Chapter 14 – Seasons of the Moon

Gladus strolled past the pictures of the events over the existence of planet Earth. He brushed his hand over some of the pictures and Morcar was behind watching around the castle for anyone who may be watching them. The Richardson wizard touched the back of Gladus and he quickly turned around giving Morcar a surprise.

“Why do you fear being inside these castle walls. Did you not see the elements leave her” Gladus asked Morcar.

“Yes, I did see them go but still its strange being here. Here at all places. The middle of all the questions asked about nature and the world and now the answers await us beyond the doorways and walls. The truth of the creations will be revealing, Gladus. I only wanted the control of the castle and the weather,” Morcar answered.

“And you shall get what you wish for,” Gladus responded, “Come with me and you will see in the end that even the hardest puzzle can be solved in these walls.”

The pair wandered through the doorways and led themselves to the room of books where Alfred found the cure to the spell.

Gladus paced his way to the shelf of books and touched the first book on the left hand side with wonder. He was thinking deeply. Wondering what the books would reveal about the control powers of the elements. He pulled out a book and started to read it. Morcar was now watching him but something caught his eyes when he searched the room. Morcar followed and looked at the six crystal holders. Gladus spotted them too when he put the book back in its place again.

“What are these I dare ask you, Morcar? Do you know what they do?” queried the wizard.

“Yes, I remember them from reading the Book of Trunks, when the power is taken from the elements they return to the crystals. Then once placed upon these sticks they can be transferred to other beings through powerful magic,” Morcar answered Gladus.

“So if the powers are lost from the elements then they are human, just human,” thought Gladus.

“All we need is the six crystals then we will have to have a powerful spell to transfer it,” explained Morcar.

“It’s too complex, it will take a long time and still the element’s chances are good. That ThunderDragon will try his hardest to stop us. There must be easier way to get to them. These books may lead us to an answer.”

“The book says so. This is our best chance to steal their power Gladus,” Morcar begged.

“The Book of Trunks is also known to misguide the truth and mix subjects up with other affairs,” Gladus warned about the report book.

Gladus led himself to the shelves of books again and Morcar watched over the candlesticks in wonder. Gladus looked back at Morcar and thought about the crystals.

“I have one crystal myself in my lair in the desert,” Gladus cried out from the bookcase.

“Do you?” Morcar answered in excitement.

“Be quiet! It looks more like a ball with half filled of powder. There’s nothing special about it I tell you, Morcar the Richardson wizard. Don’t get your hopes too high. You can have it, there is no desire I feel for it to be kept in my lair.”

The two went quiet again and Morcar was watching over the candlesticks. Gladus kept on searching the books and came across pictures in the book. His eyes watched the detail of lines that created each picture. One he saw was one crystal and ten fingers upon it, but to his wit and skill he could not understand.

“Ten fingers, one person or is it two?” he thought to himself. “What is it telling me on how to use them or not? Is it a transfer

instruction? No, can’t be. Could it be that simple?” he continued to think. He turned a couple more pages and saw another drawing. There were the drawings of the six elements and the ThunderDragon. There were arrows that connected them where a small print was in the right hand corner. Gladus read the sentence.

“All of nature is connected within each other and must stay in that form and that form only.”

Gladus rubbed his chin and looked outside the small window near the candlesticks. He thought about the circle that the elements and the ThunderDragon were in. They were joined to each other for that special connection could not break for great danger would be unleashed upon the world.

“To break one of them, would unchain the others. They will all fall without warning, because one is broken,” Gladus said to himself.

The other wizard, Morcar, turned back to witness Gladus concentrating on the book he was reading.

“You found something?’ asked Morcar.

“Yes, the connection between the ThunderDragon and the elements,” Gladus answered excitedly.

Morcar moved next to Gladus and he showed the pictures in the book. He pointed to the first one with the fingers on the crystals.

“This first one is confusing in what it’s saying. It doesn’t have a passage like the second I will show you. Maybe its how you receive the magic yourself.”

