Chapter 22 – Seasons of the Moon

A new battle had begun with Alex and the elements deciding to lead the charge in ridding the world of Morcar and Draken by freezing them through a spell. With the aid of the ThunderDragon this was possible and the mission was to remove the two evils from Seasons Island when they planned to use the crystals to take the powers of the weather.

However to the unknowing elements and knight, the crystals didn’t work and Morcar was wrong and Gladus was right. In a fit of rage Morcar now was in progress of burning down the Seasons Island and removing the ancient books of the weather.

Through the window from where Morcar didn’t usually watch, a couple of dragonflies flew down slowly without the eyes of Morcar even Draken seeing. On the dragonflies were Fire and Wind and the other four dragonflies were following. Alexander the knight was leading the battle to stop Morcar and Draken’s games with the crystals for good. The dragonflies landed and Alex hopped off Artice.

“Draken’s on the other side of the island and we can’t make a lot of noise. We can’t afford to let him know we’re here. It will be easier to handle Morcar by himself I believe,” Alex explained to the group of huddled elements near the dragonflies.

“Remember everyone, Morcar has the crystals and we can’t lose our powers while he has them all,” warned the element to Wind.

“Also he has Draken and he’s a threat to everyone. He’s a large devil, that animal is,” Alex reminded the group.

The other elements nodded in agreement and they trotted off to carry out Alex’s plan.

The elements walked through the rainforest which circled the Season Island from the beach. Alex cut through the branches with his sword and the elements followed through the path made by the sword.

“What do we do when we get there?” asked Fire.

“The plan is if Draken sees us, Earth is to go and find the ThunderDragon and get him to come here. Alfred I believe is at the Richardson Castle, so Wind can make his way to him,” Alex explained about his plan. Wind rubbed his chin and asked Alex, “What can Alfred do for us?”

“He can outdo Morcar’s magic as well as keeping any spells that the wizard tries to create at bay. We can’t afford to lose this battle,” answered the knight.

The element saw the entrance to the castle and they quickly entered. They watched Morcar starting to cast a spell as Water blast a beam of water to give Morcar a buzz. With his wet black hair he turned to face the elements and tossed his head in shame.

“I’ve already beaten you in the air. What makes you think you can stop me on the ground?” Morcar asked.

Wind and Earth quickly left the room for their dragonflies and Alex stood at the front of the team with his sword.

“Try us if you’re worthy of a challenge,” grinned Alex.

Morcar revealed his staff under his robe and snapped a beam towards Alex and his word. The knight reflected it towards the ground and he ran up and hit the wizard down. From the castle, Draken started to see a battle from inside and decided to move towards it.

Suddenly the elements Water and Thunder arrived outside and Water brought clouds together in the sky. Draken stood up tall and started to search across the sky at the clouds. Thunder waved his hand busily signalling the clouds to gather power from the sky. Lightning struck the ground and Draken started to run around on the ground.

A lighting bolt struck him and he roared in pain, he turning to release a spits of ice towards the elements and they covered their faces as the spits attacked them.

“Let’s get on the ground with Draken and deal out combat with him!” shouted out Thunder.

Water nodded and they rushed down the pathway into the rainforest and got out to the beach to attack. Draken appeared to them in a fury and an attack of fire balls towards them. Water missed the targets and he fired back water at the dragon. Draken smiled towards the rainforest and started a damaging attack of fire streams at the trees. “Don’t let them burn the island down!” shouted Thunder.

Ice and Fire bumped into each other again while fighting off a terrible Morcar attack. Alex fought hand to hand with Morcar with sword and staff. Morcar kicked the knight down on the ground and he slid towards the door. The knight jumped back up again and then wobbled to his left and bumped open a secret door in the Season Castle.

“What’s this?” Alex said to himself.

He quickly ran down to the small room where a floating ripped page was hitting against a set of staffs. Alex picked it up and started reading.

“The element’s staffs are useful during creating or the need of combat when the moment comes. Can enhance their skills and force their powers easier,” he read.

“It looks like something from the history books,” thought Alex. He tucked the page into his pocket and grabbed all of the staffs on him. Alex struggled along the path way back to the battle near the candlestick handling all six staffs and his own sword. He shouted out as he threw the staffs at each element. Each staff was color coded to suit the elements tastes to cause no confusion on the ownership of it.

“They’re your own staffs. Just use them like wizards do!” he shouted with each staff.

Ice and Fire nodded and swiped their staffs at Morcar, bashing him to a corner.

Down on the ground outside the Season Island Water and Thunder saw their staffs in the sand and they rushed over to receive them. Water dusted off his staff and suddenly heard a noise from the cloud.

“What’s that?” cried out Thunder.

Lightning bolts smashed into the ground in the form of a circle as the ThunderDragon arrived with Earth and Earing the dragonfly. Draken watched in surprise as the ThunderDragon blasted fire at the dragon and covered Draken’s face. The dragon’s pounding face was hurting him and he made his way towards the water and stuck his face into it. ThunderDragon rushed over to pound him to the water. Water and Thunder turned to each other in excitement.

“We’ve got to keep this up until Alfred arrives,” Thunder cried.

Wind and the dragonfly Cyclend arrived with Alfred. Alfred landed with his feet on the ground and looked at the two dragons fighting in the water.

“A day out at the beach I can see,” Alfred smiled.

“We need you at the Season Castle at once!” Wind shouted and the two made their way past the fighting Water and Thunder.

Wind and Alfred entered the castle to watch Morcar relating to his magic and blasting seen at Ice and Fire. Dozens of fire and ice beams were seem from the throne room where the crystals sat in their places. Alfred unleased his own staff and bolted his way into the battle, reflecting bolts of fire and ice by his staff to get to Morcar’s place.

