Chapter 11 – Chisoutsa: The Virgin War

Censilo was storming through his Hyper Camp empire castle with his silver machines. He was in his full blown suit when was a eye to behold. He knew he was in full command with his army of machines as he entered the decoding machine room where Allan and Hayco were kept inside. He headed over to them where at least 70 silver machines guarded the door.
   “Come here Hayco,” he said pushing Hayco into a chair and grabbing some thick cords and connected them to his back.
   “Allan start loading up the book now,” Censilo ordered him.
Allan walked over and starting to key in codes for the decoding machine. It was hard even for him to understand the codes and security to bypass to access Hayco’s private hard drive. There was a large screen window up on the right hand side where the Professor and Emily were watching. Professor Walken was wondering how Chisoutsa and Jiko were.
   “I hope she gets here soon,” he told Emily of his thoughts.
   “She’ll be fine and safe with Jiko. Do you know Jiko loves her?” Emily said to him.
   “Does he?”
Emily laughed and stoked through Jonathan’s hair while watching Censilo with Allan through the window, “You were always slow with this kind of thing. It’s the way he looks at her. I think Chisoutsa feels the same. This will bring them closer.”
   “That will be good for them. I like that idea. Jiko is a good man. Quiet and smart,” he smiled at Emily.
   “A bit like you Jonathan,” she replied back.
Allan finished coding inside of Hayco and turned to Censilo. He was shaking with fear and Hayco touched him with his hand. He looked down and smiled.
   “It’s done now Censilo. The book will be readable in half an hour. The coding was very strong,” Allan told Censilo.
   “You come with me now Allan. Hayco will stay and load the Shentile scribble book up on the main screen,” Censilo said.
He pushed him towards the silver machines and they exit the room leaving. Hayco sat in his chair all alone and he closed his eyes.
Allan was pushed into the room where Censilo moved him to the Professor and Emily was sitting on the ground watching the window. Emily greeted Alan and he sat with them.
   “Hello there. Are you Allan? Jonathan said something about you today,” she asked.
   “Yes I’m Allan. Just decoded Hayco so I’ve just helped to destroy the world,” Allan said with fear.
   “I was wondering where you were. Don’t worry Allan it’s not your fault. You have been great for us and helped us with everything in guns and cars. Without you Chisoutsa would have had a tough time against the silver machines,” Professor Walken said to him.
   “Thank you. It’s nice to know I have helped in my own way. I think even Mr. Umzeu would be happy with me,” Alan replied.
   “He’s gone now so you will never know. He ran like a rat,” Censilo answered him.
   “I’m not surprised. Anyone would with you in the city,” Allan snapped.
Censilo walked off away from the three of them and he whispered in one of the silver machine’s ears, “Chisoutsa will be here soon. Kill her at all costs.”
Censilo took off with the silver machines and some were left to guard the Professor, Emily, and Alan.

Chisoutsa and Jiko had returned to the Hyper Camp since they were created. They were found travelling through the white rooms where the testing’s and scientists were at many years ago. They watched every room and corner for any silver machines. Jiko look inside one room and remembered it.
   “Chisoutsa, this was the room where I first met you. The images that I gave you when we met up again,” Jiko said.
Chisoutsa looked inside and saw the old bed and looked back at him, “I remember it now. Censilo was watching me. He was happy with the way I was going. He didn’t like you because you had too much heart. Something I’m learning now,” she said.
   “Yeah, it’s just hard to see all this again.”
   “It’s nearly over Jiko. The end is very near,” she told him.
They left the room where they first meet and came towards a large door, “This is where the path leads to the decoding room. I looked inside of it when I was here last and it was dark and red,” Jiko remembered.
The couple entered the large room where an army of silver machines lined up in front of them. They all loaded up their machine guns and aimed towards Chisoutsa and Jiko.  The blood ran down the walls with the paintings of demons over the walls. Chisoutsa loaded her guns and looked at Jiko.
   “It’s been a while since I’ve been a killing spree!’ she cried as she charged into the army with Jiko following.
Thousands of bullets were fired at each other as Chisoutsa body slammed herself through the crowd of machines. Jiko started to punch out machines and threw one into a group of them. Chisoutsa run into a wall and climbed up it and threw himself into a crowd of silver machine firing at them. She slowly climbed back up on her feet and pushed her through to see apart of the decoding machine room with Hayco inside. All she could see was Censilo entering the room and walking up to Hayco.
   “Fuck him!!!” she screamed thrashing into more machines and pushing her way towards Censilo and Hayco.

