Chapter 1 – Time Cruisers

Inside an old shed there was an older man known as Dr. Cyber. He had been working and thinking on what he called his time machine with the ability to travel forward and back in time. With him was his grandson Cody Cyber as he had been staying with him for a while as his father was busy working away and that he had apart from his mother. Cody was a young teenager watching his grandfather working on the time machine. 

“So granddad, when’s mum going to come back?” he asked. 

“Well your mother Sandra is busy in the city and as you know your father and she haven’t been speaking for a few years now. They were always an odd couple those two. I’m surprised they left you with me seeming she doesn’t trust me with you or with your father,” Dr. Cyber answered. 

He was a typical dressed scientist always in a white lab coat or in a white suit when he needed to attend to the outside world in his words. Cody Cyber dressed in a blue shirt and blue jeans with his cap back to front looking around at the time machine. 

“Why does this thing always break down?” Cody asked him. 

“The parts for it are very pricey and the power that it requires to time travel is quite high which damages those parts. It’s almost related to universe portals, a rare and new technology that has worked a couple years ago with the Legomen that Percy your father is with now.” 

“Will mum and dad ever get on with each other again?” he asked. 

“I have no idea Cody! Sandra was always very strong headed and so is your father so they always banged heads those two. Maybe one day when they decide to sit down and talk but don’t hold your breath on that!” Dr. Cyber. 

Dr. Cyber and Cody Cyber climbed into what the time machine was known as the Time Cruisers and over the years their family had been known as the Time Cruisers. The Cyber family was famous for their time travel technology and their science abilities. Dr. Cyber clicked on the video screen and a call was coming through. 

“It’s your father Percy, I wonder what he wants?” he wondered. 

“Hey there, it’s great to see you bonding with Cody now that Sandra is out of town. Working with the Legomen has been a crazy time, meeting so many people and working with King Lion and Wizard has been an honor. I know you two have desired to become members of the Legomen and the distance to here is far away but I have news of Vulture again,” Percy said on the video screen. 

“Who’s Vulture?” Cody asked. 

“Vulture is a scientist who doesn’t like us and has been trying to change time periods to suit his own plans. He has to stop each time. Percy and I have had a couple run ins with him so far,” Dr. Cyber explained to Cody. 

“I have heard news that Vulture has gone to the past to steal the blueprints to your early time machine. This is very dangerous meaning he will erase all of the hard work we have done during the years. He needs to be stopped,” Percy explained to them. 

“We can do that now. I should know what year he’s planning to take those blueprints,” Dr. Cyber answered. 

Cody turned to Dr. Cyber and wondered, “Am I going with you too?” 

“Of course you are! You’re a Cyber and we all explorers and protectors for the good people.  Put your belt on and we can go!” Dr. Cyber said. 

The time cruiser was built like a silver car with a sleek design to make sure it could travel through time. The car drove outside and revealed two airplane engines on each side and took off down the street and blasted away into time and space. Cody was ready for his first adventure. 

The time cruiser appeared outside Dr. Cyber’s house again but many years ago. Cody noticed a man with a beard in a dark black suit with what looked like a golfer’s black hat on looking around the house. Dr. Cyber backed up the time cruiser away from his house and they got out of the car. Cody readjusted his cap as Dr. Cyber placed his hand on his shoulder. 

“Vulture is most likely to be armed so we have to be careful. If he attacks we will come back to the cruiser here,” he explained to him. 

The two crept out to the house as Vulture entered the house and looked around the place. Dr. Cyber and Cody followed him and trapped him in the lounge room. 

“Vulture what are you doing in my house? You’re lucky my past self is not here. I don’t know you back in this time,” Dr. Cyber confronted him. 

Vulture turned around and grinned, “It’s the time cruisers like always trying to stop me from doing the wrong thing. It looks like we have a new recruit too. Young Cody the son of Percy Cyber.” 

“Where are the blueprints?” Dr. Cyber questioned him. 

“Right in my hot little hands!  If you don’t want me to be here than I’ll leave but you won’t catch me this time,” he said pushing Dr. Cyber out of the way and heading outside. 

Dr. Cyber grabbed Cody’s arm and ran out of the house and to the time cruiser. Vulture was seen up the road in his own time machine, this was a smaller black car that was normally faster than the time cruiser but was easier to hit if needed. Cody watched Vulture fly his car into the air from inside the time machine and disappear. Dr. Cyber turned on some keys and systems inside the car and placed a tractor lock on him. 

“What’s a tractor lock?” Cody asked his granddad. 

“It’s to lock on to other time machines. We have to hunt him down and find out where he is,” Dr. Cyber explained 

The time cruiser rose into the air quickly and roared off into the sky and disappeared. A massive purple and green tunnel appeared as Cody looked at the colors and shapes outside. 

“Is it normally this awesome looking,” Cody cried excited. 

“Well yes it is Cody! If it was universe exploring the color would just be a light blue. It’s amazing isn’t it?” Dr. Cyber answered him. 

The time cruiser appeared only about five years back near the sea met the docks where a old pirate ship was docked. Vulture’s time machine was seen parked behind a old inn where he was heading to the ship. Cody jumped out of the time cruiser where it parked next to Vulture’s car and started to walk up to the ship where Dr. Cyber stopped. 

“Cody we need to wear these brown suits here. You see that captain of the ship up there watching Vulture come onboard. That’s Iron Hook and he’s a future member of the Legomen which in our timeline is a current. I don’t want the timeline to be messed up because of Vulture or us. He will meet us in the future in the right fashion but for now he won’t know us,” he explained to Cody. 

Cody nodded and the pair quickly headed up to the ship where Iron Hook was speaking to Vulture. Dr. Cyber waved hello to Iron Hook while him and his crew were eyeing them off. 

“You don’t come onto my ship demanding to be protected and what are these?” Iron Hook asked. 

“Those are blueprints to a wonderful machine much better than this ship you are using,” Vulture explained 

Iron Hook stood front of him unhappy that Vulture didn’t like his ship, “The Sea Star is a classic ship. It’s one of the best in the world when it comes to pirates and my brother would be very angry to hear speak about it in that sense.” 

“Those blueprints are mine,” Dr. Cyber cried standing next to Cody on the Sea Star. 

“Here, have them but you three aren’t going!” Iron Hook holding up sword to the three of them. They were all trapped on the famous Sea Star. 

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