Chapter 16 – The Author’s War

The war outside of the tower was building. The ThunderDragon was continue to fly through the air with the tower with him using the power of the weather to keep himself safe. Twisters and Lightning bolts appeared around the floating tower however the soul breakers have been breaking through them and tiring the ancient dragon over time. Inside Mr Umezu was busily hacking the computer devices with the universe portal with a lit cigar trying to work out where the Time Cruisers had gone. He keyed in some codes and the portal started to open up A sudden boom in the air appeared in the skies outside and he jogged over to the large window near the portal and planted his face over it to see what was the noise. A large portal hole opened up in the sky as Mr Umezu dropped his cigar to the floor in shock.

“Oh shit what have I done? Should I close it or not?” he said to himself in wonder.

Outside along the sides of the tower Levi was found continuing to guard his fellow band members by shooting arrows at the soul breakers. However with some of them flying it has become nearly impossible. Walter was struggling holding on to his staff tripping over a loose rock. He fell off the side of the tower and only the hand of Duncan caught him from a certain death. Strain was shown on Duncan as he tried to pull Walter up with him.

“I can’t hold on much longer. Roger, Levi!” he shouted to them.

Roger was too far of a distance to climb across the tower. His bloodied face looked over to his two friends swinging and dropping down the tower. He turned up towards Levi who was also too far away to do anything. He took his eye away from the air and a lightning bolt shot him in the back and he gave out a almighty cry that Levi turned around to see, “Roger!” he screamed at him.

His eyes closed and he started to slide down the tower. On the ground Lucas and Jasper saw the destruction of the side of tower from the weather effects and the ThunderDragon losing his movement due to the mounting attacks from the soul breakers. He turned oddly towards the tops of mountains as the tower smashed into the sides of the cold ice and snow and the height he was flying was lowering too.

“We can’t keep up with him moving quickly. The battle is moving away from us,” Lucas shouted to Jasper with the noises of war.

Daniel and Hayden stood next to Lucas and pointed to the portal hole in the sky, “Is that a universe portal opening up?” asked Hayden.

Lucas turned around with his blue magic staff club and stepping away from it, “I don’t know. We can’t trust it.”

All was nearly lost as the characters of the Author’s War was hanging by a thread and then coming out of the universe portal came a fleet of spaceships. Daniel and Hayden close their mouths in awe, “That’s a time portal. It’s the Time Cruisers but who are the spaceships?” Lucas asked out loud.

A loud speak on the largest spaceship boomed a message across the battle zone towards the smaller spaceships that were flying towards the moving tower in the sky, “This is your Commander speaking. We have crossed the time periods and have enter the war zone. The prime mission is to protect the dragon carrying the tower in the sky. Protect the dragon at all costs. Protect the humans that you see surrounding the tower and on the sides of the tower. I will sent directs to each craft on locations now,” called the Commander on the loud speaker.

The spaceships was small white crafts with blue strips on the sides with twin shooters on each side. They seemed to be quick and had amazing turning abilities and able to match it with the airborne soul breakers.  Lucas and Jasper saw the Time Cruiser whizzing through the air with a quick turn to softly land on the ground. The front doors open with Percy and Cody Cyber coming out.

“Cody, what’s going on with these crafts in the air?” Lucas asked him.

“They made contact with us before the war asking if there was more to done and we were given permission to travel to their time zone and they decided to help out in order to save their future or really make sure they exist in the first place,” Cody explained to Lucas.

Percy opened the back doors to the time machine and helped Daniel and Hayden inside and turned to Lucas and Jasper, “Come and squeeze in here and we will fly ahead and watch what is going on. The fleet is here to help us and need to buy time for King Lion, Wizard and Chris while they are inside.” He called out. Both of them climbed into the Time Cruiser and the group lifted off the ground and into the skies to witness the unfolding war. King Lion was on the ground watching Chisoutsa flying into the air smashing into the soul breakers and still learning her new skills as a full blood demon. The Time Cruiser headed over to the largest spaceship which was a floating carrier for extra small spaceships and cruisers. The machine landed with a thump and side across the ground on the carrier. The group came out and saw the Commander appearing for the first time in person.

Percy Cyber walked up to him and shook his hand, “I thank you again from everyone for what you are doing to help us. I really do.”

