Chapter 17 – Seasons of the Moon

Morcar has learnt the lessons of Draken, that it wasn’t as easy to combat the elements and that more planning would have to follow after Morcar’s chase to the Season Island. However he had learnt about secrets of the crystals and without listening to Gladus’s warning about the truth of the Book of Trunks, he decided to take action about the crystals.

“I told you, its not easy,” said the dragon watching the wizard come in.

“Shut up. I know that now, don’t I? It seems I found a place where the crystals once were. If we get them all then we can control the weather. A friend of mine will aid me to the island and there we will gain control of the weather creators,” said Morcar.

“I have some news about the happening of last night. News of the mad king and his latest offering of madness,”

“What is it then, Draken?”

“Richardson has thrown Alex out of the castle and wants him dead. All because of Celia, he’s also got the cure to the spell too. A book that the old wizard threw to him in the throne room,” said Draken.

“Mmmm, I have a plan that will kill two dragonflies with one stone. To bring down both Richardson and Alexander by using one person. We must advance at once and take this chance when it first meets us,” smiled Morcar.

“Who might that be?” asked the dragon who was quite interested in the plan by now.

“Celia,” smiled Morcar and the dragon gave a grin of approval.

The Richardson castle was in full swing. Guards were everywhere to keep out Alexander and the elements. They were positioned at each corner of the castle and the gate was tightly shut, but, that wasn’t the only thing that Richardson should have thought of. Alfred was watching from inside the castle and shook his head in shame.

“All over one knight; Alex won’t break into the castle, he’s not like that. I would like to know where he is now,” thought Alfred as he walked away from the window.

A half sleepy guard was watching at the left hand side of the castle. He started to doze a number of times before something caught his eye. He looked at a dark shadow wandering in the sky. Creeping closer and closer towards the castle, the guard saw who it was and screamed in fright.

“Dragon and Morcar! I can see Morcar!” he yelled out to the other guards holding the fort. They ran all over the place in the castle square to find weapons. A group of guards burst into the castle and soon returned with a squad of knights heading towards the creature in the sky.

Draken landed into the Richardson town village and started his attack on the shops and houses inside the safe castle walls. Morcar looked around quickly and jumped off the dark dragon and landed on his feet. He ran up to Draken and whispered.

“You keep the guards busy. I’ll get Celia. We’ll meet here as planned. Just keep the stupid knights off my back,” cried Morcar as he ran off into the castle.

Morcar got inside to see Celia and Richardson at the back of the lane near the throne room.

“Stop Morcar! He is a threat to the kingdom!” yelled Richardson. “Back off Richardson; you’re no match for me,” cried Morcar and

he blasted a beam. It threw Richardson off his feet onto the ground. “Father, get back up!” Celia cried to her father and Morcar rushed up behind her.

Morcar grabbed Celia and ran for the exit. The guards ran from Draken’s fire as Morcar hopped on Draken. Morcar’s face turned to Celia and looked at her.

“Let’s see who gets you first, Richardson or Alexander,” smiled Morcar as he dragon took off with speed into the air. The knights and guards watched in fear as the huge dragon rushed off with the two figures on board.

Alfred ran out onto the castle grounds as he saw Morcar disappearing from sight. His face was filled with fear knowing Celia was in danger.

“No. I must contact Alex at once,” said Alfred turning back towards the castle doors.

Both figures at the Ice palace had good sleep and Alex was found to be eating breakfast in the breakfast room. Ice walked in with his night gown on. He smiled at Alex and went to fetch himself a glass of water.

“Another good morning. I did ask Earth and Thunder for a fine week. It looks like they gave it to me,” Ice smiled towards Alex.

Alex smiled back and dropped his toast on the plate, “It’s a bit like cheating with the weather. Whenever I want a sunny day, you guys don’t give it to me.”

“Part of our game, to rain on a beach day or an outside party. Quite funny,” Ice chuckled to himself.

Alex returned to eating his breakfast and Ice waved his hands over the ice windows as they opened up to reveal the morning sun. Ice walked around the cooking table to come to the table to talk to Alex.

“You have the book that Alfred found at the Seasons Island. We can break the spell at last and free the seasons from harm,” Ice noted to Alex.

“Where can I break the spell?” asked Alex.

“Anywhere, Alex, where the sun can touch you. Let’s try the throne room for now,” Ice answered him and the two soon got themselves there.

Ice was holding the book and passed it to Alex. He opened it to the page where the counter spell was. He started to chant the words as the room started to glow white. A pure white that Alex was worried about, but Ice nodded at him to continue. Some dark fog and cloud built up in the room and Alex’s eyes started to show fear. He continued to the last few lines of the counter spell. The dark clouds broke apart within the room and Ice smiled.

Then Ice felt something strange. He looked at the ice as it showed Morcar with Celia. Captured and taken by the ruthless Draken. He turned around to speak to Alex.

“Alex,. Celia’s been kidnapped. This is a message from your Alfred. You must take your swords and be prepared for anything,” commented Ice as Alex ran up to the picture in the ice with the spell book.

