Chapter 15 – The Legend of Evermore

The horrors that the band was thinking were true as dark dragons covered Evermore, as the
holy city was meeting the darkest evil of the Earth. Graford entered the castle as King
Chamber was holding his son firm.
“ No band anywhere. I don’t see the bother in using them if they don’t protect you Chambers.
Your kingdom days are numbered” said Graford as screams of citizens was heard out of the
castle windows.
“ Just leave. You tricked the band to go the Lost World” said King Chambers
“ So I did. I don’t care.”
“ What do you think of all this war Graford. You are human you know. What do you want
from Evermore? What do you want from me and the world? What is your answer to your
“ Power. One word. That’s not much to ask for isn’t it? That is the answer to my life.”
“ You see Graford when I wanted to be king. I dreamed and wanted all of the things that you
wanted. I finally got it. But the responsibity of a king is more than power and good looks. It’s
more than that. It’s caring for your people, aiding the old. Helping the youth with their dreams
and protecting them from the world of evil. The most important thing was being a leader. I
didn’t work for being king. I was born into it. It was served on a platter. That’s what a king is
“ Is it now? I worked hard under the teachings of Mentor. He never let my wings spead too
much. I hated that. I had ideas and plans that would of helped Evermore, but that was then and
this is now. This is what I am these days Chambers. You have grown very well in your years.

Your father would be proud of you now. So get ready to defect your kingdom. That’s what a
king is all about, yeah?” said Graford as tall wizards with long spears walked in.
Andrew, Stephan, and William were in the kitchen hearing the battle rage outside.
“ Does this usually happen?” asked Stephan.
“ No. Never actually, but it was going to happen one day,” said William.
The tall wizards chased after Chambers and Magus as they got to a well opening and Chamber
looked back.
“ Find a place to hide Magus. Don’t worry about me!” shouted Chambers as the wizard
chased after him.
One wizard threw a spear and it struck Chambers in the back. He fell out of the castle as
Magus jumped down the old well opening.
Graford looked around the castle and a smile came to him.
“ I think I have a world to rule over” smiled Graford as then wizards broke into rejoice their
win over Evermore. Graford walked to the throne as William and his little band saw Graford.
He saw them in the corner of his eye.
“ Don’t be scared now. You have a new king. King Graford of Evermore!” cried out Graford
as the dark dragons outside roared in his honour.
Meanwhile in the Town Square, the band returned to see the bodies of innocent people on the
ground. The face’s of the band turned green when the line of the dead included children and
“ This is our fault. If we didn’t go to the Lost World! Dammit!” screamed Roger.
He ran into a small shop and smashed the pottery in the place. He ran out as Walter and Levi
stopped him and they held him in place.
“ We can’t undo this,” said Walter.
“ I’m the bloody leader of the band! I shouldn’t of made the mistake. It’s my fault Walter. I
made the final decision to go to that bastard of a country,” yelled Roger.
“ We will get them Roger. My word Roger we will,” said Duncan.
“ Where are our mums and Dads? They could be dead, with the king and the royals, because
we were so dam stupid!” he yelled at Duncan.
“ Well shut up. Don’t you bloody think we think of that. We are angry and we want revenge.
But we must work as a team. Ok Roger. This is not the time to get emotion at about this. This
is the final showdown boy,” yelled Duncan as Roger went quiet.
The band walked on to see the castle of Evermore in ruins. The dark dragons crashed the area
and the Town Square. Then the band turned around to see the Douglas’s and Jordan and
“ Morgan, Shelly. Look what happened” said Roger.
“ Maybe you understand a little what happened to my life and family in the past” said Morgan
as Roger nodded.
“ Wellington is looking for Aaron and the Spiritual Doctor. We need all the help we can” said
The team moved on the castle gates as they were locked by powerful magic.
“ Well that ends our fight for peace quickly” said Morgan as the wind picked up behide them.
A mystery white light showed on the gate as the gate opened with ease.
“ What was that” asked Sarah.
“ Who knows. Let’s go in” said Roger as they did.
Meanwhile in the castle, Andrew, Stephan, and William were now slaves and they got drinks
and food for their new ‘king’.
“ This is the life I say” smiled Graford.

