Chapter 19 – Seasons of the Moon

Hours had passed and Alex and Fire were with Firwing. Alex was thinking about how Celia and Alfred were handling the days with Richardson. He called out to Fire.

“Can we go and see how Celia and Alfred the Wizard are coping?” “Oh, the young princess, you haven’t travel along Ice’s path again have you now?” chuckled Fire to Alex.

“Don’t start, just take me there,” Alex commanded and Fire nodded. He told Firwing to change course for the Richardson Castle.

“We will land in the forest so we won’t get caught by the guards,” he suggested.

“We shall do that. I don’t think Firwing would be happy to see the guards running around trying to shoot her down,” answered the element. Firwing flew through and landed in a parting in the forest, Alex jumped up and called out to Fire, “I shall return soon,” and with that he was away from the forest.

He came to the castle walls in a brown coat disguise and walked to the shops and knights. He came inside the castle doors and saw Alfred pacing around the block.

“Alex,” Alfred whispered to Alex, “What on earth are you doing here?”

“I’m here to see how you are. Where’s Celia?” he asked him. “Sleeping at the moment and how are you? The elements are still around?” queried Alfred.

“Yes in a big way. We are looking for the crystals that we saw at the Season Island if you remember,” Alex told Alfred.

“Ah yes, look what we have here,” said Alfred bringing the Thunder crystal from of his pocket.

“How did you find it?” asked Alex amazed.

“Richardson found it in the garden and I switched it in the throne room for a fake one. Take it and use it if it is handy for the elements,” Alfred said to Alex.

Alex placed it in his pocket and spoke again.

“What is wrong with Celia? At the mountaintop she didn’t say anything. Do you know what is happening?” asked Alex.

“It’s all getting hard for both of us. She doesn’t know what to do with her father. Also he’s been trying to get her away from you. The kingdom I feel is on its last legs. We must do something about Morcar and Draken and I want to help the elements,” Alfred answered Alex.

“And you will help us indeed. I must go now but I may return soon. Stay safe, Alfred,” whispered Alex.

“You too, Alex. Good luck on your quest,” Alfred followed and the two departed.

Alex rushed outside and two knights looked at him strangely. He kept his head down and quickly exited the castle gates alone with the crystal in his pocket.

Fire saw the image of Alex in his disguise come undone and the knight held up the crystal.

“Where did you find it? Some luck at last!” cried Fire happily. “Alfred the Old found it with the help of Princess Celia,” smiled Alex.

“You’re still in the bag to win this battle Alex. Let’s go home now and see Ice. I wonder how he’s going?” grinned Fire to himself.

Firwing took no time in getting back with speed. Firwing also noticed another dragonfly with Artice and gave a cry to Fire.

“What’s that? Water’s here too. What does he want? They’re ganging up on me now, these water type elements,” Fire groaned.

Fire and Alex entered the castle throne room as Ice and Water got there. Ice was flapping a small fan he carried. The heat of the castle was getting to him in a big way. Water didn’t really feel the fire that Ice could feel.

“You’re back finally. What took you so long? I’m half melting in this terrible volcano of yours,” complained Ice.

“Why are you here?” asked Fire looking at Water, ignoring Ice’s pleas.

“The ThunderDragon has ordered us to have a meeting at the sky castle. The other elements are on their way. I saw you weren’t home so all day I was looking for you. Good old Ice here told me you were out with the young knight,” said Water.

“Good old Ice is melting here quite fast,” complained Ice. “Don’t start now, Fire,” Alex warned.

“Stupid element always was and always will be,” snapped Ice, leaving the volcano cave.

“Ok then. I’ll go to see what the old boss wants us to do and you be quiet, Ice. No more of your talk,” called out Fire.

“Care to join us?” asked Water towards the human.

“Yes. I will come but only if you come and collect Alfred and Celia with me,” said Alex.

“Who are Alfred and Celia?” asked Water.

“Friends of his, Ice and I will do the task. You take Alex to the Sky Castle,” Fire said and Water nodded and walked out of the cave.

“Come, we have things to do,” said Fire and Alex followed him outside.

Firwing and Artice took off from the volcano top and travelled back to the clearing in the forest where Fire was first jump down and get the idea of the forest and castle again. Ice followed and was concerned about Fire’s plan.

