Chapter 11 – The Legend of Evermore

The band has been successful all the way of their adventure but their next would be the
toughest one yet. The band had to find a person called the Timekeeper. This was quite
simple, the Spiritual Doctor told them where he lived. The band had arrived at the dungeon
as Roger grabbed his sword out.
“ This owner maybe dangerous” said Roger.
As the band entered the dungeon as they heard a small voice.
“ Who’s there?” asked the voice.
“ We come from the Evermore Royal. The King, King Chambers sent us to see a time
machine” said Roger.
“ If you come from the castle then you must be good people,” said the voice as the stranger

appeared in front of the band.
The voice turned out to be a small young man who looked weak and powerless. The man
looked at the band as Duncan said something.
“ You look too weak to be a protector of a time machine. What happens if some one tried
to steal it from you” asked Duncan.
“ I am a first class wizard and the time machine is stuck to the ground you know” said the
“ My name is Aaron Lilly. The time machine is easy to use. Anyone can use it,” said
“ That means you Duncan,” said Walter with a grin as Duncan crossed his arms in anger.
“ Will you show us the way?” asked Levi.
“ Sure” answered Aaron awhile the group moved into the small room where the band saw
a pool of red lava.
“ This is a time hole to another time. The cords I have around it control where which time
you travel to. This is a time staff,” he said showing it
“ It will get you back home when you dial in the right year that is,” said Aaron.
“ So we can go now?” asked Roger.
“ Yes you can. However, there is one thing to know of. The time wand if used a lot will
overheat and cannot be used for a couple days. So choose your traveling wisely” reminded
Aaron as the band jumped into the lava.
Aaron typed in the year 2097 while lava caused Electro powers to alternately blacken and
lighten the tiny room.

March 21
st 2097

Electricity smashed around an old warehouse as the band appeared through a hole in the
ground. The band looked around the New World as the time hole closed on them. The
band was scared and excited in an other way. This was a New World to explore and to see
how the world ended up being a wasteland. However, they were 600 years away from the
times they were born. A scary thought for the band that was.
“ Where do we go?” asked Roger.
“ I really don’t know” answered Walter.
Then the band saw an young man being bashed by some thugs.
“ We better help him,” said Roger as the band charged down the old dirty street.
The sight of the band with sword and a firing wand scared the hell out of the thugs and
they ran for their lives as the young man saw the four heroes stop next to him.

“ Thank you for saving me. But why are you wearing such stupid clothes” asked the man.
“ We like them and you wear stupid clothes too” said Duncan in an anger fit
“ Would you believe we come form the future?” asked Walter.
“ Would you believe that patients from the psychiatric ward have escaped?” asked the man
The ban had no idea what the man was going on about. However, they knew he was
making fun of them.
“ I have prove to show you young man,” said Walter as he grabbed the time staff.
He threw the staff as it hit the ground. The ground shock abit as a time hole appeared to
the left of it; the man looked in amazement.
“ What are you here for?” asked the man.
“ About the end of the world on May 21
I think” said Roger.

“ Then I have sixty days to live,” said the man as he felt a sick feeling come over him.

The man showed the band back to his house. Roger asked who he was.
“ This country is England, I’m the Deputy Prime Minster of England. My name is Morgan
Douglas” he spoke as the group entered his posh house.
The band looked in amazement as Duncan looked at the white stairs.
“ This is like the Evermore Castle” smiled Duncan.
Morgan quickly got some drinks as the band looked at them.
“ It’s coke,” said Morgan.
“ We don’t have coke anymore,” said Levi.
“ What a shame” said Morgan with a frown.
“ I must talk to you about what the world is now in your days. What is it like?” asked
“ About the whole human population dying out. Leaving about 3 adults and over 100
children left. Children are forced to be sexually active to save the human race. The year is
2678 and 24 000 are alive today. This happened because of a nuclear exploded
somewhere, done by some robots or something,” said Walter.
“ The robots did it. They have always had a grudge against the humans for some reason.
Let me tell you what has happened in the past 100 years” said Morgan as he started to
drink his coke and walks around like some sort of world leader. He was a leader of a
country, that showed.
“ The tensions of the world started to rise when the first real human clones were born and
raised in London and France. China, Japan, and the pacific counties such as Australia filed
against the cloning. The U.S. stopped as the French continued their works to the year

