Chapter 16 – The Legend of Evermore

The first sight of Hell was seen as the band froze in their places. The area was a graveyard
with dead bodies everywhere, there were the dead who were still alive but were in a fire that
raged on forever.
“ Where’s Graford?” asked Walter.
“ Who knows. I know that Graford would love this type of place,” said Levi.
The band walked passed the dark area of hell and a man stopped the group in their tracks.
“ Are you from Evermore. Some guy was here before after Satan. Do you know why?” asked
the man.
“ We come from Evermore and we don’t know why he’s after Satan’ said Roger.
“ I guess you are after this guy to kill him so I don’t care if he dies. This is hell so we like
people in so much pain they would kill themselves” smiled the man as the band’s faces went
funny. The thought of the man he did belong to hell.
Meanwhile Graford had finally gotten to Satan’s throne, the most treasured room of all evil.
Satan was the root of all evil, which is evil. Graford walked in as Satan looked at his subject.
“ Graford. What is your desire?” asked the wicked devil.
“ To rule Earth and mostly to rid of the Evermore band, they are such a pain to me now” said
“ No. I desire Earth you fool! You are just a human to me. Nothing” said Satan.
“ How dare you say that! I’m the god of Earth! You will someday bow down to your god!”
yelled Graford.
Satan moved off his throne as Graford walked closer to him.
“ What about a battle?” asked Graford.
“ The human verses the devil. Ok, I want to see more blood on the floor” said Satan as the
band got to the doorway.
“ If Satan kills Graford. We can’t kill him,” said Walter.
“ Yeah the wizard makes sense. We want the man. We want to get him back big time” said
The two started the battle of the human race, human verses evil. Graford shot beams at Satan
and the power had no affect on him. He realized he was just too weak for the king of all evil.
He backed off as Satan blasted a spray, which made Graford blind.
“ Where are you?” asked Graford as the devil smashed him to the ground.
“ You are no match for me” he called out.
“ If I defeat the band of Evermore. Can I be one of the devil knights. I have proven my power
by defeating Godlead, the god of Chaos Magic?” asked Graford who was still blind.
“ So be it young wizard. Prove to your god that you are what you say you are” said the devil
and Graford’s blindness disappeared at once. Then Graford smiled as he walked out of the
throne room to find the band.
The band looked at each other to find an idea.
“ We better just confront him. We don’t have that much of a choice,” said Walter.

“ Yeah. If Graford can’t find us, then he’ll return to Evermore to attack again. We can’t afford
that again,” reminded Levi.
“ Ok. Let’s go do this,” said Roger as the others nodded and followed him.
Graford was in the graveyards and he looked at the people so sad and in pain.
“ What a beautiful place to live in. To see all the pain and evil. Satan has done a good job in
hell. He’s the angel in heaven who wanted to be more powerful than god himself. But he was
sent out of heaven and made this haven called hell,”said Graford reminiscing.
Then the band moved slowed around the graveyards and Graford scanned the area for anyone
alive. Then Roger showed himself in front of Graford as his face lit up.
“ I knew you would show up. This day had to come sooner or later. You see Roger this is my
world and my home,” said Graford.
“ Would you like to live here. I can help you,” said Roger as Graford looked a tad worried.
‘ Well Roger the day is here so let’s get the battle on. Someone will go home with a war
victory” cried Graford as the battle started.
Graford blasted earthquakes as the dead screamed in pain yet again.
“ Shut up you dead people. You should have gotten used to pain by now” shouted Graford,
Walter blasted a beam at Graford as he fell over. Duncan started to wire the area with electric
wires as he was planning his trap for Graford. Levi ran up to punch Graford down as Roger
got his sword ready, Graford blasted a beam at his sword and it broke in half.
“ What?!” cried Roger in shock as Graford ran up to smash Roger to the ground.
“ Use the Evermore sword!” shouted Walter and Roger grabbed the sword and held it up
Graford sprayed poison around the graveyard as Levi saw there was no escape.
“ We must use the Evermore staff to protect us and escape,” cried Levi.
Duncan fired the trap as electricity shocked Graford to the ground this gave time for the band
to escape the poison sprays. The staff opened up a white portal and Levi saw the tunnel down
to Evermore.
“ Here we go!” shouted Levi as the band shot down the tunnel.
Graford quickly got back up to see the tunnel. He shot a fireball down the tunnel. The band
moved faster to get away form the fireball. They banged into the ground as the fireball blasted
the ground they landed on. Graford landed where they started the hell trip. He whipped out his
staff and sprayed out ice at the band. They got out of the way as Duncan was making another
“ What’s this trap?” asked Walter.
“ The most powerful trap ever. The magic that is exposed by you, Levi and Graford. Half of
the unused magic is used to attack the enemy. Graford’s going to hate this trap” smiled
Duncan with glory.
Graford was blocking the band from the Evermore Staff and the portal back to Hell. Graford
eyed all the faces that he hated. He was thinking of what to do with the band. What plans were
they thinking of. What plans could he use against the band in order to claim victory over
Evermore and be one of the devil’s knights?
In the distance King Chambers, Magus and William arrived at the scene, the band or Graford
didn’t see them. They spied on the teams to see how the battle was going.
“ Stay away guys. They need all the time they have,” said Chambers as William and Magus
watched in amazement.
Graford was moving backwards towards the portal as the band closed in on him. Suddenly he
ran straight into the portal and made his way back up the tunnel.
“ Don’t let him get away this time. Not this time!” shouted Roger as Walter and Levi ran up

