Chapter 2 – Neon Post Human

The night sky was setting on the city where Mr Umezu was ordering a nice meal for himself and his new friends. Kuni and Okiku were surprised and unhappy that their new friend used to be a business owner – like the ones they have had to deal with them their whole lives. “I hope these meals are filling. We have to set aside this money for future ideas. You two can’t keep keep trading in things for the rest of your life,” Mr Umezu noted to the pair. “Why didn’t you tell us you used to be one of them?” Kuni asked firmly to Mr Umezu. The waiter came along with some drinks and started handing them out on a black table when Mr Umezu took a sip of whisky from his drink. “I used to be in the business of selling weapons and technology to different gangs here. Then one day a demon lord returned to try to take back what he thought was his. a place called The City of Demons. That’s where I live and that’s where my home is. I was forced to work for him. I had little choice in the matter. You could say over the course I woke up and saw the mess that I created and decided to try to be good for once. It took some time for me to get used to the idea of it. Thou with some help from Chisoutsa and Professor Walken, “he explained to the pair at the table.

Okiku was holding her drink looking sad, “Why were you like that? Didn’t you know the damage and hurt you were doing?” Mr Umezu put his drink down and thought about his past. He was unconformable talking about his crimes. “No. I was greedy and I wanted my own power over the city. I never wanted to rule over the City of Demons. I just wanted to be the richest person around. To have my company seen as the most powerful and fearful. My own parents never thought I would amount to anything and I proved them wrong. Maybe wrong in the wrong ways. I was lucky I didn’t go to prison and was killed by them for what I did. Now I’m here and want to go home. That’s my mission now.”

“We can trey to help you but I don’t think there is a way home. There’s never been portals to other worlds so how did you get here?” Kuni asked Mr Umezu. The meals had come from the kitchen and were placed on the table. The three of them picked up their knives and forks, “There was a massive war that broke out from different universes and worlds you can say. Nothing like this had happen before. I met some very strange people and creatures during it. Towards the end I was trapped in a tower and there was a secret universe portal that was set to this world. It was the only way I could escape or face death. I had no choice but to come here to get away from it all.”

Kuni questioned Umezu further, “Did you only change because you had no choice or was it free will?” he asked him. “It’s a question I think of alot. When I saw the destruction that Censilo the demon lord brought to the City of Demons I knew it was wrong. It was truly when I saw how broke the city had become because of Sciencework and my decisions to profit from war and pain was when I discover it wasn’t right.  Since then I have been trying to do right. It’s a learning curve for me.” Okiku finished up her meal first. She seemed to be quite hungry from the day. “What are we going to do now?” Mr Umezu sat and thought for a moment. “Your house ins’t really that great looking and it’s not well protected. There’s nothing there of much use. Take me to the city. I want to find the people in charge. I just want to see how your world is controlled. I have experience in this sort of thing.” Okiku looked shocked at his answer, “We can’t do that? We are not pure humans and we would stand out from the workers and the people who control the part of the city. It costs too much to live there too. You can’t just walk into there and live normally.”

Mr Umezu nodded and understood their concerns about the move. “I know we still don’t know each other well but no one else is going to help us here. That exchange market you go to has limited funds. Most people here are poor so the city is our choice to improve our lives. I know how to make good technology and when people are trying to rip you off. With me you have a far better chance of living in the city. I know how to speak money and business. I think the three of us will live well there while I work my way home. You two should be fine living in a nice little home when I do find my portal back to the City of Demons.” Kuni finished his meal and looked outside the window, “We can try it tonight and see what is there. It’s been a long time since we have been there. I hope you know what you are doing. It’s been hard on us the past few years. Maybe this is our break having you with us.”

“I would like to think that too. But my mission is still get myself home to the City of Demon. That is our most important thing here,” Mr Umezu thinking mainly of his life…

Large neon lights shone over the city called Silco were Mr Umezu was leaning against a wall having his cigar. A neon sign above him was flashing on and off as he watched the people walking around at night. There was a sense of coldness about the city and area. A sense of order without question. Mr Umezu saw Kuni and Okiku coming up to them from a store from across the street, “You see there’s nothing wrong with you two being here. Not while I’m here Have did you find out from the store owner?” he asked them. “There is a old business section down to the west end area where there might be information on the origins of the Kyo Corporation. It might help maybe. I don’t know,” Okiku answer unsure if the help was useful or not. Mr Umezu pushed off the side of the wall and looked up at the neon lights. “It’s a much brighter world than the City of Demons here. Let’s go and see this place.” The three of them took off towards the business building to see what was there. Mr Umezu seemed confidence about being in the rich city like he belonged there because of his own rich past unlike Kuni and Okiku who felt out of place all together. They came to the area with the building doors ahead up some stairs. Okiku jumped up the stairs and noticed the doors was locked tight with a scanner card needed. “It’s strange this area is locked if it’s been unchecked for a long time,” she noted.

