Chapter 13 – Seasons of the Moon

The trio of adventurers made their way through the forest to a path that led to the Season Island Castle. Their bodies were tired and dirty, drained of power from their journeys to the Electrical Dungeon, the beach and the sea travel needed to the island. They had encounters with Morcar and Gladus during their journey. Because of this they knew they were coming to a special place in the world. The enemy didn’t want Alex, Alfred and Celia to find out about the island.

Alex lifted his head each time a branch was in their way and he cut them down to size with one of his swords. The stress and courage the young knight had shown had taken the wind out of him. However, Alfred and Celia were enjoying the scenery of the island. Little huts were scattered around on the island and it was an escape tropical island to them. The forest started to disappear and the trio came out on the main path to the Castle.

“It’s a paradise. I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Alfred cried out.

“It is a great area to explore but we prefer that no one comes here,” Thunder explained.

The afternoon was bright and peaceful, a pleasant change in the wind for the adventurers. Alfred paused for a moment to rub his eyes and gazed upon the amazing castle that lay before them.

“It’s a masterpiece, this castle, all golden, tall and powerful looking, unlike the other castles we’ve been going to. This is less natural than your own homes,” Alfred said openly, “And I think there are treasures to be opened.

“Like I said before, we prefer people not to go inside,” answered the Element.

Alexander was now behind them and was panting, putting his hand on the ground so as not to fall over. He looked at the golden castle and turned to Thunder, “Why can’t we go inside? We have risked our own lives to get this far,” Alex complained.

“It is not because we dislike you. I will allow you inside. But there are secrets that we dare not show to others. Concerning the make up of our powers,” Thunder explained to the knight.

“We won’t tell of the secrets that we learn inside those walls,” Alex said, “We all promise, even the wizard and princess.”

“I know you are good people. Come with me, the doorway is just here,” Thunder pointed out with his arm at the door.

It had carvings of dragons and trees, rich details of the element’s homes and environments. Thunder pushed open the door and the group stepped inside the cool aired castle.

“It’s not hot like outside. We’re blessed I tell you,” Alfred said. “Yes it’s quite cold,” Alex commented, “Much like when Celia and

I were at Ice’s palace.”

Thunder led the party through the wide open rooms with rich paintings on the wall and sculptures along the way.

“The elements have always been good storytellers, always believing that things happen in history for a reason. Even the courage of young Richardson knight Alexander was important in itself,” Thunder explained.

A golden pattern streamed into every room in the castle and the party looked at the white marble floors that led them deeper and deeper into the castle towards their final destination. Golden poles carved in the shape of dragons rose to the roof tops and the ceilings with swirls and turns and pictures of dragonflies in gold and silver linings.

“We thought we would make this the best second to the ThunderDragon’s own castle haven. It’s a wonder to look at. But in the final room this is where the books are kept,” Thunder explained to them. He was like a guide now, strolling through the rooms and pointing out the paintings.

The adventurers came into the final room and there was a library on the side filled with books. It looked like each book was dressed with its own red gown. Thunder placed his finger at the start and got the other three to watch him.

“Inside these books are the mark and date’s of the events of the elements. Some of the important things in history we have done and what events had happened,” Thunder told them, “Also there are spell books where some spells have cures too, such as the one Morcar had made. I hope it’s in these books or our task will grow more difficult.”

“Tell me, Thunder,” Alfred asked, “What do the other books say about the elements?”

“They tell the make up of us elements, as I explained to you outside the castle,” answered Thunder, “However we haven’t looked up how our powers are managed. We have never thought about it.”

“Well you should be thinking about it a lot. With the new dangers you face, you must know your own powers,” Alfred complained to Thunder.

“We are peacemakers, not warriors,” snapped the element.

“What happens when the enemy takes your power away, hmmm? What will happen then?” cried Alfred.

Alex and Celia were behind the feud when Alex looked over to the end of the room. To where the throne would sit, instead stood six tall crystal holders. It reached to Alexander’s hips and he pointed it out to Alfred and Thunder.

“That would never happen Alfred, we would never…” “Excuse me but what is this?” Alex asked interrupting Thunder.

Thunder looked blank and Alfred pondered his mind over it, when a voice from the doorway spoke to them.

“It is the crystal holders, they are important to us,” it said.

“Ice? How did you get here?” Alex cried when he saw the figure at the doorway.

“I used Artice, my dragonfly. I saw outside the damage Thunder caused in the forest. ThunderDragon won’t be pleased about that,” sneered Ice to the element Thunder.

He walked over next to Alex and Celia with his hands in his pockets. He looked at the holders and said, “If our powers are taken away from us then they are returned back to where they first originally came from.”

“Then what happens?” Alfred snapped.

“Then we can repeat the process and receive our powers again,” Ice answered.

“It sounds stupid to me. All they need to do is to keep you away from the crystals. There must be a way to expose your powers. A weak link in the chain, Ice,” Alfred said.

“There isn’t one. We have the perfect system,” Ice complained to Alfred.

