Chapter 2 – Chisoutsa – Revolution of the Worlds

Lucas Walken was revealed as the son of the Walken’s and Chisoutsa’s lost brother to a shocked group, “I’m your son if you like it or not. I can’t believe my parents didn’t die after all,” he said. 

“Why didn’t you tell me before in the Death Lands when I asked about my child I lost?” asked Professor Walken to Allegheri. 

“The time was not right. Some things are not be heard. This is the child you tried to have but lost in childbirth. He was raised by wizards and therefore he became a powerful one at that,” Allegheri answered. 

Lucas dropped his bag of books and they fell out of his bag. Professor Walken and Emily hugged their lost son as Lucas’s father noticed the books. 

“You’re into maths and science like me. Chisoutsa was never the reader and student that I was back in my uni days,” Professor Walken mentioned. 

“Yeah I love writing about it and working on things like that. Study makes you smart and not get yourself into tough jams,” Lucas replied. 

“You could a few things from your brother Chisoutsa,” smiled the Professor. 

“Well thanks Professor. It’s not like I haven’t achieved much in my life. Like defeating Censilo and Convoitise,” Chisoutsa replied with a dirty look. 

“Umm, who were the two guys that I saw before? Oh yeah the guys you somewhat defeated.  They seem very much alive and well,’ Lucas returned fire.  

“Chisoutsa will need to work with her teachings in order to defeat them forever,” Professor Walken replied. 

“And in plain English for the young and lustful kids like us Chisoutsa, get your head together and beat the shit of them. Study days are long and over for you. Time to step up a bar or two,” Lucas explained to Chisoutsa. 

“Well great a geek for a brother, someone with the brain of the Professor and someone who reactions like me. What a great pairing,” Chisoutsa said. 

Lucas walked over to his wizard friend Kate, “And do you think I brought this hottie for the study periods?” he replied grinning. 

“Study and casual sex, I might like you in the end. You seem to have the right balance,” Chisoutsa said thinking about it.  

“I think we move on to more important matters. We will rest tonight and work on getting Chisoutsa to the Second Life World. Rest the injured and remember what we have left. There is a world here that is depending on us. No one should ever forget that,” Allegheri told the group.  

It was late at night when most of the group were asleep. Chisoutsa was sleeping in one of the house huts that were common at Lake Pure. Lucas wandered over to the bed and lit up a smoke and moved outside to see Jiko was standing looking at the sky. 

“Hello there. You’re the Jiko guy who’s going out with Chisoutsa,” Lucas said. 

“Yeah in a way,” Jiko replied. 

“In a way what,” Lucas wondered. 

“We’re gone on a couple dates you can say but with all this drama it’s been hard to move to the next stage. She’s a tough person to get to,” Jiko explained. 

Lucas drew on his smoke and thought about it, “Well I’m a man of science and facts. Lucky for you I also know how to please others. You need to loosen up and take charge. I dare say that’s what Chisoutsa is looking for in a man. Not someone who waits for the other to make a move. If you make a move I’m sure she will like it. I mean we could be all dead tomorrow. It’s now or never Jiko.” 

‘Do you really think so. I just get nervous and think too much about these things.” 

“Yeah. Just go for it and see what happens. Take the chance and make a good one. You go and see Chisoutsa. I’m heading back to Kate again. See you in the morning,” Lucas said heading back indoors.   

Jiko walked over to Chisoutsa’s hut and entered through the slide door. He crept inside her bed and moved his hand over her body. Chisoutsa woke up and gave a smile towards Jiko, “This is nice Jiko. Feels good,” she said. 

“This might make you feel even better,” Jiko smirked as pulled off his shirt and pushed his jeans down.  

Chisoutsa moved her legs wider when Jiko pulled her shorts down with force and pushed himself inside her. She moaned heavily as her hands squeezed his large chest. He leaned her up her soft and firm breasts bounced as he rocked her harder.  

“Fuck me harder,” she whispered in his ear as he bit hard on her neck as she moaned. Jiko filled her inside of his cum as she yelled in pleasure. The night is pleasing for the two of them as the dark clouds covered the entire the First Life World.  

