Chapter 2 – Chisoutsa: The Virgin War

Kanto West was relaxing in his chair by the swimming pool at his mansion when one of his bodyguards came out to see him.
   “Mr. West there is a visitor for you,” he said to him.
   “Show him in. Who is it?” Kanto asked.
He soon got his answer when Hityo the leader of Demon Productions came through the door and looked at Kanto. Hityo appeared in his normal business suit, straight dark and plain. Just the way he liked it. Kanto was still in white robe from the morning.
   “You never take life too seriously do you,” Hityo commented to Kanto.
   “You gotta live it up. Especially with the cash we’re gonna made,” Kanto smiled at him.
Kanto rose from his seat and past over a cigar and Hityo took it and lit it up.
   “I saw the shit that guy Censilo made last week. What a motherfucker he is. You business guys ran for the hills,” Kanto said to Hityo.
   “Bloody Censilo, at least that silly girl Chisoutsa was there for the city. She was quite useful in the end. She held him off from taking over the city,” Hityo mentioned.
   “Yeah hard girl that one. I have a score to settle with her. One day I’ll get her back,” Kanto said remembering.
   “I will accept your deal about the new drug plans. We need the funding to build defense against Centrax,” Hityo said to Kanto.
   “Good to hear Hityo. I’m glad you agreed in the end,:” Kanto said in a softer voice eying him.
   “That’s all I have to say for now. You start production as soon you can. Make sure it’s a successful,” Hityo heading off towards the mansion doors.
Kanto sat back in his chair and smiled at Hityo and waved him off. He turned to his bodyguard and grinned at him.
   “He’s a idiot that man. When our production is strong enough he will fall down for me to take the position of Demon Productions lord,” Kanto smiled smoking on his cigar.
He leaned back in his chair and thought about the idea of being a business lord.

The evening was coming and Hityo’s limo past the Miyomoto Motors garage where Chisoutsa was stationed with Charles Thompson over the damaged Black Vixen. Miyomoto rubbed his head and tossed his head over the Black Vixen.
   “That guy Richard won’t be driving this thing again, is he?” Miyomoto asked Chisoutsa.
   “I’ll try to get him away next time we have a war front in the city,” Chisoutsa answered him.
Miyomoto in his bare chest frame and looking around the car checking spots and areas like always. Double checking and then forgetting that he check them at least five times did it again. He popped up his head when he was finished.   
   “Couple days this will take. Some work is needed in the front and side here. Plus your machine guns are fucked. Did the full power meter knock that globe logo out?” Miyomoto asked the pair.
   “It sure did and a smash into it helped it along,” Charles answered.
   “Sweet. It works like a beauty then,” Miyomoto said pleased with his working machine.
Miyomoto went to work on the car when the girls came out from their break. Yuri wandered around the car and looked at Chisoutsa and Charles.
   “It’s smashed up isn’t it? Yuri noted.
   “Yes, we couldn’t avoid it,” Charles answered her.
Muri and Kuzuki greeted the pair and looked over the car. They started work on it and Charles watched them work.
   “Quite a smart bunch these people. We better leave and head for home. We have to see what plans those other businesses are up to. They would be planning against Censilo too,” Charles told Chisoutsa.
They told Miyomoto to expect them in the next couple days to pick up the car and they left in Charles’s car.

