Chapter 20 – Seasons of the Moon

Back on the ground, the elements were healing their dragonflies as the ThunderDragon was damaged himself but refused to be nursed by a human. The elements were healing them through their weather creative powers. They had found ways of using their power to heal people and animals through the weather.

Celia was trying to nurse the ThunderDragon’s hurt wings when the lord of the weather growled at her.

“No. Do not touch me again!” snapped the dragon.

“Shut up. I’m not taking no for an answer. Your wings are paralysed. Like the dragonflies. You’re not invincible, ThunderDragon,” said Celia.

The ThunderDragon looked at Celia. He was going to say something, but he knew that she was right in the end. He wasn’t invincible. Celia helped his wing as the famous weather dragon spoke.

“I’m not the nasty dragon that people think I am.” “Boy you surprised me,” said Celia.

“I do care for the elements but I need to make my power strong to them. Show them I’m not weak. It is a role I must play in order to show others I am not weak,” he said.

“You don’t show enough, that’s your problem. The elements love you for some crazy reason. They think you’re a god of some sort but I don’t see that and either do Alex and Alfred,” Celia pointed out.

“They do? Why would they?” asked the ThunderDragon.

“I don’t know, they see something that others don’t. I can’t see it. The elements would walk into a fire if you told them so. It’s one way friendship as I see it,” Celia said.

“I don’t see the goodness in me. I don’t even see what’s in me at times. I know I make mistakes but don’t tell anyone I said so,” the dragon said to Celia.

Celia tried to smile with the ThunderDragon and patted him on the wing. “Just try to be nice every once in a while,” suggest the princess. “Ok” agreed the dragon in defeat.

“I wonder what Morcar is doing now. He’s about to have all six crystals with him now,” thought the ThunderDragon.

Celia gave a look at him thinking the same. What events could Morcar create now?

“What could he do with crystals?” asked Celia.

“I really don’t know. I never used the crystals other than giving life to the elements,” the ThunderDragon said.

Alex and Alfred walked up to the ThunderDragon and Alfred gave a funny look.

“I don’t know about you ThunderDragon but I think our luck has run out for good now. Morcar has all the crystals and we’ve lying in the dirt injured with all hope gone,” Alfred sighed.

“There’s still hope, Alfred. We can’t lose, only when we’re begun the war against the evil ones,” the ThunderDragon answered him.

“Then what do we do then?” asked Alfred.

“We will rest until we are well then we shall go out and find them again. To seek out what they have done to the weather and to the Season Island,” ThunderDragon said.

“How long will it take before the others are fine?” Alfred asked the party.

“I’m not sure how long the dragonflies will take to heal. It will take a while I believe,” ThunderDragon answered.

The dragons continued to rest and the humans worked together to aid the weather creators.

Morcar and Draken had gone to the sea side to find the final crystal. Morcar spoke to Draken before the wind crystal was dumped thereabout 200 years ago by a battle with an old king. Morcar ordered Draken to search the air as Morcar went by foot. He scanned the area hoping to find the final piece of the puzzle. If he had all the crystals he could suck the power from the elements in to the crystal, then to himself. With the power of the elements and the power of himself as a wizard, he could overthrow the ThunderDragon as the lord of the weather and rule the world and the weather.

“I can see something,” shouted Draken in the air as Morcar smiled. “Where Draken?” asked Morcar.

“By the side of the sea, it’s in the sand a bit,” called out Draken. “Great,” smiled Morcar as he ran to the side of the sea to see the

crystal half in the sand as he grabbed it.

“Yes!! We did it!” shouted out Morcar madly.

“We have won!!” he shouted and jumped around along the sand with Draken and tossing his head.

“There is one more place to go to have my power” cried Morcar.

“Where is it Morcar? Will we finally get what we wish for?” asked Draken still in the air.

“The Season Island, in the Season Castle,” called out Morcar as Draken landed to collect Morcar for the final part of their world takeover plan.

Morcar and Draken had escaped from the battle near the ThunderDragon Sky Castle to the Season Island. Draken knew where to find the rare island thanks to the directions of Morcar. Morcar sat on Draken’s back and felt each one of the crystals in wonder. Even he was surprised at the easy success of finding them in short time.

The pair made their way to the Season Island and soon they arrived at the beach where Morcar was once before with Thunder, Alex and Celia. Morcar slid down Draken’s back and started to walk the deep sands of the beach by pulling himself towards the pathway. Draken started to follow to the point where Morcar could only walk based on size. The flowers and the trees began to blow in Draken’s presence with his wings flapping causing the wind. The dragon landed on the ground and Morcar and held on to the bag of crystals as he slid off Draken’s back.

“Wonderful, isn’t it?” Morcar asked Draken about the beauty of the island.

“It is a nice place to live,” Draken answered.

“It reminds me of the garden of Richardson,” Morcar said making his way up to the Season Castle.

The wizard and dragon were about to move towards the direction of the castle when an old friend appeared from the shadows.

“Dear old Gladus, are you joining us for this feast of victory?” Morcar asked him.

The shadow wizard wasn’t too pleased when he met him and was pulling a face towards Morcar and Draken. He saw the bag of crystals in Morcar’s hand and shook his head in thought.

“Not until you have the power and you can control it. Besides it looks like you just stole that bag from the knight. Did you?” Gladus asked the former Richardson wizard.

Morcar was uneasy at Gladus words and defended himself again.

