Chapter 14 – The Author’s War

Lucas Walken, Mr. Umezu and Alan Richards were sitting down on one side looking at Chisoutsa on the patient table in the underground bases of where Daniel Phoenix and Hayden Norman was hiding out with their friends and allies. Sonia, Doug and Jack the police officer stood at the computers showing information about Chisoutsa and monitoring her life signs. Hayden stepped forward and looked at Chisoutsa and looked over at Lucas and company.

“Everyone is here expect for Wizard, he said he had to go out and visit someone about something. He said he will return by the morning. To be honest Chisoutsa’s health is quite fine. She went into shock and passed out from her encounter with Sarge who was a soul breaker in the end. However when we checked out the biology and make up of her there are things that don’t make sense,” Hayden noted in this investigation.

“What do you mean?” Lucas asked Hayden.

“When she was created by Censilo all the discussion was fixed on the idea that she was made from DNA, implanted and wrapped around your parents as a third parent. Has Chisoutsa ever been checked by a doctor or had tests run on her since she defeated the demon lord?”

“No, she and her father would have never wanted that. They knew who was she and that was that,” Mr. Umezu answered lighting up a cigar.

“Daniel and I here got real interested in the Hyper Camp. We searched out cool places like Area 51 – you know the alien base all the mysteries there. So we went looking up what those lab rooms were all about. You provided the technology but you never knew what really went inside there because Censilo was the boss and was personally doing his own science.

Now you Alan Richards, your role as a scientist you have skills in weapon and device making and moved on to universe portals by illegal means in your company. You have another skill and talent that Censilo took study notes from. Your other profession is?”  Hayden asked Alan.

“Well, I do work in biology and viruses and dealing with that but that was a long time ago,” Alan answered. Mr. Umezu puffed on his cigar becoming more interested in the story.

“Right, viruses. Now here’s the kicker to the story. Chisoutsa’s DNA can only have two parents and they are Jonathan and Emily Walken. She was implanted by a retro virus. That is what happened to her in the Hyper Camp and then she was molded into a late teenager age and never had a childhood.”

Lucas stood up unhappy by the results, “Censilo said and everyone said she had a different DNA by everyone and that was the story of her origin. This has to be a lie.”

Daniel stood trying to calm him down, “Look, we wanted to find the real truth to this and it was a retro virus. Think of Censilo’s the demon lord state of mind back then. He created Chisoutsa, his creation his own image to lead his demons to take over the city that once had a control over. He felt it was a DNA of sorts. A piece of him in her which is true but it’s a retro virus. It has been spreading inside her for years.”

“So what’s wrong with her?” Lucas asked looking with sadness towards his sister.

“Her adrenaline has sped up the process of turning into a demon forever. Fight against vampires, ghosts, and demons all these years. The death of her and your father was a breaking point in her life. I believe that death pushed her retro virus to help her into the demon form that she discovered during the war.  Being in demon form also speeds up the retro virus and when Sarge came into the picture her human form had disappeared forever. The retro virus has completed its task of turning her into a demon,” Hayden explained furthered about her condition.

“So she’s human anymore. She’s not my sister anymore. She’s a demon now. Are you telling me that now?” Lucas shouted.

“She’s still Chisoutsa and yes she will be odd at first but all the training that her father gave her will be very useful. She will have new abilities and she will have to learn them over time. We are going wake her up and see how she is feeling,” Hayden responded walking over to Chisoutsa.

Lucas knelled down next to Chisoutsa as she awoke and turned to Lucas. She was dazed and confused and wasn’t sure where she was, “What happened, why am I still a demon?”

“You’re with me and Hayden Norman, one of our friends. Remember when Censilo created you and it was with DNA?” Lucas asked her.

“Well yes I know that but what does this have to do with me now?”

“It’s because we run some tests on you and it’s not true. It has been a retro virus that has spread inside you over the years and now it has taken over you for good. The years of war you have had has helped sped it up and also when you were in your demon form during the Author’s War.”

She leaned up on the table and a tear came from her eye, “Sarge told me, the soul breaker told me that the Professor would never love me the way that I am now. He tried so hard to not see turn into this beast. What have I done? He wouldn’t want me like this. He wouldn’t even what to know me.”

Lucas held her hand and cupped her inside his hands, “That’s wrong. Our father didn’t know this was a retro virus and he would have loved you whoever and whatever you became.”

“I tried very hard to be human, you know that. I retired from fighting and lived on a beach in the middle of nowhere. The Author’s War lost all the human traits that I will ever have. This is worse than dying. Valentine didn’t need to go to Evermore. He set this all up for me but why?”

