Chapter 1 – Xtreme Squad

The dark and large land that was known as The City of Demons has been in its brightest moments of its time. If you have read the past stories of the city, you have noticed the darker times and the curses that hurt the lands for a long time. The Scienceworks Building stood tall through the harsh battle it went through and it came out with some scars along the way. A young figure was inside with two old friends working on a new future.

“So this Xtreme Squad is the new team you are putting together Mr. Lucas Walken,” said the man in the black jacket.

“Well my sister was very prepared as she was one women fighter for the city. I expect there needs to be a group to be making sure the city stays as clean as possible,” answered Lucas.

“We will help you set up things but as you know the city and the people in are changing. Your father and sister have been gone for six months and I’m stepping back from the business. Charles Thompson, your father’s good friend and as the Prime Leader of the city also has two years left and plans on moving away from the city. You will be the start of a whole new group of people trying to keep this city together. Chisoutsa didn’t clean up the place completely<” Mr. Umezu the man in the black jacket said.

“It feels like a new start and so it should be. I’ve done the training with Fridather and the College and now I’m a full known wizard and good with the swords and guns too,” smiled Lucas.

“You have all the skills, maybe not the master of all like Chisoutsa will her fighting skills but you have your father’s mind which will be very handy.”

Lucas walked around the room and saw a number of rare weapon objects on the side of the room of Mr. Umezu office room.

I guess there are no spare Black Vixen cars here right?” Lucas joked.

Mr. Umezu lit up an cigar thinking about the Black Vixen that was driven by Chisoutsa throughout her adventures.  He leaned down to his chair and looked out the large tinted windows.

“There was only model made and was done by the Miyamoto Girls. Now that’s a long time ago when you think about it. Maybe the girls would like to join your team. You need to start somewhere,” Mr. Umezu replied.

“Or I could keep up the left out Kaiser Unit you used to own,” Lucas smirked towards the man.

The Kaiser Unit was the known silver guards that protected Mr. Umezu and his company from the illegal activities they did over the years. In the end it was Mr. Umezu who changed the way the company did things, fell into line with Chisoutsa’s camp and helped to overthrow Censilo the Demon Lord who had cursed the city with his touch.

“All gone now Lucas. Thou they would be good for me when I will move out of here. You better go and work out what you need to because I’m tired and want to sleep,” Mr. Umezu replied moving from his chair and headed out of the office.

Lucas had returned back to a large house looking over a healthier Trouten River which was once used as a dumping ground for the Government and the major companies in The City of Demons. With his father’s good friend Charles Thompson billions have been spent on cleaning up the river and restoring to a former glory that had not been seen for decades. There was a space for a warehouse underneath the house and a backyard that looked like a beach house but not as nice as the one his sister lives at nowadays. Inside the house were a range of bedrooms and a lounge room with a bar set up for visitors. The warehouse would be used for work and for the Xtreme Squad.  In the bar section was two of the former Miyomoto Motor Girls. They had designed the well know Black Vixen car for his sister and have been doing odd jobs over the past couple years since the closing of their workshop on cars.  Kuzuki the blonde hair girl sat on one of the high seats with Yuri the red haired girl standing next to her. Lucas came into the room with some papers noticing one was missing.

“Where’s Muri?” he asked.

“She’s left for the Deathlands. She had an offer from Allegheri you know the old vampire about rebuilding some of the streets and some of the roads leading up the Soul Mountains. She’s really enjoying her time there. He only needed one person because Frithdar will return there in the coming months. But when we heard about this new idea you had we loved it. It’s been a while since we have had action in this city. The last time would have been your sister.” Yuri explained to Lucas.

“So you two want to be part of the Xtreme Squad? We have to find a couple more people to make it complete,” Lucas replied.

“Sure we would love to join you. What would you like us to do first?” they asked him.

“Move into a couple of the bedroom first of all and you can help set up the warehouse under the house, it’s quite large in size and it’s also under the river in terms of its size,” he noted to them.

Lucas walked outside to the backyard and sat on one of banana chairs, it was a long seat to lay upon. He stretched out and relaxed while looking out to the river. His task was large in terms of protecting the city and living under the shadow of his sister and father’s victories. He wanted to make them proud and also make his mark in the city and the further world around him.

