Chapter 10 – Chisoutsa: The Virgin War

The small group was still getting over the shock and surprise of Professor Walken’s secret marriage to Emily. There was one person in the room who knew the secret Emily Walken. Charles pulled Jonathan into a room and closed the door leaving Chisoutsa and Jiko with Emily. Charles gave Jonathan a disappointing face.
   “You never divorced her did you? You left her high and dry after six years Jonathan. That is bad even for your standards,” Charles shouted at him.
   “I couldn’t let it end like that. I still care about her but my work took over me,” the Professor protested.
   “Your work is always important to you. Then you found Chisoutsa and forgot all about your wife.  That’s why you get on the wine bottles each night. Thinking about her, wondering what you are doing to her was right or wrong,” Charles said.
   “We have been married for a long time Charles. I have coached Chisoutsa to fight the greatest threat to life and death. Even with all the amazing things I have achieved with the City of Demons. There was only one thing I couldn’t do. It was to be a good husband. To sit down and smell the roses,” Professor Walken replied.
   “You need to think about this Jonathan long and hard. I think there’s more to this then you are telling me. If you can coach and deal with Chisoutsa you can deal with Emily, she’s always had a warm heart for you. Don’t break it,” Charles told Jonathan.

Emily was stuck in the room with Chisoutsa and Jiko. It was a awkward experience for the three of them. Jiko tried hard to think of something to say to Emily but she was first to cut the air.
   “So you’re Chisoutsa. Does Jonathan still sit in his chair late nights and drinking?” she asked Chisoutsa.
   “Yeah he does. It’s his quiet time I believe,” Chisoutsa answered.
   “He needs it sometimes. His time to think about his problems and where he is in life,” Emily said.
   “Why would the Professor leave you?” Jiko asked Emily.
   “Things were tough for us towards the end. Work was always stressful for him and he felt tied to me at times. We had our issues like all marriages.”
Charles and the Professor walked out of the room and Jonathan came up to Emily and spook to her. Charles stood next to Chisoutsa and Jiko with his arms crossed.
   “I’m sorry Emily. These past few years have been hard for me to understand. I drink to understand where my issues are. With Chisoutsa I have learnt a lot about myself and what she has been learning I can do the same too, to open myself up and feel emotion again. I had become cold and reserved because I didn’t want Chisoutsa to go like you did. I didn’t give you the attention that you deserved. I held on to Chisoutsa tightly when she lost her edge and power because I felt I was losing her like I did with you. We have our problem and I think it is time we work them out,” the Professor confessed to Emily.
   “I have missed you for many years, even when you were with me you were missing in my heart. There’s just so much I want to say to you but I felt choked up inside for years,” she replied.
Jiko turned to Chisoutsa with Emily’s thoughts in mind. Charles stepped in the couple’s discussion.
   “Emily it is great to see you again. I nearly forgot who you were. It’s been a long time since we last met,” he said to her.
   “Do you still work in the Government?” she asked him.
   “No, I left when the bad stuff happened with the Prime Leader. The businesses were moving in too much about their own wants and desires.”
Emily turned to Jiko and smiled at him, “Who are you. You seem quiet and sweet although you are very big.”
   “I’m Jiko, a friend of Chisoutsa and the Professor. I was created by Censilo too,” he said.
   “Censilo, he still lives today?”
   “Yes he does Emily. He’s been alive for over 200 years now. He is a demon after all,” the Professor said.
   “200 years? How did he live for so long? And he’s really a demon after all?” Jiko asked interested.
   “Yes, however we could take a trip to a visitor. He can tell you the full story. It’s time for Chisoutsa to learn where Censilo came from. You know how he created you and what he planned to do to you. I had a call from the Librarian this early morning. He has finally cracked the blanks in this story. We will take Hayco too, he is part of it,” the Professor explained.
   “Let’s go now. Take the Black Vixen,” Chisoutsa said to the group.

