Chapter 10 – The Legend of Evermore

The morning rose over Chamber’s bed as he woke up to smell the odor of breakfast made
by the cooks downstairs. He walked down the stairs as he saw Roger and Duncan having
“ Keep your hands off that jam! I’ve bared it,” said Duncan as Roger gave a funny look.
Then there a knock at the door as William walked over to open it.
“ Who could that be? It is 8:00am” said Chambers, as the visitor appeared to be
Christopher Wellington.
“ You’re a hour earlier Mr. Wellington,” said William.
“ I know this but over night a more complex problem has occurred” said Wellington.
“ What?” asked King Chambers biting into an orange.
“ Rogers parents have been sold to a Mr. Graford” answered Wellington.
“ Graford again. He’ll destroy the court house if he loses,” said Roger
“ I hope not,” said Wellington with a straight face.
Wellington made a plan with them as the courthouse opened with the first case of the day.
“ King Chambers of Evermore vs. Graford Chaos Wizard over ownership of slaves,”
stated the judge.
Graford’s lawyer has to speak first.
“ People of the court. This is a very open and shut case. We have the slaves in the corner
who has been slaves for most of their lives. Mr. Graford had bought the slaves for a price

of 1800 gold pieces each,” said the lawyer reading the papers he had.
“ So Graford haves 100% percent ownership of these two slaves. These slaves became
slaves because they were bankrupt and owe money to most parts of Greenham. You see
my judge, Graford has done everything right here,” said the lawyer sitting down.
Then Wellington got up with his papers as Graford gave looks at the band and the king.
“ My judge and people. Slavery is illegal in Evermore because it is evil and sinful. Slaves
are treated badly in Greenham, often death there is in the slave campus. Why does the
education country of the world have such a disgusting thing such as slavery? My god this
world used to ban slavery world wide until the new ages began,” said Wellington.
People referred to new ages as the meaning of the world after Judgement Day 2097.
“ These acts are wrong to do. Please free these slaves so they can return to their home in
Evermore,” said Wellington as he sat down.
The judge looked at the band and the king, followed by Graford and the slaves.
“ Well I think that there should not be any slaves in Evermore or Greenham for that matter
of fact” said the judge.
“ I grant these slaves free at this moment” added the judge as the band jumped up and
down in joy.
Graford gave a cruel look at his lawyer as he lost the case. Roger’s parents hugged their
son as they son as they thanked Wellington for his help.
“ Thank you Mr. Wellington for your help. You gave us life again,” said Roger’s mother.
“ That’s ok. It is my job to make people happy or sad. Depending who I like,” smiled
He was the type of man who didn’t smile. However, he came to know some of the people
of the castle and felt part of the family. Wellington waved goodbye as the band and the
king got into the horse carriage and they took off. Graford watched in the background and
then he looked at the ground.
“ Good move King Chambers. Next time you won’t be so lucky” sneered Graford as he
walked off into the darkness.
Everyone was talking in the carriage as William looked through the letters as he saw one
for Duncan and passed it to him.
“ Here Duncan take this and read it. Who is it from?” asked the chancellor.
Duncan opened it as his face dropped as he looked at William again to tell him.
“ It’s from my father. He wants me to come home. My mother is ill,” said Duncan.
“ We can go now,” said Roger.
“ Ok then, where do they live?” asked Walter.
“ In Lawson, the country to the east of Evermore” answered Duncan as the others nodded.

Members hoped out of the carriage to start their next adventure.
“ Don’t they ever rest those people?” asked Chambers to Magus.
“ I wonder too” answered Magus as the carriage entered the Evermore Town Square.