“Do you think it’s wise to just walk into the castle and take Alfred and Celia away?” asked Ice of Fire.

“Of course it’s a sound plan. When have I ever taken the wrong road?” asked Fire.

“Many times, come to think of it,” answered a frowning Ice. “Don’t talk to anyone and you’ll be fine. You’re just a problem,” said Fire.

The pair were walking towards the castle gates and Ice was angered by Fire once again.

“Be quiet? Where do you get this wisdom rubbish from?” asked Ice.

“You’re too holy in your talk. Just be normal for once,” whispered Fire and they passed into the castle walls.

A knight walked up and stopped the two elements and checked out the strange white and red outfits.

“Who are you?” he asked them.

Ice turned to Fire and he answered the knight, “Gardeners.” “For the garden inside the castle?’ asked the knight.

Ice and Fire gave each other puzzled looks and Ice answered, “Yes, the inside garden,”

“Well, you must be the best in all of Richardson’s people to get your hands on that,” the knight said and let them pass him.

The two slowly paced themselves and gained speed towards the castle doors. Fire smiled at Ice and poked him in the shoulder.

“Told you I had everything under control,” he smiled.

“You didn’t know there was a garden indoors,” a worried Ice said. “There are gardens in every castle in the world,” Fire answered Ice as they walked inside the castle.

They turned the corner and King Richardson was walking towards them. “Is that the king? The mad one?” asked Fire.

“Be quiet and keep your mouth shut. We don’t want to be found, do we?” asked Ice and they passed the king unnoticed.

They soon found a doorway to Alfred’s room and saw him working at his desk.

“Alfred, there you are, come with us,” commanded Ice.

“Ice and Fire? What are you doing here and how did you get past the knights?” asked Alfred, amazed.

“We’re part-time gardeners. Where’s the princess?” asked Fire. “She’s in her room resting, just a couple doors down the corridor,”

Alfred answered. Fire took off out of the room and Ice helped Alfred. “Come now and we’ll get you out of here,” said Ice.

“To where Ice, to where?” asked Alfred. “To our leader,” answered the element.

“The ThunderDragon,” Alfred said to himself excitedly.

Fire crossed into Celia’s room and opened it, Celia quickly rose from the bed saw Fire inside her room.

“Fire, why are you here? Has something happened?” she asked him.

“No, sorry I’m not the dashing young knight you like but the second best thing,” Fire said with a grin.

Celia smiled at Fire and they found their way back to Alfred’s room. Ice instructed them to leave the castle with him to go to forest to see the ThunderDragon. The group walked out of the room and was faced by the king of the kingdom. Richardson stood still with a stern face towards the party.

“The garden’s great, my lord, but we’ve got ourselves a couple of hands here and we’re out to do the outside garden,” Fire said.

Alfred whispered in Fire’s ear, “There isn’t a garden outside, Fire.” “Oh,” said Fire worried and out of ideas.

“I will call the guards at once!” cried Richardson, “You can never leave the castle, Alfred and Celia,” cried Richardson.

“Sorry, won’t work, King!” cried Fire and he threw a bolt of fire at the King. The King began to fall and Ice took notice.

“You’ll kill him you stupid element,” he cried and threw an ice beam on the ground behind the king. The King started to slide along the ground as the party started their move outside the castle. The King banged into the wall and was knocked out.

“Come on, we must leave at once,” cried Ice and the party safely left the Richardson Castle unharmed and returned back to the forest.

Fire pointed to the dragonflies to get ready to fly, “Come on Alfred come with me. Celia goes with Ice for now. Let’s go,” cried Fire and the party was soon in the air away from the castle to a higher order.

The group soon met each other at the Sky Castle. The three dragonflies came to the sky castle as Alex’s eyes lit up.

“What a beauty,” said Alex looking at golden carvings and two tall dragons in gold standing at the doors of the sky castle.

“I don’t like flying much. It’s a scary feeling,” commented a queasy looking Alfred.

“So amazing, mother nature at its greatest,” he added in shock towards the ThunderDragon’s castle.

“I love this place,” said Celia as the dragonflies landed at the castle. The group got off the dragonflies and Celia asked Water.

“Who are those dragonflies?” pointing at the other element dragonflies.

“That’s Earing, Earth’s dragonfly. Electron, Thunder’s dragonfly and Wind’s dragonfly Cyclend,” answered Water.