 The morning rose over Lake Pure as Professor Walken has united a special group of Allegheri, Jiko, Frithdar and Lucas. The group met up while Charles, Emily and Alan were to stay at Lake Pure. 

“Today is the day that marks the future of the worlds. The plan is this team to defeat Convoitise. Chisoutsa will move forward and take care of Censilo herself,” Professor Walken spoke.  

“We only have the power to take care of the vampire lust. No one knows if Chisoutsa can stand the power and might of Censilo. The armies will fall when their masters do and this is the heart where we must strike,” Allegheri said. 

Chisoutsa walked over to the group loading up her guns and weapons. She cleaned off her sword and looked at the team, “I want everyone to leave the Second Life World when Convoitise. I want Censilo all to myself and any results will be because of me. Win or lose I might not be alive by the end of the day. You guys have to move fast and steady. As I have learnt you have to have the right balance of skill and raw power to defeat the two,” Chisoutsa said looking at her mentor. 

“Chisoutsa has learnt everything from me and is there is nothing left to teach. Only to show the skills from all the battles from the City of Demons and the Death Lands she has been taught. The destiny of everything we hold dear is now in your hands Chisoutsa,” Professor Walken said.  

“Then let us start the final battle to end this war of hundreds of years. I’m ready to taste blood again,” Chisoutsa said. 

The team agreed and headed for the Black Vixen. The plan involved Professor Walken’s team to use the black from the Second Life World leaving Chisoutsa by herself with her weapons and skills. With only very little left.  

The war had been raging across the City of Demons and the Death Lands. Scenes of Kaiser Units, government guards, hundreds of people fighting back the armies and terror of the vampires and demon that will hell bent on completing the dream of Censilo and Convoitise’s rampage of the worlds. The struggles of the people were showing as the armies started to push hard towards the Government Square to where Censilo’s old headquarters was stationed. The terror of the dark clouds brought lightening and bolts of fire at a rapid speed. The thunderstorms worked on destroying buildings and areas of the City of Demons.  

Away from the war in the First Life World and the lone Black Vixen arrived into the Second Life World. Professor Walken and Frithdar remained in the vehicle. Allegheri, Jiko and Lucas stayed outside and were ready for the Convoitise empire. Chisoutsa suited herself up for her own war against Censilo. Professor Walken came out of the Black Vixen and saw Chisoutsa for the final time.  

“There’s so much I want to say to you and to Lucas. It’s hard to put into words how you have changed mine and Emily’s lives. Who would have thought that I would find you in a dumpster of all places. You know what you have to do now. Time to say goodbye for now, I hope to see you again,” Professor Walken said. 

Chisoutsa hugged her father and mentor and looked at him, “You made me who I am today. Censilo may have created me but my heart was always a Walken. I promise I will see you and Jiko again,” Chisoutsa said. 

Jiko came out of the vehicle and was upset to see Chisoutsa go, “Come back safe and sound will you?” he asked her. 

“You’re not going to get rid of me that easily. I will miss you most of all,” Chisoutsa smiled.  

Lucas looked at the pair was pleased with the results. He stepped forward with Chisoutsa, “You better come back alive. I’ve always like the idea of bagging and teasing a sister. Don’t go blowing things up and use your head for once,” Lucas told Chisoutsa. 

“Very much what I would say, keep to your skills and fight to the bitter end,” Professor Walken added. 

Allegheri turned to Professor Walken, “I will handle Convoitise myself. This day has been a long time coming for him. Today scores will be settled.” 

“Go and do what you need to do. The Black Vixen will be used to fight the armies and help you as much as we can,” Professor Walken replied. 

Everyone waved goodbye to each other and moved into their groups. Allegheri, Jiko and Lucas moved north, Chisoutsa to the east and Professor Walken and Frithdar to the skies.  

 Thousands of vampires were flying through the dark clouds while Black Vixen was going at full speed firing beams and bullets at them. Allegheri, Jiko and Lucas were riding on horseback as they neared the castle top that was stationed on the mountain top. Allegheri eyed the castle and turned to the other two. 

