Chapter 12 – The Legend of Evermore

May 21st 2097 Judgement Day

The morning sun rose as Morgan woke up with a start. He knew what day it was. He has
been preparing for this day for sixty days now, Judgement Day. He got dressed as he made
his way downstairs. Levi was making toast, as he was quite the good cook with the new
techo gadgets around him. Then Morgan flicked on the TV.
“ On the news today, there is a world alert that a nuclear missile has gone off. The nuclear
war will spead out around the globe meeting at London, England, Valencia, Spain and
Accra, Ghana- Africa. People are to prepare for the worse,” said the newsreader as it

crossed to panicking Australians and Africans.
“ Guys. I have put all the instructions in the underground caves. Underground caves are
kilometers down in the earth and can survive an explosion such as a nuclear bomb” said
“You can go then ever you want to. I’ll just phone Shelly, pick her up and wait for the
end” said Morgan as he punched in her telephone number.
The band looked at each other in a sad way. They really like Morgan as much as Magus
and Chambers. What could they do to save him and the world?
“ Yes Shelly I’ll be there in 10mins” said Morgan hanging up.
“ You can stay here ok,” said Morgan as he grabbed his car keys and dashed for the door.

As Morgan left the house, the band sat around on the lounges thinking of what to do next.
“ I like Morgan and Shelly. I don’t want them to die,” said Levi
“ Yeah. I like him too,” said Duncan.
“ What can we do. There’s nothing we can do for them,” said Walter as the others looked
at Roger for an idea.
“ Maybe just maybe we can take them back to the future with us,” said Roger.
“What a great idea” said Levi happily.
“ Good one Roger. You see, Roger isn’t dumb all the time” smiled Duncan.
Walter was unsure about the whole idea.
“ We can’t change the course of time you know,” said Walter.
“ Don’t be stupid Walter. There’s Morgan plus bomb equals bang! No more Morgan” said
“ He’s got a point you know Walter,” said Levi.
“ Ok we can do it I guess,” said Walter.
Then a telephone call rang in as the band stood up in silent. They didn’t know what to do
with it.
“ Pick it up Levi. That’s what Morgan does,” said Walter.
Levi picked it up as Morgan’s voice came through the earpiece.
“ I need you guys down where I work at once. Robots are attacking humans and stopping
us form leaving the area. Ok?” asked Morgan.
“ We must get to the office building where Morgan works at once. The robots are
attacking him and Shelly,” said Levi as the others got ready to leave.

The band ran to the scene where hundreds of people ran around the city. Roger slashed his
sword into the robots, as a tall robot was watching in the background.

“ So this is the band who protected Mr. Douglas?” asked the leader robot.
“ Yes” said his follower.
Walter blasted fireballs at the robots as Shelly stayed in the car where she heard the news.
“ Most of the world is destroyed, including America, Australia, Africa and Asia. England
is the last to be hit. Two waves of nuclear will meet in London” said the radio reader as
Shelly shut off the radio.
The robots smashed into the car as Morgan knocked them down to stop them. Then
Morgan saw the robot world leader as he walked up to him.
“You made the bomb, didn’t you?” asked Morgan.
“ Of course I did Morgan. The end is here. Like you said before the end has come in
weeks” smiled the robot as Morgan bashed him to the ground.
“ You are Satan of the robots!” screamed Morgan.
“ So it may be. I am the best of my kind. The robots were to kill humans. Because we
don’t believe in masters!” cried the leader.
“ You know this bomb is killing the robots too you know” said Morgan.
“ Is it?” asked a shocked leader as he looked at his follower as he nodded yes to Morgan’s
“ Oh no,” said a quiet leader.
Morgan looked at the nuclear waves entering the city trapping him, the band, and the robot
“ Looks like we’ll both screwed now,” smiled Morgan as he walked off.
Morgan got Shelly out of the car as Roger ran to Morgan.
“ We want you to come to the future with us. We like you and want you to leave this world
now” said Roger as Walter threw the time staff into the ground. The time doorway opened
as the nuclear waves appeared on the street blowing up everything in sight.
“ Can I take Shelly?” asked Morgan.
“ Yes. Let’s go!!” yelled Duncan.
Then the robot leader bumped Walter and the time staff as he begged him.
“ Take me!” he begged.
“ You do the time then you do the time,” said Walter as he threw him back into the nuclear
“ Noooo!” he screamed as he was blasted apart on the street
The band all jumped through the hole, as Morgan was ready to leave, Shelly ran to the
hole, she tripped over as the wave gave chase to her“ Shelly!” shouted Morgan as he
grabbed she and made a dash for the hole. The two jumped through as the waves smashed
into each other as the Earth blasted apart the surface of everything. The end had come.