Gladus turned the pages with the watchful Morcar looking onwards and showed the circle with the elements and their leader.

“This shows the connection between the elements. If one of the elements falls then the others will fall after him. The ThunderDragon contains all the aspects of each element within him. Thus if one of the elements dies the ThunderDragon will break. Causing the others to fall apart as the chain is broken. It’s quite a terrible system now that we know of it,” Gladus explained to Morcar.

Morcar stepped back and held his hand to his head and walked over to the candlesticks. He thought about the information.

“Why is the system so bad Gladus. What do you see that I don’t?” Gladus smiled and held the book up to show the circle of the elements and the ThunderDragon.

“The system was doomed from the start. We only need to target just one of them. Not all six of them, not even the ThunderDragon, because they are all connected to each other in soul and magic. It’s so simple.”

Morcar smiled and thought of the crystals and the greater chances of winning, seizing the moment and feeling the power of the elements through his veins.

“Yes, so we can just target one element and their powers return to the crystals?” thought Morcar out loud.

“That is what the Book of Trunks tells us. I believe there is more to that book than meets the eye.”

“What’s that, Gladus?” asked Morcar, “It’s not that simple.”

“This is the rarest power in the world and has taken hundreds of years for the elements to master when they first received it at the start of time itself. I can’t believe how one person could control it. It could be far too dangerous for you or me,” Gladus explained to him.

The wizard kept on flicking through the pages and Morcar thought about the dangerous feat of controlling of such a power.

“I can control a power like that. I have the skills to control anything! I have worked for many years with magic and this power will not scare me into a corner,” cried Morcar.

“As you wish, Morcar,” smiled Gladus behind his back. Gladus talked into the books and his eyes glared with excitement.

“His mind will fail him at the time he needs it the most. He doesn’t see it coming. He doesn’t want it to come. His stubbornness will shadow and take him over at the point of darkness. He is like his king he is his own worst enemy. We shall see how he goes,” he whispered to himself.

Morcar rose up and looked at the doorway; he walked over to it and looked back at Gladus.

“I’ll meet you back on the beach. Don’t be long now,” Morcar instructed him.

“I won’t. I will take the time I need,” answered Gladus.

The witty wizard flicked through the book again and came across a title at the back of the book.

“Concerning the soul of an element?” he asked himself at the title. The mist of the castle grew cold and Morcar rubbed his arms and tightened his coat around him. The wizard left the room and castle. Gladus turned the page in the room by himself and a sudden look came upon his face, a face of surprise.

“The page, it has been ripped out. Never to be read again. Quite interesting. Maybe that page was important. How was it lost,” he thought. He shut the book and returned the book back to the shelf. He still was thinking about the missing page.

“Someone didn’t want anyone to see that page. Who would do that?” thought Gladus to himself.

He stopped thinking and headed out of the doorway leaving the Season Island Castle in peace again.

Gladus walked down to a pleased Morcar was who was already thinking of a successful win with the crystals idea stuck in his head. His mind was solely bent on finding the crystals and obtaining the rare power of the elements.

“Did you find anything else?” he asked Gladus. “No I didn’t,” answered his fellow companion.

Morcar looked around the island and waved his hands. “How do we get off this island? Your dragonfly is dead and the last dragonfly of the elements has escaped from us,”

“There many dragonflies around this world Morcar, I will just call one and they will come,” Gladus answered.

“Lucky you have all these dragonflies’ friends,” Morcar said.

“Lucky me,” Gladus sneered to himself in thought…

Meanwhile Artice had landed for Alex, Alfred and Celia. The three jumped down from the dragonfly and Ice spoke to them.

“I will be watching each of you to be sure you are safe. Even after breaking the spell, I feel it may not be the end of our war against evil.”

“I must agree with you Ice. The road isn’t over yet. We will keep in contact with you, element,” Alfred answered back and Ice and Artice flew up into the sky.