“So you’re come to join the battle?” cried out Morcar shielding off a fire blast.

“Indeed I am, not in you sake!” Alfred shouted and bashed over the wizard onto the ground.

Fire and Ice continued to rain upon the room and Morcar was shielding himself from the ground. Alfred pointed to a window at the roof and showed Alex and Fire.

“Fire, smash that window open and you Alex get the ThunderDragon to preform the spell through that window!” shouted the Richardson wizard.

Fire nodded and struck his staff at it which made a fire beam smash open the window. From outside the ThunderDragon and Draken saw the beam. Alex ran on outside and shouted to Water and Thunder.

“Keep Draken busy, don’t let him inference with the ThunderDragon from now on!” The elements turned from Alex back to the battle and started to pick on Draken by throwing balls of water and Electricity at him.

The ThunderDragon saw Alex’s sword held up high and the dragon flew up to greet him.

“What is the plan?” he asked him.

“The window to the roof, can you cast the spell through it?” asked Alex.

“Yes, but you must hold him in that position for a while before the ice freezes him. If he moves watch out the ice barrier,” warned the ThunderDragon.

Alex darted off into the room again and whispered to Alfred about the plan.

“It seems good to me, I’ll tell Ice and Fire. Keep up the good work here,” Alfred answered and he rushed to Ice and Fire on the other side of the room. Alfred spoke to them and they nodded. They nodded over to Alex where he cried out. “Attack!”

Ice and Fire fired beams at the wizard and Morcar was trapped next to the candlestick. Alex bolted outside the door and waved to the ThunderDragon.

The ThunderDragon’s mouth glowed and a huge icy beam stuck the ground like an earthquake through the window and on Morcar.

“Arrchhh!” screamed the wizard and he struggled to move around. Suddenly Ice stopped his beam for a moment and Morcar broke free. Alex returned to watch it and yelled out “Ice barrier!”

Alfred turned back in confusion and a sonic boom affect of ice shattered the room, knocking down Ice, Fire and Alfred to the ground. Alex rushed to Alfred was half awake.

“Come on, Alfred, I have a new plan! You go and move the dragonflies onto Draken and I’ll take these staffs and trap Morcar myself,” Alex cried.

“You can’t do that yourself, it’s far too dangerous!” Alfred shouted.

“I have too. Go and help the ThunderDragon!” shouted back Alex and Alfred made a run for it.

Alex turned back and grabbed the ice and fire staffs. He held them up high and Morcar watched on.

“Ready to dance?” asked Morcar smiling.

Alfred ran down the path made by Alex’s sword through the rainforest and reached the four dragonflies. Artice was the first to notice and call cried out to the other dragonflies to see Alfred.

“Artice, good dragonfly you are. Come with me at once. The ThunderDragon needs your aid at once as well your masters!” cried out Alfred puffing.

Alfred quickly sat upon Artice and the four dragonflies shot off into the sky and were fixed on Draken.

Water and Thunder were losing their grip on Draken when a sonic boom caused by Draken to hit the ground. An earthquake shook the ground and thumped the pair into the sand. Draken’s face was red hot and he turned to face the four dragonflies charging into attack by Alfred.

“Charge!” shouted out the wizard and fire, ice and Electricity were thrown in a whirlwind effect at Draken.

The ThunderDragon turned back to see Draken behind him as suddenly the whirlwind of power struck Draken and send him to the ground. A sent colourful battle scene was created by the dragonflies. A fury of fire blasts appeared from Drake’s mouth from the ground in anger. The ThunderDragon turned to Alfred when the wizard nodded at him and spoke, “Cast your spell at once ThunderDragon!”

The ThunderDragon received his message and turned to face the broken window in the roof of Season Castle. From inside Alex and Morcar were hosting a similar event. Alexander had upgraded to fire and ice beams from the mere sword. Alex smashed staffs with Morcar and sent the odd bolt of ice at Morcar.

“You’re not so bad at this are you?” asked Morcar swishing around the candlesticks returning blots.

“Practice makes perfect,” Alex answered with a flare of fire back at him.

Morcar turned around and stood back in the place of the window and Alex crossed the staffs together and thundered a bolt of fire and ice at Morcar. Morcar shot himself to the ground in grief. Alex’s face was sweating on this moment and his hands shook as he moved towards the wizard. He screamed out the word to the ThunderDragon. It was a thundering noise, the noise of a true leader to his army of knights.

“Fire!” he shouted and the icy beam thundered down onto Morcar once again.

The ThunderDragon’s eyes were watching Draken being kept busy with the dragonflies and Alfred.

“Keep him on the ground for a few more moments,” shouted Alfred. Then dragonflies started to show distress on their faces, as they were running out of energy.

Alex’s eyes reflected icy charms upon Morcar as he held on the burning staffs. Morcar struggled badly to set myself free but was failing and was feeling the ice crawling up his legs.

“What is happening?” cried Morcar.

The whole body of Morcar was now frozen and Alex fell onto the ground next to the fallen Ice and Fire was now out of energy himself. The fire and ice staffs fell after him. Morcar was now frozen in his place.

The ThunderDragon was finished and he heard a cry of Cyclend falling to the ground out of power. He turned in anger and started blasting the icy beam at Draken and shot him to the ground. Draken watched the blue beam being shot into the ground around him and tried to raise his wings while being attacked. His wings were half frozen. Draken became frightened and decided to escape. He moved his tiring wings and shot off with the last of the energy he had left.

The Dragon landed on the ground and yawned to himself. He knew he had beaten one wizard.

“It’s over for now,” ThunderDragon said.

The elements emerged from their spots to watch their battled and abused leader on the beach. Alex walked on outside and looked at the dragon and nodded to the elements.

“It’s over for now but the war is still very bright and alive,” Alex warned the party. There was still work to be done…

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