Chapter 10 – Seasons of the Moon

Alex had read for most of the day and was pondering about who could break the spell of Morcar. Alex had the swords to fight off Morcar, maybe even defeat Gladus all at the same time, but to break the spell was a different matter. He shut the book and began to think of a wizard.

“I need somebody who is a wizard and who can break the spell. But who and how could he do such a thing? Specially with the likes of Morcar and Draken on the loose,” thought Alex

Then he thought of the only man who could do the job, with some help of course. He went outside his room and made his way towards the throne room. He climbed up the stairs as King Richardson looked at him cruelly.

“What is it that you want, Alexander?” boomed the King.

The King gave him a sicking look, still unsure about the young knight. “King Richardson, I need Alfred to help me break the spell,” cried Alex.

Alfred was half dozing off in the corner of the room as he awoke quickly. “What! Why?” he asked, still tired.

“I need a wizard who can make and break spells. Alfred can,” said Alex

The king leaned back in his seat as he tilted his crown back to look at Alex better in the eye.

“It sounds like a good plan Alex but I hope you have thought this through,” warned the king.

Alex nodded with a “yes” and the king looked at the discouraged wizard. Alfred wasn’t the out and about fighter. He saw the walls of the castle as a safe haven so he could teach the knights and leave the hard work to them. He wouldn’t dare do anything himself.

“Maybe there’s another in Richardson who wishes to be more willing than I. A fitter and faster wizard,” Alfred begged the King.

“You are the best in the field of spells, and there is no one who is better for the job than you, Alfred,” said the King on the matter.

Alfred turned and tossed his head at him.

“Ok, Alex. Let’s go,” sighted Alfred. The two travelers left the room.

As the two walked out, Alfred pushed Alex forward to speak. The old wizard was unhappy about going on the next quest with the knight.

“What do you want me for? I’m too weak for battling nowadays. You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you? It’s revenge from reading the book isn’t it. If you skip some chapters you’ll still get the idea of the elements,” snapped Alfred.

“I need a wizard and you’re the only one around Alfred. Just think, just break the spell and you’re a hero. I need you and you need me,” said Alex convincingly.

Alfred didn’t mind the hero part. He always wanted to know the feeling of being a hero that the knights are around the castle. Alfred looked at Alex and looked around the castle.

“I could use a break from the castle. I wouldn’t mind being a hero and being remembered. I was quite the wizard in my younger days,” said Alfred, daydreaming about himself as Alex smiled. The pair walked off away from the throne room.

Alex was in his room when he put on his black and silver robe on. Alfred was holding the book of Trunks and suddenly remembered something from the book.

“I remember the book discussing about a secret area that held the books of the elements. Instructions on the elements and how they operate, knowing such information will be handy in finding a weakness in them. This area would be in a place that not many people would be able to find. Would the elements know where it is?” Alfred said.

“Thunder should know but would he be willing enough to tell us where,” Alex asked.

“Having that dragon as a leader, I would not want to be in his bad books if I were Thunder.

Alfred was holding on to his brown old staff when Alex passed him a sword.

“The Water sword could be handy for the trip,” Alex said.

“Thank you, I’ll try to work it before a battle happens. If one does happen,” smiled the wizard.

Alex put the ice and fire sword on his back and the Thunder sword by his own.

“The two swords are in the old faithful bag there,” Alex pointed at it for Alfred to see.

Alfred picked up the sword and put the book into the bag. He looked at Alex in all his glory.

“You have come of age in such a short time. I’m proud. Let us be off before nightfall,” Alfred said.

“I agree,” said Alex and the two set off past of the castle gates on foot to the woods.

Far from the humble beginnings of the new quest by Alexander and Alfred the Old. Morcar was resting by his inn in the dark lands, near the ocean edge. It was on the other side of the town, near Alexander’s parent’s inn. The wizard was cleaning his staff when he heard a noise.

Draken had landed with a thump being very sore and upset. Burned and bruised, Morcar tossed his head and gave a smile.

“My, my, it looks like the bad boy dragon of the land was beaten by a useless weather dragon,” said Morcar.

“You go and beat him then,” snapped the dragon blowing smoke at Morcar.

“That’s what I’m going to do stupid. While the spell is killing the weather I will defect the elements and rule the weather,” laughed Morcar.