Censilo started to load the book upon the screen and accessed Chisoutsa’s internal body files too. He searched for all the key notes on Chisoutsa’s creation. The files flashed in Censilo’s eyes as he read some of spell files and details on Chisoutsa. He stopped at the deepest file on Chisoutsa unknown to the world and he stopped and gasped at it.
   “My god is this why she is powerful? I thought she was created from nothing. She does have a history of her own. This is indeed such a small world,” he smiled to himself.
Hayco could feel the evil vibe from his master when he quickly took off to another exit while Chisoutsa was nearly at the decoding room to fight him. Censilo came to his throne with a gun and pointed at the small party kept against their own free will.
   “Move to the back now,” he pointed to Emily and Alan.
   “I won’t! You can’t boss me around anymore!” shouted Alan.
Censilo fired a shot in Alan’s arm and he fell to the ground. Emily run to him and dragged him to the corner and nursed his injury. Professor Walken tried to reach for secret sword cane and Censilo kicked it out of his way and kicked his leg too. He screamed in pain as he pushed him towards the window where Chisoutsa was found heading inside the decoding room with Jiko.
   “Watch Jonathan, you student is fighting her way to death,” Censilo said as Professor Walken watched on with fear.

Chisoutsa and Jiko finally beaten off the silver machines and closed the door behind them. Chisoutsa run up to Hayco and looked at the computer files of the Shentile book. She unplugged him from the computer and looked back at Jiko. She moved away from Hayco towards Jiko and cried out, “Come on Hayco we need to go. Let’s go and defeat Censilo together!”
The blood on the walls suddenly stopped running down the walls and Hayco turned to his side and re-connected the wires to him again. Professor Walken watched on with fear.
   “What are you doing?” asked Chisoutsa walking back up to him.
Jiko put his gun away and watched the pair. Chisoutsa stood over Hayco and he opened his eyes to her.
   “I can’t go with you Chisoutsa. It’s time to say goodbye my dear friend,” Hayco spoke with a broken heart.
   “Why can’t you go Hayco? I can save you now. Everyone said I could,” she cried at him.
   “The scribble is uploaded now. Censilo has all the power now so there is only one thing for me to do. I must destroy myself and the decoding machine with it too. Thus Censilo will never get the book in this world. This is your present from me. Your chance to defeat him is in my hands,” Hayco said.
Chisoutsa’s head started to spin around, the build up to the final battle Censilo, her entire life of sadness was cracking through her. Her inside emotions was breaking free. Her true feelings were showing, the true power that Shentile said would happen. She leaned down on both her knees and held Hayco’s hands in her own.
   “Don’t you want to be a real boy like you told me? I can save you. They all told me that,” Chisoutsa said begging to her friend.
Hayco started to weep and frowned at Chisoutsa with pure sadness in his heart, “I’m not real Chisoutsa. I can never be a real boy. My hand, my hair they are not real. I don’t even have a heart. I’m nothing,” he wept.
   “You are real to me Hayco. Don’t leave me alone in this world. I understand you like no other can.”
   “I can’t even cry tears to show how upset I am. I have to do this and I don’t want to do. But no one can do it but me,” Hayco cried inside himself.
Chisoutsa looked back at Jiko and he was in tears and she turned back and a virgin tear appeared running down her cheek.
   “Don’t do this to me. I care about you so much. I love you and Jiko. I was too cold hearted to tell anyone. I can save you Hayco and everyone in the city. Just let me help you,” she cried in tears at him.
Hayco took a tear from her and looked at, “Such sadness in your eyes. The truth was always in your eyes.  The truth is in your tears Chisoutsa. Your love for us is what drives you. Not your power. And now I must go. I know there is no heaven for robots like me. You were like a sister I always wanted. You gave me everything I would ever want in my life. Chisoutsa, you are not born with love. Love is born with you. It grows inside you and burns to be released. I have no heart but I know he feels for it to be broken. You may not say love words with Jiko but the best words that the ones that are not spoken,” Hayco said.

