Chapter 1 – Xtreme Squad 3

The ending of the Author’s War was felt greatly on the land of The City of Demons. Lost people looked beyond the burnt building and items that they once owned and now all is lost. To the north of the City of Demons where the Tower of Angels were stood the last remaining leaders of their world and they too watched on with sorrow. The Queen of the angels Nardia watched outside the large windows to the city and turned to the members of the Xtreme Squad who fought in the war and Charles Thompson who had recovered a few days ago from a coma he was in.

“I am still sorry for your loss of your father Lucas Walken. He was a very important man for this city. You can tell the loss was great in this city,” she told him covered in a white gown turning to Charles Thompson.

“Has your requested visitors arrived in this world yet?” she asked him.

“Yes, yes they have and already in the City of Demons working on their task. They are to report to me when they are finished,” Charles answered looking tired and dazed.

Lucas looked at Charles puzzled, “Who’s here?”

“Hayden Norman and his assistant. I have requested that we needed to investigate into some strange activities that only they would be able to understand,” he replied.

“What the hell would they know about this world?” Jasper wondered walking around in the background.

“Just a few things that are beyond the dead. Your task for you four is to go to the Death Lands. Your old friend Hew the ghost wants to see you for a reason. We will tell you if Hayden finds out the information that we need. It’s best for you to not know too much,” Nardis suggested.

Lucas was unsure on why there was secrets but he trusted the two and turned to his squad, “We’ll go the Death Lands and see what Hew wants with us. Kuziki and Yuri, is everything ready in the jeep?”

“They sure are. Let’s go now before it gets dark,’ Yuri answered.

The squad waved Charles and Nardis goodbye as they headed out of the throne room of Nardis. Charles turned from a smile to a look of despair when he turned back to the window.

“He was very close to you wasn’t he Charles?” Nardis asked him on Professor Walken.

“Yes he was. I felt I was the one where he needed me the most. When he left his wife, when he dealt with Chisoutsa his daughter and then his son. Now that he’s gone I feel I need him as support. The city is broke and half the government ministers are dead,” Charles explained.

“A city can always rebuild their buildings but there is more to it.”
“Why did you tell me to contact Hayden?” Charles asked.

“The city is not only broke as a physical being but its soul too. We have not felt that reactions from the war yet.  I feel the war was won and lost at the same time,” Nardis answered with Charles’s eyes closing not wanting to know more.

Pushing through the bricks and broken items were two figures working based on a tip off from Nardis the Queen angel. Hayden Norman stood with his hands on his hips looking around the area, “This is going to take a long time for City of Demons to rebuild all this. Anya, can you see anyone around here or any buildings that hasn’t been destroyed by the war?” he asked her.

“Well only some over to the south there. I can’t believe I’m in a different world. How did that portal thing work that they gave us?” she replied.

“Well, they rebuilt that with the last money raised by the government and Scienceworks. You know that company where that man Mr. Umezu disappeared at the end of the war. I wonder where he went to? Well that’s another mystery for someone else to look into. For us, it’s to find any paranormal activities,” Hayden told Anya.

The pair pushed back some broken items on the ground and came to see people at an open building with only two walls still standing. Anya noticed some colored dust on the ground near them as Hayden pulled up a broken door and hid behind.

“What’s this dust here?” she asked him.

“That’s likely to be vampire dust and what you’re seeing over there is some sort of ritual between people living in the City of Demons. I think I understand why they wanted me to be here,” Hayden replied.

“Why are we here and what’s so important about this ritual?” she asked confused on the whole matter.

“You see Anya, the City of Demons works on a system of having some sort of leadership. While the war was won by us it also made sure that every world affected by it would be crushed and be effected in the long term. In the past here they had Censilo and he was a demon lord. Than they had the leaderships of Professor Johnathan Walken, he died in the war. The daughter, Chisoutsa is now a demon and hasn’t lived here for years. The government here has always been weak and everything here is destroyed. The people have lost faith in everything so they decide to go back the origin roots of this world. Where demons and vampires ruled with an iron fist. Those old days if I can predict was terrible but as bad as the war was to them too,” Hayden said explaining to Anya.

Anya watched six people holding up cups to the sky and she was tossing her head, “Isn’t there any leadership left? What about Lucas?”

“Lucas Walken wasn’t meant to be a leader and the Xtreme Squad has sadly shown that to be the case. It’s funding has been dropped to a broke government and that company I was talking about has gone bust as well,”

“Are you saying that he’s a bad leader? What about Charles Thompson?”

“The cups, what do they mean?” Hayden said muttering to himself.

“Are you listening to me?” Anya asked upset.

“Oh yes, sorry about that. Look, Charles and Lucas are great leaders but Charles is dogged by the war. He lost his best friend and with Allegheri and Frithdar dead as well there is a huge loss of experience at the top. Lucas started the Xtreme Squad but it hasn’t worked out the way that he wanted it to. He’s more like his father. He think with his head rather than a fighter. Now that Librarian guy talked to me about cups, now what was he saying about it,” he answered thinking to himself.

