Chapter 2 – Time Cruisers

Dr. Cyber, Cody Cyber and Vulture were kept prisoners on the Sea Star by Iron Hook the current captain of the ship. Dr. Cyber tried to reason with Iron Hook on letting them go but Iron Hook was not interested. 

“I’m not letting you three go. You came onto my ship and now you will have to pay for it. My brother and I have been working hard for our next lot of gold and that damn solider empire sends us those two guys to get us again it’s going to get dangerous for them,” Iron Hook crowed. 

“What two guys?” Cody asked. 

“Their names are James and Joe by what your father tells me. They are another pair of future members of the Legomen. He states that are loveable idiots at best,” Dr. Cyber whispered to him. 

“You should let me go and fetch my machine. I can take you to many places where gold are,” Vulture told him. 

Iron Hook seemed interested and started to listen in to his thoughts where suddenly Cody pushed Iron Hook out of the way taking off his brown suit and jumping off the side of the ship. 

“Cody! What are you doing!” cried Dr. Cyber. 

Iron Hook turned around and ordered his pirates to fire at him. They started to push the cannon out the side of the Sea Star as Cody quickly reached the docks and jumped up. He ran over to the time cruiser and pushed the door open and climbed inside shutting the door behind him. 

“I should know how to use this. I think I do. Well I am a Cyber!” Cody cried turning the key and moving the time cruiser up in the air. 

The cannons started to fire where Vulture pushed himself away from Iron Hook and ran towards the docking plank to head off the ship. The time cruiser moved to the front of the Sea Star as the cannon were firing close as Cody tried to dodge them. Dr. Cyber placed his blueprints back in the pocket and waved at Cody to lower the time cruiser to pick him up. Vulture arrived on the docks and skipped towards his time machine and jumped in. His time machine rose up in the air and turned around shooting away from the Sea Star and disappearing. Iron Hook starting charging down the ship towards Dr. Cyber. He waved his hands as the time cruiser came down with the door open for him.  He jumped in quickly and closed the door as Cody took the cruiser up in the air and turned around. Dr. Cyber clicked on the tractor lock button to pinpoint where Vulture was. 

“He’s back in the present day but his quick time machine can’t last forever. Let’s get him finally!” Dr. Cyber cried as Cody took the machine and it disappeared in the sky to the future again leaving Iron Hook and the crew very confused. The pirate captain stood with his hands on his hips wondering what had just happened. 

“I hope I don’t see those three again!” he shouted in angry. 

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