“With me,” reminded Draken

Morcar turned to face him with a lift of an eyebrow. “Of course Draken and you too,” sneered Morcar.

As Morcar got his staff ready Draken told him about Alex with the ThunderDragon.

“There’s this knight who’s working with the ThunderDragon and the elements. He’s got special swords with him.”

“It could be the new knight. Alex. Dear old Alfred did say to me he was very promising. The question is how big a promise he is, Draken? Can he defeat the most dangerous wizard and dragon in the land,” questioned Morcar as Draken nodded.

“He has proven to be better than the common knight. There is a flare within him I believe,”

“I will see if I can take the flare out of him,” “You can try all you want, Morcar,”

“And I shall try Draken, you stay here at this fort and I’ll see how the young knight is doing,” he added. Morcar stepped forward and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Draken turned to be alone and thought about the dangers of the ThunderDragon and Alexander the Knight together.

Alfred and Alexander had only made it to the woods where Alex was thinking of where to find Thunder.

“The ThunderDragon may have given us a aid, but where is the bloody devil when you need him?” Alex complained.

“Indeed, where is this element? I wish to set my eyes on one element. You were lucky you met all six at once! A rare treat to see!” cried Alfred.

The pair kept on walking until they heard a voice from the background towards the castle fields.

“Who is that, Alex?” Alfred asked the knight, “The hearing isn’t that good after all these years.”

Alex turned and peered to see Celia rushing up to met the two men. “Where are you going?” asked Celia

“Young Alex here is dragging me around the country to break this damned spell,” answered Alfred.

“Oh, can I come?” asked Celia

“No, the king is not very happy with me at the moment. It would be best for you to stay home,” reminded Alex

“So what about father I just want to see you safe and Alfred too. He’s old,” said Celia.

“Thank you Celia about my age. Going to call me by my full name, Alfred the Old,” asked the wizard ticked off.

Celia ignored him and placed her hands around Alex’s hips.

“Come on, another adventure together and Alfred of course,” she begged the knight.

“No you can’t. Every time Alex needs to go somewhere you don’t need to follow him. Is that clear?” snapped Alfred.

“Alright you can come I guess,” Alex gave in. Alfred waved his hands up in the air.

Celia smiled at Alfred skipped ahead of the two men. Alfred frowned and turned to Alex.

“Gee she’s hard on you. She’s got you wrapped around her little finger,” Alfred said.

“Oh, she doesn’t,” said a disheartened Alex following the old wizard and young princess.

The three travelled thorough the forest as the night air grew cold. Alfred suggested they stop for the night and the others agreed. The trio sat down in the cold forest, Alfred had packed a couple of blankets for the night. Alex kept guard in case any intruders came. Celia warmed nicely to the blanket she’d brought for the trip.

The wind started to pick up and Alexander could hear the sound blowing throughout the trees and the whistling of the leaves. Alex guided himself through the tree to better hear the sound. He stopped at a clearing of trees where the wind started to circle the knight. Blowing up his cape and hair and frightening him.

“Alex,” called a voice in the wind. Alex grabbed his sword ready. “Alex,” called the voice again.

“Who is it? Who owns this ghastly voice?” cried Alex worried.

“The element of wind is calling. What is your problem? You seem to be straining at something,” called the weak voice.

“How can I break his spell? I don’t know how to. Where is the Season Island? The place that Alfred the Old speaks of,” cried Alex.

“Through sparks and water you shall fly and you heart will take you the rest of the way,” called the wind.

Alex had redrawn his sword in confusion at this statement. He tossed his head in wonder and decided to return to the camp.

The coldness on Celia face woke her up with a start and she slowly got out of her bed and walked along the little stream that went down through towards the Richardson Castle. She looked closer at the water as she jumped back in fear. She then remembered and came out with a weak and scared voice.

“Is that you? Element of water?” she asked. “Yes. It is,” answered the face of the water. “What’s wrong,” asked Celia.

“The waters tell me of a tale that is happening now. Look for yourself,” answered the element as Celia saw the image of Morcar walking through the forest.

“Thank you,” said Celia as the face of the water disappeared from sight.

The fear of the water was in vain but the coming fear of Morcar was for real. Celia started to rush back to the camp where Alex was looking for Celia. He darted around to see her returned safe and sound.