“Your father cared for you. He found you in a dumpster if you remember. In the end even without Valentine’s work you would have become a demon in the end. The fight continues but for you in a new way. When Chris comes back from his first universe we are going to march to Valentine’s tower and make sure we win this war for all of us…and for our dad,” Lucas said teary.

“You really think we do it. All of us doubt we can win because Chris doubts himself. The author’s bloods runs through all us,” Chisoutsa asked Lucas concerned for their future.

“If we have some of his personality and soul and I don’t know how it works between author and character but don’t you think when we fight and when stand up for ourselves and to save our own soul. That maybe we get from him as well. That we get the fighting spirit when all the lights in your soul goes dead, maybe just maybe we get quality from the author in the war. For him, he needs to find his strength and when we show that we are strong than he can believe too. Fight for the war, come together for the final act will come,” Lucas begged his sister.

“I’ll do it for you and for the Professor,” smiled Chisoutsa. The pair hugged while the others in the room kept back the tears. Chisoutsa may have become a full blood demon but she still had a soul in her.

It was late in the night when two figures were walking along a dark forest where they were heading for a clearing up north of where they started their trek. Wizard had gone for a journey to find someone and had brough along some company with him.

“I was lucky to have bumped into you Wizard. This task of yours sounds interesting. I haven’t been much of use seeming my own professional is just a teacher,” said the other man.

“A teacher is one of the most important roles to have in a world Vincent Lamour. You were quite pushy to come with me. Why was that?” Wizard asked him.

“A man shouldn’t wander by himself in a middle of a war. You were planning to go by yourself?” asked Vincent.

“Chris doesn’t need to know everything that I do. Come now I think he’s already there,” Wizard said.

Wizard and Vincent came to the clearing in the dark forest where the large image appeared in front of them in his glory.

“The ThunderDragon?” Vincent quizzed Wizard confused.

“Yes I called him here to help the war. It needs to be done,” Wizard replied.

The ThunderDragon looked down at the pair nodding to them, “You have called me again Wizard. I hear you in my dream. You have unknown great powers in you that I didn’t expect,” he told him.

“One should only use great power when it’s needed the most. In the dream I told you about the gold chains that my friends the Legomen found many years ago via a pirate ship called the Sea Star. They are long and are unbreakable. There are two of them which you need to use.”

“What do you wish for me to use it on?” The ThunderDragon asked Wizard.

“I want you to pull that tower from the ground and carry to the north where it snow and hails all the time.”

“Why do you want to do that? That is insane to even do that. Even my strength would struggle to fly with it yet alone pull its roots from the ground up,” The ThunderDragon explained to Wizard.

“The gold chains always had a hidden power that could drain the power of what it is carrying. However to make this work it requires a powerful spell. Take Valentine away from the people who he will harmed and completely drain his power expect for the Author’s War book.”

“Do you understand the high cost you are paying for this?”

“Yes I do and this leads me to my second question. Did you find the piece that that I told you to find?” Wizard asked again.

“Yes it is to my side left there. I searched inside Ice’s Palace and it was there, the box but is there is a second piece missing,” The ThunderDragon reminded him.

Wizard walked over and picked up the piece in a cloth bag and turned back to a curious Vincent Lamour trying to work out what the item was.

“The other piece was found by a fellow called the Silver Knight. Another friend of Chris you can say. The world’s best criminal of stealing prized items. He mentioned it was a great challenge and it enjoyed the search for it. He was rewarded well and seemed pleased he was helping the war efforts too.”

“What is the plan now?”

“The gold chains can be found not too far from here in the dark forest. I made sure that Valentine wouldn’t see my footprints around here. When I flash my wand in the sky and the bright light shines across the world you will come with the golden chains and I will perform the spell. Come as quickly as you can,” Wizard instructed.

“Very well. I will come when you will need. I want this war to end as you much as you do. I have lost so much and had only know about it until it was too late,” The ThunderDragon replied thinking of the loss of his element brothers.

“We will fight our hardest,” Wizard replied.

The great ThunderDragon took off into the air and Wizard turned to Vincent Lamour who was as puzzled as anyone could have been about the secret plan.

“Gold chains, was that story really true? A bunch of pirates finding a pair of gold chains to carry items? There’s something more to this and I’m not Chris so you can tell me,” Vincent asked of Wizard.

“The gold chains was really created by another powerful spell. By my own hand. In my late age I feel like I’m wearing very thin. I’m doing this for everyone and for a good future too. For this two pieces, there is a time and place for that story to be told too but not now,” Wizard answered him.

“If you’re not going to tell me more than we shall head back to a lovelier place? I know of a nice park where I lived. I even took Chris down there for a chat,” Vincent replied.

“Good. I’ve been giving him mentoring talks for decades,” grinned Wizard.

“How long have you known him?” Vincent asked Wizard.