“The Matrix Commission is on your side. We are fighting for our lives too. I can’t tell you much about myself yet as my story is yet to be told so to speak. You four can go and help with the laser guns to fight off the soul breakers. Percy, you are needed to use your time machine to help the Barbarian and his gang as they are holding dear off the side of the tower. Go now!” he commanded Percy.

“Oh god. I’ll go now. I’ll be back soon,” Percy cried turning back and jumping into the time machine. The machine lifted up into the air and pushed forward towards the tower. On the sides of the tower Levi was climbing down the tower to get closer to the rest of his band. His eyes lit up in fear as Roger stumbled back and fell off the tower. In a panic Levi tried to move faster down the tower tripping and nearly falling off the high heights too. The Time Cruiser bolted around the rocner of the tower and Roger’s body smashed onto the top of the machine which made Percy jump inside driving it.

“Holy hell what was that,” he cried looked up to see Roger’s body with his eyes closed.

He drove up past the falling fire balls and lightning bolts and opened the door in the air next to the struggling Duncan and Walter as he reached out from his car to pull Walter inside the car. Duncan climbed down and made his way inside too and moved to the back seats with Walter.

“Stay tight, the weather is shocking here,” Percy cried.

A tired Duncan sat with still had his wit, “You didn’t notice did you with the weather and end of the world vibe did you?” he murmured.

The Time Cruiser turned upward up the tower towards Levi where he made an amazing jump down the side of the tower and onto the top of the time machine. The position upwards meant Roger’s body started to slide off but Levi held on to him as soon as he landed and grabbing onto his arms and pushing his heavy body up with all his own strength.

“Roger, I’m not letting you go. Not after all you have done for life. Brothers for life,” he smiled towards his strong leader.

Roger’s eyes opened and gave a small nod of approval and the time cruiser turned back the right way and together they climbed into the machine. Levi sat in the front seat next to Percy looking at the chaos of the war, “Where do we go now?”

“King Lion next and then we go to the ship carrier in the sky,” Percy replied.

The time cruiser quickly bolted down the tower and flew near King Lion where he saw Percy and putted away his golden sword and jumped on the back of the flying car and held on tightly as he flew in the air with the rest of the group. The time machine flipped and turned past rocks shooting up from the ground due to the earthquake as the roars of the ThunderDragon was heard from miles away carrying the tower. They soon landed on the Matrix Commission carrier in the sky. King Lion moved himself off the back of the time cruiser and the doors all opened where Percy greeted his old friend and king.

“King Lion, where is Wizard and Chris now in the tower?”

“ I believ now it is just Mr Umezu and Chris left in the tower Percy. I’m so sorry,” he answered with a dry look in his eye.

Percy suddenly had a sick feeling coming him losing his placing for a moment and putting his hand on the time cruiser. King Lion helped him up while the band watched in the background thinking of Wizard.

“I thought he would be the very last to fall if we did all die. How could this be. Why did we have to fight this war. I can’t under this. I thought we did all this years ago with Zare and now for this to happen. To continue the bloodshed and pain we have to go through and we lose the important person we know in our lives,” Percy said shedding a tear.

King Lion hugged Percy, “I’m sorry too about this and your father’s death too. No one deserves this. Wizard would want us to finish the war on our terms. We are still alive and we still make it happen, Chis and Umezu are still inside. We must think about them. We have to act now,” the King told him.

Behind them Chisoutsa appeared from the skies and landed wiping blood and ashes off her face and coming up to them, “We should get inside and see what the next part of the plan is,” she suggested as the spaceships fired hard at the airborne soul breakers as the aerial war was strengthening.

The entire group of characters was now inside the Commander’s control room where he was been giving minute by minute reports from his staff about the war, “Sir the soul breakers about to break onto the carrier back section. All of our ships are out in the field and we won’t hold for long. I suggest we pull back or return home,” one of his assistants suggested.

“We don’t have that option. If we retire from this mission we will all die when this war is won by Valentine. Our problem is to do with the tower it is still having some degrees of power and is producing soul breakers by the moment. We must find a way to shut it off and remove its power completely and at once. No more mucking now. Do one of you have an answer? “ the Commander asked turning to the entire group of characters.