Alfred was fuming at the two elements. He knew that the current system that the elements had, had flaws in it. Alex and Celia stood by themselves and watched. The knight and the princess didn’t want to join the disagreements.

“There are spells which could break the bonds of the crystals. What would you do if Morcar broke the crystals and received your powers? Tricking the crystals to believe that Morcar was an element?” questioned the old wizard.

“The crystals are perfect. This is the work of our leader ThunderDragon. Do you question his own power?” asked Thunder.

Ice and Thunder looked at the old wizard and Alfred tossed his head madly.

“Fine, I am questioning your stupid dragon’s power. What an utter fool to create such a stupid system! Why don’t you get rid of the crystals…”

“Quiet Alfred and you two, Ice and Thunder. We have a task at hand. Let us do our job now,” Alex interrupted the argument.

The party was quiet at last and Alfred nodded and pointed at Alexander.

“Lucky we have Alex to keep us on task, or we would be fighting all night!” laughed Alfred about the discussion.

Ice and Thunder followed with similar laughs and Celia and Alex looked at each other with straight faces and raised eyebrows.

“I believe we need to find these crystals, because Morcar and Draken could still find them and use them to their advantage. Where are these crystals, Ice and Thunder?” Alex asked the elements.

”We have misplaced them, again. The elements keep losing them,” Ice answered.

“And Ice loses them too,” Thunder added.

“I do misplace mine too,” Ice said unwillingly.

Alex turned back to Alfred and clapped his hands at him, “You better get to the books and search for the spell. Ice and Thunder, Morcar is expected to have lived through the crash with that strange dark dragonfly. It will be well thanked if you keep an eye on the wizard on the beach,” Alex said to the group.

“I’ll have a look now,” Alfred replied.

“Thunder and I will move outside and search the grounds. Artice will help. Your Electron looks very tired. Did you carry everyone here?’ Ice asked Thunder.

“There was no other way,” Thunder answered sadly.

“Come with me, Thunder, and we’ll explore the island forest,” Ice said and they walked on out of the room leaving the humans to themselves.

Alex explored the holders and looked at the colored design of the holders. The knight was feeling lighter on his feet. He had been resting little since the battle with the dark dragonfly and now he wanted to remain calm for the rest of the journey, as well as the return to the Richardson Castle. However, he still looked tired and spent, and Celia was the same.

“Do you really believe that there are other ways to defeat the elements?” Alex asked Alfred, “I mean there’re not pushovers, are they?”

“I hope not but, these elements are taking things very lightly. If I were them I would be on panic alarm over the amount of people trying to control them. Who knows how they could control the elements and their leader,” Alfred explained to the knight, “And I wouldn’t have been so rude if I didn’t think I was right,” he added turning to face Alex.

Alfred picked up a couple of books and placed them on his arm and read them. He suddenly touched his leg and then found a stool to sit down on.

“Anything wrong, Alfred?” Celia asked the wizard.

“No, my legs play up every now and again. Sadly it is old age Celia. I believe I’m on track for finding a cure here. They’re talking about the same magic Morcar tends to use,” Alfred said.

“Interesting, I do agree with Alfred that their system is strange, but maybe just maybe there is something the ThunderDragon doesn’t know and that the book does know,” Alex said, “But chances are I’m wrong and the dragon is right.”

“You could be right,” said Celia.

“And he may not. He’s inexperienced I tell you Celia. That’s his only fault in him and one he will learn as he grows,” Alfred said to Celia who was still poking through pages of books.

The searching took an hour and Alfred was getting drowsy with all the reading. Alex came over and took the book from him.

“I haven’t finished with that one Alex,” he said.

“Let me do some reading and rest your eyes. Go outside and see the elements,” Alex said and Alfred smiled at him. He got up slowly and rubbed his legs before heading out through the huge rooms.

“Now where did the wizard get up to I wonder,” said the knight to himself.

Alfred had made it to outside the Seasons Island Castle. The wizard took himself down the pathway to where he saw Thunder on the edge of the forest. He had his hand over his eyes looking for something and he was pulling on his robe.

“Looking for someone?” the wizard asked smiling.

“I’m watching Ice in the forest at this point. He will call to me when he needs me. Where are Alex and Celia?” asked Thunder, “Still in the Castle?”

“Yes. The knight is giving my eyes a rest for now. But I feel we’re getting closer to the cure. Those books are quite useful,” answered the wizard.

“They are even more useful depending what hands they fall into,” Thunder said.

“There must be faults with the elements because you are half human. Isn’t that true?” Alfred asked.

“Of course,” answered Thunder, “We have our faults. I’m quick minded. I rush into things then mess them up,” he added.

Thunder saw Ice waving at him to come down to him and Alfred asked one more question. “What is Ice’s weakness?”

“It’s not what’s weak it’s what he has. Don’t you know?” asked Thunder. Alfred tossed his head. “He has a frozen heart,” he answered Alfred and quickly jogged down into the forest to meet Ice.