Chisoutsa, Professor Walken, Emily Walken, Hayco, Charles and Jiko were found later on climbing down the ladder towards the Underground Library. Emily wasn’t used to the smile and rats running around the place. Chisoutsa came to the Library first and the ghostly host appeared to her and the party. His dark grin smiled at Chisoutsa and looked at Emily.
   “You are new to us. Who may you be?” he asked her.
   “I’m Jonathan’s wife,” she answered
   “It’s been a day of surprises for you and soon for you,” the Librarian smiled.
   “You said you know the full story now?” the Professor asked him.
   “Yes I do. It was quite simple but quite the story itself is interesting. We know why Chisoutsa was made. To rule the City of Demons and do the hard work for Censilo. However why can’t Censilo do it himself? He is a demon. But with the readings I have done he doesn’t have the demon power that he used to have. There are worlds that you don’t know of, the world of the living and the aftermath of the death. Like a heaven and hell, expect life goes on there. You can still die for a second time and that would be the end of you forever,” the Librarian started to explain.
   “So what’s this to do with Censilo?” Chisoutsa asked.
   “He used to live in the world of demons. He led an army called the Censilo Death Demons. In that second life he ruled with his full demon powers. When he was on earth he lived until he was 30 years old and was killed by a blood lightening. Thus he came to the second world and was reborn as a powerful demon. He was still evil in his own way on his first mortal life. Murdering people and having a love of vampires and demons. Believed in living forever and worked on creating the greatest demon magic spells ever. After his first mortal death he went to the world of demons and led his army.”
   “How did he return from his second life world to our world?” Professor Walken asked.
   “During his time in the second life he had read some pages from the Shentile Scribes. This is the same Shentile that was your mentor Professor Jonathan Walken. In this book had all the magic and powers to destroy both the first life world and the second life world. Shentile had used a very powerful demon spell to transport himself between these life worlds. Censilo got his hands on the book and wrote down the transport spell.  He returned back to the first life world with the book and found out his demon powers were not with him. Meaning he had to be born with them. Sorry if this is confusing dear people,” the Librarian spoke.
   “I’m tape recording this,” smiled Charles holding the recording on his left hand.
   “Knowing he had no demon powers he had to create a person born with demon powers. So he created you Chisoutsa. You have lost your powers but not the demon magic. You can never take that away. Shentile found out his book was with Censilo and made a plan to steal it back. Before Censilo lost the scribbles he wanted to create a copy of the book. So when he reads it again he used the spells with your control Chisoutsa to rule the City of Demons. The name City of Demons was created when Censilo was killed by the blood lightening and when he returned it meant that the myths were true. That he was the true evil demon that legend told,” the Librarian said.
The Librarian pulled out the Shentile Scribes which surprised the group and walked over to Hayco. He patted the robot boy’s head and smiled at him.
   “This is where you come in. You hold the entire copy of this book. It can only be read in the Hyper Camp where a machine can decode the information that you hold inside you. I have been sent the book here for you to use for here. That’s why Censilo wants you so bad. He is after the spell that gives him total power over the city. I will give you the transport spell to send him back to his world. Because he almost invincible here, you must kill him and use the spell before he resurrects. I’ll leave all the hard work for you to do Chisoutsa,”
   “Boy thanks,” murmured Chisoutsa. 
   “Now here is the paper and I will send the book back to the second world.”
   “Where is it going to?” asked the Professor.
   “To Libyrith College. I’m a magical human. This is why I look abit scary and different,” grinned the Librarian.
   “Do they all live with hundreds of rats?” Emily asked holding close to Jonathan.
   “No, I love the company of them,” he smiled at Emily.

