Chapter 2 – Chisoutsa: The City of Demons

Inside the warehouse lab where Alan Richards lured around his device, Professor Walken and Charles saw Chisoutsa entering the lab and seeing the weapons and devices in the room. Alan was dressed in his normal white clothing and black glasses as he wiped them clean for the fifth time in ten minutes.

          Chisoutsa eyed some of the weapons that Charles was handing. Special designed shotguns and bombs were just some of the offers on hand by Alan. She grabbed one of the guns and grabbed firm on it. She lightly touched over the gun and closed her eyes. She loved a good gun, slid her hand the other way, and opened her eyes to Alan.

          “Welcome Chisoutsa to my warehouse domain. This is my secret area from Scienceworks and if you do not know already, my name is Alan Richards. So nice to meet you,” beamed Alan.

          “Nice weapons here,” answered Chisoutsa still playing with the gun.

          “Oh yes and more where that came from my girl. Come on and I’ll show you the gadgets you’ll be using on your missions I think you’re doing,” Alan said.

Alan quickly wadded over to another like an excited schoolchild while Charles and Professor Walken smiled at each other in amusement.

          “Chisoutsa this is your special little gun. Called the Mags 2700, the bullets are strong steel and the gun is very light and easy on the trigger. It fires its 32 rounds in fewer than 10 secs. Amazing record I must say,” Alan said.

Chisoutsa smiled and held the gun and felt the lightweight of the Mags 2700. She already took a kind view to Alan and liked him from the start. She thought he was cute in his strange and funny manners.


Alan also picked up a larger shotgun and loaded the gun for Chisoutsa. This was a solid black weapon masked with large bullets.

          “This one is pretty standard expect it packs a bigger blast. Reloads itself too which helps,” Alan explained as Chisoutsa looked at it.

Alan threw over a silencer version of the Mags 2700 to Chisoutsa from the table, “Always need one for those occasions,” Alan reminded her.

          “As well as that you will get the sniper gun and the crossbow. I heard you like them,” Alan said.

          “Yes I do like the quieter more stealth weapons,” Chisoutsa answered.

Alan took them to a corner of the lab where the mines were placed in special tin boxes. Charles looked at the timed mines and showed Chisoutsa to them.

          “I used to do some bomb making in my younger days. I believe the proximity mines are the best here,” Charles, told her.

          “Not good if you’re on the receiving end of it. Remote mines are the safest ones in this three. But all three should be used for the right time,” Alan said.

Chisoutsa looked at the next weapons where she found a rocket launcher.

          “This is the devastator. Not for everyday use but its handy when the numbers are against you or you, need escape from a building. On the table is your combat knife and tranquilizer. The tranquilizer is useful for in working in the business buildings if you get that far,” Alan said.

Alan Richards then walked the three into training rooms and showed them the features.

          “These training rooms are the perfect place for you to learn your weapons and you martial arts. I know Professor Walken is a good teacher. There are some punching bags and weights for you too.”

          “This should be interesting to watch. These weapons are great looking,” Charles said.

          “There will be more when I can get around to completing them,” Alan said to the group.


Chisoutsa looked at the punching bag and saw the wall behind it. Alan and Professor Walken were discussing about the weapons while Charles was working with his phone.

          “I don’t need the punching bag. Just the wall, I can punch hard objects for some reason and feel not much pain,” Chisoutsa said to the group.

          “One of unnatural areas of her,” whispered the professor to Alan.

She raised her fists to her head and started to punch the brick wall. She started slowly then harder and faster, and then soon she was full at it. Punching hard and breaking bricks.

          “She heals fast and doesn’t feel much pain. In addition, tough strength is another key for her power. No one knows why this is so but the City of Demons haves the answers,” Professor Walken explained to Alan.

          “I’ve never heard of these kinds of humans. She is human, is she?” Alan asked.

          “Of course look at her. It is just her body make up that’s different. Her emotions and passions are also five times more than us. She eats a lot when she’s hungry. She tends to sleep for ages after being awake for days on end and her emotions on anger, sexuality, sadness, and feelings are very strong. It’s very hard to deal with someone like her in a way,” Professor Walken told Alan.

          “Yes I can understand that. I’ve never seen or heard about these kinds of people at Scienceworks then again these projects would be top secret. Only the business leaders would know about these,” Alan said.

Chisoutsa appeared to be finished and Alan collected the last of the gadgets and handed them to her.

          “Here will be updates of course and new weapons but this should be the best I can for you for now. It was so nice to meet you all and hope to see everyone again!” Alan said bubbly.

She smiled at Alan and Professor Walken turned around to Charles in the background.

          “I guess she’ll be right into now,” Charles asked Walken.

          “Yes, we shall wait and see what she finds,” answered Professor Walken.