“You two stay here and fight the vampires. I’m going to find Convoitise,” he said as Jiko and Lucas saw the incoming army heading for them.  

Jiko charged his way into the pack and slashed his swords at them. Lucas unleashed powerful spells and magic and spun his way into them with his staff. Three vampires grabbed and struggled to hold on with Lucas as they faced a battle with him. A group of another vampires strike Jiko’s chest where he fell and kept on fighting with his swords.  

Allegheri rushed into the castle top where a flash of lighting strike the old vampire and he flew into the brick wall. Convoitise appeared quickly and smashed his sword into Allegheri, “Now’s not the time to be sitting down on the job. Allegheri show me what you have left in you!” Convoitise yelled at him. 

Convoitise repeatedly bashed Allegheri in the back and grabbed his head and banged him against the wall. The lust vampire grabbed hold of a staff thrashed its energy towards Allegheri and he fell to the ground. 

“All these years and I thought you would have been better. Your battle skills are just as weak as your love for the woman you let die. Everyone knows the story of the great Allegheri who once showed heart and lost it all in a moment of despair and bitter sadness. Now you are showing heart to protect foul humans and wizards again. I will show you that your heart is your weakness and will be the death of you!” the vampire lord thundered with his words and a pair of hands shot and held Convoitise’s staff. 

“I still have heart and you will not tell me what will happen. I hold my own destiny!” Allegheri shouted. 

The two fought by struggling over the staff and moved around the castle top mountain. The staff moved and waved and the two threw the staff away in the distance.  

“Come now Allegheri! Your woman’s blood was tasted like a meal. By your own lustful teeth, you’re desire for blood was great. Greater then love it was!” Convoitise cried back. 

“She was dying and you knew it. You pushed me into an impossible decision. You wanted my hands over her when she died and you got it.” 

“On my dear Allegheri I have waited for this day to deal with you for the final time. I have crushed your heart and now I will crush you in body and soul. Lust is always a better thing then love and you learnt it from me.” 

Allegheri waved his black robe around him, “Lust only last for a while and you know that Convoitise. You are always feeding to stay alive. Love lasts forever and that is why I am still here.” 

“Then I shall show you how powerful lust is. How one can use it well!” Convoitise as he unleashed fire inside the castle rooms. A ring of fire appeared around the two of them as Allegheri was trapped. 

Meanwhile Jiko and Lucas were struggling against the vampires. A group of vampires had pinned Jiko to the ground as Lucas fought this way through the messy grounds. He waved his staff around and bashed everything he could see in sight. Suddenly in the skies the Black Vixen rose and sprayed a range of bullets and hyper beams towards the flying vampires.  

“Use the hyper beams on the vampires. Bullets don’t work so well on the vampires,” Professor Walken told Frithdar. 

‘I know that. It’s your daughter that didn’t know when she was in the Death Lands,” Frithdar replied.  

Two ropes appeared down from the Black Vixen and Lucas grabbed one of them. He climbed up it and gained the high ground and saw Jiko kicking and punching his way from the ground. Lucas waved his magic staff around him and a bolt of beams flashed across the area. The vampires were smashed by them and the Black Vixen flew lower and Jiko just manage to jump and grab the end of the other rope. The black clouds started to the rapid lighting and fire balls as seen in the First Life World. The Black Vixen quickly turned around and tried to get away from the lightings.  

“This is impossible to steer now. The storms are going to kill us if we don’t leave now!” Professor Walken cried out. 

“We can’t leave Allegheri. He’s fighting Convoitise. We are all in this together. We will face death if need be,” Frithdar replied. 

“That’s the thing that worries me!” cried the Professor.  

Chisoutsa’s long walk to the demon empire was long and painful. She saw the highest point of the empire where it must have reached the stars as she eyed of the thousands of demons ready to kill her. She unloaded her two sub machines and looked down at her old eagle gun. 

“The old eagle won’t be needed for now. Time for some action,” she told herself. 

She appeared on a hill where the demon armies would see her and they rushed towards her like a pack of animals with their beaming red eyes. Chisoutsa ran down the hill and fired both of her guns. The black clouds had now covered the entire of the both worlds and started it’s god like rampage of fire balls and lightings. Chisoutsa gained a mean face as she gunned down the demons and ripped her way through packs. Fire balls fell to the left and right of her where demons bodies were ripped to pieces by the lightings. Her body swinged around as the hard battle was pushing her down.  