May 21
st 2121

The band didn’t know, that the robot leader had pushed Walter and the time staff, causing
the staff to re-type a new year in the staff. The band looked around the place, they knew
something was wrong.
“ This isn’t home. Where’s Aaron Lilly’s castle?” asked Levi
Roger looked at the time staff and saw the problem.
“ The year is wrong guys that’s all. We can just use it again” explained Roger.
Then Walter found another problem in the making.
“ The time staff is overheated because of the heat of the nuclear waves. Aaron said to give
it twenty-four hours to cool off.”
The band saw a small village as the group made their way to a shop where they sell foods.
“ So Morgan who’s got the stupid clothes now?” asked Duncan funny wise.
Now Morgan knew he was the odd one out in the world, with Shelly that is.
There were chairs to sit on as the group ordered some lunch to eat.
“ It’s so different here. The life style has changed a lot,” said Shelly.
Then a young boy walked out of the shop as he saw the band.
“ Are you new in town?” asked the boy.
“ Yes and you are?” asked Shelly.
“ Jordan. I live here,” said Jordan.
“ I guess you can be our guide for today,” said Roger.
“ Sure ok,” said Jordan as he showed the way to his house.
Jordan lived by himself and his girlfriend Sarah, as Morgan gave a second look at the
young couple.
“ How old are you two?” asked Morgan thinking.
“ I’m sixteen and Sarah’s fifteen” said Jordan.
“ My god” said Morgan.
“ I know it’s old,” said Jordan.
Morgan heard the words and nearly threw up in his drink.
“ You’re too young to live by yourself,” said Morgan.
Then Walter helped him with some history.
“ The population of today is only under 1000 you understand. Teenagers are told to do this
for the sake of the human race” reminded Walter.
Morgan nodded and understood.
The night fell, as the band wanted a good night sleep for tomorrow’s trip back to Evermore

Castle. Roger blew out the last candle.

The next morning came as the group was preparing to use the time staff. But there were
problems in the house, someone was in a lot of pain. Sarah had pulled a muscle and
Morgan was checking the injury out.
“ We need a doctor, where is he?” asked Morgan.
“ Um we don’t have one. There’s no doctor on the planet” said Jordan worried.
“ Great!” cried Morgan.
“ We can’t leave Sarah like this,” said Shelly.
“ Hang on, Andrew’s a good healer isn’t he?” asked Levi to Walter.
“ Well he did heal Wellington didn’t he. We might have to take the two of them to the
future then” said Walter out of options.
“ The future. It sounds weird” said a worried Jordan.
“ You haven’t met weird until you’re met Walter” said Duncan as Walter gave a light tap
over the head.
Roger agreed to the idea as the group got outside as Walter threw the time staff into the
ground and the time doorway opened. The band didn’t realize that the time staff was still
overheated but not as badly as before. The time staff’s dials were flashing on and off as
Morgan and Jordan’s groups jumped through the hole. As the band jumped through the
hole the time staff suddenly changed the time year. The band grabbed the staff and slid
into another unknown year.

November 29


Morgan fell to the ground while the other three travelers hopped down to the ground
“ Get up lazy” laughed Shelly as Morgan dusted himself off.
“ I hope this is the right year,” said Morgan.
Then Jordan walked up to a man in the Town Square they landed in what the year is.
“ Excuse me, what is the year this year?” asked Jordan.
“ It’s 2678 young lad” answered the man.
“ We’re in the right year and place. But where are the band?” asked Morgan.
“ Maybe they got lost in a other year” suggested Shelly.
“ I hope not” said Morgan.
Then a horse carriage came down form the Evermore Castle as a familiar royal member
stepped out.

“ Who are you and what do you know of the band?” asked the person.
Morgan studied the clothes and the characterizations of the person as he spoke out.
“ You must be King Chambers of Evermore. We come form the past. You sent the band
back in time to study the world back then and I can tell you everything of the past world
history,” said Morgan.
“ I don’t believe you. The band has been missing for two months now. Guards arrest these
criminals!” yelled Chambers.
“ This Evermore place is pretty bad,” said Shelly as the guards grabbed the four of them.
“ Honey they are just confused. The king only wants us dead because his fellow band
members are missing, ok dear?” said Morgan as the prisoners were taken away.