Chisoutsa disappeared from the lab room and Alan Richards stood in front of the professor and Charles and smiled.

          “That’s all sorted out now, where is she going?” he asked.

          “That’s a good question. I don’t know. She’ll be back,” answered Professor Walken.


The deep smell of trouble rose in the City of Demons as night dawned upon the land. Chisoutsa set her gun by the river and watched a group of men wandering towards an old building. They dressed in brown and black urban clothes and watched around the area to make sure no one was watching them. She hind behind a large waste bin and looked through the cracks to see them. She walked around the bin and saw one of them on a mobile phone. He wandered away from the building and then held out his phone and clicked a button.


A large explosion boomed the upstairs of the grey rundown building and fire burst out in balls. Chisoutsa stood and watched the flames cover the ground around the area.

          “Yeah man, we done it. Nothing left. We’ll pick up the good from you later,” said the man on the phone.

The group headed across the street, climbed into a car, and took off from the burning building. Chisoutsa appeared from hiding and found herself with three men in the distance. One smiled and looked at her.

          “What’s a girl like you doing here?” the man said.

She lowered her gun, looked at the back allies, and bolted for them. The men gave chase to her. Moving through the night like shadows on horseback. She turned corners of the streets like a racing car and speed down the stairs to a train station subway. She stopped for a moment and looked at the sign.

          “Morris Station,” she whispered to herself.

A line of bullets showered the train station ground where Chisoutsa bolted behind a wall. Old rotten and yellow posters lined the train walls. Her silver gun lined next to her mouth and a slow breathe slowly came out. A raging pounding of bullets at the wall polluted the air again and she moved out of her hiding spot and sprayed her own thoughts at them. One man fell to the ground and he tried to stand up again to shot back. She moved over to kick him cold in the head until she heard the sweet breakage of his neck.

          “Get her now!” they cried when Chisoutsa moved her fists to protect her face and knocked another person down.

The men became worried. They looked at each other, and then reloaded their weapons with a new determination. They charged hard at her and she pushed into them. They all fell to the ground, Chisoutsa found a combat knife, and she picked it up and rolled out of the bullet’s harm.

          “Shoot the bitch, what’s wrong with you,” cried one of them.

The other ran to Chisoutsa and she lower down and stuck the knife in his stomach, she turned around as the body started to fall and stabbed again in the back. The body dropped to the ground and she charged for the last man and grabbed him. His body hit the wall hard and she pulled his arms behind his back.

          “Now we’re going to get to know each other better. Who are you?” Chisoutsa cried at him.

          “I’m from Tesraptors. I don’t tell you shit! Who are you?” he snapped back.

A glare of redness appeared over Chisoutsa’s eyes and she dragged him into a corner of the station. She held hard to his arm and held on tight. She could feel the bones bending inside him and he gave out some information.

          “We were just bombing a place for a business!” he cried.

          “Which one,” she asked again tighten her grip.

          “Demon Productions,” he cried.

She released him and pushed him away, he quickly showed a gun and she kicked it out of his hands down to the tracks. Her bloody hands landed in his face over and over until he fell down to the ground. She turned around as she saw a shadow and it was an elderly man who saw the last action. He saw the bloody hands and the three bodies over the station.

          “They were like that when I came here,” Chisoutsa answered to him biting her lip.

The old man only moved his eyes around the room and softly answered her, “Good enough for me,” and quickly walked upstairs from Morris Station.

Chisoutsa watched the bodies lie on the ground and tapped her gun on her side. Who were Demons Productions? Why were they burning down a building? Was there something they were hiding? The train lights flickered on and off as the night worn on.


A young waiter came over to two men at a classy the business sector. The first man, dressed in a brown suit and urban styled pants. He was under a hood, had a beard, and had a small pistol in his suit. The second man was dressed in a black suit, neat and cleanly shaved face. He looked quite educated and alert.

          “Here are your drinks gentlemen,” said the waiter as the first man thanked him.

          “So as you were saying, you said a woman killed off three of your men. Haven’t head of that one in a long time,” said the second man.

          “No Mr. Umezu. I was angry when the news came. How can a woman be that dangerous and successful,” said the first man.

          “Junji, don’t worry about the women. I’ll send around some of the Kaiser Unit to investigate this calm. Now let us get to the real issue at hand. You are finished with Demon Productions?” Mr. Umezu asked.

          “Yes we are. We are in the hands of Scienceworks again,” answered Junji.

          “Very good,” Mr. Umezu said smiling to himself.

He handed over a range of papers to Junji to do with the following tasks to be done . Scienceworks always had their tasks written down easily even for the dopiest gang leader to understand.