“ I hate this job” said Stephan as Andrew filled up Graford’s drink again.
At the back of the background rooms were the band’s parents.
“ I say we go out to battle Graford to help our son’s in any way we can. For the sake of
drinking another beer” said Kevin, Duncan’s father.
“ I don’t like beer,” said Larry, Walter’s father.
“ You’re not a man if you don’t like beer!” shouted Kevin.
“ They hate each other just like their sons do,” said Dennis as the women agreed hundred
“ Kevin’s right. We must help my little Levi and his friends,” said Cassia.
The parents watched Graford to do their attack.
The band were at the draw bridge of the castle as Roger faced the other members.
“ Morgan and Shelly. You look for Aaron and Spiritual Doctor. Jordan and Sarah, you guard
the doorway and find us if anything comes your way” said Roger as the other headed off to
their jobs.
“ Now we must find Graford,” said Roger as the four heroes moved into the castle.
Inside the band saw a small light in the smaller prisons to their right as they investigated the
area as they saw a familiar face at the prisons.
“ Mentor. How are you?” asked Walter.
“ Good. The time has come for you to prove who you are. Today you will stand up for
everything you believe in your life” said Mentor.
Levi was playing something in hands as Mentor touched his hand.
“ What are they?” asked Mentor looking at the objects.
“ Dice. It’s a object you use with games” he answered.
“ Dice is like life. You never know when events will appear in your life. They happen for a
reason for you to be stronger. But you must like..” he said as he threw the die on the table in
the middle of the room.
“ One” said Mentor looking at the die showing the number one.
“ Go now and stop Graford from destroying the whole world” said Mentor as the band ran off.
He was trying to tell the band something that will happen in the near by future, but the band
didn’t understand. All shall be clear in the end they say.
The band heard a noise aand Levi heard a familiar voice.
“ It’s dad. Our parents must be still unseen. Let’s go after them!” cried Levi.
The band ran into the throne room where Graford faced them.
“ Welcome to my New Castle. Nice one isn’t it? There are your parents in the corner, you can
have them. They are useless to me. So Roger do you have what it takes to be a leader?” asked
“ Yes we are ready for anything you give us” said Roger.
Roger was convinced he could do anything but the others were not.
“ Yeah” said Duncan with a half convincing face.
“ Well Let’s get the party started as two dragons roared at the window.
“ You should these two dragons because they killed the innocent people of the town” smiled
Graford as the band ran off to the rooftop.
The band raced up the winding stairs to the large rooftop where they fought Graford once
before when they were successful. Roger ordered that the band would break up in two teams
to battle the dragons. The dragons were black and cruel looking. They breath fire hotter than
the precinets of the surface of the sun. Roger and Levi got a dragon to the ground to fight
“ Come little dragon, so I can kill you!” yelled Roger as he slashed his sword into the

