Chapter 14 – The Legend of Evermore

The band quickly got to the flames where they turned back to Graford.
“ No escape this time Roger,” said Graford.
Then Walter got his staff as it sprayed water on the fire.
“ Run now. It won’t last long!” shouted Walter as Levi and Duncan ran through the gap of the
“ Come on Roger!” cried Walter as Roger gave a last look at Graford in the stadium.
The band ran pass the wizards while Trey ordered the wizards to attack them. The regular
beam blasts came at the band as they closed in at the ghost ship.
Walter got the ship ready for sail while Duncan and Roger fought off the wizards as Trey took
on Roger.
“ You’re pretty good for a stupid barbarian,” said Trey.
“ Better than you I see” said Roger as he bashed Trey to the ground. Roger leaped on the
ghost ship last as the ship took off at full speed.
“ We did it. We escape England!” cried Levi then Duncan looked sick as he looked at the
“ You never told us you got seasick,” said Walter.
“ No it’s not that. Look at the water,” said Duncan as Walter and Levi looked at the water.
The water had turned to blood. Graford had power over the world too. He was part god now.
The band now was in deep trouble. The blood waters trapped the ghost ship as Walter glowed
“ His power is too great for me,” cried Walter as he fell to the ground
If Walter’s power fails then the ship disappears and the band falls into the ocean and die.
“ Use your magic Levi. Walter needs you now” said Roger as Levi nodded.
Levi waved over the ship as it started to move again. He was straining to keep the boat
moving as Walter focused on a more important matter.
“ Let’s see if I can get Graford off our track” said Walter as he blasted beams all over the sky
and ground. Then the seaside was in sight and Duncan jumped up and down in joy.
“ We’re nearly home!” he cried as the ghost powered through the blood seas.
Then Roger grew worried of the speed of the boat.
“ Slow it down. We might crash,” said Roger.
“ I think we will” cried a puffed out Levi as the ghost ship smashed through the beach, flipped
over and smashed into pieces. The ghost ship was finally still for good.
Hours passed and workers were at the beach where they saw the ghost ship. They searched the
area and they dragged out the heroes from the ship. Then Roger awoke and thanked the
“ Who is your boss?” asked Roger.
“ Mr. Wellington,” said the worker.
“ The Mr. Wellington,” asked Levi rubbing his head.
“ Yes there is only one I know of,” said the worker.
“ Take us to him,” said Roger and the worker did so.

The band got to a beach house where Mr. Wellington was sunning himself in the morning sun.
“ You four again. Under more law fire again?” asked the lawyer.
“ No. We have been witnesses to something amazing but very bad,” said Roger.
“ Amazing but bad. That doesn’t make much sense at all,” said Wellington.
“ Graford just defected Godlead the Chaos God,” said Walter.
“ My gosh, then Graford must be the new god. We better get you to King Chambers and tell
him your story about Graford and Godlead” said Wellington.
Wellington took the band to the castle by horse carriage. The carriage stopped outside of the
castle. William walked out to greet the band as Roger was first to get out.
“ There’s some news with Graford. Where’s Chambers?” asked Roger
“ Inside the throne room like always” said William as Levi and Wellington got out next.
Inside the castle throne room Chambers saw Wellington and he shook his hand.
“ Good to see you again Wellington. On another court case?” asked Chambers.
“ No King Chambers. Just returning your men from their battle with the new god,” said
“ New god? What’s this all about?” asked Chambers to Roger.
“ Graford challenged Godlead to a match and he won and he’s well dead” said Roger.
“ My god. This isn’t good. Did you get those spell books that were stolen,” asked Chambers.
“ No,” answered Duncan.
“ Then go get them. Walter and Duncan can go alone. Graford wouldn’t battle for books,”
said Chambers as Walter and Duncan went outside.
Levi and Roger went to the Town Square to buy lunch for the king. The Town Square was the
busiest and craziest when it’s at it’s peak shopping time. Levi got some fish as he thought he
saw something he wouldn’t see in a million years. His parents were buying fruit as he walked
up to them.
“ Are you still on your holidays?” asked Levi as his mother hugged him.
“ Long time no see son. We have ended our holidays. Because we’re just running out of
money, that’s all,” said Larry his father.
Levi’s parents walked up to talk to Roger as he shook everyone’s hands.
Levi’s mother Cassia wanted to see the castle as Roger decided to do so also. The group got to
the castle as Chamber was starving for his fish.
“ Who are these people?” asked Chambers.
“ They are my parents. The ones who are always on holidays, are not anymore,” said Levi.
Chambers said they were welcome to stay as long as they like.
Then Walter and Duncan went back into the throne room again.
“ We got back the books. They were dumped near the Greenham Library,“ said Duncan.
“ Good work then. This is Levi’s parent’s Larry and Cassia,” said Chambers as they said
Suddenly William ran in with some bad news.
“ Graford is heading to the famous timekeeper’s castle. He wants the time staff to do
something” said William the Chancellor
“ Well you guys you must go and help the timekeeper” said Chambers
“ But that’s not all” butted in William.
“ Morgan and Shelly have been kidnapped and taken to Tilsing by a follower by the name of
“ Well now guys you chose where you want to go battle” said Chambers.
“ I’ll go battle Trey,” said Roger.
“ I’ll go too” said Walter.