2017, when seven clones were murdered by clone protesters. Therefore, the French have a
grudge against America because it was mainly America people who committed the crimes.
In 2026 Japan was testing weapons on sea life animals again. Activities went horribly
wrong when a mini nuclear bomb was used in the Pacific Ocean. Australia thought that at
first Japan was attacking them and increased defense forces. Then the Japanese said it was
a big mistake, but Australia didn’t give a damn about the Japanese and said they are stupid
idiots for continuing weapon practice in the sea. Therefore, Australia was marked as a
racial country.
In 2039, the Americas were in the making of human robots for military actions. However,
seven years after the first fleet of robots was released, robots gained the equal power in
law and order as to the humans. Things start to heat up in 2055 when American and
Chinese robot start using Africa as a military shooting gallery. Seventy percent of the
population were shot or murdered as the robots stated ‘ A act of special defense
schooling’. So America was hated by some parts of Europe and mainly Africa again since
the civil war, but that’s another story. In 2071 Russia and Canada were in a tug of war to
be placed on a war list of America vs. Europe. In the end Russia and Canada said no and
joined forces to stop this world from turning into a mess. That will never happen by what
you tell me. 2087 came and South America begged the North that they stop the robot
production. The robots stated by the Brazilian leader were ‘ Cunning and never cared
about the humans in the first place’. The robots increasingly make the humans turn against
each other and in six weeks there is a meeting called the World Crises meeting. Where
leaders of the world will try to stop this crazy talk of war. But what if you guys tell me is
true, is that two weeks after the meeting, the world will suffer a nuclear blast and I’m stuck
in the middle of this all. Great life isn’t it?” commented Morgan on the story.
The band try hard to listen to the whole story and it sounded bad indeed.
“ All you needed to say is that everyone wants to blow up everyone else,” said Duncan as
Morgan nodded with acceptance.
“ That is it in a nutshell,” frowned Morgan.
Morgan told the band that they are welcome to stay at his home for the remaining two
months. He promised them that he would tell them much more about the past of the world
in the time to come.

The following morning came as Morgan had prepared clothes and breakfast for the band.
“ Guys, only Walter and Levi can come to work. Roger looks too scary and Duncan is
short and rude” said Morgan.
“ Ha ha” laughed Walter pointing at Duncan.

“ Discrimination I tell you” snapped Duncan
Morgan, Walter, and Levi got into a car as the group moved off to the office headquarters.
The office headquarters was huge, Morgan knew his way around the headquarters like the
back of his hand. He guided the team to his own office where he grabbed some papers
from his desk.
“ Today I have Robot representations of England coming to see me. You can sit in and
listen to what both sides have to say,” said Morgan.
The three of them entered the work meeting room as the robots eyed the two band
members as Morgan started the talk. Robots looked the same way the human did. It was
amazing to see things from Walter and Levi point of view.
“ So you guys want more funding for the robots. But they get enough don’t they. Last year
they got $57 million dollars in funding. Now you want $89 million? No way” said
“ We need more money to make more robots,” said the robot guy.
“ We can’t effort to cater for both humans and robots. One will have to go one day. It will
be the robots,” said Morgan.
“ How dare you say that. The robots can live longer than the humans can. We have a better
body type than you lot,” said the robot
“ Fine then. No money full stop” said Morgan.
The two fought on as Walter and Levi leaned back on their chairs as this could take a
The meeting had finished with the robot storming out of the office building.
“ Sorry about what happened before. The robots are not the most pleasing people, um I
mean machines in the business,” said Morgan.
“ We understand,” said Levi as the three headed home that night

That night the band was watching their first television program as Duncan found it was
glory all over.
“ I love this TV Can we get one for home?” begged Duncan to Roger
“ I’m sorry Duncan we can’t do that” answered Roger.
“ Seeing the world is ending in seven weeks, you can collect something in the future. It
should still survive the bomb,” said Morgan.
He walked the band into a huge room as the band glared in amazement. There was the
library that they ever have seen in their life.
“ It’s bigger than King Chamber’s version,” said Walter.
Duncan and Levi flicked through the books as Morgan picked one to look at.