“Since he was nine years old. I was his first character he created. During his life he has come to me for advice and I tried my best to help him out. I’m hoping to help his struggle and help him break free of it.”

Vincent walked along with his cane nodding and thinking, “In the end you know only he can decide where his life goes. None of us have that power. We can only give us our best advice in life to those who seek it. You do know I’m much older than I look.”

“I remember Vincent and that is the one thing that keeps me awake at night. Am I doing enough to help who need it the most? I have spent all my life helping others and keeping my world safe from harm. Do you think they notice?”

“They do and they value you greatly, Vincent replied in kind.

I had returned in the Time Cruisers time machine through space this time back to my first universe known as LegoLand. Percy and Cody was still getting used to working the machine through space and and came through the city and landed down at a bright and still working docking section where the ships and boats sailed. We came out of the car and looked over at the waters and a familiar ship was seen docking there. It was called the Sea Star, a pirate ship that had been around since I was a young child. Percy pointed out the Sea Star for me.

“Take a sail with the old boys for a while. I have to go back and work with King Lion. We have been pretty lucky in terms of the soul breakers. We have pushed them back and some of them have left. We have this world under control now. It might be nice for you to catch up with some friends,” he suggested to me.

I walked down to the docking section and Iron Hook one of the captains of the Sea Star was present onboard. To my right was James and Joe, two red soldiers who originally was on the hunt to capture and arrest Iron Hook, Captain Hook and the rest of the pirates but with the call of the Legomen and how they needed to work against Zare in the old days they worked together and become the best of friends. I climbed onboard the ship as the wind was picking up and shook Iron Hook’s hand.

“Welcome Chris, it’s great to see you again. You have grown up over the years and boy I’m feeling old sailing these parts again after decades. Do you remember when you were only what nine to ten years old sailing off and discovering things with us?” he asked me with his pirate hate with the cross on it, the patch on his eye and his leg stick.

“Yeah and I remember these two trying to shoot at us when I was little,” I smiled pointing at James and Joe who noticed me at the other end of the ship.

“We would have beaten the pirates if we didn’t have to deal with Wizard and his old guard Kevin on the journeys. Plus that Bill doctor and Ben was tough cookies!” shouted James from the distance. The two of them came up to me to greet me.

“Hi Chris, it’s nice to you again. Are you coming to find some treasure with us? We are heading for a island in the distance over there. It could be exciting!” Joe cried happily holding his rifle by his stand.

“Oh Joe you get excited about anything,” James replied back.

“These two are still your dumb and dumber you can tell after nearly twenty years of you knowing them,” Iron Hook remarked on the pair.

“It’s nice to know in these times that some things don’t change,” I said to myself.

We soon came to a small island where the pirates and soldiers were chatting to me about a signal they received from there. The Sea Star ship arrived at shore and we jumped off the ship onto the docks and wandered up to outside a cave where a shadow shot past us quickly.

“Did you see that James?” Joe asked.

“No I didn’t. What did you see?”

“A flash or something!” Joe complained.

“You saw me your two fools,” said the shadow appeared next to us. Iron Hook and me turned around to see who it was.

“The Silver Knight, a criminal mastermind. What are you doing here?” I asked curiously.

The Silver Knight dressed in a black coat and black pants and showed up a gift to me, “You know my skills and those universe portals are not that hard for me to find. I’m not one to work with people but I do feel I have to make my own small mark in this mark. I have a nice shield which is more than meets the eye. Keep it on you,” he said giving it over to me.

“So we came all the way here to get a shield?” James replied unhappily.

“I was hoping there might some treasure as I had heard this world had islands that contained some,” Silver Knight explained.

“And did you find anything? Iron Hook asked.


“Bugger me to hell! All this way for this. I’ll mark this off the map as another ill-fated adventure.”

“Keep yourselves safe. I’ll go home when the war is over. It’s been interesting to meet some of you,” Silver Knight said waving goodbye and walking along the island.

Iron Hook turned to James and Joe, “Come on you two. We’ll search the other island we were talking a few weeks. We might as well do something with our down time.”

“This isn’t going to be the old days where I’m trapped on a ship for three days while everyone here is lost on the sea. Why don’t you use a GPS or something,” I asked Iron Hook.

“No modern technology here, you should know that when we are on the seas. Adventures are best when the trail is not clear. You might be a adult now but I’m still boss of the Sea Star! Let’s get this adventure started!” Iron Hook claimed marching off.

James and Joe nodded at me following Iron Hook back to the ship.

“Some things never change,” I said to myself smiling about the old days walking off them.

I had returned from my journey to the island and meeting with the Silver Knight. I came into old Legomen Castle and an old face was there to greet me at the castle.

