Chapter 10 – Chisoutsa: The City of Demons

It was morning and the Professor was out on the rooftop of his house watching the dawn of the sun over the cold city. He slowly sipped on his coffee and his cane by his stand. Chisoutsa came in and stood behind him and he turned and nodded at her.
            “The green logo twists and turns in delight. It’s beginning,” the professor said to her still with his head staring at the Centrax Headquarters.
            “What is,” Chisoutsa asked her mentor.
            “Legend has always said there was a demon of the city and he led a dark and cruel business of sorts. It has been a while since the logo was on but it always gave people a chill up their spine,” he answered.
            “What can we do about it?” she asked him.
            “There isn’t much we can do but only one thing. Find out about the place and investigate it. I must go and see the Librarian who lives underground for help about this.  Jiko will look after you I know that for sure,” the professor said.
            “What are you really going to do after you see the Librarian?”
The professor turned to Chisoutsa and finished his coffee, “Enter the Centrax Headquarters.”
            “You can’t do that. You have no idea what’s in there,” she complained.
            “Sometimes you have to do things when you’re not sure what the outcome is. You can use the Black Vixen to hunt around to see what the other companies are up to. They should be on the look out for any trouble too. For now, even the people you have fought with in recent times may be your friends at the end,” the professor explained to Chisoutsa.
He walked off towards the door and closed it leaving Chisoutsa to view the green globe logo flashing and beaming its face over the City of Demons.

The Black Vixen was starting up for its first mission and Jiko was packing a bag for their ride. He opened the door and it open upwards and he climbed in. Chisoutsa watched him and the car took off out of the professor’s house. The car shined in the sun and motor purred along the lone roads of the city.
            “So we have to see what the other companies are up to?” Jiko asked Chisoutsa.
            “Yeah, the professor didn’t tell me where these guys might be but we have to look for them,” she answered him.
The car turned around the corner until they saw a grey sleek limo parked at a old and dusty building.
            “Isn’t that Mr. Umezu’s limo?
            “Yeah, the leader of Science works. We should park nearby and get inside,” Chisoutsa.
            “We can’t be found by these guys. We’ll be dead in a flash,” Jiko warned her.
Chisoutsa smiled and parked the car. She always did think the excitement of death was a bonus during missions.
They wandered over to the building and found a old broken door. Jiko slowly opened it and saw four Kaiser Unit men keeping post. They hide behind some old barrels which a long table was found in the middle of the building. Mr. Umezu was there as well as other figure.
            “Hityo! Good to see you from Demon Productions. It has been a while,” Mr. Umezu called out.
            “Yes it has been,” he answered sitting down, “Sadly we had to have this meeting. All the lord of the city pushed together in one room. It’s terrible!” Hityo complained.
            “Don’t worry about that. Look who I found,” called another figure.
It was Junji Toko with Kanto West by his stand.
            “Good we can start this meeting,” Hityo said to the group of leaders.
Chisoutsa and Jiko sat closer to the barrels and looked through them to watch them better.
Hityo watched Kanto and Junji and rolled his eyes. He clearly didn’t want to take part in the meeting but he knew this was a serious affair that needed everyone’s attention. Mr. Umezu sat at the other end and smiled at everyone. He didn’t mind having meeting and brought out some drink and past them around the table.
            “As everyone can see, the green logo of Centrax has been fixed again. We all know the rumors of the company and what evil it has,” Mr. Umezu started.
            ‘We don’t know the rumors,” whispered Chisoutsa ticked off, Jiko leaned onto her so she wouldn’t make a noise.
            “Has anyone met the guy? Even back when you guys did the testing’s with the company?” Kanto asked.
            “No. He always sent out his co-workers to do his work. They were a tough group too,” Hityo answered.
Kanto leaned back in his chair and thought about the subject at hand. Then Junji piped up with his own question, “What is the legend about him?” he asked.
            “It has been said that a shadow over the city ruled with his iron fist. Also that he would return with a army so great he would defeat everyone in its path. The man himself is a powerful and dangerous man, with a weapon of pure lust to kill. The testing’s failed I believe all those years back. But now’s he’s about to return we don’t know what to do,” Mr. Umezu explained.
            “The real question is why he has returned. Unfinished business? Or he does have that army to wipe us out. We don’t know if he’s got all this stuff. In fact the legend could be rubbish all together,” Hityo said.
            “Then why is this place called the City of Demons? Because it sounds nice? I don’t think so. I think it got its name from whoever started this city up. We might be meeting its creator soon,” Kanto said.
            “How do we face him then? Mr. Umezu asked the group.
            “We should just on as if nothing is happening then deal with it when something happens,” Hityo answered first.
            “We need to get to him first. See what he’s like,” Kanto answered.
            “Then it’s sorted, we will continue to do nothing. This is terrible people. We have to have a plan,” Mr. Umezu shouted at the group.
Kanto wasn’t in the mood to put anything in detail and Hityo didn’t want to do anything until something bad happened. That was how Demon Productions was run.
Chisoutsa and Jiko sat behind the barrels and she looked at Jiko, “Time to leave. They won’t be doing much now. We have everything that we need,” she said.
            “To do what,” Jiko asked back.
            “Don’t worry Jiko. I will sort it out myself,” she answered.
A worried look came up Jiko’s face. The pair slowly walked out of the old and dusty building leaving Mr. Umezu unhappy with the meeting’s results.