“All the dragonflies are different from each other,” said Celia studying every one of them.

“They are different like us all,” smiled Water walking into the castle.

Thunder was given his crystal by Celia and he thanked her.

“Thank you for finding this dear old thing. Welcome to the ThunderDragon’s Sky Castle,” he gestured towards the human team. He flashed a Thunder light over the doorway and the bridge gates opened revealing the insides of the rare castle and leader of the weather.

Celia met Alex again and he was still worried about their relationship. “Are you ok?” he asked her. Alfred was in the background watching.

She looked at Alfred and smiled at Alex, “Yes everything is fine now, Alex. It’s been a tough time for all. Let’s go inside then,” she answered. Alex smiled.

“The two of you are fine, I’m glad to see that at last. Let’s see the ThunderDragon. You may have seen him but I haven’t” Alfred said and the three of them followed the elements inside past the golden statues.

The elements walked into the throne room where the ThunderDragon was. They stood like a small army as the ThunderDragon eyed them and Alfred, Celia and Alex too.

“Welcome all to my meeting. Now be quiet and listen to what I say. Over the past weeks I have been thinking of a way to stop Morcar and Draken and to rid their evil ways from Earth. The way I have composed is to freeze them,” said the ThunderDragon.

“I know that spell ThunderDragon,” interfered Alfred.

“Quiet stupid human!” shouted the dragon as Alfred froze in his spot.

“I have not finished!” added the dragon as everyone was quiet again. “By freezing them, we don’t have to kill anyone. That is a rule we follow as creators of the weather.”

“Go on Alfred,” he said to the wizard.

“Ok then. This spell will only last 1000 years ThunderDragon. I am just warning you,” warned Alfred the Old.

The leader of the weather eyed the old wizard and puffed some smoke at him. Alfred didn’t like that at all. He tossed his head at the dragon and the dragon puffed smoke towards his direction.

“What do you mean by that?” asked the ThunderDragon. “It isn’t long enough for the world?”

“Yes, I’m worried you will forget about this, if you defeat Morcar and Draken. Then they’ll be released again later in this lifetime of the Earth,”

“So be it. We will find a way to stop them in a thousand years. How stupid do you think we are?” asked the dragon.

“Ok then,” warned Alfred as the ThunderDragon eyed his element workers.

“What do you think of it?” snapped the dragon. “Very good sir,” said Wind.

“Another genius idea,” spoke Ice. “Great,” said Fire.

“What suck ups,” whispered Celia to Alex as he nodded.

“They can’t much because they’ll get their behinds kicked for rejecting anything the ThunderDragon offers,” Alex explained.

“Very good elements, you do know when you heard a good idea,” spoke the dragon.

“Or to suck up,” whispered Alex. “So what do we need?” asked Earth.

“All we need is myself, or you elements if I have trouble,” answered the ThunderDragon.

“We will be there to stop Morcar and Draken,” Ice told him.

“But seeing that you elements are weak and nothing to my superior power I don’t really need you. You can come to show off if need be,” spoke the ThunderDragon.

“Rude isn’t he?” asked Alfred to Celia.

“Yeah he can do anything to the elements, and they won’t fight back,” answered back Celia.

“So we have to trap them then in order to freeze the two of them,” asked Alex.

The ThunderDragon faced towards Alexander and nodded.

“Yes, Alex. But freezing the two at once will be too tricky. Therefore, we will freeze them one by one in different battles,” explained the ThunderDragon.

“But we need the six crystals to be safe first then,” said Alfred. “Yes, Alfred. That is our first task from the beginning. We will

need the remaining four from whoever’s got them. In which case I have heard that Morcar has three crystals with him. This will make things harder for us then,” further explained the dragon.

“That is all I wanted to say for now. Be gone all of you,” said the ThunderDragon.

The elements marched off outside the castle and Celia was unimpressed with the ThunderDragon’s attitude towards his fellow friends.

“You’re not a happy dragon you know. You treat your friends pretty badly,” cried Celia.

“So what they are my workers, you silly princess. That is what they are to me, nothing more nothing less,” snapped the ThunderDragon.

He faced towards the draw bridge and walked outside. The elements were standing by the walls of the castle.

“I shall accompany you and the dragonflies to see the latest in the weather,” the dragon said.

“He thinks he’s so good,” whispered Celia to Ice.