The band’s journey wasn’t long as they hired horses for the long trip.
Lawson is famous for the home of the dwarfs and advanced technologies. Duncan’s grew
up in the capital town of Hillverse. Hillverse is a nice town for people to get away from
life’s problems. This is why it is a great tourism city too. Duncan’s parents live in posh
home after years of hard work. Duncan father was a wood and metal maker and was quite
famous in the city for building some very nice homes. The band saw the home as Duncan
closely knocked on the door.
“ Is that you Duncan!” yelled a voice.
“ Yes” said Duncan.
“ Get in here then lazy” said his father as the band made their move into the house.
Inside was Duncan’s father. He looked and sounded like the character that was mean and
evil. Not anything like his son was.
“ Who are these people. Did you finally make some friends?” he asked rudely.
“ I have friends in my life.” snorted Duncan as his father gave a cruel look and leaned back
into his chair.
“ Where’s mum” asked Duncan. His father pointed upstairs as he took off and the other
band members followed him.
His mother looked weak as she made an effort to sit up on her bed to see her son.
“ Duncan you’re here. It’s good to see you again,” said his mother.
“ What’s wrong with you mum?” asked Duncan.
“ I can’t move or do anything,” she answered him.
“ I think I can help,” said Levi looking at Duncan’s mother’s condition.
Levi is a bit of a doctor. He learnt a lot of medicine from his mother and some crazy drugs
from his Uncle Stan. However, he knew what he was talking about.
“ There is this thing called the white wing. It helps people move and walk again. I think
your mother is party paralyzed from hard work. You said Duncan they worked hard all
their life so I think they have forgotten the importance of their heath and watched it waste
away” said Levi.
“ Where do we get it from?” asked Duncan.
“ Not far Duncan, on the other side of the city. Owned by a old man,” said Levi.
“I hope the wing thing is not owned by any crazy old doctors,” moaned Roger.

Duncan and Levi got downstairs as Duncan’s father yelled at him.
“ So you think a white wing will solve your problems. Stupid idiot, you never did anything
good in your life, didn’t you?” yelled his father as Duncan was buried in fear.
“ Shut up! He’s a better person than you,” yelled a voice.
Walter had come to Duncan’s aid. The two always did complain at each other but they
never let anyone make the other upset.
The father went quiet as Duncan and Levi left, and Walter went back upstairs. He saw
Duncan’s mother and asked her something.
“ Why is Duncan’s father is so mean to his son?” asked Walter
“ Duncan’s father is a hard worker and he believes if you don’t work than you are lazy and
nothing to this world. I try to reason with him throughout the years. But it’s useless” said
the mother.
Walter bowed his head on the bed as the first time in his life, he really felt sorry for

Duncan and Levi had arrived at the place where Levi said the white wing was. The wings
grew on a tree, which was weird. The owner happened to be a nice person but with a bad
problem. Levi asked for one wing but the man would give him one if he did some thing for
“ These crows keep on eating the fruits on my trees and I hope you can stop them some
how,” said the owner.
Duncan was a master of tricks and trades so he prepared a trick for the crows. He made
cheap wire fences around the trees and he hooked it up to an electric power box.
“ Everytime a crow flies nears the trees, the fences will gave a electric shock to them”
smiled Duncan.
Three crows flew down towards the trees as the fence shocked the daylights out of them.
The owner laughed at the crows and picked a white wing off his tree as he gave it to
“ Have one. I don’t know what they do but you two know” said the owner.
The two walked out of the small farm as Duncan asked Levi a question.
“ How did you know there was a farm in Lawson. You haven’t never have been to this
place before” asked Duncan.
“ My parent’s travels, they sometimes send me the odd postcard to tell me that they are ok
and what they have seen on their journeys” answered Levi.

Soon the two got back to the house and they went upstairs to see Duncan’s mother. Levi

got the wing, put it in water and poured its juices over Duncan’s mother’s legs.
“ It will take two hours to work you know guys,” said Levi.
Then Duncan heard the voice of his father again as he worried about it.
“ Don’t worry about him. Show him who you are,” said Walter to Duncan.
Duncan walked downstairs as his father eyed him.
“ You useless person. What have you done in your life?” he asked.
“ I’m in special squad to stop Graford.”
“ Graford the great wizard? You can’t even get a job.”
Duncan was about to bust full of anger as Roger, Walter and Levi watched on.
“ Duncan you have really failed to do anything good in your life have you now?” said his
Sullenly Duncan hit his father off his chair as his father was in shock.
“ Who the fuck are you!” yelled Duncan.
“ What… do you mean?” asked his father.
“ You have worked hard but you have no friends at the end of the day because you’re such
a bastard to everyone. You think you are better than everyone here, but you are wrong. I
have saved lifes and keep you smart arses alive on this planet,” yelled Duncan
His father lied on the ground as Duncan got to the door.
“ You are the person who is disadvanced,” he said as he left
Roger and Levi left as Walter followed. Duncan’s mother walked downstairs as the father
got up.
“ Did I deserve that?” he asked her.
“ It was coming,” said the mother as she walked off.

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