dragon’s stomach.
The dragon screamed in pain as it raised its hand to smash Roger out of the way. Roger fell to
the ground and shook himself to focus on the battle. Levi charged in to swipe at the dragon,
the dragon blasted a dark fireball at the young challenger. To the surprise of the dragon, a blue
shield smashes the fireball into pieces. Levi finally knew the advanctage of knowing magic
and sword fighting. He struck again as the dragon moved back in pain while Roger ran in to
slash the dragon before it fell off the castle rooftop.
The dragon fell to its death. Now Walter and Duncan were still having the odd problems of
getting on. This was the time they could not fight at all. This was life and death in the making.
Walter was sending amazing beams at the dragon trying to freeze the beast while Duncan
couldn’t get any action.
“ Get out of the way stupid!” yelled Duncan.
“ I’m busy. Besides I am the better fighter, your fighting skills are no match for the powerful
dragons of Graford” shouted Walter
“ That’s not nice. I saved your butt at the last Evermore castle battle. Remember?” replied
Walter did remember the time and gave a nod.
“ But you need more than luck,” said Walter as Duncan pushed the wizard down.
Sullenly the dragon blasted a quick fireball at the two, who were knocked down. The two
rolled around the ground on fire, Roger watched the poor battle and he had just had enough of
the two fighting.
“ You two stop fighting!” yelled Roger as he bashed the two down to the ground.
Walter and Duncan looked at the leader as he spoke to them.
“ This fighting must come to an end if we want to pull off this war. Walter you are the second
in charge and you act like a child! How dare you say at the start of this job you could handle
the position of the leader. You would fail doing second commoner. Duncan your stupid games
can stop now. You always make fun at Walter. So you better shape up or you can go on the
dragon’s side,” cried Roger.
The two looked at each other as they decided to make amends.
“ I guess we can get on,” said Walter.
“ We can try I guess” said Duncan as the two shook hands and went on to the dragon.
Walter kept the dragon down as Duncan threw his axe at the dragon and it took one of its eyes
out. The dragon tripped as it fell off the rooftop to follow the first dragon.
“ We did it,” said the two.
“ What a lucky hit you two” frowned Roger as Walter and Duncan looked sad.
The band went back into the castle to find Graford again.
Outside the castle Morgan and Shelly saw two strangers enter the Town Sqaure.
“ Who are you?” asked Morgan as he raised his sword.
“ I’m Stan. I’m Levi’s uncle. I heard about the attack here so Susan and I came here to help
out. I think my brother Larry is here somewhere too” he answered.
“ Ok. Follow me,” said Morgan.
The two passed someone who was in a bit of pain. Magus came out of the side of the old well
he escaped in. He looked around the place to see the bodies and the two dead dragons by the
side of the cribbed Evermore Castle.
“ Where’s dad?” he asked himself.
The whereabouts of Chambers in the coming hours were unknown to everyone.
The band eyed Graford at the throne. The parents walked up and greeted them with a hug.
Then Morgan and Shelly came in with Uncle Stan and Susan. Jordan and Sarah were in the

background watching.
“ Uncle Stan? What are you doing here,” asked Levi.
“ Stan. Long time no see,” said Larry to his brother.
“ I’m here for support” said Stan looking at Graford.
Then King Chambers entered the entrance of the throne as the band ran to him.
“ Are you ok?” asked Roger.
“ Yes I found Magus a minute ago so he’s coming in” said Chambers
When Magus got in the throne room, a dark figure entered the room. The whole class
including Graford watched the figure as he undone his hood.
“ Teacher” said Graford as the face showed Mentor.
“ I shall give you a battle. To see whom is more powerful. Come on Graford. You really want
me, not Evermore” said Mentor.
Graford and Mentor circled around the throne room area as Duncan pulled at Walter.
“ We saw this when Levi and I was sent back in time to see” said Duncan
“ Interesting” thought Walter.
The two blasted beams at each other. The beams turned hot red as Mentor and Graford were
in full concentration mode. Graford’ eyes lighted up as he saw Mentor wearing out. Mentor
was very wise and powerful, but he was old and lost the speed that now Graford carries.
“ You really think you will win?” asked Mentor
“ Yes Mentor I have worked hard to get to where I am now. You always said don’t use magic
all the time. You never think power wise” answered back Graford.
“ That’s what you think all the time. Power. People who use their minds can beat all odds.
That means you Graford too” said Mentor
“ If I own the world, I would transform the earth into the most powerful force of the
universe!” shouted Graford as they exchange shields and beams.
“ Your future is not looking good Graford. I wish I never were your teacher. That was the
only mistake I have made in my life and the worst one for Evermore,” said Mentor.
“ You showed me some things but I learned a lot by myself,” smiled Graford.
“ Do you know why I call this country Evermore?” asked Mentor.
“ Because by your words you aid ‘ I wish that the new age of the world will live on
evermore’,” said Graford.
Mentor looked at the band then Chambers. He looked back at Graford. He looked at his old
hands. Used thorough out the wars. Used up. He looked up at Graford once again.
“ Your evermore days are up” yelled Graford As Mentor dropped his shield, Graford used a
sword and slashed into Mentor.
“ Argh!!” screamed Mentor as William, Andrew and Stephen ran into the room to witness the
shocking scene.
The famous Mentor fell to the ground and his hand opened up. The dice fell out f his hand and
rolled across the ground. Every eye in Evermore watched the seconds of the dice moving until
it showed a number.
“ One” said Chambers as Roger looked at Chambers.
“ He’s dead,” said William as the parents, royal and the band looked on in sadness.
Walter touched the dead body of Mentor and he gave a tear; Duncan put a arm around him in
“ You have gone too far,” said Chambers to Graford.
“ The famous one is dead. I have proven that I am better,” said Graford.
“ By killing your teacher?” said Magus in shock,
“ Yes. The teacher is dead” said Graford looking at Mentor.