Alfred looked at the sun going down over the sea and decided it was time to met up with Alex again in the Season Island Castle. He fast-paced his way along the rooms and hugged his brown old clothes to himself. He was feeling the cold in the castle and he stepped into the room as Alex showed him a book.

“Last one, this should give us something or we’re in trouble for answers to our problems,” Alex said with a worried face.

“Let me see to it. I should find it in no time,” answered Alfred receiving the book.

Alfred quickly placed himself on the stool. He read the contents and nodded to himself. Alex and Celia watched.

“I hope he finds what we seek,” the knight said to the princess. “Yes we’ve been here all day. We shouldn’t need to be here for

night as well,” Celia answered back.

“Hang on young ones. I may have found it. Oh yes I have, I have found it!” cried out Alfred in excitement.

Alex and Celia rushed up to the wizard and the wizard turned the book to show it.

“Just a few humming words and the spell is broken. Must be done by a wizard and I am one!” he cried.

“Our hero, Alfred the Old!” hailed Alex.

Celia hugged Alfred and the wizard smiled at them.

“We must tell the two elements at once about our finding. Go Alex and find them in the forest,” Alfred told the knight who rushed to the doorway where Ice was standing.

“I hear cries of excitement. Tell me what did you find?” Ice asked. “Alfred found the spell cure,” Alex said pointing at the wizard,

“Hail our hero!” he added happily.

“I will hail our hero when he breaks the spell,” Ice said, “However, Thunder has spotted Morcar and we have suggested leaving the island at once for your safely. Take the spell book and we’ll return it when we’re finished with it,” he added.

Ice led the group through the rooms and came to the front door. He gave a look at the spell book and Alfred.

“I know a place where we can break the spell. Near the ocean it’s a place we can try,” Ice said to Alfred.

“The ocean,” Alex said to Celia, “Is there another way?” Alex asked Ice.

“No, not really. We don’t want Morcar to find us, do we now?” Ice said.

Alex and Celia looked at each other in silence. They knew the mere dangers of adventuring near the ocean and on the beach. They saw how the dark oceans treated ThunderDragon so badly

“We shall go via Artice. She will try her best to keep everyone on board, unlike Electron,” Ice said and the group exited the Season Island Castle.

The forest was especially quiet without the buzzing of the insects and butterflies that were scattered within the forest. Thunder’s hair was standing up and he took each step with caution. Sweat went at a snails pace down his forehead when he turned the corners, watching for anything. The trees started to blur on Thunder and move by themselves. Seeds of magic were planted along the way. The element darted his eyes backwards and forwards looking for Morcar.

Then the element spotted a shadow within the haunted trees. Thunder’s eyes lit up at the shadow towards him; suddenly tree roots shot up at the element and grabbed him. The roots wrapped around the element like a snake and an other figure was behind the shadow.

“Who is this?” cried the figure.

Thunder struggled and pushed the roots off his face to see the figure, “Morcar, then who the devil is this shadow?” he cried out.

The shadow turned back to Morcar and revealed a fraction of its face and Morcar jumped back in fear. Thunder created an Electrical blast around the roots and he was released onto the ground. He then heard the noises of Electron at the beach and he ran off frightened of the shadow.

Morcar was now left alone on the Seasons Island unable to know neither where he was on the Earth, nor how to return back home. He turned around and watched the trees moving in together and the wind blowing towards the leaves. The shadow had disappeared on the spot. Morcar swirled around and the forest continued to close in on him.

“The wind again,” thought the wizard. He walked back towards the Seasons Castle then caught something of a shadow on his way there. His fear turned to frustration and anger.

“Who dares to walk near me? I am lost and do not make fun of this. Show yourself at once!” shouted Morcar. He wasn’t in any mood for tricks.

The shadow appeared and it was familiar figure, Morcar half smiled and then frowned again. The he remembered it would be the typical thing for the shadow to do this.

“How did you get here?” he asked the figure.

“Gladus knows a thing or two about secret places. Also, I’m checking up on you again. You couldn’t stay away from the elements,” said the strange wizard.

“It was the dark dragonfly. A horrible beat it was. Took over from my order,” Morcar complained.

“It follows only me, Morcar. It disobeyed me and it paid with its life,” Gladus spoke.

The shadow wizard gazed up at the Season Island Castle and smiled to himself, his hands behind his back.

Gladus wandered around the doorway to the Season Island Castle and gave a smile. He knew things that Morcar didn’t.

“What interesting secrets we shall find here. Wish to come for the journey?” Gladus asked with a smile.

“What do you think we will find?” asked Morcar.

“This is the key to their power, how it works and how to destroy that power. These books inside will give us the key to overpower them, or weaken them,” Gladus spoke.

“Why did they come here in the first place?” asked Morcar, “To find out for themselves?”

“The elements should know their own weaknesses and they would even want to tell their human companions. However, they must have come here because they needed to find a cure for their spell. Either they left because of the threat of you or they found the cure,” Gladus explained.

“Then show us the way into the castle and let us find out those secrets of the elements,” Morcar answered him and the two wizards moved off to the castle.

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