Chapter 13 – The Legend of Evermore

Walter and Magus were having toast as Levi handed some to Chambers and William.
“ This toaster is brilliant. I love this technology,” said Chambers
Then Roger came downstairs rubbing his eyes like a child.
“ I had a dream with Mentor. He spoke of Graford’s latest plan. I think we should go see him”
said Roger.
“ Over a dream? I don’t think so,” said Walter.
“ Why not see him. We haven’t seen him in ages. He would like to know what we did in the
past too” said Levi as Walter frowned.
He didn’t want to go anywhere. He wanted to lazy around the castle for at lest a day. Then
Duncan walked in and Roger told him about the dream and the trip. Duncan saw that Walter
didn’t want to go and he smiled with glory.
“ I’ll say yes. Just to piss off Walter again,” smiled Duncan as Walter bashed the kitchen

“ Stupid dream!” shouted walking out and Duncan roared out with laughter.
The band got on their way as Walter bashed his staff on the ground each time he took a step.
Then Mentor’s castle was in view.
“ The same old castle again. I wonder what he does in there all the time?” wondered Roger.
“ Not a lot,” said Walter as they got to the door.
Duncan opened it as the familiar cold and blue light scene came in to view again. The band
walked past the old objects of Mentor’s life. He had collected a lot of things in his life. He
was a bit of a collector in his life, when not battling Graford. Roger opened a door where
Mentor was infront of his fireplace in his chair.
“ You got my dream Roger?” asked Mentor.
“ Yes. You made that dream for me?” asked Roger back.
“ Yes Roger. You are the leader and I sent a message to the leader of the band,” said Mentor.
“ Sit down my friends I have news to tell you,” said Mentor and the others came to sit down
on the other chairs.
“ Graford has been seen in the south getting wizards ready for a battle at Greenham.
Something to do with some magic spells. I want you to investigate the problem and retire any
wizards who are working in the name of Chaos,” said Mentor.
“ Is that all?” asked Duncan.
“ No. Graford is now heading to the Spiritual Doctor’s castle. So you must move quickly my
friends,” said Mentor as the band got up.
“ Thank you Mentor. We will save Greenham and help the Doctor if he needs it,” said Roger
The band walked out of the castle as Walter waved over the ground as a green hoverboard
“ Here’s some quicker transport guys. If he doctor needs help,” said Walter as the band
climbed on and the group blasted off form the their mentor’s castle.
Graford was at the doctor’s castle while his fellow wizard followers stayed at the entrance.
Graford walked to the courtroom as the doctor appeared before to him.
“ Well well well. If it isn’t the bad boy of Chaos magic. You know most of the world hates
you at the moment,” said the Spiritual Doctor.
“ Why’s that? I thought I was quite popular in Evermore,” said Graford.
“ Well you’ve killed thousands of people. The king of Evermore hates you and you’re just not
a nice guy” said the doctor.
“ Shut up doctor. I want you to tell me the future. I know you know the past. Can you tell the
future?” asked Graford.
“ I know your future Graford. If you do live or not. I’ll tell you. Without even pasting one of
my games,” said the doctor.
“ Why?”
“ Because your future isn’t good pal”
“ What is it?”
“ Well you will cause a lot more heartache which is something you are good at doing. But in
the end you will be stopped for once and for all.”
“ By who you say of.”
“ Those guys” said the doctor pointing behind Graford.
He turned to face Roger and the band.
“ Long time, no see. Still doing the good deeds of the town I see” said Graford.
“ Leave the doctor alone” said Roger as he eyed Graford.
“ I was just leaving Roger. Such a pity you won’t be around for long. As soon as I take over

