Chapter 12 – Seasons of the Moon

The journey from the Electrical Dungeon had been surprisingly quiet for the group. With Alexander leading following by Alfred, Celia, and Thunder following the group were heading to the sea with Alex still puzzled over the riddle that element of Wind gave him.

The knight saw the little beach that led to the ocean and stopped the group to discuss the riddle.

“This riddle Wind gave me earlier is still on my mind. Maybe someone can help me. It goes like this: Through sparks and water you shall fly and your heart will take you the rest of the way,” Alex spoke to the group.

“We’ve been through the sparks,” Alfred murmured.

“Water and Ice like these riddles too, I expect Water is the poetry tragic of the elements. The seas are the next part and then it should be easy to find the Season Island. Follow your heart; go with your gut feeling he’s trying to tell you. To the sea we go,” Thunder said.

“How do we go across the seas if there is neither a boat nor way to sail,” Alfred asked Thunder.

“Good question,” said Thunder pausing for a few moments. “Don’t you have a dragonfly like Fire has?” asked Alex.

“Why, we should have taken her for a trip. I could use her,” said Thunder.

“Good, go and get her,” Alex ordered.

“You’ll be coming with me too, Alex,” Thunder said and Alex wasn’t happy.

“No you can go yourself,” Alex cried.

“Quiet you two! Alex just go with Thunder. Remember Gladus and Morcar are still around the area,” Alfred snapped at the two.

“You should have thought about your dragonfly before we left the dungeon,” Alex said disappointed.

“Let’s go and do it. Don’t worry about the past now!” cried Thunder.

Alex and Thunder left the beach and Alfred and Celia stayed put.

Shadows were playing in the Electrical Dungeon where Gladus was. Morcar had awoken from his fall and had made his way into the dungeon.

He slowly guided his way through the cords. The air was thin and cold. Morcar shook his body and moved to the ladders when he saw a figure in the background.

“Don’t come nearer nor talk for you will listen to my words,” commanded the figure.

Morcar recognised the voice and was surprised that Gladus was there. “What are you doing here?” he asked the wizard.

“Seeing where the adventurers will take us today. But for you, you cannot show yourself to them again until they reveal to you the Season Island,” Gladus spoke.

The shadow who appeared to Morcar stared at the former Richardson wizard.

“Do not go off doing anything stupid, Morcar. Just follow them and all will be revealed to us,” he said.

Gladus passed Morcar and headed to the room towards the gates. Morcar watched the strange wizard pass by and disappeared into the next room.

“How does he travel so quickly? I didn’t see him come my way,” he said to himself in wonder.

Morcar turned towards the Electrical poles room where he heard a noise beyond. He tip toed along the path and up the ladder quietly and kept his ears opened for any sounds.

“Just follow them, Morcar, and you shall seek what you are after,” he repeated to himself along the way.

He wrapped his coat around him to tighten it and walked forward to what it appeared to be Thunder’s throne room. He peeped into the room when he saw it was empty and again, he heard voices in the room. It wasn’t until he discovered one of the windows was left open that he investigated the window.

Outside he saw Alexander and Thunder calming a dragonfly. Beyond the two was a beach that Morcar sighted. He grinned to himself and wandered out of the room with his hands in his pockets. He turned to face the poles room where he saw a doorway leading outside. He crossed over to the door and nudged it open a little so it wouldn’t create any noise. He saw the pair on the dragonfly and slowly taking off into the air. The dragonfly was bright yellow and sparking Electricity as it flew off towards the beach.

The wizard took a couple steps of outside and closed the secret door on the dungeon. He saw the beach was a couple miles away and he knew it was a journey that he needed to start on as soon as possible. He didn’t dare wish to lose his mark on the group that was to lead him to the Season Island and the treasures that were buried inside.

On the beach, Alfred the Old was informing Celia that no one was going to harm them again for now anyway. Alfred was standing over a cross-legged Celia who was playing in the sand, thinking to herself.