June 10
th 2663

As soon as the band landed on ground they knew they had got the time wrong again. Plus
their fellow travelers had gone to the right year.
“ Damn that stupid time staff. I’ll break it in half,” yelled Duncan as he was really looking
forward in going home.
Then Roger spotted the Spiritual Doctor’s castle.
“ We’re on the mountain again,” said Roger as the band walked into the castle that told
them about the past world.
The castle was the same as it will be in 15 years time. The band walked into the courtroom
and they hide in a corner, they didn’t want to play another game of his again. Then they
heard a huge noise. The Spiritual Doctor came flying into the wall as he quickly got up
with a sword in his left hand.
Then a young boy ran in with his sword to sash the doctor to the ground.
“ You’re a sore loser Doctor. Tell me the past of the world now,” cried the boy.
“ Not now Chambers, one day you may find out. The time is not right boy,” said the
Doctor as the band watched in the background amazed.
“ Chambers did say he once tried to get info himself but failed,” said Levi.
Then Chambers ran off as the Doctor gave chase after him. Chambers ran into a room
where a table and chairs were. The doctor ran in and he waved his arms around the chairs
rose by themselves. They smashed into the wall as Chambers dodged them all. Then he
fell against a wall and a script book slid from his pocket to the corner of the room.
“ That’s how we found that book in the future. He dropped it,” said Duncan as the others

Chambers ran out of the castle never to return. The band though it was time for them to
leave too. They watched the doctor return to his courtroom and they made a quick exit out
of the haunted castle.
“ The time staff is ok now. We can go now,” said Walter as he threw the staff to the
The doorway opened and the band walked through it to their homeland.

Present Day

The band had finally returned home appearing at the timekeeper’s castle. Aaron came out
as Walter handed back the staff.
“ That was one hell of a ride,” said Walter.
“ I can see it was. Don’t be late for the special festival that King Chambers is having” said
“ What is it about?” asked Roger.
“ Some people claimed they were from the past and Chambers think they are criminals.
Finally after eight years, a good hanging is happening” said Aaron as the band’s faces
went plaid.
“ That’s Morgan and Jordan!” said the band together as they ran off to save their time
traveling friends.
“ Those guys must like adventure,” said Aaron as he dusted down the time staff.

The four time traveler prisoners were moved to the hanging area as Magus and Andrew
were protesting over this.
“ You don’t have evidence about these people Chambers” cried Andrew.
“ They came from the past and the band are missing. So they killed the band. Open shut
case,” said King Chambers
“ You just want to use the new hanging device, don’t you!” snapped his son.
“ So maybe I do! So what!” shouted King Chambers at his son
The Prisoner’s were ready to face death as a small crowd of people came to watch.
Chambers called for the hang to drop.
“ Drop!” a voice cried as suddenly a sword few into the area chopping down all four
“ Roger!” cried the king as Roger and his followers came forward to the king.
“ These are our friends. They hold the keys to the past” shouted Roger.
“ Free those people I was wrong” said Chambers.

“ Again..” said Magus as Chambers gave a light hit over the head.

Morgan, Shelly, Jordan and Sarah were dressed in good looking castle royal clothes and
Andrew noticed something of Sarah.
“ Are you in pain dear,” asked Andrew.
“ Yes” answered Sarah.
“ She’s ill. This is why we came here to see you” said Jordan.
“ Sorry about trying to hang you and all that” said Chambers to the small group.
“ That’s ok,” said Morgan with a funny look.
Then Morgan spoke to Roger about something.
“ Remember that Library you saw Roger. I put all the stuff in a underground cave so we
better go get it. So Chambers, the answer to the past of Earth is in the cave I spoke of,”
said Morgan as Chambers eyes lit up.
“ Well let’s go!” cried the excited king as the group left and Shelly, Jordan and Sarah
stayed back.

The band, Morgan, and Chambers arrived at the scene where the cave was.
“ You know that Evermore is really France and some other countries six hundred years
back?” said Morgan.
“ Interesting,” said Chambers as Morgan and Levi opened the cave up and they saw all the
“ This is truly amazing!” cried Chambers running into the cave.
He read through books as Duncan and Duncan started taking books out.
“ Well this will go in my library,” said Chambers.
“ Make sure it’s in public view Chambers. There are people like you who want to know
their history too,” reminded Morgan.
Morgan walked outside as Duncan sat down to get a rest.
“ Is there anymore caves to see Morgan?” asked Duncan.
“ Yes quite a few. Inside them are instructions from making clothes to performing doctor
operations. You see there are thousands of jobs you people can do to help strength this
world,” explained Morgan.
“ I’m going home. I’m tired,” complained Roger.
He had worked hard getting out all the books for Morgan and Chambers.

That night when all the members of the Evermore were asleep, Roger was tossing and
turning in his bed. He was having a dream. He was walking in Mentor’s castle as he

appeared to him in a small room.
“ Roger, Graford’s power is high. His greed is increasing too. There is a urge in him for
great change, and so it shall happen,” said the Mentor.
“ When is it happening?” asked Roger.
“ Happen, happen, happen, happen,” cried Mentor as his voice slowly disappeared.
Roger quickly woke up in his bed to look outside the castle.
“ Graford,” he said to himself.

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