Later that night Yuri, Muri and Kuzuki were tired working hard on the car. Miyomoto was working on some of power engines in the front and worked under the car.
   “Was the power good enough for that battle we saw from here.?” Muri asked Miyomoto.
   “Yeah But I’m adding smaller and better chips to it. That Censilo guy sounds like a tough nut to what Chisoutsa was on about,” Miyomoto answered.
   “Hey I overheard this guy from my break earlier today about working with Kanto West. Didn’t Chisoutsa know him or something?” Yuri asked Miyomoto.
   “Um, yeah what did he say?”
   “He’s working with him on some drug deal. Something big I think. Should I tell Chisoutsa about it?” she asked.
   “You should. It might help her in some way. None of those business leaders should be trusted girls. Remember that,” Miyomoto said.
   “I can’t fix the flying chip well, it might not work hundred percent,” Kuzuki said at the back of the car.
Miyomoto rolled out from under the car and stood up wiping the grease off him.   
   “Damn, we have to tell them that too. That’s what you get when you stuff the car up this badly,” he said to the girls.
Miyomoto headed back to his office and looked through the broken window out into the city. He saw the broken down street lights and looked back when Yuri came in the office.   
“That’s all we can do for today. We have to wait for the new parts coming in tomorrow. Those chips should hold up in the car,” Yuri reported.
   “Good work,” Miyomoto answered.
Yuri walked up to Miyomoto and hugged him and moved her hand over his chest.
   “The other girls are leaving. What are you gonna do now,” said an excited Yuri.
   “Nothing much now,” smiled Miyomoto.
Yuri started to kiss over Miyomoto’s chest and he pushed her against the wall. He squeezed on her tight red worker’s suit and her zip was undone and her firm breasts were revealed. He moved her over to the desk and she lay down as he moved on top. Muri and Kuzuki past the door and looked inside to watch Miyomoto riding Yuri as she cried in pleasure.
   “He’s pretty good isn’t he?” Muri asked.
   “Oh yeah. The right balance in work and play,” smiled Kuzuki.
The pair wandered off home and the night sky fell down.

Chisoutsa was staying up late at Tyrell’s Bar and was eating on a cold steak. Tyrell was fixing his oven as always and looked over at Chisoutsa’s way.
   “That thing that happen, you know the Censilo battle is he still here?” he asked her.
   “Yes Tyrell he’s still here and very much alive,” Chisoutsa answered rudely.
   “What’s up you haven’t had your tea and you like them a lot,” he asked again.
   “I just don’t know about the future. Where I’m going at the moment. Censilo took away my life and my parent. He took everything from me. I can never get back what was mine,” Chisoutsa said.
Tyrell in his overweight clothes picked up his washing cloth from the ground and smiled at her.
   “You can start anew.  Build on what you have now and work on your future Chisoutsa. That’s what you can do,” he answered her.
   “Can I really do that now?” she wondered.
   “Sure you can. Starting from tomorrow, go out and do something fun. Something you like to do in life. Have a think about it at first,” Tyrell suggested.
Chisoutsa smiled at Tyrell, “Thanks for your help. You are as wise as the Professor.”
   “Oh no I’m not. You’re just trying to be nice now. He’s got all these degrees and I didn’t even finish school!” he cried laughing.
   “But he can’t cook a mean steak like you can,” Chisoutsa answered back and Tyrell grinned back.
   “What’s next on your mission log?” he asked trying to change the subject.
   “I got a late call from Yuri about Hityo was talking to Kanto West about a drugs plan. I knew it was in the planning but now it’s starting up now. I have to work out how to stop it,” she replied.
   “It’s hard being the only police officer in the city hey?”
   “Yeah it is. I better go to one of these clubs to see if Kanto is on the loose there,” Chisoutsa said.
   “Sure thing. Have fun now and I’ll see you tomorrow night,” Tyrell said smiling.