“ Then it’s up to you two to sort out Graford with this time traveling business” said King
Chambers looking at Levi and Duncan.
“ Thanks Roger and Walter. Leave the hard job to us. You weakens!” snapped Duncan.
Walter just smiled as the four of them left the castle.
“ My brave son, out to battle again” said Cassia.
“ Yeah, I isn’t all fun. I can tell you” said Chambers.
By the time Duncan and Levi got to the timekeeper’s castle it was too late. They got in to see
the rooms of the castle being damaged. Levi searched for Aaron as he looked through the dark
rooms. Duncan didn’t feel like helping anyone today but decided to anyway. Duncan saw
Aaron on the floor in pain and he yelled out to Levi to come to Aaron’s aid. Levi came in to
see hem as he some medicine out to ease the pain of Aaron’s.
“ Are you feeling better?” asked Levi.
“ Yes. Graford’s power has grown so much. I don’t understand how he did it” said Aaron.
“ Don’t worry about that. Where did he go?” asked Duncan.
“ That’s easy. He went to steal my time staff and he went back in time to the day where he
was defeated by Mentor and vowed to return in 25 years,” said Aaron.
“ Sure. We better get going,” said Duncan.
Aaron pointed to a time staff on his table while they grabbed.
“ It’s the one you used before. I hope you know the instructions and know what to do with
Graford,” said Aaron as they threw the staff to the ground.
The two crossed through the hole as Aaron watched on.
“ I hope there’s a god to protect the band,” said Aaron.
17th June 2652
The two riders jumped to the ground as Duncan grabbed the staff.
“ Let’s make this quick. I hope Aaron fixed the staff. It never worked well before” said
It wasn’t hard to see the present Graford. He was at the castle of Evermore watching a battle
in the castle. Duncan and Levi ran into the castle as they saw the past Graford and Mentor
making a fireworks battle to claim the land of Evermore. The two blasted colorful beams
around the throne room and Duncan spotted the king in the background.
“ That must be Chamber’s father there,” pointed out Duncan to Levi
“ Yeah. The kid must be Chambers himself. He looks like Magus his son doesn’t he”
mentioned Levi as Duncan nodded.
Mentor bashed Graford to the ground, as Graford was weak and tired.
“ You have lost my student. The game is over now,” said Mentor as Graford got up.
“ I’m still very powerful for my young age. In twenty-five years I shall return to battle the
kingdom of Evermore. You better make a team who are good enough to face me, but they
won’t beat me” he smiled as he turned into smoke.
Then the present Graford spotted Duncan and Levi as he walked up to them.
“ Are you still spying on me?” asked Graford.
“ What are you here for?” asked Levi.
“ I was seeing where I went wrong in the battle so I shall win next time” smiled Graford as he
walked off.
“ Don’t worry Duncan. I’m going home to my world now. To do the job I’ve be waiting for
ages to do,” laughed Graford as Duncan and Levi looked at each other worried.
Present Day 2678
King Chambers was pleased with the work of the band, as he wanted to thank them in some

