Chapter 11 – Seasons of the Moon

The flight from Richardson Castle had quickly become a dangerous journey for Alexander, Alfred and Celia. The trip had involved a battle with Morcar who was trying to avenge the battle of Draken against the ThunderDragon at the Richardson Castle. However, it was Gladus, who had secretly come on the trip to try, to lead them to the Seasons Island for his own gain.

The three were sliding down the slope and bounced off and passed Morcar. Alfred dusted himself off and helped Celia down the last couple steps. Alex was already down and looking at the dungeon. He was worried that they were been lead into another battle and he was still tired from the last one.

Alfred had a better look around the area as he never remembered being in the place in all of his life. He didn’t remember the dead trees and the open and sick looking plains.

“It’s quite odd. I’ve never been to these parts in all of my life,” Alfred.

“That’s because you never go outside much Alfred,” said Celia passing by him to Alex.

“I do know many areas in Richardson and I know more places than the two of you. Not many of the knights have adventured around here I believe. It’s a bit of a mystery, the dead trees I think. The dungeon I also don’t remember it,” he cried out from behind them.

The trio slowly made their way towards the dungeon as Alex looked up and down it. This dungeon was different from the others that he had seen. Even to Alfred’s eyes it was different.

“It’s made of metal and brick. Mostly metal. I wonder why,” thought Alex.

“It’s all quite strange this trip. First we met Morcar, then the elements and now this queer looking thing,” Alfred said rubbing his chin. Alex looked up at the huge poles connected to the dungeon with wires. The dungeon was left open and the knight grabbed the Thunder sword to be ready.

“Let’s have a look inside then,” Alex said to the two other figures.

“Aren’t you a little worried this could be a trap? With all the problems we have faced getting to this point. I feel we need to be more cautions about traveling. We can’t just go walking in to places because the doors wide open, can we?” Alfred said to Alex.

“We have to try. We’ll stay together and make sure nothing goes wrong on our part. Ok, Alfred?” Alex said.

“I guess we have no choice but to enter. There’s no way around the dungeon,” Alfred said and three carried their weights inside.

The inside of the dungeon was revealed. It was covered with wires and cords that had never been seen by humans before. It was sparking electricity around the ground. Celia jumped back and cried to Alex.

“What was that? Is it your sword doing that?”

“No, this place is magic. It’s not the work of my sword,” Alex answered her dodging the wires and cords.

“The Electrical Dungeon, a very interesting venture,” Alfred said out from behind.

The trio made their way to a set of ladders leading them up to the next level of the dungeon. Alex pointed to the ladders and the three of them climbed up them to their next adventure.

The Electrical dungeon had also found another visitor. Gladus soon arrived at the front gates. His eyes glazed at the sight and gave a sinful smile at it.

“The lone knight and his lover with the old wizard have come to the end of their time. Let us see to that now,” he said to himself and quickly walked into the dungeon.

Steam and lightning flashed at the roof top where Alex could see through the windows at the side of the dungeon. Along the metal planks they ran towards the next room where huge poles of electricity were stored. Alex circled around them. Suddenly the knight heard a noise and grabbed out his fire and ice swords. It was like footsteps he heard and he turned to face Alfred.

“What was that?” he asked Alfred.

“What was what?, I didn’t hear a thing,” he answered him from behind.

Celia was looking at the Electrical pole when she felt a cold sensation came over her. The shadow was behind her and moving again towards Alex. The girl turned around to watch over Alex. Crash Alex fell over nothing.

“What was that!” cried Alfred as he received a blow to the head.

Alfred and Alex had passed out, leaving the princess alone. She ran around the poles trying to escape from the shadow. The shadow changed to Gladus and he thrust his hands at the ground.

“You’ll never escape the mind of Gladus!” he boomed and the room was lit full of Electricity.

Celia was shocked and fell to the ground. A glowing black light was pouring from Gladus as he approached Celia on the ground. He held out his arm and it appeared to be ghostly and skeleton looking.

“Come before me and see my world!” he cried.

Suddenly a bolt of Electricity pushed Gladus back as a figure appeared from the doorway.

“Is this the owner of the house?” asked Gladus. “I am the owner, Thunder is my name,” he said. “You’re an element aren’t you?” asked Gladus. “Who are you?” asked Thunder.

“That does not matter. I’m just a shadow passing through time,” said Gladus.