“Of course I took the bag from the elements. I wasn’t going to search for them all. Gladus, I can control the power of the elements and the ThunderDragon’s. I will be the best I can,” Morcar said

Gladus gave a cunning smile to Morcar and Draken. His eyes fixed on the two figures before him. Draken was worried and turned to Morcar for words.

“Don’t start your mind games,” warned Morcar.

“The best I can I will. That test will come to you very soon. That’s all you can really be Morcar. The best you can I will. If you understand that, what will Draken have if all the power goes to you?”

Draken turned to Morcar for an answer. Morcar started to feel anxious about the future of the power, the future of his power.

“He can do what he pleases within this world, that is what he gets for his service,” answered the Richardson wizard.

Gladus tilted his head on the side and thought about it, “You know Gladus, what about the truth in the Book of Trunks? You haven’t thought about that have you?” Gladus asked Morcar.

Gladus gave a smile and looked up towards the Season Castle. He smiled and noticed the six crystals.

“So you got the wind crystal from the seaside based on the ancient king battle?”

“Yes, how do you know that?” asked Draken wondering.

“Draken wants to know something. It was I who was the king. The king of the desert I used to be called in my earlier…,” “Liar! You were never a king of anything. Speak the truth at once Gladus,” cut in an angry Morcar.

“You’re just upset that you’ve never been king yet and I have. Don’t worry Morcar; you will be the king of the world soon.” Gladus said “I was king of only myself and the desert. I didn’t rule over people. I rule over whatever came into my world.”

Morcar pushed passed Gladus and began to walk alone to the Season Island. Gladus stood still and didn’t do a thing. Morcar turned back to him.

“What? Go on I don’t want to come to your party. You can have all the fun to yourself.” Gladus told him.

He walked up to Morcar’s ear and whispered to him “Just remember what I said. Don’t say I warned you. If there is a next time, you’ll be playing by my rules,”

Morcar stood still and Gladus turned back to Draken who appeared to be alone and forgotten.

“Come along with Morcar, Draken. Go and have your feast of victory. May it be sweet for the one who wins,” Gladus called out. Draken watched Gladus strolling off into the shadows again. He felt a hit on his wing from Morcar.

“What was that for Morcar?” asked the dragon.

“Don’t you worry about Gladus. He’s trouble at times that wizard is. He’s a strange being he is. Victory is only moments away Draken. You hear me then Gladus will be bowing to us and also the ThunderDragon and people of Richardson,” Morcar warned Draken.

“Over there within those clouds Draken,” cried out Morcar while eyeing his prized crystals.

Draken took the turn and flew down into the clouds where his eyes found the island.

“There it lies Morcar just where you said,” pointed the dragon.

Morcar stopped at the pathway to the castle and turn back to face the dragon.

“You must stay here while I place the crystals at the castle. I will put a protection spell upon the candlesticks so the elements can’t touch them while I figure out how to discharge their powers from them. You can hold off any troubles that come to the beach,” Morcar explained.

Draken nodded and sat down with a large puff of dust appeared around him. He stretched his wings and twisted his neck around. He was settling into his own spot on the beach.

“Make yourself at home Draken, after we receive the powers. You can make this island your home as you wish,” Morcar said.

Morcar wandered off towards the castle pathway and Draken began to smile about the possibility of owning the island.

The doors of the Seasons Island opened and the former Richardson wizard entered with the bag of crystals attached to his right hand. Morcar quickly walked down the walkway to the candlesticks and the shelf of spell books. He wore a brown robe much like Gladus’s, except his was dark black. His hair was messy black and he held an angry looking face where he may have taken it from King Richardson. He started placing the crystals on the crystal sticks.

The crystals started to glow by themselves and Morcar began to smile but soon his face changed to shock when the crystal’s glow disappeared. His eyes were upset. He started to shake the crystal sticks around and shook them madly.

“How has this happened? What is wrong with them? They are the real crystal are they are not?” he asked himself.

The shakes turned to panic and that turned to anger. He threw one of the crystals to the ground and it rolled along and hit the wall then stopped. The rumours made by Gladus and truths were hitting home. The crystals didn’t do anything at all. The Book of Trunk was misleading; it made a mistake, just like Gladus predicted. He turned to face the rest of the rooms of the Seasons Castle and shook his fist in madness.

“The crystal didn’t have any power and now I’m trapped here like an animal. I’ll show the elements and Gladus. I’ll burn this island and with all the ancient books inside. When they come they won’t see their beautiful island. It will be covered in burnt trees!” Morcar cried.

He quickly ran out of the Seasons Island and came down to the beach near Draken. Draken was quite liking the island’s image and saw the blushing faced Morcar.

“What is it, Morcar, no one has come yet,” Draken said to him. “The crystals, the crystals don’t work. The queer Gladus was right after all. I say to burn this hole down and see the end of the elements instruction books!” patted Morcar.

“Why won’t they work Morcar? You said we would be powerful and rich by the end of this trip?” Draken asked him in frustration.

“I understand your pain, Draken. The crystals do nothing. So to average our loss of time, we shall burn the place down. You can start on the rainforest!” Morcar cried.

“I can’t now; I’m still very tired from the trip through the air. The ThunderDragon can easily be fooled but he is tough to beat in battles,” Draken explained to Morcar.

Morcar wanted to rip the Season Island apart at that point. Gladus had shown that Morcar was wrong and he didn’t like that one bit., He turned to face the tired and sleepy Draken. He waved his head in shame and sat on the beach.

“We will rest now for you Draken. But tonight or tomorrow, the Season Island will burn in all its glory!” boomed Morcar and he laughed to himself. Draken sat on the sand softly fell to sleep.

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