The Librarian placed the book on the ground and started to chant the scribble transport demon spell. The book started to glow red and fires burnt around it. The book blasted to pieces and he turned to the group.
   “Censilo cannot get the book now. It’s now back in safe hand. Just like Shentile wanted.”
   “So he gave you the book, Shentile?” Professor Walken said.
   “Yes he did. I have also had a visit from the Prime Leader, explained some of the story to him. He is supporting whatever you do in the future now. Knowing the danger this world is in now,” the Librarian said.
   “That’s good for you Chisoutsa. You can go and blow up as many building as you like while fighting Censilo,” joked Charles.
   “So what now?” Chisoutsa asked the Librarian.
   “Use the spell while Censilo is dead. He will resurrect in 3mins. Censilo can now use spells because of his power but will perform them through Hayco. Also the most important thing you must protect Hayco at all…..”
The ground suddenly shook as the roof smashed opened and the party ran in all directions. A giant silver claw came down and starting searching. It turned and saw Hayco. It  grabbed him and pulled him up out of the broken roof. Chisoutsa pulled out her gun and fired shots at it but it didn’t do anything.
   “Fuck!” she shouted out loud.
   “You must get him. They will take him to the Hyper Camp. Take Jiko with you! Go to the Graveyard on the edge of the City. That’s the doorway to the Hyper Camp. Go now!” shouted the Librarian to them.
Chisoutsa turned to Jiko. They knew they had a deadly mission and they bolted out of the room to save Hayco from the evil Censilo.

Chisoutsa and Jiko arrived on the ground level in the city to see a flying machine storming ahead from them. Chisoutsa was saddened that Hayco was away and she pulled out the watch that Hayco gave to her. She turned back to Jiko and smiled.
   “I’m happy that you’re with me,” she told him.
   “Me too,” Jiko answered.
The two headed to the Black Vixen and drove off away from the site of the Underground Library. The Professor and Emily came out of the underground to see them leave. He feared for Chisoutsa’s life.
   “Don’t worry Jonathan they will be fine. She knows what she needs to do now. Her past is in peace,” Emily told him.
   “Yes it is now,” he answered with a worried look.
The pair heard guns behinds them and they turned to see a group of silver machines surrounding them. The Professor stood in right of Emily and one of them walked up to him.
   “Censilo wants to see you now,” he spoke.
The machines took the pair and moved them to a parked plane in the middle of the street. They put bags over their heads and the powerful plane rose from the ground and traveled out of the area. Charles came out to see the plane in the sky and look around. There was no one with him. Suddenly a number of black government vans came around the corner and stopped in front of Charles. The door opened and the Primer Leader came out.
   “Come with me Charles you will be safe with us. I have Miyomoto and his girls too. We are heading towards the Hyper Camp where the main party will be. I have sent in the entire army of people for this. This is a party you won’t want to miss out on,” he told Charles.
He stepped inside the van and it took off with speed. The Prime Leader gave Charles a drink to have and explained another problem to him.
   “We can’t the geek guy who works with you,” he told Charles.
   “You mean Alan Richards?” Charles replied.
   “Yes that’s the guy. He’s been missing for days. No one has seen him. Could Censilo have taken him,” the Prime Leader asked him.
   “I don’t know to be honest. If he did take him why would he?” Charles said.
   “That’s a good question,” the Prime Leader replied.

Flashes of blood and red lighting crossed the skies of the Hyper Camp. Inside the very heart of where Chisoutsa and Jiko were created stood the dark demon himself. Two figures were held prisoners.  Censilo m,\moved forward to his first victim.
   “Hayco it is good to see you again. You know why I want you now. The Librarian would have told such a beautiful story. But I shall write the ending to this tale of good versus evil,” he spoke to him.
Hayco turned to the other person and looked at Censilo, “Why is Allan here. He’s done nothing.”
   “That’s right I’ve done nothing wrong here. Even Mr. Umzeu wasn’t this mean to me,” Alan cried.
   “I need somebody to work the decoding machine. You have the talent to work it out. If you don’t I will kill you,” he answered Censilo turning to Alan.
   “I’m sure I can work it out,” answered Alan with fear.
The heart of the Hyper Camp was crude with blood running down the walls with pictures of his fellow demons from the second life world. His white gown and silver glasses was bright and powerful with the background of blood.
   “With you my dear Hayco I will use the book and use the spell to rule the city. I now have enough power within me so I need not Chisoutsa by my side to do this. When the city is mine, I use the transport spell to move my army of demons into this world and thus control life and death. The ruler of all the worlds will be mine to hold within my hand,” Censilo spoke.
   “I won’t do this Censilo. Chisoutsa will save me and Alan!” he cried.
   “She has no power that can be compared to me Hayco. My dear little boy, you will never be a real boy. For a boy with no beating heart, you show more emotion then Chisoutsa could ever hope to have,” Censilo answered him.
A silver machine marched down to see his leader and spoke to him, “We have what you wanted my demon lord.”
   “Good. I will see them now. Chat with Alan all you like Hayco, you can’t leave here. It’s blocked with all the powers of the demons,” he said before walking away from the dark decoding machine room.

