Chapter 2 – Seasons of the Moon

Alfred was found exploring the massive collection of history books that he owned. Celia was found lying on the bed watching the old wizard moving in and out of the bookcase. The old wizard picked out a few books and started to read the first one when Celia asked about her father.

“Why is he so stressed out nowadays Alfred? Has something gone wrong within the kingdom?”

“He takes on all the work which other people should be doing it. He fears that we are making a mistake. He has grown mad over the years sadly. This is the boiling point now. You, you just make things worse. You go off with all the young boys,” Alfred explained.

Alfred walked over to his desk and paused for a moment and turned to face Celia.

“He shakes a lot now and more than he used to when he was normal,” the wizard said to Celia.

“What do you mean, Alfred? What’s wrong with him?”

“When I see him in work or talking to others he shakes. Especially when the tension is building. You can see it with your own eyes. His hands start to shake and then one of his legs shakes too. It is stress, I believe is the term they call it,” Alfred explained to Celia.

“It’s my life, Alfred, so what. He doesn’t need to worry about me.” snapped the princess.

“Why do you do it? Your father does care about you but it doesn’t show when you do those stupid things,” Alfred asked her.

The princess tossed her head and smiled. She looked at the unconvinced old wizard and tried to explain to him.

“I hate being the girl with the pretty dresses on. I want to explore the world Alfred. I don’t want to watch the world go by. I want to be in it. Being with the knights gives me a thrill. Also I like to have my fun when the sun goes down. Father pulls some of the funniest smiles when he sees me,” she explained to Alfred.

“Great you try to stress your father out more, very good Princess Celia. It’s such a dangerous excitement you put yourself into,”

“People think I do these things but I don’t, Alfred. I like to lead them on and get their reactions. Its fun seeing your face at times,” she chuckled at the old wizard.

“I can end the game whenever I feel like it. Don’t worry dear old Alfred. I’m safe and sound, maybe one day the right person will come in the castle doors for me,”

“Laughable, that is. You’ll get tired of the one person,” thought the old wizard.

“What’s wrong with Morcar this time?” asked the princess changing the subject.

“Morcar, he is a problem I believe, I never liked him. He is going to hell if he doesn’t convince your father,” said Alfred reading through more pages of his book.

“And who is Gladus, he is a strange character Alfred,” thought Celia.

“He is a concern too. He comes from the desert lands; far from here I can tell you. He’s always kept to himself and not much is known. This book is telling me the only information it has on Gladus here. None of my other books has anything on him. I bet he is planning something himself too,” said Alfred.

“What do we do? Why is everyone after my father all of a sudden?” asked Celia worried.

“The Kingdom is falling apart and the two wizards are waiting for the moment to come so they can claim the throne. It’s all about power Celia,” Alfred answered her.

Alfred shut the book quickly and put it away on his shelf containing large spell books. He turned to face Celia and rubbed his chin thinking about the matter. He weaved his finger in the air thinking.

“We have to watch them both. Morcar is more of a danger because he lives here. Gladus will come if the kingdom falls.”

“But what is Morcar trying to convince my father about?” asked the princess.

“Oh yes. He believes there are creators who help work out the seasons,” explained Alfred.

“Hmmm… do you believe him, Alfred?” Celia asked the old wizard.

“In this case, I do believe him. Maybe he did see an element. The problem is that what he wants to do if he finds them,” Alfred answered.

“Do you believe in the idea of funny looking creatures?” she asked him.

“I think they are creators. There have been books made about them. Also a number of sightings have been made, like Morcar’s,” Alfred answered.

“Maybe we might need to find out where they are,” thought Celia.

“Not now, we will watch and see how things unfold with Morcar. That’s all we can do for now,” said Alfred.

He walked outside and Celia was left lying on the bed thinking to herself. Her thoughts were with Alfred. What was going to happen with the future of the Richardson family?

The next day arrived and Alfred strolled into the throne room with the king and queen talking to each other. Richardson was looking pleased for once, the queen was good at calming him down. She knew how to calm the King down when he was stressful. However even at the toughest times, his rage and madness was uncontrollable.

“My lord, I have found the new knight for the castle. I need your approval to send this letter off,” Alfred told him.

“My pleasure Alfred,” said Richardson taking the letter off him. “It’s done. Take the letter and send it at once,” said Richardson. “I will now, my lord,” said Alfred and he walked out of the room.

The queen turned to her husband and smiled. “You’ll be fine soon,” she said.

“I’m fine already. I don’t know what people are going on about. Its madness what people say about me,” he cried.

“Alfred and Celia only care about you dear. If you just listen to them and try to understand their point of view then maybe…”

“Maybe what?” interrupted the King, “They don’t understand the role of being a King? Leading their own country they’ll never understand.”

The queen closed her eyes knowing there was no turning back. The end of the kingdom was nigh.

Morcar was outside the castle in the edges of Richardson watching the people working and talking. A man in a black robe with a staff walked up to Morcar and removed the hood. Boys and girl ran around the market shops and played with each other. Some were playing hop scotch and marbles. Morcar and Gladus bypassed the children and the shops while they walked and talked.

“Gladus, what do you want today? You are strange I must agree with the King,” spoke Morcar.