“Where have you been,” he snapped, worried.

“I was with the element of water. He gave me a message in the water,” she answered him.

“What was it?” asked Alex.

“That Morcar is near and we must move.”

“Come, we must wake Alfred and run from the terror that comes before us,” Alex quickly said.

The two rushed to wake up old Alfred on the ground. The wizard was not impressed at being woken during the night.

“What is it, Alex and Celia? There are bats out here you fools,” he cried out half asleep.

“No, no. A much serious threat has come to Celia’s vision. Morcar is in the woods and wishes harm!” Alex cried.

“Morcar! The devil he is. We better go now!” Alfred cried and the three packed up their gear and rushed off away from the woods to the unknown other side.

The trio rushed to the edge of the woods where it came upon a dark and cold desert, full of trees and green and purple skies. Alex led the group and moved around the giant dead trees away from Morcar. Alfred was moved by the area and the fear and sadness turning inside of him.

“Who would destroy all these trees in vain? What happened here?” he asked someone.

“I do not know Alfred but more speed and less talk would be merrier,” Alex cried out from the front.

The trio continued their dark trip down from the dead trees to a slope that went down for metres to a new clearing. Alex looked out to see a strange looking dungeon. The group stopped in their tracks and turned to face the shadow behind them. Morcar had arrived.

The figure let out his black staff and looked at Alexander the Knight. “Alfred has groomed a good knight here to do all of King

Richardson’s work. It will be interesting to see who wins this battle,” Morcar said.

“The three will see to that,” Alfred said trying to be brave.

“Old Alfred has come along for the ride. More forced than offering to go Alfred, hmmm?” Morcar asked Alfred.

“A little worried but I’m pleased that I have come,” Alfred answered him.

Morcar quickly held up his staff and smiled upon them.

“Let us see who the better one is!” he cried and unleashed a storm upon the trio.

Alex and Alfred dodged the way of the bolt and Celia ran to the side of the dead trees to watch. Alex unleashed his Thunder sword and threw it around near Morcar. He shot Thunder bolts from the sword to attack Morcar. Alfred grabbed tight onto the water sword and hit Morcar soaking the wizard wet and sending him down to the ground.

“Where is Celia?” asked Alex.

“I’m not too sure. Where has she gone this time!” cried the wizard in distress.

The pair were side by side with their swords watching the fallen Morcar.

Away from the battle and close to Celia, a shadow was watching the dear young princess. A voice started to come from the shadow and Celia froze in her spot and turned around to see it.

“I see all your fears within your heart. I see the future you will face!” it shouted and knocked the young girl to the ground.

The shadow appeared to be a hooded man, who was now watching the battle with Morcar, Alexander and Alfred.

“Morcar will be the death of this plan if he continues to destroy his own chances, and mine,” it said to itself.

The shadow looked on at Celia and touched her long blonde hair.

“Your knight will come to find you soon. He will lead me to my treasure. The gold within the golden castle,” he smiled at her and quickly took off into the shadows again.

Alex and Alfred turned their backs on Morcar for a moment, tired of the battle.

“This is very tiring for me Alex, but not for you,” Alfred huffed and puffed.

The pair was on the edge of the clearing down to the clearing near the dungeon. Morcar rose from the ground and held the staff over Alex’s head, giving a grin of excitement. The shadow came behind Morcar and advised.

“Sleep wizard, Gladus does not need your magic for now!’ the shadow pushed Morcar off down the slope. Alex and Alfred jumped back to watch Morcar roll onto the ground.

“How on earth did that happen?” Alfred cried amazed.

“I don’t know Alfred…” he was interrupted by the sounds of Celia near the dead trees.

“I can hear Celia!” cried Alex and he hurried over to the dead tree where she was knocked down by the shadow.

He rushed over and helped her up and was worried about how she was knocked down.

“What happened?” he asked her.

“I don’t know. I saw a shadow or something,” she answered him. “Shadows,” Alex thought out load to himself.

Alfred came in and looked at Celia. He tossed his head and looked at the dungeon that stood beyond the slope.

“Well, this is strange area. I believe we better stick together, I believe. Who knows what things are out there?” Alfred said.

Alex nodded and the three of them decided to make their way past the semi-conscious Morcar to investigate the old dungeon not knowing who or what was following them along the way.

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