Chisoutsa and Jiko slowly walked through the Demon Graveyards. Both had machine guns loaded up to the max. It was dark with a lot of smoke in the air. The graves started glow red and Jiko moved Chisoutsa back.
   “It begins now!” Chisoutsa cried as demon ghosts appeared from the ground and attacked the pair.
The machine guns were new to them and they fired their weapons. To their surprise blue fiery bullets shot out and pinned the demon ghosts down.
   “It must be Alan’s new guns he was talking about!” shouted Jiko.
   “Yeah they’re working, that’s the main thing!’ Chisoutsa shouted back.
The demon ghosts chanted words and red and green smoke smashed into Chisoutsa. She fell down and Jiko stepped forward firing everything he had. One demon ghost grabbed him. Jiko turned snapped his head off and fired into a party of ghosts heading towards him. He came back and helped Chisoutsa off the ground. There was a still silence between the two of them. Chisoutsa put her hand on his neck. She turned and saw the Hyper Camp towards them.
   “We better keep moving,” she told him.
   “Yeah we better,” he answered softly.
The pair dusted themselves off and walked through the graveyards. Chisoutsa remembered the story of the people who become demons in the second life world.
   “This is where Censilo was buried. Where he was resurrected and then he created me,” she said.
   “I’m still spinning out from that story,” Jiko added as they saw the tall large demon castle of the Hyper Camp.

Professor Walken and Emily were taken straight to Censilo’s private demon throne room. Their bags were removed from their heads and the silver machines greeted Censilo into the room. The machines left and Censilo closed the door shut. He sat on his throne and looked down at Chisoutsa’s mentor and his wife.
   “It took me a while to figure out a way to reverse Chisoutsa’ power but I did it. Now Hayco is back where he belongs, in the Hyper Camp showing me the pages of the Shentile Scribes.  I must thank you for teaching Chisoutsa everything that you knew. You did a great job. Expect even with all your knowledge inside her. She still won’t defeat me in the end. She is now just a simple girl who gets angry a lot. She is too wild for her own good. That’s why you found her in a dumpster in a side street. My lost was your gain Professor Walken but I have taken the gain away from you and scores are leveled. I will win this for sure. The ghost of my demons speak to me and tell me the light of evil on shining down upon the City of Demons,” Censilo spoke to them.
   “You will never win Censilo. Chisoutsa knows the whole story now. She will end this tonight against you and you fear that,” the Professor snapped back at him.
Censilo turned his head and saw Emily, “Six years without your wife is a long time. Yet I can guess why this happened,” he spoke stepping down to the Professor.
   “You could never have children that are why. You could never have the very thing you always wanted. You failed Professor Walken and you hate that,” Censilo taunted him.
   “It’s not his fault!” cried Emily with Jonathan.
   “You blame him for the marriage lost. You two are a product of failing humans. Your husband drinks and thinks. Works and teaches to block the true feelings that he desires with you,” Censilo snapped back.
Censilo walked away from the pair and smiled at them. He closed the door and locked it. The Professor turned to Emily with a sad face, “I’m sorry for everything. That I failed you,” he said.
   “You never did fail me Jonathan,” she answering giving him a kiss. They sat on the floor hugging with Walken’s cane by his side.

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