“The two shall return soon Celia. Then we’ll be going to the Seasons Island, where the secrets of the elements have been kept since the dawn of time,” said Alfred to the girl.

“I know Alex will come through. He always does. When the spell is broken, will that mark the end of our journeys, our conquests into unknown lands and the risks we unintentionally place on our lives?” Celia asked Alfred.

His eyes changed from promise to despair. He keeled down to Celia and his hand held her chin as he smiled into her eyes.

“Your knight will try his best to keep our lives on safe shores,” he answered and he gazed upon the seas towards the unknown worlds that awaited them.

The pair turned as they heard a noise like a dragonfly calling out, Alfred gave a smile to the dragonfly and Celia jumped up excitedly to see Alex and Thunder back with the dragonfly. The dragonfly made way to land safely and the two adventurers slide off onto their feet.

“We’re safe and sound now, Celia. Now we just have to cross over the seas and look out for Season Island,” Alex said to the group.

“I agree with the knight,” said Thunder to Celia and Alfred, “It shouldn’t be hard now with Electron’s help.”

“Is that the dragonfly’s name,” Celia asked in wonder looking at the dragonfly.

“Yes it is,” Thunder answered Celia, “Each of the dragonflies the elements have, has his own name. They are all very close to us.”

Thunder walked over to prepare Electron for the ride. His bright yellow robe shone in the warm sun. Each element has his own colour and each one was different in design. Alex collected the pans and pots and placed them in the faithful rug bag. He swinged it around on his back behind the fire and ice swords that he now kept there. Alfred helped Celia up onto Electron and Alex and Thunder followed Alfred onto the dragonfly.

“I know this is heavy for you, but you can handle it,” Thunder spoke to Electron.

Electron gave a small cry, made her wings flap and then pushed herself up into the air. The dragonfly turned and blocked what appeared to be a shadow, that was watching them. The shadow crept behind the rocks that the princess and wizard were resting near while waiting for the element and knight. The face was seen through the cracks of the rocks that stood side by side along the beach.

“I must follow them some how, but overseas will prove impossible for me. If only Draken was here to aid me. His service would be so handy to me right now,” Morcar groaned to himself.

Facing the fact that he had to stay on the beach and had failed in his attempt to seek the Season Island, he jumped up from the rocks and walked casually from the beach until he came upon a great and disturbing beast. His eye pupils grew small and he clumsily took a couple steps back. He tripped over his own feet and fell onto the ground and covered his face with his arms towards the beast. The beast was like a dragonfly but yet it seemed lifeless and dark in colour. It beamed its gassy green eyes towards its prey. The beast spoke to him in English.

“The pure shadow has sent me to aid you over the seas,” it boomed to Morcar.

“Who do you mean the pure shadow?” Morcar asked in panic, “Gladus, do you mean him?”

“That is the name of my master. He also warns you not to keep the ground warm. You must keep moving and follow the group of wizards and knights to the Island.”

Morcar didn’t answer or ask any questions. He got up from the ground and dusted himself off. He had a second thought about Gladus. ‘What am I getting myself into with the unknown shadow wizard?’ He climbed on top of the dark dragonfly’s back and the beast quickly took off into the air.

Electron appeared to be chasing the sun off the face of the earth when the dragonfly was gaining ground towards the island. The dragonfly, however, appeared tired and drained at periods in the journey. Celia, concerned, asked Thunder why the dragonfly was tired.

“It’s because we’re all a bit too heavy for her liking. If we were a man lighter then she wouldn’t have problems,” Thunder answered, “But as long as there aren’t storms across the sea, there shouldn’t be any problems for us.”

But as when Thunder said those words Alfred was spying a follower on their backs. His face was suddenly concerned and shook Thunder hard.

“That is not the kind of dragonfly you keep is it?” he asked quickly pointing to the dark dragonfly behind them.