with him.
Duncan stayed where he was to finish his perfect trap. Graford got to the top at the graveyard
as Roger got to the top too. Levi started to make a huge twister to move Graford away back
down the tunnel. Graford turned to see the twister then at Walter and Roger. He realized that
this war was coming to an end. Walter blasted at the tunnel and it turned dark red on fire and
electricity. The tunnel had turned into a nuclear tunnel waiting to explode like hell. Roger
looked at the sight and feared the worst to come for Graford and for themselves.
“ Don’t destroy Earth again! The nuclear are too powerful!” shouted Roger.
“ This is the only way to stop Graford in his tracks,” shouted back Walter.
Roger ran up to Graford and he hit Graford down. The chaos wizard looked in shock at his
loss. Then He pulled out his sword for his last attempt to escape. He looked at Roger with fire
in his eyes and the two leaders fought on in the fire pits of Hell. Graford kicked Roger back as
he flew at him and slashed at him. Roger backfliped over him and kicked him the back to the
ground as he backed off ready for the next movement of attack, Graford got up and spun like
a twister as he kicked and blasted out heavy powerful enemy beams. Roger used his sword to
block the beams as he yelled and charged in. The twister bashed the leaders around as they
both were heading to the tunnel. Walter and Levi jumped down the tunnel to safety and they
got to the ground in one piece. Duncan met up with them to explain the trap in more details.
“ The trap will go as soon as Graford hits the ground. Remember guys the trap can’t tell the
different between good and bad” shouted Duncan.
Then King Chambers ran onto the field to see the band were safe and sound.
“ Where the hell is Roger,” asked Chambers yelling.
The tunnel was now the gigantic twister ready to explode on the earth at any second making
huge amounts of noise
“ He’s up the tunnel in Hell fighting Graford!’ shouted Walter
“ Is he bloody nuts!!” yelled Chambers.
The band and the king looked at the tunnel helpless to do anything for Roger and Graford.
A now mad Graford threw Roger to the ground. His power was now at maximum and he was
ready to defend himself to the end. They slammed swords as Roger was next to the edge of
the tunnel.
“ Roger. Either the twister or me will get you. Either one and you’re screwed forever.
Suddenly Roger bravely grabbed Graford and slided down the tunnel together. The twister
entered the tunnel and Duncan’s trap making a super phenomena event. Graford and Roger
flew down the tunnel as the tunnel exploded in red green and yellow special effects. Bang!!
Went the tunnel as it blasted into apart in pieces. Then Duncan’s trap kicked in as it caused
earthquakes and electricity to shock the ground. The band, the king, Magus, and William fell
over as they watched the tunnel go down. Then they saw the body of Graford as he was
“ No! Satan don’t do this to me! Noo!!” he screamed as he died on the ground and
disappeared into thin air.
“ We did it!” cried Magus.
“ Where’s Roger!” shouted Levi.
The three members ran across the burning tunnel portal and saw Roger on the ground.
“ Did we get him?” asked Roger” Yes we kick him to hell and he’s staying there. Not coming
back I tell you!” shouted a excited Duncan.
“ Let’s get away from the tunnel” suggested Walter and the band pulled him away.
Then Morgan, Shelly, Aaron and the Spiritual Doctor got to the scene while Morgan suddenly
looked at the tunnel in fear.

“ What the hell is that?” asked Morgan.
“ That’s the portal to hell” said Duncan.
“ No! The guy coming out!!” screamed Morgan as the figure appeared on fire.
It was the figure of Satan, it was his chance to rule Earth on the planet by using Chaos magic
and the Evermore Staff as doorways.
“ Can you stop him?” asked Chambers in shock to Roger.
“ I can’t King Chambers. I’m out of everything now. Just run!” he shouted as Duncan got an
“Walter you can stop him. You’re magic is powerful! You must stop Satan form reaching
Earth!” shouted Duncan.
“ I can’t Duncan I’m not that good” said Walter with cold feet.
“ Listen to me you idiot!! Didn’t you always say you wanted to prove that you were a good
leader? This is your chance to show the world that you Walter stopped the devil from coming
to earth! We may not get on that much but there’s one thing I believe, and that’s I believe
you!’ shouted out Duncan.
For the first time in Walter’s life Duncan was right and he wasn’t going to chicken out this
time. He was going to stand up for himself and be counted as a hero!
He walked near the tunnel as Satan appeared near him as they looked at each other. He blasted
everything that he had and pushed Satan backs towards the tunnel.
“It’s working!” shouted out Shelly and Magus from the distance.
Suddenly Satan blasted a quick beam at Walter and he fell to the ground and the beam hit
Levi as well.
“ Levi!” shouted Walter as Levi got his head up.
“ I’m fine,” he tried to get up but fell down again.
As Walter watched as he got up, he saw something come out of Levi’s pocket. It was the dice
as rolled across the ground to show the number one.
“ One. We are one. This is for Mentor, where ever you are now!” he cried out.
Walter blasted the last of everything he had as he walked up to Satan. He then fell to his knees
still with his arms out with magic flowing out of his hands. His hand s were bright red as he
couldn’t take much more of it. Walter grabbed the staff and bashed Satan into the tunnel then
closed the portal off with the Evermore staff. The tunnel sent shockwaves across the area and
the whole of the world as Walter was blasted straight back by the impact of magic. Walter fell
to the ground as the tunnel closed up forever. Everyone was knocked out by the blast. It was
all over.

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