“King Lion, one of my oldest and dearest friends,” I said to him.

“The same to you too Chris. This war has taken a toll on everyone you know. People have changed because of this and a climate to the war is coming I can feel it,” King Lions noted.

I stepped forward inside the castle looking around at the familiar areas that brought back old memories when I was a child, “I know people have changed. Everyone does.”

“You have changed yourself. What happened to you when you became an adult? I know you have your talks with Wizard but you are not the same person as I met when you were a boy,” King Lion asked me.

“I changed like everyone did. My adulthood was as tough as my childhood. You have to change and evolve, it’s just how life is,” I answered him.

“No, this change in you was for the worse. I remembered when you were young, you were full of happiness despite your tough life. You wanted to explore the world outside the box you lived in and always seeked out something new. Now, you shield yourself to others and you have become cold yourself. Why did you change?” he asked again pressing on me for an answer.

“Because there’s no point in caring for others that deeply. You care for others, they hurt you and learn not to trust. Not to make those mistakes again King Lion. I could always trust and everyone here around me. But in my world of reality, I learnt that you can’t do that. You have to understand that.”

King Lion was pleased with my answer, “You are turning yourself into an island of despair. This is why you are turning into what you are now. Don’t you see that? This is why your hair turns grey, the emotions are trapped inside you, the images of your life flash before your eyes. It’s not just Valentine’s work here, you are adding coal to the fire. Are you going to really lose this war because you can’t face the darkness inside you? Are we all doomed because of this? Tell me, and I won’t ignore like Wizard does but tell me what you are going to do with your life.”

“To do with my life you ask me? You know my life, you know I had to survive with no family, with no help during my life. Two times I put my faith in people and both of them died on me. Don’t you tell me what I should do with my own life? To this day the closet of an ideal family I ever had was you and your Legomen, and a demon, and barbarian’s band. How insane does that sound to you? That characters know me more than anyone else does in my life?” I shouted at him.

“I know how hard it has been for you. We have all felt it because when your mother died when you were young, all the lights in this world turned to darkness and we felt this emotion of pain inside us for no reason until we found out what happened. We are apart of you and we felt the loss. Please you have to see it from our point of view. You were a young and happy person once in your life because you still had hope and a desire to do well in life. Somewhere along the line you lost that and you followed the dark path that your mother did. I know you won’t advise from your later friends like Chisoutsa but you have known me for nearly two decades. You knew when I was unsure about leading the Legomen and you and Wizard helped me understand what I needed to do in my life. I followed that direction and became what I am today and I am proud and happy. I want to return the favor to you now.”

“I can deal with this myself and I know that being by myself is the answer. No real connections with others is the only way that I can be safe. Don’t you see it?”

“One day at the end of this war you will have to decide or Valentine will take your life. Maybe you might let him take your life in the end. Please, listen to me. Remember the times you tried to reason with your mother about living, about keeping the faith. You’re doing it to yourself now. You are repeating history again and we can’t help you, the same as it happened all those years back. All we can do is show you the way, the path to the light that she never saw because of that darkness and the pain, and the sorrow in her soul. If you lose this war, we all going to die. Valentine is waiting for you to give up. He created this war to tear down you and he’s waiting for that moment when you fall,” King Lions begged of me.

“I can’t promise you anything. I’ll wait for Wizard somewhere else,” I answered him walking out of the castle room while King Lion lifted his head high biting his lip.

“We are powerless now,” he thought to himself.

Late that night Wizard had returned from his wanderings to the Legomen Castle to find dishearten King Lion looking over notes on a table by his throne when he patted him on the shoulder.

“You look quite upset King Lion. What happened to you?” he asked.

“Chris and I exchanged some words before you came back. Do you think he’s changed over the years? I mean really think about it,” he asked Wizard.

“He has changed in my heart. All we can do is show him there’s another way. There’s nothing we can for now King Lion but I have personally rallied the troops. My plan is pushing the planets back to where they belong has failed. They all want to fight in the final stage of the war and I can understand why. The plan to move the tower towards the north to keep Valentine away from harming people and prevent loss of lives.”

“Where is Chris now?” King Lion asked him.

“I got a call from Daniel Phoenix and he wanted to take him on a short trip somewhere. I don’t know where but he said they will meet us near the tower when they are done. I’m guessing you are going with us all?” Wizard asked his old friend.

“Where else would I be Wizard. This is my last battle. My time as King is coming to an end. My son is old enough to take over I feel. I want to enjoy the rest of my life in what I hope are peaceful times.”

“Tomorrow everyone will be meeting together for the last time I hope and return back to our homes and be with who w care for and love. The war with the authors will end tomorrow,” Wizard said.

“To tomorrow, the day the authors fight for their lives,” King Lion replied.

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