          “I know the Tesraptors can do this one easily, just like the building that was burnt down. We need you to find out information about any new people in the City. People who wish to be movers and shakers here like woman who killed your men, we will investigate her, you will do the same for everyone else in your area and other sections of the City,” Mr. Umezu told him.

          “How much?” Junji asked.

          “One hundred thousand for now, we’ll talk more if you find something out,” came Junji’s answer.

Mr. Umezu stood up from the table and looked down at Junji.

          “I have to go now but I hope things are on the brighter side for your men,” he said throwing down brown bag of cash inside next to him.

Junji watched him leave the café and he scratched his beard.



A bloodied Chisoutsa entered the lounge room of Professor Walken’s as the seat lamp turned on in the night. There was the professor reading a novel when he heard her inside.

          “What information did you find?” he asked.

          “Not much, only a gang working for a business called the Demon Productions,” she answered.

She wandered into the bathroom, slipped off her pants, and washed her hands and face down.

          “Demon Productions is one of the big businesses. A medical type group who work with drug lords to make their money. They put every man, woman and child into classes. I think I’m in the higher class. Because I have the money to make their drugs,” Professor Walken explained to Chisoutsa.

Chisoutsa unzipped her coat top, wandered into the room, and rested over the lounge. She slipped out a large beer she found by her room, opened it by her teeth, and gulped the bottle in two goes.

          “You must remind me you are a woman sometimes when you do that,” the professor half frowned at her.

          “Doesn’t matter me. Woman are so girly girly. It bugs me off,” she complained.

          “For certain reasons I suggest Chisoutsa, because they are women?” Professor Walken commented.

Chisoutsa said nothing and her mentor smiled and grabbed his wine glass and played with it in his hands. He watched his faithful walking stick by his side and his student into her first quest by his side.

          “You want to find Demon Productions?” he asked her.

          “Yes, of course Walken where are they?” she asked him.

The professor mentor slipped more of his wine and thought about it for a moment. His hands reaching back into his memory and stringing his thoughts together.

          “There is a place called the Washu Spring. Brothel, drug place, spring, and a bit of everything you can say. You should find some Demon Production members testing drugs on the young people. Rest tonight and go out tomorrow night, that would be the plan,” Walken answered her.

Chisoutsa thought to herself and Professor Walken rose from his seat and moved to the fridge.

          “We must all take time out from work. The City of Demons is a stressful place to live. There is so much trouble and gangs and businesses crossing each other. Fun for the papers to write about,” he said poking his head in the fridge.

          “Why did you live here for so long if you dislike it yet Walken?” she asked him.

          “I helped worked with Charles for a while then investigated some businesses such as Demon Productions and Centrax. You get used to it in the end,” Walken answered.

          “It’s an alright place.”

          “Yes it is,” said the professor with a concerned face.

Chisoutsa went from the lounge into her room. She had posters of weapons on her walls and a nice sized bed in the middle. A line of clothes was in her wardrobe and a shower in the next room. It was mild yellow designed bedroom when she walked in and threw her coat and top to the bed. Professor Walken was back in his seat with his whine glass and thought about his past with the city.

          “So long ago but still the same people rule the land,” he said to himself.

He watched the fire in front of him disappear and he fell to sleep in time.


The deep lab rooms of the Scienceworks empire building stood tall in the city square. On one of the underground levels were the technology rooms for the Kaiser Unit. Mr. Umezu watched over his men training and being given lessons by the scientists.

          “Morning men, I have called some of you together to discuss about finding a woman who has been seen in the outer sectors of the city. We have a drawn picture of her for now. Does anyone know of a woman like this?” he asked them .

In the next couple rooms another figure saw the sketch of Chisoutsa and he stepped back in his office. Alan Richards dialed his phone out and softly spoke to it.

          “Yes, Mr. Walken. I think Scienceworks know about Chisoutsa. They have a picture of her,” he said into the phone.

          “I’m not surprised about them finding out,” answered Professor Walken.

          “What do we do? What if they find out about me?” asked Alan.

There was a short pause before an answer came in, “They don’t know about that and it will stay like that Mr. Richards,” Professor Walken answered.

Alan nodded on the phone, placed the phone back down, and watched out the window at the Kaiser Unit. Mr. Umezu showed the picture to each of the members until he spoke to a couple.

          “So you have seen the girl in this picture,” Mr. Umezu asked.

          “Yes sir. She asked about what we were doing and we answered her we were part of Kaiser Unit,” spoke one of the two men on duty that night.

          “She must be new in the city if she doesn’t know the Kaiser Unit or the Tesraptors. I’m not interested in her really. Just kill her if you find her, no investigation into her will be taken. It’s a clear cut kill for us,” Mr. Umezu told the group.

The Kaiser Unit reloaded their high-powered weapons and marched out of the area as a worried witted Alan watched them move out of the lab rooms. 

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