this world of mine,” smiled Graford as he walked out of the courtroom.
“ I didn’t need the help” said the doctor.
“ Mentor thought you needed it,” said Roger.
“ Don’t listen to him all the time. He’s too boring and old. He’s like a library, great on history
and facts. But never battles himself these days” said the doctor.
“ Don’t just stand and talk to me. Graford is on his way to Greenham. Don’t expect a warm
welcome too” said the doctor as the band ran out of the castle.
“ Forgetful group. They‘ll forget to screw their heads on if they needed to” said the doctor
The band returns to the hoverboard as they headed off to Greenham where Graford was to
attack. Walter pointed at Graford showing young wizards the way in the Greenham library.
They watched Graford moved into the library, then the band made their move. Graford yelled
at the library workers to get him a spells book on Chaos magic. The man and woman gave
books to Graford while he read parts of them.
“ Collect all the books you have on Chaos” ordered Graford as the assistants walked off in a
Then the band entered the building and Graford saw them.
“ You again! Wizards attack!” shouted Graford as the wizard fired green beams at the band.
Roger ran in to sash into some wizards and he looked around the area. Graford glared with
fire in his eyes. He had a plan so sinister that even the worst kinds of him on the plant
wouldn’t do. Roger bashed into Graford and pushes him to the wall.
“ What are you thinking now Graford?” asked Roger.
“ What an honour to drink your blood once you’re dead. The leader of good, dead in the hands
of the new devil” smiled Graford and it sent a chill down Roger’s back.
Graford pushed Roger away as he made his way out of the library. The young wizards
collected the last of the spell books then they followed their master out of the Library. Roger
and the band regrouped to find they failed to return any of the books. The assistants told them
that Graford stole Chaos spell books. So the band returned back to the castle that night to tell
Chambers the news.
That night far from the heaven lands of Evermore in a small caves on a small island. For the
past three months, Graford used the cave as a safe haven and home. He had at lest twenty
wizards, who guarded, protected and did jobs for him. Graford looked through the spell books
as his head follower by the name of Trey came inside to see his master and teacher.
“ What is your plan Graford?” asked Trey.
“ Well good question Trey. I’m going to a place called the lost world. It’s a large island in this
world. I want to contact Godlead and get him to appear on Earth for himself. I want to be
second in charge of Chaos magic. I don’t think he’ll say no to it,” said Graford.
“ Very goo Graford. You’re the greatest wizard ever,” said Trey.
“ I guess I am Trey” smiled Graford drinking some wine from his small glass.
The thing Graford didn’t tell Trey is what he’ll do if Godlead says no.
The morning sun arrived as Roger was chatting to King Chambers to see how the kingdom
was going.
“ It’s great with Morgan here. He’s created so many jobs I’ve made him Prime Minster of
Evermore. He says he was a Prime Minster once before” said Chambers to Roger.
“ Very good King Chambers,” noted Roger as Chambers nodded happily.
Then William walked in with a note to read.
“ What is it William?” asked Chambers.
“ Graford has moved near the time keeper’s castle. Analysts report that he looking for

something,” read William.
“ I better tell the others and leave at once” said Roger, as Chambers nodded his head in
The band set out to the time keeper’s castle using the hoverboard that Walter made on the
previous journey. The board flew through grass and fields towards the timekeeper’s castle.
“ This is the weak looking guy. Isn’t it?” asked Duncan.
“ Yeah” answered Levi.
The board stopped and they hoped off as the young wizard appeared at the entrance to greet
“ I guess you’re here to warn me of Graford. I can protect myself you know. Besides Graford
isn’t interested in me and my time machines. He’s looking for the lost world,” said Aaron.
“ What’s that?” asked Roger.
“ It’s a island that has no real human habitations on it. So you should follow him and see what
he’s up to,” said Aaron.
“ Here’s a special radio control I made. There’s another one at your castle with Chamber’s
son and some guy called Morgan. He said his bodyguards showed him how to use them. But I
didn’t see any guard with him” said Aaron.
Levi took the radio controller as the band headed off to the seaside.
When the band reached the seaside there were no harbors in sight. Walter had a plan.
“ I can use a little bit of magic to create a boat. It should do the trick” said Walter.
He threw his staff to the ground their red smoke gases came out of it. From the gases emerged
to be a ghost ship.
“ I know this spell pretty well now,” said the wizard.
The band slowly got on the ship, as Duncan was unsure of the ship.
“ Will this ship sink?” asked Duncan.
“ Only if you get on fatso” laughed Walter. Duncan walked off in a huff.
The ghost ship moved off towards the lost world. The ship sailed through the cold sea, which
hadn’t seen a ship in hundreds of years. Levi took out a map as Roger looked at it.
“ What’s that?”
“ It’s the ancient world map with all the old countries that Morgan lived in” said Levi.
Then the radio controller made a noise and Duncan picked it up.
“ Hello” he shouted into it.
“ Don’t yell into it Duncan. It’s me Morgan. Tell me where you are” said Morgan.
“ Heading to a island to the north” said Duncan.
“ Wow! You’re going to England. My old home. This isn’t a lost world you know. I know it”
smiled Morgan.
The ghost ship neared England while traveling at full speed.
“ Over and out” said Morgan. Duncan didn’t know what he meant.
“ Over and out…idiot” said Duncan putting down the controller.
The ghost ship stopped at the edge of the beach where Walter got off first. He checked the
area and there was no evidence that Graford had come to this part of the country.
“ Let’s camp here for the night and think of something in the morning.” said Walter, and the
others agreed.
The band went to sleep as the night sky fell over then ruins of England.
Graford was busy hatching his plan that night. He was in the London town where he was
sending a message to Godlead the leader of Chaos magic.
“ Godlead! I call you to come to the island of the Lost World. I need more power to stop the