“You mean that strange one eyed man?” Anya said.

“Yes that odd male we did meet before we came here. Looking at the cups they represent demons, vampires, ghosts, angels, and that’s about it. But there are five cups to six people there. Let’s take a closer look at this and see if we can listen in.”

The two of them edged closer to be not seen but can hear into the discussion that the six people were having. Anya kept close to Hayden as the mutterings of the people were turning into clear words.

“We summon the one that was lost on these grounds and call upon the person who help us resurrect the one. We call upon the power of Chisoutsa to come at once!” called out the man without the cup in the room with the five cup bearers in the circle.

“Chisoutsa? Why are they calling her?”

“They are dressed in the ancient demon clothes that one of the books that the Librarian showed us. I have no idea why they want her but this doesn’t sound like a good thing at all. This is bad news indeed and the kicker is that I don’t think this is going to end well for us,” Hayden answered looking more worried by the moment.

The Xtreme Squad had journeyed up the Soul Mountains in the Death Lands where their old friend Hew the ghost lived. The chilly and icy roads was too strong for the jeep so the four travelled on foot to Hew’s home. Lucas and Yuri came to his house doors and opened them up to see his small but tidy place inside. Lucas noticed Hew and a familiar person with him standing next to him.

“Chisoutsa? What are you doing here? What’s wrong?”

“Hello all of you. It’s so great to see you again after all this time. Chisoutsa here came to visit me to keep away from the troubles of the world you can say but not too long ago she’s been behaving very differently the past hour or so. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. I called you to talk about something else and this happened,” Hew said to Lucas.

Chisoutsa looked up to the squad and her eyes was glowing red. She shook and pushed Lucas away from him.

“What’s wrong with you Chisoutsa? Tell me,” Lucas asked concerned.

“Someone is calling me and I must answer to my master,” she cried. Her body transformed into her demon form quickly and her wings grow out and she took off towards the doors and flew straight out into the air. Jasper and Yuri ran outside to her flying into the skies towards the direction of the City of Demons. Hew floated outside his home with Lucas next to him and covered his mouth in worry.

“What happened? She was all fine a few moments ago and she goes off like that. I have no idea that happened,” Hew cried.

Lucas’s phone buzzed in his pocket and he saw a video call coming in. He answered it, “Lucas Walken, it’s Hayden Norman here with a update on our investigation. I’m sure you want to know what we have been doing lately today,” Hayden called.

“I’m sorry but we are busy at the moment. Chisoutsa’s gone into a rage and she’s taken off for the city now,” Lucas answered.

“That’s not good. That’s bad, very bad. Especially if she’s heading to where I’m at,” Hayden replied in the video call.

“Why is that bad? What do you do?” Lucas answered getting upset.

“There’s a group of people trying to perform resurrection magic. I have no idea who it is but they called her name and seeking for the master. A Shadow of the Master that is,” Hayden replied.

“It couldn’t be Censilo the demon lord? That would be the logical answered to this,” Lucas asked wondering.

Hayden nodded in the video call, “Yes I believe that would be right. But remember he’s gone now. There’s no soul left of him or a body he left behind to resurrect him. They can try but will fail the magic.”

Lucas’s face turned to a look of fear, “What if she had DNA of him inside her?”

“That’s even worse than bad as in yes they can resurrect him. Are we talking about three DNA pieces in her that allowed her to become a demon? Created in a lab dare I say?” Hayden asked.

“Yes that’s correct. I need to move and stop this from happening. How long would this resurrection magic take?” Lucas asked.

“I’m guessing sometime over a day. It’s not easy magic this is by what I have read. It would take with Chisoutsa’s demon form. She will be willing. Please come to the Government Square where I promised Charles I will meet him there with my report. We need to talk about your world,” Hayden said hanging up on the call.

Lucas turned to Yuri and the squad, “We need to move to the Government Square at once. Hew you can come along. It is nice to see you again since the last time we met. What was it that you wanted to talk to me about?” he asked Hew.

“Well I was going to say that people in my homeland have been doing spells like but with the vampire lord. But you see they have no chance of doing so. I think the reason why is because there is no leader of this world, no direction. All that hope was lost when the Author War happened and then Chisoutsa turned into a full demon. That would be heart breaking for people to find out, “Hew explained.

“I didn’t know about all of this. We were too busy fighting in the war,” Lucas sighed.

“Maybe we can create that change now. You know do what’s right for all of us,” Hew said with a smile.

“We’ll see what happens,” Lucas replied not knowing what to actually do with the future of the world.

Jasper looked around the mountains and the snow has stopped in the meanwhile, “That fucking snow is gone now. Let’s head back now before we freeze to death.”

The squad started to make its journey back to the City of Demon unknowingly what complex challenges lay ahead.

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