“Take Artice with you. Go and follow Morcar and Draken and find out their plan,” said Ice as Alex took off.

He was about to exit the room when Ice stopped him for a moment. “Remember what I told you Alex. Even the smallest role in life can change the course of time and space,” Ice said.

A smile came upon the young knight and he remembered. He nodded and he left the room leaving Ice with the same impression.

Alex wasn’t the only person after the wizard and dragon. Three known knights in the land of Richardson were with the king of Richardson as the group was on the search for the princess.

They went around the edges of the forest and came near the mountains which were to the left of the dead tree lands. Richardson stopped the knights to listen for anything.

“Morcar will pay for this dearly!” cried Richardson as he shot off on his horse again.

Alexander landed on the ground near where Morcar was sighted. Alex got off Artice and saw Richardson stop his horse. Artice gave a conforming nudge towards Alex who patted her.

“It’s going to be interesting what’s going to happen,” he said turning to Richardson.

“So you think you can walk in and take Celia away? You don’t even know what happened at the castle,” cried Richardson.

“I’m here to save her. I think you can help me. I have my own ways to find information quickly. You can be of some service to me,” said Alex.

“Help you? What rubbish! I will not help you. You will help me, by staying out of this!” shouted King Richardson.

“I don’t think so Richardson. This is a very dangerous matter. Morcar and Draken are more powerful than you. I have the tools to aid me,” Alex said pointing to Artice behind him.

“What the hell is that beast?” Richardson cried at Artice.

Artice gave a displeased look at Richardson and Alex explained, “The element if Ice’s dragonfly.”

“I don’t believe it. Alfred and Morcar, now don’t you believe this element rubbish!” snapped Richardson and he walked passed Artice. She blew ice towards the king and he jumped back from her.

“Ice or magic or is it for real? I can’t believe a stupid knight and his crazy ideas,” he said to himself.

“It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not one day, you will see for yourself the elements. Go home to your castle. There can’t be room for madness boomed at Richardson.

“Madness. I’m not mad like the old wizard likes to think I am. I will deal with one case only. I can defeat Morcar all by myself,” Richardson cried back.

“My lord, look what’s upon you!” cried a knight and Richardson turned around.

The huge creature from the castle had returned. Alex watched the figure as a dragon landed.

“Morcar, here to cause more troubles, where is my daughter?” cried the king.

Alex walked up to Morcar as the wizard jumped down from Draken. Alex pushed Richardson out of the way to see the evil figures.

“Where’s Celia?” shouted Alex

“Stay out of this Alexander. You have no place in this battle,” warned Richardson.

“Shut up!” cried Morcar as he punched Richardson knocking him senseless ground and the knights stayed on their horses in fear, “don’t move knights. Drunken knights of Richardson,” ordered Morcar to them.

“He is such a pain in the neck isn’t he?” asked Morcar to Alex as he nodded.

At least they agreed on one thing. The three knights watched in fear as Draken blasted fire at them and the horses bolted off with the knight back into the forest leaving Alex alone with King Richardson on the ground and Morcar in control.

“So where is she Morcar? Is she safe?” asked Alex again.

“Safe and sound, she is. If that’s the thing you want to know,” answered Morcar.

“What do you want? Celia doesn’t have anything to do with us nor the war against the weather,”

“Well I want you to stop doing this quest with the elements. I mean really. You won’t get a reward for all this hard work you will put in. You may get a flower or an ice picture of something! What a laugh that would be. The elements are just using you for their warrior doll,” stated Morcar.

“I just want Celia. That’s all. The elements are creators and not fighters Morcar. It wasn’t my destiny to be here. There is no such thing as destiny or legend. It’s the choices that you make when they come to you. I was here at the right time to carry the torch of life and lead the charge against the forces of evil like you,” answered Alex.

His voice had become powerful and clear, like a king. King Richardson’s left eye opened to watch the young man and his eye showed some of the hope when he wasn’t in his madness. At that time he understood a little about the goodness in Alex and what a person he was.

“Ok then. If you can beat Draken to the mountaintop then you can get your prize. She is up there. We’ll see who is the fastest one, hmmm?” said Morcar.

Morcar walked up Artice to give the directions to the mountaintop.

“The Ice Mountains, Artice, the fourth peak from the top, got it?” instructed Morcar as the dragonfly gave a nod.

Morcar climbed upon Draken and whispered in his ear words of wisdom. Alex climbed up Artice and patted her n the side.

“We must be quick, Artice. Do not trust the dark dragon by any means,” warned Alex to Artice and she nodded to herself.

Artice and Draken’s eyes met and they turned their heads to the mountaintop.

“Ready for the race? Then charge!” yelled Morcar.

The race was on as Draken flew into the air. Artice gave chase as Alex hoped Artice was fast enough to beat the dark dragon’s speed. Artice’s wings were much smaller than Draken’s but she wasn’t as near as big as Draken was. The dark dragon climbed the high tops of the mountain when Morcar whispered into Draken’s ear, “Don’t let the dragonfly get to you. She is small and unable, don’t her let think she can win.”