For a few moments the might of Chisoutsa, Percy Cyber, Lucas Walken, Roger the Barbarian, and Daniel Phoenix looked stumped for a answered. They had fought through the war and had run out of ideas. But someone came up with a idea from a unlikely person. Duncan stood up and banged the one of the control panels near a staff member on the ship.

“We have to trap and suck the power out of that tower. Can’t we use time travel or universe portals to do something like that? Aren’t they just large power suckers?” he asked the group.

Light bulbs appeared inside the heads of Percy Cyber and Daniel Phoenix.  Percy Cyber rushed down to one of the control panel checking out some of the power features and linking abilities of the airship carrier, “What I’m suggesting is highly dangerous and will not work but bear with me. We create a time and universal portal large enough to throw the tower inside at the same time…” Percy was started when Daniel joined in rushing up next to him.

“Where it will take it to a future date just ten minutes ahead of time and in a different place. What I read about portals is that if you overpower the portal which hasn’t been done by all of us during our times of our past battle has the ability of sucking dry any power based magic or technology it comes with it. By throwing the tower through it the tower will lose all of its power meaning the soul breakers will start to fall and we can start fighting with even numbers against the soul breakers this could be successful,” he added.

“The theory of this idea is insane but this is the only plan we have left. I can get Chisoutsa and Jasper to go outside with Roger and co to fight off the soul breakers from coming inside, “Lucas suggested.

King Lion nodded pointing at Lucas, “You can do that. I will come with you.”

Hayden rubbed his chin and tossed his head, “But the amount of power we have used won’t be enough to open a portal that large and powerful in the air. Your Time Cruiser is not a big enough of a car so to speak to do this. We need an external power source to do this and we don’t have it on this planet.”

Percy and Daniel crossed their arms at the same time noticing the flaw in their plan thinking their idea was defeated. Cody came in with an idea of his own, “Commander, can we get a video link with each of the planets that’s just outside of Earth. Video link me with Alan Richards, King Chambers, and Sandra Cyber who is with Bill Myers. Just do it please do,” he begged the Commander.

“Fine, Assistants, patch me through a three way video discussion with those planets at once!” he shouted at them to get it done quickly.

The video links started to appear up on the screens and Percy nudged his son for answers to his idea, “What are you doing?” he asked his son.

“Their universe portals might be broken but they can also be used as massive power channelers. They can channel all the electricity of their worlds and shot it down towards Earth to connect with our attempt we can create that massive amount of power to make it work,” Cody replied.

He hugged his son smiling, “You’re a true thinker and Cyber family member.”

The three video links appeared at the same time with Bill Myers watching Percy Cyber, “So this is crazy idea to help the war. This is likely not to work you know but I’m willing to give this a shot,” he told his friendly rival.

“Thanks Bill. Tell Sandra and Iron Hook to make sure it’s’ done in five minutes time. Would this be enough time for you?” King Lions said turning to the Commander.

“That’s a good time. We have make the adjustments to our airship and to the Time Cruiser. I will get Daniel and Hayden to work on that. They seem to know technologies well enough.’
The video link appeared on the screen with King Chambers and Prince Magus his son, “You heard the message, and can this be done from your end?” Roger the barbarian asked his King.

“My son believes so. He’s already orders the knights and guards to charge up the portal we do have here. It’s pretty old but we can help,” King Chambers answered.

“We are ready for the countdown,” Magus added nodding.

The final video link up appeared on the screens and Alan Richards was directing Yuri and Kuzuki in the background the remaining Xtreme Squad members back in the City of Demons.

“What about you and the girls. Are you ready for this idea? Does the city have enough power to do this?” Lucas asked Alan.

“We are very drained in our power supplies here but we will do it if helps end the war,” Alan replied.

Lucas nodded all three video link up was in agreement about the last pitched plan to rid of the tower’s power and control of the war. Chisoutsa whistled at the group and pointed to outside, “Soul breakers are coming towards us now. We have to move now,” she cried as she rushed outside starching out her demon black wings again.

The Commander turned to King Lion and Roger, “You take your men outside and Percy, Daniel, and Hayden will connect the time machine to our control panel to complete this task. I have this strange feeling that I have known you very well but yet we have only just met,” he told the King.

King Lions gave a small smile, “It’s because we are written from the same pen,” he answered turning around walking outside with the band. The Commander appeared puzzled and unsure what he meant at all but forgot about it and carried on with his duties at hand.

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