Suddenly a swamp of monsters appeared. The band quickly moved backwards as they
raised up their weapons.
“ Goblins!” cried the Elf as the Goblins moved in for the kill.
“ I say we run,” advised the Wizard, he didn’t have a thing about fighting unless he
couldn’t run away from the problem.
“ I say we attack!” cried the Barbarian lifting up his sword as a discouraged Wizard shook
his head and went along with the Barbarian’s plan of attack.
The Barbarian slashed through the bodies with the Dwarf and Elf helping. Then an Orc

appeared, these were bigger and more dangerous than the normal Goblin. The Orc ran up
to bash the Barbarian to the ground. The Elf moved away as the Dwarf was the only one
“ I’m hurt!” cried the Barbarian as the Orc turned to the Dwarf.
“ Hey now. This isn’t reasonable on me you know,” said the Dwarf.
The Dwarf hated fighting against people who were taller than him. That pretty much rules
against the whole town population.
Suddenly a fireball hit the Orc as it was on fire. “ Wow” thought the Dwarf amazed, he
turned around to see the Wizard, who did the attack.
“ I’m not as bad as people say I am,” said the Wizard lowering down his staff.
The wizard only used his powers when it got to a sticky point.
Then the castle lit up as a tall figure appeared at the end of the antechamber.
“ You’re here my friends,” said the Wizard.

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