Draken‘s face filled with thought and a evil grin came on him and he started to flap his wings in a strange way. Light and energy shaped within his wings and Thunder balls appeared and stayed in their spots as he continued the climb.

“Come on Artice” cried Alex as Draken was way ahead in the lead. Artice saw something near at the mountains. There were Thunder balls flying through the air as Artice gave a sign to Alex about the warning.

“Just don’t go near them,” instructed Alex, “It’s a trick made by Morcar.”

Draken saw Artice catching up as he turned to face him rushing towards him.

“Don’t come nearer. This race won’t see you at the finish line!” shouted Draken and he flashed his wings at Artice unleashing a rain of fire at the dragonfly. Artice returned with ice beams but the fire balls melted the ice easily.

“Be quick Artice. Draken’s trying to put you down. Don’t listen to them or let their lies and crimes harm.

“Dodge the rains and see the light through the darkness, ride with me dragonfly!” yelled Alex and he revealed his ice sword from his back sack and a sudden strike of lightning hit the sword from the sky. Morcar’s eyes glowed white in fear and Draken moved back away from the dragonfly.

“Never shall you have the weather or me!” shouted Alex and the lightning surged towards the dragon beast and wizard. The dragon was struck and he was smashed into the mountain side.

“I have an idea, Artice, go down there now!” cried Alex pointing towards a small mountaintop near the large version.

Artice flew around the corner of a small mountain as Draken lost sight of the ice dragonfly. He moved on with great speed as he saw the inn where the princess was being kept prisoner.

“Come on Draken, we mustn’t lose track of a mere dragonfly. Alex is using dirty tricks to win this race. We can’t let him win!” shouted out Morcar.

Suddenly, Artice appeared in front of Draken, smashed into him and held on to him, “Don’t hold on to Artice. Escape now Draken! Let go, you bastard of a dragonfly!” Morcar yelled out.

Artice started a power that froze the dark dragon’s wings as he screamed and crashed into the side of the mountain as he watched Artice reach the inn at the mountaintop. Morcar was observing in the background as he screamed out. The dragon was lying on the mountain side screaming in pain and trying break free of his frozen wings.

“Quiet, you incompetent dragon!” shouted Morcar, “How did a fire dragon lose to an ice dragonfly? How stupid must he be!” yelled the evil wizard in confusion.

Alex landed the dragonfly on the mountaintop and climbed down; he had successfully defeated Draken and Morcar to the top and won the race. He looked towards the top of the mountains and smiled. Her patted Artice to thank her for the victory and showed her the landscape.

“I can understand why it would be a blessing to be an element,” he said to her.

Alex turned around to see Celia coming down from the inn house thanking Alex. However to Alex’s senses she was more standoffish and kept her distance from him. A concerned look appeared on Alex’s face.

“Hi Celia,” said Alex softly.

“It’s good to see you, Alexander,” replied Celia in a plain and clear voice with no emotion.

Alex leaned his head in sadness and a shadow appeared behind him, Morcar had come to the mountaintop at last while Draken was still breaking the last pieces of the ice off his wings.

“Happy you won. All of you knights are cheats and fools in this land. You can take your princess wherever you like now,” said Morcar.

“I think I should go home to father. He’s really upset with you,” said Celia to Alex and she walked over to Artice leaving Morcar and Alex alone.

“Problems, I see. Young love never seems to last long. Not everything went your way, Alexander,” smiled Morcar as Alex gave a sad look.

Morcar was right. There was something wrong with Celia. Alex took Celia to her home in the forest. There she was dropped off and nothing was said and they parted.

A group of knights and guards were wandering through the forest until one spotted the princess.

“Look, sir. The princess is there behind those parted trees,” cried a guard and the two knights on their horses rushed and met up with the princess.

“You are safe now, Princess Celia, come with us and we’ll bring you home to your father, King Richardson,” said the knight and Celia climbed on the back of the horse. The group started off towards the castle.

King Richardson was waiting with the Queen outside the castle doors in the town square when the group of knights and guards came through the castle gates.

“Our daughter is home,” smiled the Queen.

“Where did you find her?” asked the king of one of the knights. “In the forest, she’s not harmed at all my lord,” the knight answered.

“Who saved you from the danger of that beastly dragon?” asked the Queen to her daughter.

“Alexander, a young man saved me,” answered Celia.

King Richardson took no notice of the name and dismissed his guards and knights away.

“It’s over now Celia, everything is over,” sneered the King at his daughter and the Queen sighed in sadness for Celia.

“Come inside, my dear. Your father is tired and upset. His words do not mean what he really thinks,” the Queen defended her husband and hugged her daughter.

The mother and daughter walked slowly inside the castle doors and were safe from harm. A shadow found its way inside the castle grounds and spied on certain beings. It watched the daughter inside the windows of the castle. The disguised young man whispered to himself about the future, “I had better send Artice to Ice and continue my run with the torch,” said the figure. He wandered out of the castle gates and returned to the forest to collect Artice from her resting place

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