Chapter 1 – Universe Guardian: Shadow of the Soulbreaker

Out in the floating world of space Flyn the Universe Guardian was outside his spaceship giving some fine tuning to it. He floated along the ship giving a pat to it.

“There you go Nippy, with the engine taken off you you look more like a spaceship and less like a plane I suppose. You can move your wings more freely now,” he said to it. Nippy made some pleasing sounds as if he was happy with his upgrades. Nippy’s front windows lighted up with a two letter icons and Fyn’s own eyes lit up.

“We have a hologram message coming through Nippy? I’ll get back into the ship right now!” he said quickly flying back to the side of the ship and entering. He walked up and sat down in his seat and clicked on the message coming through. Appearing on the screen was the Cheif Commander Adira Smith of the Matrix Commission. They are a group of people who help look after the universe at large.

“Flyn, we have a mission for you to help us with. There has been some strange activities happening in a certain of space that we would like you to look at. We have the directions here for you to go to. A number of asteroids have been moving towards this areas and like to know why. Are you ready for this?” she asked of Flyn.

“Yes I’m ready for anything now. With a few years of this type of space work under my belt I’m ready for anything,” he answered abit excited about the mission.

“Good. Travel there and after that find out what is going on. Give us a report on it when you are finished.”

“I will. I’ll see you later,” Flyn answered clicking off the message and turning Nippy around towards the location. The spaceship built up some power and pushed off from it’s spot quickly into space. “Let’s find out what’s going on Nippy!” Flyn told his space.

The Universe Guardian had traveled along the long distances of space to arrive to where they needed to be. Thy noticed a number of asteroids floating around in a circle whic puzzled Flyn in his ship, “”That’s not quite normal Nippy. Let’s land on a asteroid to get a better look” They traveled a little more when they noticed another ship had landed on one with two figures already out of it watching on. Nippy slowly landed down nearby them with a gently bump on the ground. Flyn climbed out of the ship and he patted the ship, “You keep a eye on things in case something goes wrong. I’ll chat to these two. Who are they?” he wondered.

Flyn flew over himself and landed near the two figure. He was taken abit back when one of them was a grey looking alien, “I’ve never seen one of those before,” he whispered to himself.

“Who are you? My name is Tazu. I am a traveler of space and this is my friend Daniel Phoniex. We are peaceful,” called out the alien.

“I’m Flyn the Universe Guardian and I think I know you,” Flyn replied pointing at Daniel Phoniex.

Daniel Phoniex looked surprised at first and unsure if he has ever met another space traveler in his life, “Are you sure we have met before. I mean you are human but I don’t remember your face at all,” he replied.

“Oh I don’t knowyou personally but I have met your old boss Doug. We met a few times. You’re the UFO researcher. Didn’t you break into Area 51 a few years ago? It’s great to meet you, anoter science person you can say,” Flyn explained.

“Well it’s a small universe after all. So you know Doug, amazing. This is my second trip out into space. The past years has been traveling around back on Earth researching on a number of cases but what we are seeing out here is something abit new. This is not the only area that I have seen this happen. Well Tazu has seen this before. Something is pulling these asteroids together like this but no idea what,”

As everyone was meeting each other Nippy’s front screens lit up a red light and Flyn noticed the red shinning on the ground in front of the three of them. He turned arond quickly worried as Nippy was slowly moving towards him.

“Everyone I think something is about to happpen,” he told the pair in Daniel Phoniex and Tazu.

A lage black and white glowing light appeared in the middle of the asteroids. Daniel Phoniex stepped forward not believing what he was seeing, “No science do this” he said blankly.

Flyn lifted up from the ground into flight mode to see a planet was appearing before their own eyes seeing it shaking and positioning itself. “The planet has moved from somewhere else in the universe but where and why?”

“Should we go down there Universe Guardian?” Tazu asked Flyn.

“You might be handy Mr Tazu. You have been to as many planets as I have I say even more,” Flyn replied floating down keeping a eye on it. Flyn susggested to get back in their spaceships and travel down to see what this world was like and where it came from.

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