Across the city in Chinatown there was a limo with two figures in the car having a discussion. One was a much older man with white hair and the other was a much younger figure with a sword placed next to him. The young man seemed strong minded with a glare in his eye.

“Listen old man, the so called savior of this city is gone now and with Censilo being removed it allows people like me to make my move to control the city. You are supposed to provide me with the information that I need. Can you do that or am I wasting my time?” he asked him.

“It will cost you for this information. This is not easy to obtain. The City of Demons is not the free roaming place of crime that it used to be. The eye of the Government is fixed on us more often than ever before,” the old man replied.

“Good. Now you send it to my men and I will read the information. Money is nothing to me but this city means everything to me,” the young man answered.

He slipped out of the car in his jeans and black shirt looking to blend in the crowds of Chinatown and the old man popped his head of the limo, “What is your name young one?”

“You will find out soon enough,” he answered walking away from the limo with a determined face on him.

The early morning had rose and Lucas Walken was waiting in the hall way at the Government Square waiting for the Prime Leader. He was wearing a now typical tight fitting brown shirt and jeans and was pondering what his father’s old friend had wanted him for. The Prime Leader appeared with a coffee in hand and greeted Lucas.

“Welcome back Lucas it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. Things here have been busy with restoring The City of Demons to a better life. Come into my office,” said Charles.

The two headed into the office with some photos on the wall that looked like suspected criminals in The City of Demons. Charles took a sip of his coffee and looked over the photos and played with a few papers on his desk.

“You look quite muscled up these days Lucas. You must be getting ready for your new team?”

“You could say so. These images on the wall are they a concern to the city?” he answered with a question.

Charles nodded his head, “Yes most of them are problems to the city but the police can deal with the smaller heads it’s this one person that the police have a lack of interest in that I’m worried about.”

“Why’s that?” Lucas asked wondering.

“His name is Akuryou and he’s been quiet on the street for a number of months. Some small investigations suggest he was a supporter of Censilo during the Hyper Camp days when he created your sister and Jiko however there was some falling out between the two of them and he had disappeared ever since. I would think before your sister and yourself started to deal with the Emperor business was when he returned to the city and started small crimes and built up a an character who is quiet but clever in many ways,”

“So why hasn’t the police done anything?”

“Because he hasn’t stirred up too much trouble apart from the drug dealers of the city,” Charles responded.

“What I’m hoping for you Lucas is to find more information about him and if you could catch him. There’s still other problems in the city so you will need to be on your toes about it,” Charles told Lucas.
“Any others news that I need to know about?,” Lucas asked.
“Nothing else that I can tell you about on the matter. You know I think you will do well with the new Xtreme Squad. Just take it a day at a time,” Charles warned him.
“Thanks I’ll keep that,” Lucas said smiling as he wandered out of the room.

The evening had come and the figure that was Akuryou was waiting in a park for one of his men to give him his own information about The City of Demons. One middle aged male arrived in a green jumper and handed over the files to Akuryou.
 Akuryou read over the information files and sat down on a park bench running through the location of government building and some private details on the Prime Leader.
“Mr. Charles Thompson. Now if I remember he was a former government worker and was a known ally of Professor Jonathan Walken.” Akuryou noted.
  “His name rings a bell,” said the man in the jumper.
  “He’s Chisoutsa’s father you fool but she’s gone and so is he. Now is the time is to make a move for the city while it is weak. Censilo the demon lord wasn’t able to defeat her but with both the main forces gone the coast is clear to do something. Tomorrow we make our first move and you can help out,” Akuryou explained to the man mostly known as Ben. He is also known by other names depending on who he talks to or what area he is working in.
  “Do you need anything to help with tomorrow?,” Ben asked his boss.
  “Just turn up with the others. I will forward you a message when the time is right. We have been quiet for too long,” Akuryou said.
The two way in the park watching children playing at a slide unknowingly the danger that was close to them.