“Indeed our dragonflies do not like monsters that rise from the cracks of hell. Much like that one on our tail! Fly with all your might Electron!” cried Thunder.

Alex turned around with Alfred and spied with him too. He saw the figure on the dark dragonfly’s back.

“The trouble of that dragonfly is Morcar’s work. There is the devil himself on the beast’s back!” he cried at it.

Thunder cried back at the two people who were watching the dark dragonfly.

“The Season Island is in sight now! There it is!” he cried pointing at the island down below.

The Dark dragonfly was gaining speed upon the Electrical dragonfly. The beast gleamed at the sight of the tired and pushed the dragonfly in front of him.

“Did Gladus say just to follow and not to interfere?” Morcar asked the beast.

“We have found the island, if you look. It is down there close enough to fly. I want to give the dragonfly a little shake or two,” the beast grinned.

The wind blew in Morcar’s hair and he covered himself up because of the coldness. He held on to the beast as it started its attack on the dragonfly in front.

“Fly faster!” cried the knight as the beast smashed into Electron’s left wing. The dragonfly gave a terrible cry and started to lean to its right. Alfred slipped nearly off Electron and held on for dear life. Electron was now flying side ways as Alex, Celia and Thunder struggled with all their might to stay in their spots.

“For the sake of living, what on earth is that horror beast up to? Does he want us to drop straight into the sea!” cried the wizard in a fit. With one hand to the wing and the other to his old staff, he swung it around his hand creating a blinding light to everyone. The beast was blinded by the effect and Morcar covered his eyes.

“What has Alfred the Old done this time? He finally uses magic at the brink of his death!” he cried.

Electron also caught the blinding light by Alfred’s staff and started to drift straight towards the trees that covered the island from the warm sun.

“Hold on for your dear lives, for you may not have them when this ride is over!” cried the element and princess and knight did as they were told, without being told twice.

Alfred suddenly fell from the dragonfly when the dragonfly crossed the island over a beach opening. The knight watched in despair and cried out in vain as he watched the wizard fall onto the beach in silence. The dark dragonfly was also on the crash course towards the island. Morcar curled up like a ball on the back of the dragonfly as it crashed through the trees and cut its wings open. The beast gave a cry at the sight of a spiky log as it struck through the dragonfly and killed it instantly. Morcar was thrown to the ground ripping his robes into pieces and making wounds on the wizard.

The Season Island was quiet again, for a while until Electron awoke from falling down on a collection of logs. Thunder thought it would be better to land on them than straight into the woods. Thunder had awoken on the ground and smiled. He thought it had been a dream until he saw the fainted Alex and Celia along side him. Tiredness and sadness grew upon his face and he pushed himself up to the pair on the ground. He pushed their bodies to wake them up. Alex was first to move and he pushed Celia like the dominoes they were.

“The journey is over and the island awaits us now. Let us be on our feet and take ourselves to where we shall meet,” Thunder told them.

Alex helped himself up and held out his hand to Celia and she took it and was helped up. There was dirt on each face, tiredness too and the trio decided to find out if poor old Alfred had lived his fall from the dragonfly.

The trio quickly arrived at the beach opening where the body of Alfred laid still. Celia rushed upon him and shook him violently.

“Wake up Alfred. You can’t go on us now. Not at the time when we need you most!” she cried as a tear appeared on her cheek.

Alfred slowly awoke and smiled at her.

“I will be fine Celia. Thank you for your kindness. But I thought I saw the light at the end of all things. A hand that touched mine. It curled my hand into a ball and pushed me back onto the beach again. I don’t think it is the end for me yet,” Alfred answered half smiling at Celia.

The two hugged each other and Thunder looked at the track to the Castle of Season Island that lay closer than ever before.

“Come now folks, not long to go now!” cried the element.

Alex and Celia helped Alfred up and the four slowly made their way to the Season Island Castle, home of all the secrets of the world.

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