“ These books contain the whole past of the planet Earth we live on. There are
underground holes in which I can put them,” explained Morgan.
Then a telephone call rang in as Morgan walked out of the library to get it.
“ Yes, This is Mr. Douglas. Yes. What! Oh my god! I’ll be there at once,” cried Morgan as
he threw down the phone.
“ What’s wrong?” asked Levi walking in as the others followed him.
“ The Prime Minster was murdered three hours. I must get there,” cried Morgan as the
band followed him to the car.
“ You better come too” said Morgan to the band.

The team arrived at the murder scene where people looked at the deceased Prime Minster’s
body. Morgan rushed to a detective to find out what is going on.
“ He was shot. I think a group of robots did it,” said the detective
“ Dam those robots,” yelled Morgan.
Suddenly a gunshot was fired at Morgan who jumped behind his car. Walter grabbed his
staff and waved it around to form a shield. Roger grabbed his sword to swipe the robots.
Parts of their body were crushed. Levi fired green powerful darts at the robots as they fired
back with the guns. Duncan threw his axe at the robot and it knocked some down. The
remaining robots ran off in terror.
“ Good bodyguards Mr. Douglas,” said the detective standing by him, near the car.
“ I say so myself,” said Morgan.
The band walked back to see if Morgan was hurt.
“ I’m fine guys. It looks like I’m the Prime Minster now,” said Morgan staring at the

May 7
th 2097

The World Crisis Meeting had arrived, Morgan was worried about the day. Morgan was
dressing his tie as Duncan was watching him.
“ Our King Chambers has a Chancellor to dress him you know,” said Duncan
“ Sadly Prime Ministers don’t. What’s Chambers like?” asked Morgan.
“ Chambers acts like a kid sometimes but he’s good at his job in the end,” answered
“ Pity I won’t get to do much. I was hoping to spend more time with my girlfriend,” said
“ What’s her name?” asked Duncan.

“ Shelly Foster. She is a New York reporter for the TV news. She is returning today
actually. There is only fourteen days left to save the world, save myself and say how much
I love her. Tell me is that fair?” asked Morgan as he walked out the room, Duncan hang
his head sadly.

The band arrived at a huge administrative building as the band was dressed in formal
clothing. It is funny seeing a barbarian in formal clothes. No barbarian in history has done
what Roger has done really.
It was a huge hall where the countries leaders were sitting. The stadium like hall had a
grandstand style speaker’s platform, from where the speaker spoke to the people of the
world. Then Shelly entered the room as Morgan hugged her.
“ So these are your new friends Morgan?” asked Shelly.
“ Yes they are” answered Morgan, Shelly shock everyone’s hands, then he told her about
the story of Evermore and the world’s sudden fatal end.
“ I just don’t believe it,” said Shelly confused.
“ I didn’t too but Walter here showed me their time staff and the story seems true to me”
said Morgan.
Shelly believed him as the meeting started. All the members got inside as Morgan showed
Shelly and the band where to sit. Then the meeting started with the USA President.
“ Today we hope to achieve a way to stop the wars between us and the robots. Most
importantly wars between us humans. Us brothers of the world must unite to stop the wars
and remember that we only have one world to protect. One world to live in. We must live
in peace, all of us,” said the president.
“ You weren’t for peace when you made those dam robots. They destroy us Africans. You
always had something for us, didn’t you!” yelled the African President.
“ They are robots, we are humans remember that. Robots made a lot of money for us and
the world” shouted back the U.S President
The president walked off as the African President mounted the stadium platform.
“ Us Africans have had enough of the Americans since forever. It’s time to stop the
Americans making more robots and time to destroy the ones still active on the globe. For
the sake of mankind, for the sake of Earth” he said as the Canada President applauded as
he made his way down from the stadium.
“ This fighting of the world must come to a end sooner or later. Alternatively, the world
will face worse conditions if these claims are not meet. Canada and Russia have tried to
calm the anger of England and America for years now. It is time for the countries to unite
to save this world. I hope you leaders take in what I say and do something today,” said the