Chisoutsa headed outside and wandered the streets of the city. In her classic black leather suit and yellow styled jacket she came across one of the popular clubs that Kanto hanged out at. She past the security and entered the place. There were groups of people passing out red little tablets and young teenagers taking them up and dancing in the middle of the club. She saw a couple figures upstairs discussing. She past the couples and men walked up the stairs. She held on to the Eagle which was planted down her front jeans.
   “Yeah Hityo, they are loving this shit. They are all out to it,” said a figure on a phone.
Chisoutsa hide on the side by the stairs and saw Kanto was on the phone to Hityo about their drug enterprise.
   “Nah Hityo, we have sold out already. It’s much stronger then the old ones we used,” Kanto said before hanging up.
Chisoutsa came out and revealed herself to him. Kanto put the phone away and gave a dirty look at her.
   “Look who’s here. You gonna stop this operation all by yourself? You’re a clever bitch but not that clever,” Kanto said to her.
   “Using the public for your profit like always. How many are gonna die?” she asked.
   “Depends how dumb they are. If they take too many, a few might tonight into the night. What you doing here then?” he replied.
   “Just checking on you,” she answered.
   “You won’t be doing any checking anytime soon,” Kanto said as a group of bodyguards appeared by his side.
   “I love to play rough guys,” grinned Chisoutsa drawing her Eagle.
The bodyguard drew their machine guns and started to shot at Chisoutsa badly as she ran down the stairs returning fire at them. The guards fired into the crowd as they screamed and the club started to panic. She jumped off the stairs and fired bullets in the air and twisted herself and rolled onto the ground into the crowd.
   “Everyone get down!” she shouted at the crowd.
The crowd of party goers didn’t hear and most of them were dazed out because of the drugs. The body guards rushed downstairs and sprayed a line of teenagers down and closed in to Chisoutsa.  She ran up to him and kick one down and shot down a couple more. Kanto ran to the top of stairs and drew his guns and fired down towards Chisoutsa. She moved back from the body guards and fired into them while pushing dancers away from the fight scene. She turned around and saw a bag of the red tablets and grabbed some and put them in her pocket. Kanto marched past the body guards and push dancers down from him and shot them.
   “Chisoutsa, you stand where you are!” Kanto shouted.
Chisoutsa stopped and turned around. Kanto stood in front of her and watched her like a hawk.
   “You’re not getting away this time and none of your friends are awake enough to save you now,” he said to her.
   “If I can challenge Censilo then I can eat you for breakfast,” she shouted back.
She moved her jacket back and revealed her blue shinning sword and unleashed it on Kanto and moved him to the ground. The body guard fired bullets again and tried to muscle her to the ground. She slashed into her enemies and jumped right up to the top level again and knocked down the last couple guards with her Eagle. She held her sword out and Kanto came back to his feet.
   “This isn’t the last time Chisoutsa. You will pay for what you have done to me,” Kanto shouted at her.
   “No, it won’t be the last time,” she cried back and ran off before Kanto could call in more guards to chase her.
Kanto hit the table with fist and broke it. A body guard came in and saw him upset.
   “Did Chisoutsa come by?” he asked.
   “Yes. I want to start our plans with Hityo,” Kanto moaned.
   “And what plan is that Kanto?” he asked again.
   “To kill him,” he answered him.

Chisoutsa was home late again and the Professor was watching late night television. Of course he wasn’t waiting up for her. He just happened to be watching some shows at the time.
   “Hello Professor Walken,” she answered coming in.
   “You’re back late,” he answered.
   “Yeah had a run in with Kanto,” she replied.
   “Sounds good. That drug operation started now,”
   “Yeah, I got some with me,” she said.
   “I hope you’re not going to try them out,” the Professor asked.
   “Nah I’m addict to enough drugs at the moment,” answered Chisoutsa smiling.
She wandered up to bed and the Professor smiled. He rested in his nice and warm lounge, back in his home. He was away from the hideout and business affairs of the day. Chisoutsa came into her room and changed clothing in a silk red top and a flower designed underwear and stepped in the bathroom. She took out the tablets that she had found and smiled at them and placed them in the drawer next to the shower. She came out and placed her Eagle and her phone by the desk and slipped herself into bed. She took out some papers that the Professor gave her before he went to see Shentile. Some of the papers he found on that dark day at the Centrax Building. She took out a cigar from her drawer next to the bed and lit it up and read the papers.  She smiled as she drew heavy smoke from the cigar. She loved her scent and smell of different cigars. She noticed a location she never heard of and tinted her head.
   “The Lair of the Forsaken, where the hell is that?” she asked herself.
She didn’t think much of it and turned the lights out for sleep, she laid on her bed puffing on her cigar as it burnt in the night.
   “Unknown technologies and strange machines lurk down there,” she said remembering what the papers said.
She soon feel asleep thinking of where and what mysteries this new place would deliver.

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