Chapter 2 – Madison Fern and the Beloved Forest

Acros the a long walk following hidden paths, thick trees, and stepping oer logs Madison and Fyln traveled towards where they needed to be. Madison noticed things were different to when she was here the last time.

“This used to be more green and lush in the leaves and the vegetation the last time I used to be here, “Madison said picking up a stick to use as a walking stick for the walk, she gave it to Flyn.

“Thanks, I’m still abit tired from my injuries. So do you know what type of powers I have. One moment I can help move a whole planet and create beams of light and here I am all weak and having trouble to move,” Flyn asked.

“Your powers are comsic engery, your have the abiility to use that to move heavy objects or to use to attack people. You are very powerful but you are also human so you have a limited timeframe to use that power. You will run out of engery and need to recharge for quite a period of time. You are also a large amount of duarability. Humans don’t fall from space and live to tell the tale like you have done today. The Spirtual Guardians picked you because I think you have a kind heart. That’s how they tend to pick people. Your spaceship is also abit of a x factor. You have a backup option that helps you out of problems. Keep that in mind when using your powers Flyn, Universe Guardian.”

Flyn thought to himself for a moment as Madison kept on walking looking at the thick forest and scanning for where they were, “But Madison I’m not really a hero or a sorcerer magic person like you. I mean am I really ready for all of this?”

“No one is really ready for when we need to save people or help. There’s so such thing as a chosen one or chosen hero. Sometimes you are thrown into a adventure much like tonight Flyn. I grew up with my parent caring for animals and I decided that was what I would be. My own magic linked to animal and natures. When animals are hurt or when the environment is harmed my magic is affected. You just need to trust in yourself and the choices that you make,” Madison replied.

She pointed across rom where they were to a darker area of the forest where a clearing was. “That’s where I remember the area. You know it’s been over a thousand years since I’ve been here. It’s been a long time since I’ve last visited here,”

“Why has it been so long for you to have come back?”

Madison walked up to one of the trees and touched it, green carving of animals carvings appeared on it and all other trees started to light up around them, “Because of this. This is known as the Beloved Forest, a land where the animals and pets we have loved go to stay where they die. They wait for their owners or for someone to come meet them to go on to other world to be together again. You see I have lived a long time and I have lost alot of animal friends of mine over that time. It’s the most bittersweet land to walk through. Look over there,” she said pointing over to a few cats and dogs in the distance in a ghostly form walking around.

“My first animal I had over a thousand years ago was a cat I found. I kept him for many years. He was my first love of animals and he was my first sorrow and lost too. I maybe a sorcerer of magic but I cannot ressurect them. I can heal them, I can extend their life span abit longer but when their time is at a end I’m just as powerless as a human is when they lose a pet.”

She came to the middle of the clearing and there was a figure next to a tree ith a ghostly glowing cat . Madison become emotional seeing the animal and the trees lit up showing the carvings of all the animals she had lost over the hundreds of years. The ghostly cat walked up to her and wandered around her.

“That’s him ins’t it? Fyln asked.

She took a deep breath, “That’s him. Sometimes he doesn’t remember me because he has moved to the forest. I can’t touch ghostly figures like you can with a alive animal and that does hurt alot. When I die I will come here to the Beloved Forest and meet all my old friends again and we will turn into atoms and go across the stars to where we play once more.”

“So that’s why you took over a thousand years to see him again. You’re sad that he won’t remember you and you can’t touch him with all your other animal friends?”

“Yes, but with love must come the acknowledgement that you will lose them. That your time with them is limited and that is the deal you have must understand that you make when you care for them. For I am the Guardian that cares for the living animals and he is the Guardian for those animals that have died,” she answered pointing at the figure in the distance.

He was a human that looked like a animal himself, two small white ears, yellow glowing eyes and black around those eyes.

“Stay here Flyn. I’ll go see him for myself,” Madison said looking nervous walking up to him. It had been a long time since the ladt time they met but why does he want to see her again?

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