leader as other leaders nodded.
The Japanese leader stepped down onto the stadium as he gave a small word to the
Canadian leader. As he got to the centre of the hall.
“ Japan is the biggest country when it comes to technology. We co created the robots to
help the Americans with their military supports. Nevertheless, we never knew what the
robots could do with an amazing amount of power and technology behide them. We try to
talk to America about the stopping of robots but they say the production and money is too
much of a overwhelming chance to pass up. They put money and the robots first in front of
humans, themselves. Why you ask? I do not know. We must stop this before the worst
happens. China and the South America are standing with us on this. I tell you America,”
said The Japanese leader as people gave an small applause.
It was Morgan as England’s Prime Minster who talked of his options for the world as he
was getting cold feet about talking. Shelly whispered in his ear some words of wisdom.
“ Be brave Morgan, you’re the final speaker of the world. They always save the best for
last,” spoke Shelly as Morgan gave a smile and got up to move onto the stadium.
“ This place reminds me of the Spiritual Doctor’s home” said Roger to Walter.
“ Who’s home?” asked Shelly.
“ Just another tale to tell Shelly” answered Levi.
Morgan got to the stand as the world leaders watched on to see what the man had to say.
“ Human Being. A member of the human race. They are the word from the old Macquarie
Dictionary that I was reading five days ago. Everyone in this room is a member of the
human race. Why is it that since the beginning of time, have man has always fought
against each other. War does not bring a solution. It brings a bloody mess of anger, loss
and unsettling of pain. Why do we put up with things like war and power? The world these
days run on money. Money, gold, silver or any other metal given by public authority as a
standard of exchange and a measure of value,” said Morgan eyeing his ‘fellow’ leaders.
“ Does that the term “use of Money”, include that Money is a value that is related to crime,
corruption, greed and war? It should I tell you. Because the world is not in peace anymore.
The world is in pain and all it sees and feels is hate, evil, and destruction in the making. I
fear the world will be destroyed in months or maybe weeks. By who you ask? Us all!
Humans created Robots. Robots turn on Humans. Human and Robots destroy the world.
Let me read you a poem I found three months ago written by Harley Matthews. Here it

One day there will be no news, Nor a word of war, no tale of battles, Talk of who is alive
or killed, of what games are lost or won; nothing of the tittle-tattle of the half men. Radios

will be stilled for once and forever under the sun. And the sun and the moon and the stars
will see cities leaning, gaping, at a loss not to hear one news-boy call. Every tree should
laugh and cry on his brother’s shoulder then, because trees untimely need not die –
chopped down, pulped up just to print a lie or part-truth – the day there is no news, None at
Men have fought it out and are no more. On the morning after that last war of the things
that moved before, only waters, clouds and winds remain not to have suffered martyrdom
for man’s cleverness. Then journeying in that stillness surly God will come to walk up and
down his earth again. His process will be a festival for the rivers and clouds and the
following air. Where his feet fall is a quickening as new life takes shape and grows aware.
Where his feet rest songs will rise voiceless, mindless. And yet quite wise the world is;
‘Life is Here, Life is There, Now love stirs.’ But that will be no news then, None at all.
Harley Mattews.

There will be nothing on this world soon. Nothing at all” said Morgan taking off his
reading glasses watching everyone as the whole stadium sat in silent.
The Japanese, Americans, Canadians, Irish, Africans, Iranians, Australians, Chinese, and
Russians were all silent. They knew in their hearts that the world was at an end. They
knew that Morgan knew the time had comefor the end of the world. When would it be they
thought. They all hoped they could turn back time. Turn back time to stop the robots, wars,
clones, and the evil use of money and power. They knew the wrongs and they knew the
price that humans will have to pay. The price of life. Morgan walked out of the stadium.
“ He’s special,” said Walter to Duncan.
“ Yes Walter he is,” answered back Duncan.

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