way as he thought of a get together party.
“ I thought I could get all of the band’s parents to visit us. I would love to see them all
together to talk of our success of Evermore’s best protector’s in the world,” said Chambers.
Magus and Andrew thought it was a great idea and they wrote letters to the parents to get
them to the castle. Levi’s parents were already at the castle and Roger’s were living near the
castle. Duncan’s lived in Tilsing and Walter’s were somewhere. Somewhere out there.
Hours passed then Roger’s and Levi’ parents meet for the first time.
Roger’s father Dennis liked Larry as Cassia and Alley got on well. Then Walter’s parents got
in as they waved hello to the king.
“ So nice to meet you people,” said Dorothy
“ Yeah. My son’s the tall leader of the band. I heard he’s pretty good,” said Dennis.
Then a big voice came from the throne doorway. It was Kevin, Duncan’s father. He still had
troubles with Duncan but he’s got his respect nowadays. Lauren the wife was now fit as a
fiddle and she was happy to see the Evermore Castle for the first time. But the happy times
ended quickly.
“ So you’re the father of the dumb wizard Walter?” asked Kevin.
“ Yes! He isn’t stupid!” sapped Donald.
“ You must be the crazy father that my son was on about,” said Larry.
“ That Levi said so! I’ll smack that elf silly,” shouted Kevin.
“ You won’t” cried Cassia.
The parents were fighting and William and Magus tried not to laugh.
“ Good party father” laughed Magus.
“ Shut up” said Chambers with his hand over his head.
“ Quiet!” yelled King Chambers and the parents stopped skirmishing.
“ I don’t think you really know what your sons are doing in this job do you,” asked Chambers
as they shook their heads.
“ At the start the band didn’t like each other but if they continued to fight they would die
because the nature of the band was to work together as a team. You people are showing a
disgusting performance in front of me and the kingdom. The band can get alone very well
now, they are like brothers of Evermore to each other nowadays. I hope you can understand
and do the same thing that your sons did in order to work together and save the world we call
Earth,” said King Chambers. The parent s looked quit upset with themselves, even Kevin too.
“ That was your best speech yet,” said William.
“ I know. I’ve been getting lessons from Morgan,” he said as the two of them laughed
together as brothers would.
Roger and Walter were at the secret hideout where Morgan and Shelly were supposed to be
kidnapped. Roger burst into the house as wizards saw him and blasted beams at him. He
jumped across the room, as he kicked them down.
“ Walter. Go find Morgan!” cried Roger as Walter ran through the room.
He heard a noise as he bashed in the door as He started to untie Morgan and Shelly, prisoners
of the house.
As Walter, Morgan, and Shelly got out of the house, a figure blocked Roger at the exit.
Trey was angry and he didn’t want to fail in this battle. Roger grabbed his sword ready as they
threw themselves into battle. Trey forced Roger to the wall as Roger used his power and
bashed him away. He ran and slashed into him. Trey watched him and punched him down.
“ Graford. I won’t fail you!!” yelled Trey.
Then Roger pushed his sword into Trey as he fell to the ground.
“ No! I’m dying” yelled Trey as he took his final breath.

“ It’s over” said Roger.
“ For now” said Walter in the background.
Roger and Walter returned home to see the parents all getting on.
“ What a great present Walter. They all like each other too” smiled Roger
“ That’s a bonus!” cried Walter as Duncan and Levi came in the doorway.
“ What a shock our parents getting on. Maybe we have a chance Walter” said Duncan as they
looked at each other.
“ Nah!” said the two.
Meanwhile Graford had returned to his home to hear the news of Trey’s death.
“ The band have gone too far. It’s about time to stop the band and the Evermore Castle from
ever stopping me. This attack will be so devastating, they will die of shock!!” cried Graford
with laughter.
He walked around the area he called home. He knew judgement day was near for him and the
“ It’s nearly a year since the band was created, Let’s see if they have the guts to take on the
Satan of Earth” smiled Graford as he glared into the blood waters that circled the home.
The next day arrived, the parents stayed had over the night. The parents were making toast as
they were showed by Levi and Duncan. Chambers watched the parents as he spoke to Magus.
“ This family stuff is really good isn’t it?” asked Chambers to his son.
“ Yup” said Magus watching on.
Andrew was biting into some toast as William came in.
“ Andrew I have a visitor for you” said Andrew as he went outside to the hallroom.
“ Stephan! How are you my brother?” asked Andrew.
“ I’m now a monk now” smiled Stephan as they hugged each other
Magus walked in to see what was all the fuss about.
“ Remember Stephan, from the infirmary at the Monastery Magus? He was a lay brother until
now. He’s a real monk like me now,” smiled Andrew.
“ That’s great Stephan,” said Magus.
Back in the kitchen William had another message for the group.
“ There’s another Graford update. He was seen heading back to the Lost World again by some
Tilsing and Greenham watchers” said William to Chambers.
“ Well that must be our queue to go,” said Walter as Chambers nodded.
The parents waved goodbye as they headed off to the Lost World.
The band took a while to get to the sea of Bradmen, the northern country. No one really hears
from the country, expect it’s the gateway to the Lost World (England). Levi sat down for a
rest as Duncan looked around the Bradmen area.
“ Doesn’t Christopher Wellington live here?” asked Duncan.
“ Yes. They like the natural feeling of the country. So many people try to keep the place like
that. Christopher is a one eyed supporter,” said Walter.
“ Do you think over this year we have done everything right for the band and the world?”
asked Roger.
“ I think so too” said Levi getting back up again.
“ Speak of the devil, look who’s here now” said Duncan.
Wellington walked down the grass fields to meet up with his friends to chat to them.
“ Have you seen Graford” asked Duncan.
“ Yes. I actually have. He was here two hours ago, then he went off to Evermore with some
bad looking wizards. I might have seen a dragon if my eyes weren’t telling tales again” said

“ He was going to the England!” cried Levi.
“ It looks like Graford’s tricked you into thinking he was going to one place but really he
wanted you to stay away from Evermore so He could do his dirty work there in your
absence,” said Wellington.
The shocking news came into their minds, their parents, king and friends were all in
Evermore. Their like was in Evermore.
“ No!!” yelled Roger out loud in frustration.

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