Up in the throne room where Professor Walken was watching, he could see Chisoutsa crying and his face was sweating and breathing heavily. Censilo leaned down next to her ear.
   “I found the deepest files about Chisoutsa. Her true creations were found. While I created her in the Hyper Camp where demons and hell roam, her seed did not come from me. Years ago we broke in hundreds of DNA plants and raided the best sperms and eggs we could find. Yet when we find our perfect match,” Censilo stopped short and the Professor’s head turned to him.
   “It was you and Emily’s. The fatherless man you were never was. Just to think you trained your very own daughter to her own death. The very thing that you and Emily have always wanted in life was always here. There are the papers, Jonathan,” Censilo grinned towards him.
Jonathan grabbed the papers and busily and read the papers. Emily was overhearing with Alan resting next to her. He stopped at the final page and looked at Chisoutsa leaning down with her head next to Hayco in tears. He leaned his head and started to cry.
   “My little girl, how did I miss this? I can’t believe this. She’s my little baby girl,” Jonathan cried to himself with his hands covering his face on the ground.
Emily ran over to Jonathan and they hugged and kissed. Censilo watched on with pleasure.
   “Chisoutsa Walken is your daughter. From you I created her and turned it into the beast she is. To think you did this to her, pushing her to her death. You can never have children Jonathan and you are sending your only little girl to her death,” Censilo spoke above them.
   “She’s our little girl. Why did this have to happen now,” Jonathan cried inside of Emily shoulder.
   “She has family now Jonathan. She has a future now,” Emily.
   “She always did with me. No matter if she was my daughter or not. What are we to do now?” he cried harder.
Chisoutsa’s parents looked into the window towards her daughter who was in pain. Chisoutsa slowly rose from her feet and looked at Hayco.
   “Remember me Chisoutsa. You have good friends who watch over you. Take her away Jiko. She won’t leave for me. But she will for you and the others,” Hayco told Jiko.
Jiko moved forward and put his arms around her and tried to move her back, “Don’t leave me alone Hayco. Please let me save you,” she cried in tears.
   “Just remember where you come from Chisoutsa and where you must end yourself. You have to win this for me. If you love and care for me you will leave me to do this,” Hayco cried out.
He moved his hand to his eye and Chisoutsa’s tear fell from his finger to his eye, then down his cheek. The robot boy was crying too. Jiko was in tears too pulling Chisoutsa who wanted to save everyone. Hayco reach out his arm and hand towards and Chisoutsa did the same too.
   “Look inside yourself Chisoutsa. Do this for me and I will help you with this. To where I go, I need not know. What journey comes and goes for me now. All that I know is that I die and give a piece of my heart to each and everyone who loves me in return. I may not be real but my love is. Treasure what memories we may have and what you will find for yourself in future. Goodbye Chisoutsa, we may be created from the same evil hand. But he can’t get our minds and hearts. Only we can give them to him. When your time reaches the end, then maybe once again we may meet again. Only we…” Hayco called out in pain and sadness as he clicked the final buttons and Jiko finally pulled Chisoutsa outside of the room.
The decoding room started to smash to pieces and Censilo’s face turned to shook as he ran out of the room leaving heartbroken Jonathan and Emily on the ground watching their only daughter heart being smashed to pieces. Hayco moved his finger down saying goodbye to Chisoutsa as the tear fell to the ground. Chisoutsa and Jiko came out of the room and the door closed on them. The once tough warrior fell to the ground in tears and hugged Jiko, “Don’t you leave me Jiko. I love you too much for you to go.” She cried. Jiko replied, “I never have left you.”
Hayco closed his eyes for the last time and that was the end of the robot boy who knew what love was.

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