Chapter 2 – Universe Guardian: Shadow of the Soulbreaker

The planet that had appear out of nowhere in the middle of space had settled down by the time Nippy with Flyn inside and the grey alien’s ship had touched down on a rooftop of the tallest building in the city that they found. Flyn and Tazu came out of their respective spaceships and looked around the area.

“It’s pretty tall. That’s the sign of this building called. Scienceworks? Never heard of it,” Flyn said to Tazu.

“I have not been here before. It looks like Earth but it is not the same planet. There are some planets like this in the universe but they are very rare to find together in a short distance of vast space,” Tazu replied back.

There was a lift on the rooftop and a small garden area surronding it. The lift buzzed to signal it was about to open. The doors opened up and three figures appeared coming out. Flyn greeted them in a friendly manner, “Hi everyone who are you folks. We are visitors from another planet as you can tell,”

The female of the trio looked at Flyn not looking very pleased and looked at Tazu. “My name is Chisoutsa and I’m the protector of this world. I like to stay retired but someone moved our planet and I just happen to be in the city seeing someone has appeared from nowhere too,” she replied to Flyn.

“Mr Umezu came back from another universe where he was trapped there for years. Of course you didn’t beleve when I called you and decided to come visit him with your own eyes,” said the other.

“Lucas well now she believes you and here we are in another crisis it’s like the Author’s War never ended,”

“Wait did you say Author’s War?” Flyn asked confused.

“And that is a face we know,” Chisoutsa cut in pointing at Daniel Phoniex coming out of Tazu’s spaceship.

Daniel Phoniex was surprised to the old faces he first met during the events of The Author’s War many years ago. He shook Lucas’s hand first, “It’s great to see you all again after a long time. So if your planet is here this means it’s been moved across universes. That’s not possible at all.”

“I have moved a planet out from damaged universe that was dying. it’s very hard to do but possible. Howver this is a real feat to achieve,” Flyn said.

“For some reason I doubt that. If Mr Umezu is right we were talking about what he experienced in his other universe and the Soulbreaker appeared. Not the puppet we played with during the Author’s War,”Chisoutsa said.

“This is the third time the Soulbreaker has made a major move. He had two followers in Gladus back a thousand years and only a decade ago or less with Valentine. This time it’s the real deal. No more shadowplay now,” Daniel Phoniex said to the group.

Flyn looked up at the sky and turned to Tazu, “I think you should take Daniel back home and keep him safe. I’m going go and find the Soulbreaker now. What are you three going to do?”

“I’ll be staying in the City of Demons for the time being. Look you can go and take care of things if you are really good at what you do. My concern is just this planet alone. I’m not interested in dealing with anything else,” Chisoutsa answered walking off.

“I don’t think she likes me,” Fyln said to himself. Everyone had split up, Daniel Phoniex and Tazu waved goodbye and headed off on their own way and Flyn and Nippy decided to travel back out to space to find the Soulbreaker.

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