Lucas had been having some dinner at the house and across on the table was a old friend from his Uni days. His friend handed over some sauce to Lucas while giving a look around the place.
  “So Jasper my idea was that you could be one of the new members of the Xtreme Squad. You have the skills in hacking and sword play to be part of the team,” Lucas said explaining the role that Jasper was going to play in the team.

“Well I’ve always been good at the sword play until you. Your skills are always pretty much shit. You should have learned from your hot sister Chisoutsa. Why is she retired again for?” Jasper asked him.

“She’s in Soilice having an easy life and I’m not terrible at sword play. It’s just not my strength like Chisoutsa. I think we can have the four of us work as a team and that would please Charles as the Prime Leader. He has two years to go in the job and I want to make the most of it,” Lucas said.

“So you want to clean up the city? That’s going to take a long time even with the work that’s been done. You had to go out and find the hardest and most painful job possible could you. Alright, I’ve join your team and see how it goes,” Jasper replied agreeing to his terms.

Lucas grabbed some noodles and there was a sigh of relief he was able to quickly put together his squad and start work on the case that Prime Leader Thompson had given him. The four of them decided to throw a party between them in the backyard by the river as a celebration of the new Xtreme Squad. 

It was late at night and Lucas came out to the backyard with Kuzuki and Yuri in their bikini tops and underwear. Jasper came out of the river in his surf shorts nodding his head towards the girls. The blonde haired and blue eyed young man looked impressed with the river.

“The last time you could swim in the river was when my great grandfather was around,” Jasper told the others in the group.

Lucas handed out some beers to the three of them as he and Jasper lit up a smoke to toast the night, “Welcome to the Xtreme Squad. Together may we survive long enough to see a better day.”

“And that will be a long time to come,” added Jasper with a smile. 

The four of them celebrated hard with plenty of drinks and knowing that tomorrow was the start of their real work to begin. After a few hours Jasper went down to the warehouse with Yuri to explore it while Lucas watched Kuzuki coming out of the river drying her long blonde hair. With a smoke in his mouth he came over grabbed her tightly from behind and moved his hands over her breasts.

“Would you like to play tonight?” he asked her. 

Kuzuki turned around to look up and down Lucas’s fit and muscled body and nodded with a dirty smirk on her face as he pushed her over the table of empty beer bottles. He slipped off his wet shorts and Kuzuki busily pulled off her bikini underwear. She spread herself out over the table while Lucas pushed himself inside her with a sharp push. She bit her lip as Lucas thrust harder and faster as he dragged puffs from his smoke. 

“Oh, yes, yes,” she cried as Lucas quickly finished as he let out a slow moaning sound.  Lucas pulled himself off and walked over to his seat and sat down. Kuzuki came over and sat over his lap, “I think I’m going to enjoy being here with you guys ,” she smiled.

“I think you will too,” smiled Lucas thinking about the new future and the night in all.

Lucas and Jasper were in the warehouse section putting together weapons and as they were waking up from the long night of partying.  Jasper was cleaning out some guns at the table next to the whiteboard Lucas set up with photos of criminals and the blank image of Akuryou. To the far end of the warehouse was a large black and silver jeep with a machine gun attached at the back end of designed by Yuri. 

“So did you get with Kuzuki like you said you wanted to?” Jasper asked.

“Oh yeah man it was quickie and I was pretty drunk. What about you and Yuri?” Lucas replied.

“Shit yeah, we were going at it for a couple hours down here. Smart and sexy girls they are,” Jasper answered.

He turned around to the TV screen to the corner of the warehouse as he eyed off a breaking news segment, “An explosion has happened at one of the Government building south of Chinatown. There have been reports of at least three deaths and panic has set in from the locals as gun fire has started.”

“Shit, we need to go down. I’ll get the girls and you start the jeep,” Jasper shouted.

The four of them jumped into the jeep and the warehouse doors opened up with both Kuzuki and Yuri at the back working on the machine gun. The jeep drove along the busy streets of Chinatown and Lucas saw the flames of the government building in question with a dozen of men firing guns in the air. The smoke was hard to get through as Lucas and Jasper jumped out of the jeep and headed towards the firing men. Akuryou appeared from the smoke and ashes and watched Lucas and Jasper fighting the men out of the building.