“It doesn’t matter who I am and where I come from. It is what I bring with me today,”

“What do you want Gladus, strange wizard,” Morcar asked. “Nothing, it is what I can tell you that is the question. You have to

break your loyalty with King Richardson. There is a dragon who was supposed to be a leader of the weather, there is another dragon too who wishes to be the leader. I want you to find that dragon and get him on our side. The three can be the best team to destroy the Richardson Castle and then of course the weather makers, whoever they are,” Gladus explained to Morcar the wizard.

“I won’t until I give Richardson more one try. He might understand after I talk to him,” Morcar offered Gladus.

“You won’t win Morcar. King Richardson is insane, he’s wrecking his kingdom to pieces. Look at his knights. They can’t fight and they lust over his daughter. The best wizard is an old fool called Alfred. You can beat them with me and this dragon, which I think has the name Draken. That’s the one I remember,” said Gladus.

“I will give my King one more chance, and then I will think about what to do next,” Morcar said.

“Very well then I will see you soon. Be sure to drop by my own little lair to talk about the latest news. Goodbye for now,” Gladus called as he walked off from the Richardson wizard.

Gladus went down to a fruit shop and grabbed a bag of apples to buy. He placed some coins in the fruit owner’s hands.

“Gee, your hands are cold,” cried the owner. “Goes with the image,” said Gladus.

“Don’t be down on yourself. I’m just a fruit picker. Nothing much I can do in this world. You could change the future of the world if you tried,” joked the owner.

“Don’t tempt me,” Gladus called and walked off.

Gladus wandered off and then looked back at the fruit picker. He disliked the people in the market, too much of a personality he thought.

“Fruit pickers, I dislike the likes of them. Those families make useless knights, as well as farmers,” thought Gladus disappearing into the shadows.

Early morning came and Morcar was in King Richardson’s room. Alfred was still asleep and the King was listening to more of the weather elements.

“Gladus said to me that they exist, even old Alfred agreed with me. Don’t you believe the three wizards in the whole land?” asked Morcar of the King.

“I don’t think Alfred would believe in such rubbish. Your mind is clouded. Alfred is a respected wizard here and he would show proof to

me about this matter. As for Gladus, he’s as mad as you Morcar. These wizards are getting worse by the year I tell you,” answered the King to Morcar.

Morcar’s eyes started to go red. He was boiling under the pressures of King Richardson. He was holding his staff tightly, trying hard not to snap.

“I can take you to the woods. There is one element changing the seasons as we speak. He is, I believe, the one who controls wind. Won’t you come with me and see?” Morcar cried.

“I don’t have the time for that Morcar. Don’t you understand?” the king answered.

The wizard’s tight fist was released and he suddenly bashed the king’s face with his staff. Richardson fell down to the ground.

“You don’t understand because you don’t want to, do you? You will believe me or I will take matters into my own hands. The kingdom will be broken soon, and I’ll be there to watch!” shouted Morcar.

He quickly rushed out of the throne room and Richardson slowly moved up to his throne again.

“Morcar, the evil one, you will be cursed for that!” snapped the King.

Alfred and Celia were in Alfred’s room and the old wizard was planning for the two wizards. Alfred passed some spell books to Celia to read.

“Morcar’s about to crack and we have to prepare ourselves for this problem,” Alfred said.

“What will we do? What is he planning to do with the castle?” asked Celia looking at the old books.

“I’m not sure but I dare not wish to think at this point. I must watch and learn what is happening now,” said Alfred.

Alfred collected piles of books and stacked them on his desk and he grabbed his staff and straightened his robe up.

“I will see to your father and see how he is today. I hope the madness has eased today for everyone’s sake,” the wizard said as he left the room.

The wizard arrived at the throne room where the King was thinking about Morcar’s sudden attack. Alfred saw that the king was unhappy about something and tried to ease him.

“It’s a nice morning outside isn’t it…” Alfred started.

“I know, the garden looks nice,” answered the king blankly.

King Richardson stood up from his throne and walked around the room, Alfred watched on with great intent. The king walked around again thinking and racking his brains for answers.

“What ‘s the plans for the next few days?” asked the King of his wizard.

“Tomorrow, our new knight should be coming. I will guide him around the castle, and hopefully teach him some sense before the other knights get hold of him,” Alfred answered him.

“Good, after that I will have my talk to Morcar about some things,” commented the King.

“About what?” asked Alfred.

The king turned around to face Alfred and gave a rare smile, but filled with uncertainly.

“Don’t you worry about that, I will see to Morcar’s problems,” he spoke.

“As you wish, my lord. I will move off and work out the coming of the new knight.”

“As you will. Go and work out what you need to do with that,” King Richardson advised him.

Alfred turned around and then he looked back at the King as he was disappointed and upset at something. For that one time Alfred decided to butt in to his personal problems.

“You seem very tired my King Richardson . Would you like to rest your eyes ,” asked Alfred.

King Richardson pressed on his eyes and gave sad look at the old wizard. His face looked like he was carrying the burdens of the world on his shoulders.

“Alfred I wish I wasn’t the King, that I would be free of duties and stress. Do you understand me?” he asked.

“Yes, I sadly do majesty. Do what pleases your highness,” answered Alfred and he followed him out of the throne room.

Alfred walked on to his room where Celia was still there. He entered and she leaned up from his bed.

“So what interesting stunts has father done today?” she asked him. “Nothing yet, but he wishes to have his own word with Morcar in the next couple days. This means the beginning of real trouble,” said theold wizard.

“We can only see how things go,” Celia thought. Alfred looked out the small window and smiled.

“Maybe the new knight could help us,” smiled Alfred to himself.

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