Chapter 11 – Chisoutsa: The City of Demons

A phone call was received at Charles Thompson’s house from the Government House. Charles quickly picked up his phone and looked at Alan Richards who was visiting him.
   “Hello?” he said.
   “Charles, it’s been a while since we’re chatted. Have you heard about this company meeting between Science works and Demon Productions?” said the man on the phone.
   ‘No Prime Leader. Why would I know about this?” asked Charles giving a funny look at Alan.
   “Because you know the ins and outs of the city, you’re not stupid. Remember when your nice friend Professor Walken came banging into the Square. I wasn’t happy with that. What does he have to do with you?” the Prime Leader asked Charles.
   “We are just old friends,’ Charles answered quickly.
   “And that girl I see on the news and the rumours. This Chisoutsa girl, she’s with the Professor. They are both stubborn people,” the Prime Leader cried through the phone.
   “If you wish to think that then go away.”
The Prime Leader continued to waste time on the phone trying to get scoops and ideas from Charles before he hanged up. Charles put the phone down and looked at Alan.
   “What was that all about?” Alan asked Charles.
   “I don’t know but I bet Jonathan and Chisoutsa are in trouble or will be. He said he was playing down at that old Librarian’s house again. Plus the Centrax logo has been fixed again which worries the Professor and me,” Charles answered.
   “I haven’t seen anyone from that company before,” Alan said.
   “No one has. That’s the thing. Chisoutsa could be walking right into the headquarters building. For the Professor, he might do the same thing. We have to go and see the headquarters,” Charles thought.
   “We can’t go in there!” Alan complained at him.
   “We are not going in there. We are just making sure people don’t go in there. Like Chisoutsa, Jonathan or Jiko for that case,” Charles said grabbing a coat.
The two headed outside of the house to the car hoping to catch them before they enter the headquarters.

The middle of the day was arriving and Professor Walken was creeping up the ladder away from the Underground Library. The blue eyed Librarian freak waved his hand towards the Professor and smiled at him strangely.
   “Don’t get caught now the night is already falling upon us,’ the Librarian called out to him.
   “It’s only the midday,’ called back the Professor before disappearing.
Professor Walken quickly made his way to the car and drove off towards the heart of the city where the Centrax Corporation stood. His eye was caught off the road when he saw the Centrax globe starting to glow violently. His head turned to see the globe shine a green light around as far as the eye could see. The city suddenly fell into pure darkness. The Professor saw the Centrax building just in front and stopped the car on the road.
   “The night has fallen upon us,’ Professor Walken said to himself when he exited his car.
Near the Professor, Charles’s car spun out when the night fell and the street lights feel dead and hit into side of an old and dusty building, the one where the company had their meeting. Charles and Alan feel out of the car and Alan climbed to his feet.
   “What’s happening? I don’t get this. Where has the power gone?” he asked himself.
Charles leaned up from the car and looked at Alan, “Well we still to get to The Professor but I’m guessing we are too late.”
   “I think we are,” frowned Alan.
Behind the pair two figures rose and caught them out, Mr. Umezu and Hityo were still there discussing until they heard the noise outside and came to investigate.
   “Alan Richards?” Mr. Umezu asked in wonder.
   “And he’s with Charles Thompson, he’s connected with that Chisoutsa we hear,” Hityo cried.
   “Mr. Umezu, my boss!” Alan cried in fear.
Charles stood up in the middle of the discussion and look at each other, “This isn’t good I guess,” he asked out loud.
   “You have been stealing my funding to help this girl? You are fired! You are out of my company forever!” Mr. Umezu cried.
Alan stepped back from his former boss as he edged closer to him, he drew out a gun towards his head. Charles’s eyes widen, “Hey he didn’t mean to go behind your back,” he cried.
   “What the fuck is going on here!” Hityo cried out loud.
   “What,” Mr. Umezu said turning around with his gun by his side.
   “It’s night time. It’s supposed to be bloody midday!” cried Hityo.
Mr. Umezu stopped looking at Alan Richards and look above and around the city. It was indeed night during the day.
   “There’s something pretty wrong with this picture,’ Mr. Umezu commented.
Charles walked over to the company and shook his head, “We know this too. It’s that Centrax leader. He’s back I guess and that girl Chisoutsa is our best chance of defence!” Charles shouted at them.
   “She can’t win! No one can expect for the power and might of our companies. You know that!” Hityo shouted back.
   “Dam nit you are wrong!” Charles cried out hitting his car in the side.