“Censilo face me now!” she screamed out in the army of thousands of demons.  

A demon fired a gun towards her and her arm was hit. She leaned down on the ground as the demons smashed her over the head and she yelled in pain. Blood was tearing from her arm. 

“I will not give up,” she slowly said to herself in pain.  

A smash to the skull arrived for Allegheri as Convoitise stalked him and circled him in the ring of fire. His fangs showed as his face was burning by the fires.  

“Your blood is old and weak. The times are changing and you death is knocking at your knees. Come and join the line of people I have killed for this world. Your college burns tonight and tomorrow your students will share the same fate,” Convoitise boomed across the room. 

“You will never touch the ones that I have protected for so long Convoitise!” Allegheri cried as he charged towards him in a final bid to win. 

The two fell to the ground and struggled to kill each other. Convoitise pushed Allegheri into the ground and his fangs moved towards him. 

“Your blood is running weak old vampire. Goodbye and welcome to your death!” Convoitise yelled. 

Allegheri grabbed Convoitise’s chest as he viewed the Black Vixen rushing around in the skies beside him, “Let me taste your lustful heart!” Allegheri purred in Convoitise’s ear as he gave a last amount of power left and buried inside Convoitise’s body and his fangs bit right into the vampire lust’s heart. Convoitise gave out an almighty scream as a fearful group from the Black Vixen watched the epic battle unfold. A sonic boom appeared from the castle top and Convoitise started to age and turn grey. 

“My heart! How dare you do this to me. I’m the greatest vampire of all time. You cannot!” Convoitise cried in pain as he blew apart and flew Allegheri into the air and over the mountain top towards the ground. The Black Vixen shot through the air while the Professor crazily pushed the vehicle to a all time high pressure. Lucas unleashed a beam and shot it at Allegheri and grabbed his hand. The burnt out Allegheri gave a sorrow look at Lucas Walken, “You’re coming home with us now. You settled your score teacher,” Lucas spoke to Allegheri. Allegheri rested and closed his eyes while Frithdar started to see the Black Vixen start to blow smoke and fire on the computer boards inside the vehicle. They started their mad dash back to the whirlpool portal. 

The demon empire was closing in on Chisoutsa as she pulled herself together and ran as hard as she could towards the empire building where the highest point was seen. The demons throne was in chaos as demons panicked and added more numbers to kill off Chisoutsa’s chances of reaching the top. Inside the throne room one demon rushed inside and a hand was raised to stop the demon came out from the demon lord. The demons stopped in their track and looked up at Censilo. 

“She has come to meet her master,” Censilo replied giving a deep breath of pleasure.  

“Let her have what she so wishes for. For that is what I want to. For she to see both of the Life Worlds and for her to fall on her knees at her master’s call,” Censilo boomed out a solid command to his demons. 

Chisoutsa continued her way up the stairs slashing her way using her swords and was thinking about her friends. Flashing images of her meeting her mentor and father Professor Walken long ago in the City of Demons. Her shoulders became heaver and heaver as she neared the demon throne room. Censilo heard her footsteps and looked out the large windows towards the whirlpool portal where he watched the Black Vixen on fire screaming towards the finish line back to Lake Pure. Chisoutsa arrived into the room as Censilo raised his staff and pointed over her head. She twisted her head to see the Black Vixen in the far distance. Censilo thundered a massive long range beam of awesome power across the Second Life World and it smashed the Black Vixen to pieces where it fell down the whirlpool portal causing the portal to start to play up and catch on fire. 

“No! Father, Jiko!” Chisoutsa screamed in pain watching it unfold. She turned around to meet her master with dangerous red eyes of old. 

“The terror in your heart, it screams because of me. All that you seek lies within me. You will now bear witness as to why I am the master of all the worlds together. At the full demon power, you will burn and fall to your knees,” Censilo spoke with a smile.  

The final war between Chisoutsa and Censilo had began. 

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