Chapter 2 – The Alien of the Phoenix 3

Jack and Sonia had journeyed into the large room where the Reapo 1500 weapon was spotted towards the back of the room. The pair hid behind a wall together while Jack holding his gun whispered to Sonia, “Are these buildings new or something. All the maps that Daniel showed to me had this large airline strip at Area 51.” Sonia turned around to see that no one was in the room at the moment. “This does look new and yeah there are planes and UFO’s that come here. One’s that the government have made.” Jack noticed the doors in front of them opening and appeared three security guards.  They spotted them and the pair run off from behind the wall. Jack fired a couple shots at them. Sonia saw the Reapo 1500 and went for it. Two of the guards grabbed hold of Jack. He punched one in the stomach and kicked the other down as he struggled to get out of their grip. Sonia held up the Reapo 1500 and pointed it at the security guards, “Hands up now!” she shouted towards them.  Jack took a deep breath on the ground as the guards backed away from him. She grabbed Jack and hurried along the room to the back doors. “The device won’t turn us invisible again and the back door is out in the open. What should we do?” Jack pushed his body up and popped his head outside the door. He noticed another small building about 300m away from where they were.

“We could run to that building. People will see us but we have no choice. We don’t know where the blueprints on this weapon.” Sonia’s face showed a stressed vibe and turned back at the security guards watching on. She fired a shot from the Reapo 1500 towards their feet and the trio of them dropped to the ground knocked out from the small blast of the weapon. It left a green fire that burnt out quickly after using the weapon. “What the hell did you do that for? Someone might know we are here now?” Jack cried at her. “We don’t have a choice now. We are going outside here and they will find out about u when we find the blueprints.” The pair decided it was the only way to go and headed out into the open at Area 51.

Daniel and Tazu were searching the room to find a way out of the lab room. Daniel climbed up on a bookshelf of books and some medical items and pointed at the air vents “Tazu if I’m small enough to get into here you can get inside here too. Let’s try this out.” Tazu noted the clever find and climbed up next to him, “I have a feeling where the blueprints maybe. If Sonia and Jack have found the weapon they wouldn’t know how to destroy it. There’s the open space of Area 51 that they have to likely go through. The blueprint is likely near where my own UFO you can say is. It would have been transported here a while ago. A plan to draw me here if I wanted to travel off this planet.” Daniel patted Tazu on the back, “Let’s get through this and find your ship and blueprints.”

The pair crawled through the air vents and the pair saw some of the outside of Area through the walls. Tazu eyed the same building that Sonia and Jack did, “There’s one way to enter the section that we need to go. There is a shortcut but it’s risky.” Daniel was puzzled while crawling through the air vents, “What do you mean by risky?” The air vent came to an ending and the pair fall down into the hallway again by a slide and a small bump on the ground. “Daniel we can go through one of these floors. These squares are sometimes secret entrances to tunnels under Area 51. You know by your research it’s used for quicker travelling and transport. The tunnel under us should lead us to where we need to go.” Daniel touched one of the squares on the floor and grabbed a small knife from out of his pocket and started to open it up, “I’m thinking the Men in Black know we are coming.”

Tazu nodded in agreement, “Yes they know we are coming. You will know everything when that happens” Daniel gave a quick look at Tazu wondering what he meant by that and went back to opening the floor square. Together the pair went down the hole and into the tunnel. Tazu pointed along the tunnel, “When we get to the end my story will be told.”

“What story?” Daniel asked. Tazu replied, “The reason why I’m really here.”

Out in the open Sonia and Jack ran across the plains of Area 51 where Jack stopped in the middle of the whole place and looked at the skies. “Sonia the clouds are getting more green but there is no one here. The door over there is open. This has to be a trap.” Sonia noticed the issues before them too, “We have to go there, we have to destroy this thing and the blueprints” The pair walked along the airstrip of Area 51 and came to the doors. Jack and Sonia appeared into the room and a bright blue screen was at the far end of the area. It was showing off the designs of the Reapo 1500 weapon and two figures. Jack’s eyes widen in fear, “Maris and that Reptilian alien!” he shouted. The reptilian cocked its head and charged towards the pair. Sonia tried firing at the creature with the Reapo 1500 and the alien jumped on top of her and slashed into her body, “No! Sonia, stop it!” Jack cried firing shots from his gun. Maris smiled watching on as the terror was unfolding. Sonia’s eyes closed in pain and the reptilian alien rose up and turned to Jack, “The weapon will not be destroyed young Jack and now you are next to die,” Maris said in a conformable tone. The creature started moving towards Jack as the Reapo 1500 was lying on the ground next to Sonia’s body. Maris picked up the weapon himself and looked at Sonia, “Such a waste of life. That’s what happens when you digging in other people’s business. You might dig yourself into the core of the issues, the lava itself and burn.” He turned around and saw the door opening on the right hand side from the tunnels. Tazu appeared quickly raised both hands towards the reptilian alien blasting a powerful sound wave of energy at it. The creature was blown across the room and hit the wall hit falling to the ground to lose its mind for the time being. Daniel appeared next and saw Sonia running to her but it was all too late. He held her in his arms and looked at Maris, “You did this? You ordered that to kill her,” he asked.

“Yes I did and so your digging ends here. The power of the inner circle is all here. My rouge friend here did this job. Protecting our planet from the forces that are now above Area 51. He and his other friends have given us the technology needed to defend ourselves. It’s over Phoenix and for your protector of the earth Tazu the Arcturian,” Maris replied.

Daniel and Tazu watched on knowing this was it. The battle to prevent a war on Earth.

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