He didn’t want to interfere with Thunder. The figure slowly walked out of the room and Thunder walked over to watch Gladus. The figure had disappeared from sight. Thunder shrugged his head and shoulders and headed over to Celia and woke her up.

“Wake up, it’s me Thunder. How are you?” he asked her. “I’m fine,” she said, waking, “Where are Alfred and Alex?”

“They’re over there next to you. You’ll be fine for now,” Thunder said.

Thunder went on to assist the others. It lasted at least an hour to begin with.

Alfred was the first to wake up and his first images were of Thunder preparing a bag of food and goods. The old wizard sat up as Thunder turned around.

“Good, ones up. Now for the younger of the pair,” commented the element.

“Are you an element?” asked Alfred.

“Yes I am and you must be Alfred the Old. I have heard some things about you from Alexander the Knight here,” said Thunder.

“Where have you been, Thunder? No one told Alex where you were to be found,” Alfred complained standing up.

“The ThunderDragon and I must have forgotten. I live in this Electrical dungeon. So it is close to where you live. See, it wasn’t hard to find me,” he smiled at the wizard.

“Nearly got killed about a dozen times along the way,” murmured the old wizard to himself.

Alex and Celia both started to wake up and Alfred was standing over Alex.

“Where are we Alfred, what happened?” Alex asked the old wizard.

“We are safe again, for now. This is Thunder’s own dungeon. He was here the whole time,” Alfred answered him.

Alfred turned to face Celia; her face was frozen in shock. The impact of Gladus had cursed her soul. Alex got up and saw Alfred’s concerned face. He crossed over and got on his knees in front of Celia and looked at her.

“What did you see?” he asked her.

She held out her hand and touched his. Her eyes seemed frozen and lifeless. Her lips were shaking at the very images she saw.

“I saw him, the shadow of Gladus. I could see around him. His power far too great to describe,” tears started coming down from her eye. Thunder and Alfred paused and watched in grief. Alex tightened his grip on her hand.

“And what did you see?” said Alex also teary eyed.

She looked at Alex again and a strong force was felt inside Alex. He felt that she was looking through him.

“I saw the inside of Gladus, the soul that he really is. He has no soul. He held out his hand, an image of sheer terror. Each word he speaks burns the inner core of my heart and shakes the very foundations of my own soul,” she said before fainting.

Alex was frozen and stood still at that point for a while. Alfred and Thunder turned to each other. Alfred slowly walked off with the element and left the pair alone.

Thunder was sitting on his throne and Alfred was on another seat next to him. The pair were in deep thought and no word was made for hours. Then the silence was broken.

“Morcar may be the least of our worries. Gladus, he is a threat too great to ignore,” Alfred said.

“Yes, he is. We must move on. What are your plans?” asked Thunder.

“Alex wishes to visit the Season Island. There maybe clues on how to break the spell of Morcar,” Alfred answered.

“I have forgotten the way to the Season Island. I may need to ask one of the elements for directions,” said Thunder.

“This adventure or quest was never meant for the young couple who lie in the other room,” Alfred frowned sadly, “It is not their fight.”

“I know, it’s funny, people usually always fight other’s battles. It’s a thing that has happened since the birth of time,” Thunder explained to Alfred.

“You may be old and I may look young. But I have lived since the first break of dawn,” he added.

“Let us help the young ones up. I am glad I have come on this quest. I will try and help in whatever way I can,” sighed Alfred.

Alfred slowly moved off to the next room as Thunder placed his hand upon his eyes and bit his lip.

“It is no one’s war. No one should have to fight just to live.”

It was a couple of hours more until Celia was awake and eating. Alex was still worried about her and thinking to himself. Alfred sat down next to him and gave a promising look.

“Is it worth it to watch your love been torn apart by pure evil? Is it worth climbing every mountain to save this world? All you see is battles and hate and destruction,” Alex asked Alfred

“There is good within the bad of this world, Alexander. You must see the goodness in everything you meet. Look at the stars and there shines the best of goodness that had lived on this earth. It’s in the children’s eyes you met when you cross the towns of Richardson. The hope in the people eyes when their knights soldier on to fight demons and kings of other lands. It’s the love that shines through you when you feel it the most. It’s your lover, when you look into her eyes and see the true colors of your life flash through her eyes. Believe with your mind and…”

“Think with you heart when the mind doesn’t answer,” interrupted Alex.

Alfred gave a weak smiled and put his hand on his shoulder. “Yes, my boy. Yes,” he answered.

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