“I can’t do anything, Celia. He is our leader and he looks after us,” said Ice in his defect

The six dragonflies flapped their wings and the wind picked up flew off with the ThunderDragon in the lead looking at the clouds.

The travellers soared through the sky as the ThunderDragon felt something strange. He looked back at the dragonflies and the elements.

“Something’s wrong!” shouted the dragon.

He didn’t know what was wrong but, he said so to warn the others. Suddenly a huge Thunder beam hit the ThunderDragon as he roared in pain. He flapped his wings in a panic. Alfred, Alex and Celia held on for dear life. He made a terrible face towards the elements. Ice and Water saw the attack as they cried out.

“Dragonflies attack!”

Draken moved into the kill as the ThunderDragon looked at him, Draken bashed him aside. The dragonflies blasted thunder, ice, and water at the evil dragon. Draken leaned to his right, missed the beams and pressed on towards the dragonflies.

He crashed into Artice with Ice and Alex on it. The crash caused them to rock madly around on Article’s back.

“Hold on now, Alex. This is going to be rough!’ shouted Ice.

Alex flew over on the back of the dragonfly and held on to the bag of crystals he was given by Water and Thunder earlier on in the meeting. Alfred struggled to stay on the back of Wafall, Water’s dragonfly.

“This is crazy what is going on in the air. Can’t we do this on the ground?” cried out the wizard.

“I wish that too,” thought Water handling Wafall in fear.

Wafall squirted water towards Draken and shook his head getting the water out of his eyes. Cyclend appeared next to Wafall and Wind pointed at Draken.

“Who’s that on Draken’s aback?” he shouted out to his fellow element.

Water saw the image on Draken’s back. It was Morcar and he was pointing at each dragonfly giving directions.

“It’s Morcar, alright. He’s telling Draken what to do,” cried out Water so that the other dragonflies could hear too.

Draken made a second attack upon the dragonflies and belted two of them away from him.

“Watch out for their mouths, who knows what magic they have,” Morcar cried out.

Ice turned to face Alex on Artice. He looked at the bag then at the knight. “He cannot get that bag. He wants that quite badly I can see. We must escape from here and leave the others to battle. We must hide the crystals somewhere,” shouted out Ice.

Artice was starting to panic and kept on turning back to watch for Draken.

“Don’t worry Artice, I’m here for you. We’ll get away from him. Trust me,” smiled Ice rubbing poor Artice’s neck.

Wafall kept on blasting water at Draken and Morcar was getting cross with the attacks.

“Knock that stupid dragonfly over!” shouted Morcar.

Draken nodded and pushed on towards Wafall. Alfred shook Water and pointed at Draken.

“Watch out! Draken’s on the war path!” Alfred yelled.

“Right, where are Alex and Ice going?” asked Water pointing over to Artice taking a new route.

“They’re leaving the battle, to protect the crystal I believe that would be the plan,” Alfred cried out to Water who sat behind him on Wafall.

Alfred spotted the ThunderDragon running around then moving and chasing after Artice. Alfred’s face grew in fear as he pushed Water in the back.

“What is your stupid leader up to? He’s going to kill Alex and Ice!” he shouted out.

Firwing appeared with the other dragonflies and saw the ThunderDragon. “Where is he going?” cried Thunder.

“After Alex and Ice, with the crystals,” answered Alfred.

Draken watched the ThunderDragon and showed Morcar to the dragon in chase.

“There he is with Artice in the distance to the east,” pointed out the dragon.

“There he goes with the crystal. After him at once!” Morcar shouted after Draken.

The ThunderDragon flew like thunder towards Artice and the two beings on board.

“What are you doing here?” asked Alex of the ThunderDragon. “Protecting the likes of you and the crystals,” answered theThunderDragon.

He kept on turning back and watching Draken coming up.

“Leave us so we can escape safely with the crystals!” shouted Alex at the dragon.

“Never, you listen to me. I never take orders from a mere human!” shouted the dragon.

He flashed around like lighting and discharged a fire blast at Draken. “Watch out Morcar!” shouted Draken and he spun around in acircle to bypass the blast.

The leader of the weather turned back to Alex with a seriously powerful look.

“You listen to me Alexander, you are a knight and a human belongs to nothing else,” and he flew off behind them towards Draken again.