At that moment people thought that Graford was serious for once, and was upset by his
teacher’s death. He did care for him and he was the greatest teacher of wizards who ever
“ Goodbye my teacher for now and forever” said Graford as he looked at the others.
“ You’re a dead man buddy. You picked on the wrong dwarf,” cried Duncan.
“ And Barbarian” said Roger.
Graford backed off as his young wizard knights stepped in front of him. They were dressed in
brown suits with red fire staffs.
“ I’m sorry to leave now but I have things to do and people to kill. So let my knight entertain
you the time being, ok? See you soon!” shouted out Graford as he made a run for the door.
The knights charged in and the band fought them out. They battled while Roger had another
plan to think of.
“ Graford is using these knights to make a getaway. Let’s get the royal to stop these guys, so
we can go after the big chaos god himself,” suggested Roger.
“ Yeah, let’s move,” said Walter.
The band moved off as King Chambers grabbed a sword as well as Magus.
“ Well you can start your sword fighting lessons now,” said Chambers.
“ Did you battle any famous ones in the past dad?” asked Magus.
“ Yes, the Spiritual Doctor and Roger on play fighting, but not the doctor, we were fighting
for real,” answered Chambers. The father and son were strong enough to defend their castle
and country.
The band had made it to where Graford was going. He waved his hand as the storm clouds
gathered in. Sulddenly a blast of wind came and a red darken fire hole appeared in the sky.
Graford looked at it in amazement.
“ After all the spells and hard magic work. The gate way to Hell is here!” shouted out Graford
“ Hell?” said Levi confused at what the place was.
The band had never heard of the place of hell and the other called heaven. The band watched
Graford go into the hole as they moved from the hiding spot. Morgan ran onto the scene with
the Spiritual Doctor and Aaron Lilly the timekeeper.
“ Where are you going? Through that crazy looking hole?” asked Morgan.
“ Yes. Graford’s going to hell. Some place” said Levi.
“ Oh no. Remember I told you about church and god. Hell is the land of evil. Where the dead
bad people go to. If Graford dies. He remains there forever in hell. But the leader is called
Satan, a powerful force in the world, second to god himself in the good world called heaven”
explained Morgan.
“ I get you, I think,” said Duncan.
“ Now go inside at once,” said Morgan.
The Spiritual saw how the band has evolved into brave warriors so he gave them something.
“ Here is the Evermore Staff. This will protect you from heavy power and a handy weapon.
But the thing old Mentor made in it is that you can transport yourselves back to this spot you
are standing on from the trip to hell” said the Doctor.
“ Thank you Doctor” said Walter as Aaron handed Roger a familiar weapon, and needing it.
“ Remember the Evermore Sword from the Shrine of the castle. William the chancellor said
that you must beat Graford with it. Making sure you beat him for good is important too,” said
The band walked into the hole as it closed up on them.
“ Do you think they can really do it?” asked Aaron.

“ I do. This is their day,” said Morgan as the night fell on the freedom fighters.

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