band of Evermore. Come to this earth tomorrow night and let the world witness the true
terrorizing power of Godlead” shouted out Graford as lighting streaked around the skies.
Graford knew the beast was coming.
Morning came as Duncan was up and about. He started kicking people to wake them to start
looking for Graford.
“ Don’t kick me!” yelled Roger in his sleep as Duncan laughed.
“ Lazy bums. Get up. I don’t want Graford taking over the world, do you?” asked Duncan as
the other slowly got up.
The band put their sleeping items in the ghost ship then they headed into the unknown
country. The band entered the London town where they escaped from the nuclear waves. The
area was in ruins. The huge buildings that once stood were now skeletons as the smaller ones
were now the dust of the earth. Roger used his sword to move rubble to see what might have
survived. Then Walter spotted Graford at a centre, a burned out one really. Graford was
ordering wizards to guard the ruined city. Walter showed the others what he saw and they
moved in to spy on the evil invaders. They got close enough to hear what Trey had to say to
the other guards.
“ Well tonight Graford will see Godlead in the flesh. I think this is exciting for the team and
for Graford most of all. Once he’s got more power, he can easily destroy Evermore and the
band forever” said Trey with a smile on his face.
The band looked at each other as they circled the wizards. Trey walked off to meet up with
Graford. Then the band leaped out and bashed the six wizards down. It was quite quick and
profession, they have been practicing, for the first time. The band tied the wizards up and put
them in an old room then Levi put logs in front of the door.
“ Well Graford’s lost his bodyguards, did he” said Levi with his hands on his hips.
The night had come quickly and dark clouds covered the ancient city of London. Graford was
at the government house, the place where Morgan worked briefly as a prime minister those six
hundred years ago. Graford walked around the old stadium where it heard the speech of
“ This place has many memories for humans. Today a new memory will be made. The coming
of Godlead” said Graford.
Then the band entered without the chaos wizard knowing. They hide beside the many seats
that made up the stadium. Roger held his sword close to him, he watched Graford look at the
roof of the stadium. Then Roger appeared behind him with his sword.
“ Stop where you are Graford” said Roger.
“ So you followed me all the way to the Lost World” said Graford.
“ It’s not lost, it’s England” said Duncan.
“ Whatever! You can’t stop me now Roger. Godlead is coming”
“ When?” asked Roger.
Then the ground started to shake as Graford put his hand to his ear.
“ Now.”
Fire appeared in the middle of the stadium as Godlead started to appear. Roger looked back at
Walter, Levi, and Duncan. They grew with fear on what’s in store for them now.
“ Godlead has come. These are the cause of trouble I have on this world” said Graford
pointing at the band.
“ So you will get more power” said Godlead.
He appeared to be three times the height of the average human. His skin color was red and he
wasn’t a friendly guy to talk to too. Godlead fed Graford more power and he turned back to
the band then he blasted red beams at them. Walter fired green beams back as Graford yelled

and created a fire around the stadium.
“ You can’t escape this time Roger. More power Godlead” ordered Graford, there was a
“ No more Graford. You are already the most powerful chaos wizard on Earth. What more do
you want” said Godlead.
“ Your throne” glared Graford as Roger went into shock.
Graford was challenging the most powerful wizard in the world. He is one of the devil’s
knights who protect Satan the man of Evil. How could Graford do the impossible, or to
Graford the possible.
“ That’s right Godlead. I want to be king. I will rule over the humans and do a better job too.
I’m smarter and braver than any other human on the planet” said Graford.
The band moved into the background as Godlead moved up to Graford.
“ Ok Graford. The challenge is on” said Godlead as they whipped out their staffs.
The wizards blasted heavy white beams causing fire and electricity around the stadium.
“ Let’s go!” cried Walter as they tried to escape but Graford’s Ring of Fire was still blocking
all exits. The fire raged and flew up high expressing the fire in Graford himself.
The band watched in horror to see who will keep the evil power of Chaos.
Graford punched the giant Godlead down as he threw his staff away out of the stadium.
“ Where’s your staff now Godlead? You’re not so powerful after all!” Graford cried.
He threw his staff into Godlead as he gave a huge scream out loud. The stadium lighted up
madly as a huge beam blasted out of Godlead. The band held on the seats for dear life.
“ What a wonderful day in the world of Earth!” yelled out Graford as his eyes glowed green.
All colors blasted out of the stadium as the tied up wizards freed themselves and stepped
outside the fanatical flames.
“ Oh boy,” said Trey as the flames blasted up to the sky.
Graford was calling words out. Magical words. He had defeated the god of Chaos.
The band moved onto the stadium as Duncan watched Godlead disappeared into nothing.
“ So who’s the boss of Chaos now,” asked Duncan as Walter gave a frighten look at him.
“ I’m the new god of Chaos!” shouted out Graford as Walter looked back at Duncan.
“ Oh him” said Duncan.
“ Did we beat him Walter,” asked Roger.
“ I don’t think so Roger. I think things are starting to heat up,” said Walter as Graford looked
at the band.
Their only objective was to escape!

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