A walking cane pushed the Centrax headquarters doors open and a green and icy steam wandered on the ground past the Professor’s shoes. He travelled inside and the doors remained opened. The building inside was nothing like the other company building. It was filled with machines and human tissues floating in large tubes. He kept up the pace and past a couple rooms and took the lift upstairs. Inside he clicked for the second highest level and the doors closed. He darted around the lift so it glowed colours and went on and out. The lift finally arrived after some time and the Professor. He was by the window where you could see the ground of the building entrance, there Chisoutsa and Jiko were at the doors. Jiko nodded at Chisoutsa and they both went inside the Centrax building.

Professor Walken drew his hidden sword from his cane and look around the flying papers and an old desk with a dawn of darkness that shone upon it. His skin chilled at the sight and he felt someone was watching him. By the corner of the room a figure moved his hand out and stretched it and moved it back to his face. He wore silver small glasses and pushed them back. The shadow showed on the wall and the Professor turned around.
   “Who is that!” he cried and the figure disappeared.
He quickly walked up to the old desk and looked through the old papers. He came across some newer ones dated this year.
   “The project is complete. They are our new children. They are better then she was,” the Professor read puzzled.
The Professor looked around the room again and wondered if Chisoutsa had arrived yet.

On the first level of the Centrax building Chisoutsa and Jiko had their weapons. Chisoutsa held her Eagle pistol close to her and Jiko with his shot gun. They saw old machines and humans floating in large tubes, the same ones that the Professor saw earlier on.
   “These people, they were like you in one way,” Jiko said touching the tube.
Chisoutsa watched them float lifelessly, “I could had started like that and grew into a real human,” she commented.
Chisoutsa came to the lift and pointed it with her gun, “We could o in here. Save some time. This leader might be at the top of the building. Like it’s always is,” she said.
   “We can try it if you want,” Jiko said.
The pair entered the lift and it closed. It took a while before it made it to the top level and the doors closely opened. The pair quickly stepped back in awe. Glossy silver machines stood at a dark black desk at the far end. Chisoutsa stepped forward first and suddenly the building started to shake violently. Both Chisoutsa and Jiko fell to the ground. The Professor downstairs tripped and hit his head on the desk and was knocked out.

Outside the earthquake was stirring up the City of Demons. Charles and Alan Richards bolted from the company leaders and came down to the middle of the city. Charles pointed out the Centrax building and they came to the doorways. Alan turned back to see Mr. Umezu and dozens of Kaiser Unit men surrounding the Centrax building. The green globe blasted out a green light up into the clouds.
   “What the hell do we do?” cried Charles.
   “Look, there’s the Black Vixen! Chisoutsa is already in the building. Let’s go take the car for safety,” Alan shouted at him.
The pair ran off from the door to the car and Alan grabbed spare keys from his pocket and the car opened. Inside the car the earthquake wasn’t that bad and Charles looked around the car.
   “How can we help them?” Charles asked Alan.
   “We can’t help them inside but we can help everything from the outside,” Alan answered.
The Charles noticed shadows of steel appeared on building tops and at the headquarters doorways. The doorway inside the Centrax building shut tightly. The shadows appeared as large silver machines with green haunting eyes and large machine guns the size of a mini truck on her hands.
   ‘Holy crap, look at that! Those machines, that’s why this Centrax leader is back for, to take over the city!” Charles cried.
Alan punched in some keys and turned the wheel of the car. The Black Vixen started to rise off the ground and took off with speed. The silver machines saw the Black Vixen and fired heavy bullets at the car.
   “What do we do with a car against those machines,” asked Charles.
   “Well if I was told about these machines. I would have built a car to withstand them. Chisoutsa should have told me this!” Alan cried back.

