Chapter 2 – The Legend of Evermore

The tall wizard walked with the travelers to his fireplace and he turned around to face
them. He was dressed in a black outfit with a blue robe around his suit. He was old and
very wise, he seemed to be a old teacher of wizards and held the key facts to the ancient
wars of Graford.
“ My name is Mentor. I was the wizard who battled Graford in the past wars. Now he has
return and the royal has picked you four to battle,“ said Mentor.
“ Yes he did Mentor,” said the Barbarian.
He tried to act as smart as he could but didn’t win Mentor over for the brain’s points.
“ I can see that the you people are new to each. I guess you’re having trouble getting on?”
asked Mentor studying the group.
“ In some ways,” answered the Wizard exchanging looks with the Dwarf.
“ My name is Levi. Short and sweet,” said the Elf.
“ My name is Roger,” cried the Barbarian.
“ That doesn’t sound like a real tough name,” said the Dwarf.
“ My name is Walter. My name comes from the ancient wizards of the past,” commented
“ What’s your name Dwarf?” asked the Elf.
“ Duncan, the trusting Dwarf,” said Duncan.
“ Yeah trusting,” said Walter funny wise.
“ Mentor. We are a bit confused. Who is this Graford and how did he become who he is

today?” asked Roger.
Mentor saw how the band were new to each other and had not really been informed about
what the whole story is about.
“ Many years ago, Graford was my apprentice. He worked hard and learned quickly.
However, impatience devoured him, and he wanted to learn magic that is more powerful. I
told him the danger, and he should be patient, for in time he would become a great wizard.
However, Graford could not wait longer; each night he broke into my study and read my
spell books. The secrets that were held within them were great indeed. Once he had learnt
these secrets, Graford fled,” said Mentor.
“ That’s terrible,” thought Walter.
“ When I caught up with him. I found him greatly changed. He had pledged his allegiance
to the Great Powers of Chaos. Fool! He saw magic only as a short – cut to power and paid
no heed to the terrible price he would have to pay. I tried to reason with him but he just
laughed in my face and unleashed a spell, which I had hard pressed. We battled for days
but in the end, Graford fled to the Chaos wastes. Then he licks his wounds and honed his
skills. The power of Chaos magic will use Graford and get rid of him when finished,” said
“ I guess Prince Chambers sent you. He must be excited about the crowning. I shall go
with you but I shall not crown him yet for personal reasons. In time it may come,” spoke
The band went off with the wizard as the five of them headed back on the road of Graford.
The skies grew dark as the travelers looked up. The band was cold as Mentor’s eyes
shined, as he feared something was wrong.
“ Every time we are in trouble, there’s a storm or something bad looking” said Levi.
“ Yeah. We better stay together ok?” said Roger.
The band held their swords closely as they circled around their mentor.
“ He’s here. Get away!” cried the Mentor.
Suddenly the ground shook in astonishment as a green beam blasted to the sky. The young
adventurers gazed in amazement as a tall dark hooded figure appeared in front of them.
Dozens of Orcs and Goblins appeared in the background as the hooded figure showed his
“ Graford. My student has returned,” said Mentor.
Graford moved in the direction of his teacher and his new students. The band sensed
Graford’s footsteps; it was cold and mysterious all the same.
“ It’s been a long time teacher. You’re still a weak teacher in the world of wizards,”
sneared Graford.

“ All you think of magic is authorization to rule Evermore. This is wrong, your day will
come someday when your army will be brought down forever,” said Mentor.
“ Ok old man, let us have a warm up to see who has trained better. Your stupid friends can
take on the orcs and goblins for the match,” said Graford.
Walter and Rogar tried to reason with Mentor but he tossed his head and ordered them to
take on the Goblins and Orc’s.
The two then circled, each other as the heroes went on to attack the big army of monsters.
Graford put his hands together as a large red ball was glowing. Mentor spans his staff
around as it created a shield of air. The fireball charged at the shield as it blasted into small
“ A little weak there Graford” smiled Mentor.
“ I’m just starting Mentor” glared Graford with his glowing staff
Mentor raised his hands to the sky, while the clouds gathered across the sky as a blizzard
was created. Soon Graford was half frozen in the clutter it was creating.
“ You cheat Mentor” yelled Graford trying to release himself.
Mentor knew Graford’s weak spots so he knew where to hit and when to hit.
“ There is one thing you should know. The teacher never gives all of his secrets to the
student” said Mentor as he banged Graford to the ground.
Then orcs and goblins saw what happened and were scared so they ran off back to where
they belonged.
“ We did it,” cried Levi running up to Mentor.
Then Graford got back up to see Mentor.
“ You are still good, old teacher. Nevertheless, why can’t you realize that your power is
significant enough to take over the Evermore Kingdom? Therefore, I shall do it for the
magic of Chaos. Good day Mentor, I’ll see your friends in the times ahead” said Graford.
He dusted ice from his tunic and he walked off as his image slowly disappeared.
“ We better get to the castle Mentor. See what Prince Chambers is up to,” said Walter as
the others nodded.
The crew walked through the castle gates of Evermore as Duncan was thinking.
“ What’s that Chaos magic that you, the prince and Graford talk about?” asked the short
“ Chaos magic is known as the mischievous spirit magic. Sorcerers, wizards, and witches
offer their lives for the powerful magic. No one knows who owns or controls the magic.
All we know is a combatant of Hell who is the keeper of the powerful magic” explained
The group walked in the castle throne room as the prince greeted them back.

“ Welcome back my friends. Mentor looks safe and sound thanks!” cried the prince.
“ We have work to do,” said Prince Chambers.
“ What work?” asked the Elf.
“ Someone must be crowned so it must be me. Everyone can join the party tonight. Alright
with everyone?” said the prince walking off happily.
Then Mentor followed him into the throne room.
“ Where are you going?” asked Roger.
“ To see the prince about the crowning. He can be king on one condition,” said Mentor
walking away.
Prince Chambers was getting ready as Mentor walked in.
“ Finally the big day is here. I will be king,” said the prince.
“ On one condition, in your country there is one person who has the right to come to the
throne after you. It is your son that was born to you,” said Mentor as Chambers gave a
funny look.
“ I was 16 when the occasion happened. It was a mistake,” said Chambers.
“ He lives in the land of the rising moon. Legend says people get their spiritual energy
from the sun and moon. There is a distinguishing sculpture in the central point of the town
that combines the power so that people can collect their energy has ” said the Mentor.
“ Can’t you just crown me then we look for him” asked Prince Chambers.
“ No. Your son must be there to take over as prince. Don’t you care about him” said
“ I ought to send the heroes on their way to the town” thought the prince, thinking of his
son with his head down.

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