“So there’s a new hero in town. No time like the present to meet them,” he said to himself.

He turned and saw Lucas in the distance and targeted him lifting up his sword. He bashed into Lucas and stabbed into his shoulder blade. Lucas back off for a moment to regain his movement and saw the figure in the blue shirt and jeans.

“You must be Akuryou, the quiet one,” Lucas said.

Akuryou gave a small smile, “You know me already and you must be Lucas Walken. I thought all the Walken had left The City of Demons by now. But you are the one that lives in their shadows. Your story would be greater if you wanted to control the city yourself. You could do that if you liked.”

“I’m not like or the others that have come before you. I’m only here to put you in jail,” Lucas replied.

Akuryou looked somewhat disappointed in his answer, “Well if that’s your answer then take this!” he shouted and bashing and pushing Lucas away from his way. He ran off towards a car with his ally Ben inside. The Jeep turned the corner firing the machine gun by Yuri on the back with Kuzuki driving it. Akuryou jumped into the car and turned to Ben.

“Have you got what I needed?” he asked.

“Sure do boss, shall we go now?” he asked him.

“Yes before we get blown apart. The brother of Chisoutsa could be a thorn in our side,” he answered.

The jeep turned around and gave chase to the car driving down into the main highway bridges. Akuryou appeared from the side window of the car to shot at the jeep while Yuri and the machine gun focused on the wheels of the car. Ben kept dodging the bullets by moving the car into traffic and keeping it a distance from the jeep and the machine gun. Lucas moved to the back of the jeep and watched Akuryou carefully. 

“Might be time to give him a magic spell or two,” he shouted to Jasper.

“Oh a magic show, let’s that now,”  Jasper cried back.

Lucas stretched his arm out and a couple ice balls shot with a high speed. Both shots missed the car by inches. The car turned a quick corner onto another section of the highway. Kuzuki turned the jeep around and crashed it through the protection barrier and landed with a thump onto the road closer to Akuryou and Ben. Lucas moved around on the jeep and decided to aim at Akuryou to freeze his arm from shooting back at them. Lucas shot off a couple ice balls at Akuryou and he turned to face them. The ice balls bounced off his arm and it came heading back towards the jeep’s wheels. Kuzuki quickly turned the jeep around on its side on the highway as the front wheels were frozen solid stopping it in its tracks and while the car drove on and away from the Xtreme Squad.  

“That wasn’t the magic show I was expecting,” Jasper said while the others shook their heads getting their minds back in order.

Lucas stepped down from the jeep on the highway and looked into the distance where Akuryou had escaped. There was clear disappointment on his face. The Xtreme Squad wasn’t able to catch two men in a small car.

“No human can bounce off magic like that and I don’t know how that happened. We have to regroup and go back to base and worked out what went wrong,” he told the squad. 

The Xtreme Squad returned back to their base with their tails between their legs after a weak display and letting Akuryou getting away. Prime Leader with two government officials was at the warehouse waiting for them as they arrived. Lucas and Jasper jumped out of the jeep as Charles Thompson came up to them.

“They got away and I saw it on the News channel. The deaths in total were six in the end. What happened out there?” Charles asked.

“We tried to chase him down but it didn’t work also the magic didn’t work on him too. It might not be human after all,” Lucas replied.

Charles shook his head and didn’t believe it, “That can’t be because the medical reports we have of him clearly shows he is pure human so he’s not a wizard or a demon in any case unless he’s been affected by something.”

“He can’t be human if magic doesn’t affect him. That doesn’t make sense. Is there anyone who can check this information out? This all sounds funny to me,” Jasper said.

Kuzuki and Yuri came up to the group and listened in to the discussion, “You know maybe The Librarian could help us. He knows a lot of the history of The City of Demons and is sometimes teaching at the Uni since a year ago,” Kuzuki suggested.

“That might be something you should Lucas. The Librarian is the only source of information we have left now that your father is gone and Allegheri the Vampire too. There is a higher security alert on my safely because of this attack and on the people and you need to get to the bottom of it fast. I will see again soon,” Charles said. The Government officials helped Charles out of the warehouse section with Lucas and the squad watching on. Work needed to be do

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