Mr Umezu watched on behind her and pulled out his code breaker device in his pocket, “This is why I don’t sell the good stuff. Let me take care of this door,” he said joining her keying in his device to break the code locks. The red lines on the code doors turned green and he turned and smiled at his young friends, “See no problems here.” Together the three appeared into the first room which was dark and had purple lights hanging at the top. Large database machines lined up the sides of the room with another set of doors ahead of them. “No door codes needed for those doors ahead of us,” Kuni said. “Yeah, why only the front doors would be locked. Someone didn’t think this through hey?” Mr Umezu joked. There was a small computer on the side of the room where Okiku came up and started using. “There’s data logs about Silco back around 30 to 40 years ago. Data discussing about certain technologies made and trans humanism.” Mr Umezu touched some of the data machines thinking to himself for a moment, “What about before the Kyo Corporation took over Blarvis and Silco this city. Anything on that?” he asked. Okiku checked for more files and tossed her head, “I can’t find anything. Maybe there’s more information in the other room?” Mr Umezu nodded and pointed at the doors ahead, “I want to find what happened before this world turned into a perfect shit hole that it is today. Go check it out Kuni,” he told him.

Kuni slowly pushed open the door and looked inside.  A line of laboratory tables were found with left over body parts on them, “Check this out Mr Umezu,” he called out to him. Okiku and Mr Umezu came inside and noticed the tables as well. Umezu came to one of the lab tables and picked up a arm body part. “It’s used for someone like you. A replacement part but it’s cheap looking. Your body parts are made of very fine quality You see the connection cords here are of a cheap martial. They would wear out quickly over time. Unlike you.” Okiku wandered towards the back of the room noticing a small light shining into a back section. A curtain was covering the rest of the back room and light. She pulled back the curtain and her eyes widen in shock. Two large robotic trans humanists were there and their eyes turned green towards, “Oh! Stay back!” she screamed. Mr Umezu quickly turned around, “Shit!” he called out. The robotic machines pushed Okiku onto the floor and Kuni rushed towards them to save his sister. One of the robotic machines grabbed Kuni by the neck and lifted him up in the air. Mr Umezu pushed one of them aside and punched the robotic creature in the face. It did nothing and turned dropped Kuni the ground and punched Mr Umezu in the stomach sending him to the ground as well. Umezu held on to his stomach in pain, “Fuck, that was hard,” he cried out. Both robotic machines turned on Okiku and smashed her leg repeatedly and pulling off her leg. She screamed in pain and Mr Umezu watched in horror on the floor. Kuni tried to move but his body wasn’t able to move well at all. The robotic trans humans turned towards Mr Umezu as he pulled his body away by his hands and arms on the ground slowly. As both of their hands came towards him the doors slammed opened and a figure appeared at them. A rifle type weapon was raised by the figure firing multiple shots at the machines. One came down to the floor shaking and electricity sparking from it. Okiku screamed in pain and Mr Umezu turned to see who the figure. A elderly looking male moved forward with his rifle firing more shots at the other machine sending it down to the ground. He quickly came to Kuni pulling out a strange looking orange circle device from his pocket. He slapped it onto Kuni’s back. Kuni felt a jolt of energy from it and the elderly man picked him up from the floor, “Take the girl with you and leave the building now,” he commanded. He came up to Mr Umezu and lifted him up from the ground, “You are a foolish man,” he told Mr Umezu. Kuni carrying Okiku hurried as fast as he could outside the building with the mystery man following behind them with Mr Umezu under his arm. He pointed to a car across the street, “Get in that now,” and Kuni followed as told. They all climbed into the vehicle and he jumped into the driver, “Auto drive and fly mode active now,” The vehicle rose up into the air and shoot off into the traffic skies.

“Who are you?” asked Mr Umezu dizzy and in pain, “Someone who might talk some sense into you boy,” he answered as they escaped from the horrors of the robotic trans humans.

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