Jiko woke up from the ground and Chisoutsa followed suit. She then saw from outside the Black Vixen riding in the air with bullets firing at it.
   “Alan and Charles,” she whispered to herself shaking her head.
The silver machines glow their eyes and drew their weapons at Chisoutsa and Jiko.
   “Nice knowing you,’ Jiko said before blasting his shot gun at them.
Chisoutsa ran in with her gun and fire at them, the silver machines ganged up on Jiko and punched him to the ground. Chisoutsa grabbed a machine gun and fired like hell at the machines. More machines appeared from the doors and she spun around with the machine gun on firing.
Jiko grabbed another machine gun and found a few bombs from his bag and threw them at the machines. The machines were thrown from the bombs. Colours of fire and appeared and a ball of fire thundered throughout the room.
From below the level, the Professor heard the noises and thought about Chisoutsa.
   “She must be upstairs. And what on hell on going on outside!” he cried to himself.
He causally walked away from the old desk of papers. The papers swan around the room like leaves and he tripped again to the ground. He grew angry and blood was running from his head. He turned around and his eyes widen in sheer fear. A tall, figure was standing in front of the old desk. It walked down and the figure straightened his silver glasses up again. He remained in the dark shadow and picked up the Professor’s cane and pulled out the hidden sword.
   “A master of the sword, he teaches well I hope,” the figure said to the Professor.
He threw the cane out of the window and it landed on the roof of the Black Vixen where Alan Richards wondered what the noise was. The dark figure walked away to a secret lift and he waved it open.
   “The Demon of the City,’ the Professor cried from the ground.
The figure turned to him and nodded and entered the lift and it closed up. The Professor cried in pain and couldn’t move at all. His leg was in terrible pain and now his head was bleeding. Above the level Chisoutsa heard a cry and she shouted at Jiko.
   “I hear something downstairs. Let’s go and find it!”
Jiko nodded and continue to push and shoot down the silver machines as they ran down the stairs to the Professor’s level. Chisoutsa saw Professor Walken first and ran to his side. She lifted his head.
   “I’m ok Chisoutsa but there’s a bigger problem here,” the Professor said weakly.
   “We know about the machines. They are very tough,” Jiko said from behind.
   “No, it’s the leader. He’s here,” Professor Walken said.
   “You saw him,” Chisoutsa said.
Professor Walken smiled at Chisoutsa, “Only a shadow of him. He took my cane away so I couldn’t move or fight him. This is what you wanted so badly, to find your past. It was always in the City of Demons where I found you. The answers are all here Chisoutsa. Inside the secret lift in the corner you will find them all. He is waiting for you. He knows someone has been chasing him. Your destiny now awaits you,” the Professor said to her.
Chisoutsa grew quiet and turned to Jiko for support, “I have to stay here to help the Professor out of here. This is it Chisoutsa. You meet your creator,” Jiko said to her.
She turned back to her mentor for solid advice, “Go now while he is here. Jiko and I must leave here. This injury could take my life and I don’t want that now. I still feel there is much life in me yet. The search is now over. Go!” the Professor cried at her.
Chisoutsa offloaded the Professor to Jiko and she grabbed her Eagle gun. Jiko smiles to her and walks over and hugs her. His hand touches her cheek.
   “I’ll be waiting for you, and everyone else,” he said slowly to her.
She nodded and walked to the lift and it opened. She turned around in the lift with a strong face and the lift closed. Jiko turned around and the Professor gave a wry look and put his head down.
   “Are you still hurting?” he asked him.
   “No. I’ve just sent my student to her death,” the Professor cried sadly.
Jiko turned around to the lift and gave a heavy sigh to himself.

The lift door opened and Chisoutsa made her way out in the open. There was a blue ring circle in the middle with a blue steel stand at the end. The room was huge and it made her small inside. The powerful student of Professor Jonathan Walken was tested. She started to shake when she saw the shadow approaching her. Something deep inside her soul broke in pieces and she fell on the ground. A black haired man with silver glasses in a black and white suit shone in the light. He held a sword of total power that glows the blackest of days. He slowly approached Chisoutsa on the ground and pointed the sword at her.

Chisoutsa’s eyes glowed their dangerous red and then to a ghostly white. She feared the creator but she feared nothing? The woman of steel emotion was breaking down in front of her creator. The figure appeared in front of her as she saw visions in her mind of the green globe thrashing power across the city, Kaiser Unit men battling the silver machines outside, the Black Vixen fighting hard to help stop the breeding of the machine over the city people.
   “Censilo Fukatho,” she said to the demon of the city.
She remembered his name from the hyper camp. The visions are all coming back to her now. He created her to take over the city and she failed in training. And now they meet.
   “The fearless girl shakes in front of her master. The search for the truth has been rewarded. Your past, present and future resides in me. For I have returned, surprised to see you still alive. But I did create you and I would not expect anything less of you,” Censilo boomed at Chisoutsa.
The Demon of the City has met his creation at last… 

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