Alexander turned to face Ice on Artice’s back with a sad look. “I’m just a fruit picker’s son,” he said.

Ice patted him on the shoulder and tired to reason with him.

“The ThunderDragon is very busy and he’s just upset,” reasoned the element of Ice.

The ThunderDragon appeared in front of Morcar and Draken and closed his wings together. He unleased a powerful Thunder storm in the sky.

“Fall like lightning to evil!” shouted the dragon as he glared at Morcar and Draken.

“Come on Draken; don’t listen to that stupid leader. Success is only moments away!” cried Morcar.

Rain started to pour on the dragons and dragonflies. Morcar saw the ThunderDragon in his sights and stood up on Draken. The ThunderDragon turned to face a wet Morcar. He held his staff up and lightning smashed into the staff and took off towards the ThunderDragon. The lightning struck the dragon and he roared in pain. He released his wing and flapped madly. His eyes were bloodshot red and he started to feel unbalanced in the air. Morcar jumped down and crept up to Draken’s ear.

“This is our moment!” shouted Morcar and Draken flew towards Alex and Ice on Artice.

The other dragonflies caught on with the ThunderDragon, Draken and Artice.

Celia and Fire arrived to see Alfred standing up on Wafall.

“What is he doing? He’s never that brave!” Celia shouted out.

“It’s these moments people stand up for justice,” cried out Fire. “Let’s get closer to the action,”

Alfred was now directing the dragonflies around.

“Come on now. Draken’s about to hit Artice!” he shouted out.

Ice and Alex felt a massive hit by Draken; they were greeted by the grinning Morcar.

“Hang on!” cried Alex. “I’m going to put an end to Morcar now!” “You are what to do? You can’t do that!” cried out Ice.

Alex ran and jumped above hundreds of metres above the air onto Draken safely. A lightning reaction was made by Morcar to greet Alex on board.

“Alexander the knight, what brings you here to play?” he asked


“Let’s cut the rubbish!” cried Alex and he unleased the Ice sword he had on him.

“The Ice sword I see, let’s see how good you have become!” cried Morcar.

Morcar jumped forward towards Alex and the two crossed irons, one sword and one staff. The wrists moved quickly locking the irons together each time. Alex’s sword quickly grew icy and Morcar’s staff lit up green. He shot green rain from his staff. Alex waved his sword around revealing an icy shield to protect him from the green rain drops.

“Come on Morcar, you must be better than this?” Alex asked smiling.

“Oh I’m better than this. I’m too much for you Alexander!” boasted Morcar.

Morcar suddenly kicked Alex off down to Draken’s tail and Alex caught on. Alex quickly looked up to see Morcar’s staff starting to charge up from the lightning storm.

“Oh shit!” cried the knight in a panic.

Alex waved the ice sword madly as Morcar whipped out his staff towards Draken’s tail. The staff unleased his lighting bolt towards Alex and a shield of ice met the bolt creating an enormous explosion as Draken felt his tail being burnt. He reacted and Morcar fell on the dragon’s back.

“Stay still!” shouted Morcar.

“Don’t burn my tail!” shouted Draken in frustration.

The bag of crystal was left near Morcar and he quickly picked them up.

“Thank you Alex for the crystals!” he cried. “No!” shouted the knight in despair.

Draken smiled and started to shake his tail around the place. “Watch it!” shouted Alex holding the sword in the other hand.

Alex struck the sword in Draken’s tail and he roared in pain. He cracked his tail like a whip and Alex fell off and was sent down towards the ground. Firwing arrived with Fire and Celia.

“Alex!” Celia yelled out to him.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning appeared from the sky and struck the ThunderDragon. The dragonflies watched the dragon glowing yellow struck eyes at Draken and Morcar. Morcar and Draken’s eyes were fixed on the lord of the weather.

A sudden bolt of Electricity struck Draken. The dragon lost control and started to fall. The ThunderDragon started to race towards Alex in the air. Alex felt a hard hit on the back of the ThunderDragon and was knocked unconscious. Draken was hurt badly as has the ThunderDragon. He made a quick but painful getaway from the battle field.

Draken blasted Thunder bolts at the dragonflies to bypass them all. The ThunderDragon started to fall to the ground. The ground felt the power of the dragon fall on the ground with Alex on his back. The creators of the weather won their lives back but lost their crystals, the key to staying alive for the future.

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