It was late afternoon when the professor was sliding down the ladder to the underground Library. He touched the ground and grabbed a small touch out of his pocket and flashed it around the dark and smelly area. He slowly walked towards the library when someone caught him by surprise. The librarian flashed his blue light torch at the professor and he fell to the ground looking back at him.
            “You always scared to see me Professor Walken.  Is it because I’m scary?” he asked.
            “More frightening if that’s a better term,” Professor Walken answered back getting back on his feet.
            “I see the ground level has a new glow to itself. Have you seen it yet?” the librarian asked Professor Walken.
            “You know about the Centrax logo being fixed again?”
            “I know many things about everything. You just have to ask the right questions that’s all,” he answered the Professor.
The Professor rubbed his neck and looked at the librarian in a strange way. The librarian went back to his office desk and started to sort out old and dusty books of past ages. His eyes looked up at the Professor and he smiled.
            “Yes is there anything I can help you today?” he asked.
            “Tell me why the logo is back on. Is the Demon of the City coming back,” the professor asked.
            “Oh that would give the ending away would it now? Such a shame I did. But then you would be lost in your own mismatched information,” the Librarian answered in riddles.
            “What don’t I know,” Professor Walken asked again.
The librarian waved his finger to get the Professor to lean in and he got to his ear. Walken’s eyes lit up in fear, “He’s not coming back… he is back,” he answered him.
The Professor leaned back quickly and looked at the Librarian’s blue torch eyes.
            “Where is he?” he asked.
            “Where he is always, living in his headquarters waiting for his next move upon the city. The Demon of the City has returned, alive and very powerful. He does not contact people. You must first contact him first,” the Librarian explained this.
The Professor thought about Chisoutsa and the fear started to settle in. She would try to enter the company headquarters and see the masked demon of the city. Up against a power much stronger then her.
            “What can I do?” he asked worried.
            “There isn’t much you can do. Just pray we all live through this one,” he answered with a grin.
The Professor hit his cane on the desk in anger and looked back at the Librarian, “I can’t stop her meeting her destiny,” he said in defeat.
            “Or meeting her creator,” the librarian smiled at his desk.
Professor Walken leaned on one of the bookshelves knowing time is nearly up for the match to begin.

It was night and Chisoutsa and Jiko take the night off from any worries and decided to head for the Washi Spring. The Black Vixen stopped outside and Jiko came out first.
            “I wonder how the Professor is doing.” Jiko wondered.
            “He should be having a great time with that wacky Librarian. I bet ya he didn’t say much,” Chisoutsa answered.
They walked inside and Chisoutsa ordered a couple drinks for them. Jiko turned around to see Riyoko come in to greet them.
            “Hey guys. He’s new. How are ya?” Riyoko said out loud.
            “Oh yeah this Jiko. He’s been working with me,” Chisoutsa said introducing him to Riyoko.
Riyoko kissed Jiko on the cheek and smiled at him. He noticed her white top with two to three buttons undo and her short black skirt.  He smiled back and Chisoutsa kept the drinks coming for herself. Riyoko saw there wasn’t any chairs left at the bar and sat on Jiko’s lap at the bar and got herself a drink.
            “How’s life with Chisoutsa and her gang?” she asked.
            “Pretty good. The Professor is nice and so is Charles. We are a close team,’ he answered her.
            “Sounds great. Chisoutsa’s a cool chick to be wit,” Riyoko answered.
She turned around on his lap and her young chest faced him. She started rub his chest for him.
            “After a long hard day, you do need to rest,’ she smiled at him.
            “Yeah. I think the next couple of days will be tough,” he answered.
Riyoko sat on Jiko’s lap while he thought about the Professor again.
            “I’m sure nothing will go wrong tomorrow,” he said to Riyoko.
            “Of course not, I mean what could possibly go wrong. The city gets taken over by something,” Riyoko joked to him.
Jiko was silent and outside the green globe flashed it’s siren light over the City of Demons.

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