“Travel safely my fellow friends,” Ice called out from above and the dragonfly took off with great speed across the sky.

“We can’t be seen together, Celia, when we return back to King Richardson. I’m already in enough trouble with him,” suggested Alex to Celia.

“I don’t care about that, Alex. Father just needs to understand. He can’t go on controlling me forever,” she answered him.

“Less talking and more walking. We are already late and the king will be waiting for us as we speak. I don’t how we are to explain this time,” Alfred said to the others.

“We have the cure to the spell. The king will be pleased about that, won’t he?” Alex asked Alfred.

“He will be pleased about that. How long will the satisfaction last for? That is the question,” Alfred answered the knight.

The three got on to walking and Celia spoke to Alfred without Alex watching.

“I thought you wouldn’t like me dating a knight. Why haven’t you complained like you always do?” she asked him.

“Alex isn’t like the other knights. He treats you like a lady. Maybe that’s why you like him.”

“I’ve liked other knights,” told Celia.

“But you don’t go risking your life on adventure trips with other knights, do you?” Alfred asked the young girl.

“Yeah, maybe there is something about him. Something I can’t find in others,” she thought.

“You’ll find out soon enough. Now come on we must reach the castle before the king grows even madder,” smiled Alfred walking towards the Richardson gates.

The element of Ice returned back to his palace of ice where the element slept and plotted his life of controlling the weather. At night, a tall carved candlestick lit up revealing the pathway around the palace. The main rooms had a special ice that lit and never melted. One of the magical tricks that the elements learnt through the forever of life they lived. There

was a visitor among all the ice and paintings the element kept. The element opened his palace doors to see the visitor.

“Oh ThunderDragon, you come again to see me. Is there another problem at hand, my lord? Can I get you something? A drink perhaps?” asked Ice.

“No, did you do what I summoned you to do?” asked the leader. “Yes the knight, princess and the good wizard know about the crystals. They are out to searching for them,” Ice answered.

“Good, then when they find the crystals we will all be safe from them. That is the only way I know that they could take our power. The history books tell us so, I think,” commented the ThunderDragon.

“Great. I was so worried about if there was another way to stop us. I’m glad everything will be fine from now on,” Ice said with ease.

“Everything is always fine. I’m the leader and always will be. You remember that!” cried the ThunderDragon at Earth.

“Yes, oh yes I know that,” shook Ice.

The Thunder Dragon looked discontent with himself and Ice walked forward towards the dragon for the first time and asked him.

“Is it the only way we can be stopped?” Ice asked.

Silence fell upon the ThunderDragon and he looked at the element and spoke. The icy winds blew past the dragons wings and into Ice’s palace.

“That’s all I know of Ice. Nowhere in the books says anything about the real controls of the crystals and what they do. Nor of any other areas that we can be weakened against,” he answered.

“The Book of Trunks has helped us a lot. It tells the truth and fills in the blanks,” Ice said happily.

The ThunderDragon turned his head top the stars of the ice and spoke softly to himself. His words seem heavy and full of uncertainty.

“The lost pages, only they can tell the truth.”

The wind suddenly died off and the dragon swung around to meet the element. He changed the mood and picked himself up again.

“I will be off now. I shall see you in the eastern lands for work. Once the crystals are found again then everything will be solved,” reminded the leader.

He walked off and Ice felt the thundering footsteps one by one.

“I’ll be there, ThunderDragon don’t you worry about that,” he called out, but no-one wasn’t listening.

The ThunderDragon was outside of the underground mines and he remembered about the history books in the past.

“I like to know why books never told us the whole picture when we got them,” he questioned himself

He rubbed his wings from the dust in the mines and outstretched them. He tossed his head to remove those thought and leaped into flight towards the stars.

Ice was found standing by himself in the palace worrying about the ThunderDragon’s comments. He was reminiscing of the old days. The days near the start of time.

“I should have searched better for them,” he cried out in random thought.

He closed his eyes and thought to himself about the sun, the moon and the stars.

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