Chapter 23 – Seasons of the Moon

Draken was shocked at how Morcar lost to the ThunderDragon and how he was frozen too. He thought that the two were in a good position to defeat the elements. But in a sudden twist of events, they were outsmarted by Alexander the Knight and Alfred the Old with the help of the elements.

He made himself alone in the lairs of the nearby desert where he sat down and thought about the past few days and the coming days. He was worried that being alone would trigger an easy win for the elements.

“Now I’m by myself,” he said out loud.

“But I can beat the ThunderDragon. He just beat a weak human. I’m a powerful dragon. He doesn’t know a powerful dragon when he meets one,” he comforted himself.

Draken was trying to make believe he had the guts and the power to defeat the ThunderDragon but he knew it wasn’t going to be the easiest task.

Draken suddenly felt a chill in the wind and he swung around to greet a moving shadow coming towards him. He started to glow a red fire ball in his mouth when the shadow spoke.

“You think that you are powerful? Do you think that is going to solve your problem? Killing a friend like me? You must understand that I am your friend, someone who can give you what Morcar was promising and yet even more,”

“Who was that?” asked Draken turning around.

The image transformed to a black robed figure and revealed his hood to Draken.

“Gladus is my name. Magic’s the game. I own one of the crystals which I gave to Morcar. But it seems that he lost to the ThunderDragon badly,” said Gladus.

“The ThunderDragon was tough. He did that magical beam and he was gone like that. In a blink of an eye, he was gone. It was amazing but sad in a way. Did you know Morcar?” said Draken.

Gladus pointed his head to the stars and thought about it. He returned to earth for the answer.

“I knew him from the Richardson Castle. When the kingdom was falling apart, and still is. He just didn’t have the idea of defeating the weather creators. I told him that crystal wasn’t the idea,” Gladus said.

The ThunderDragon is so powerful. How do you stand against the magical beam that froze Morcar? How do you plan to stop the lord of the weather,” Draken asked him.

“That magical beam uses a lot of power. Even when he misses objects, it takes time to re charge and to think again. He also needs to be in the right place at the right time in order for it to work. He was when they trapped Morcar in the Seasons Island Castle. They planned it all, the knight, the old wizard and the elements,” Gladus explained to Draken.

Gladus walked around the dragon and started to create plans in his mind, Draken watched on eagerly to hear an answer. The dragon was easy to change his mind on things. He jumped to conclusions far too easily and that was why he usually made many mistakes in the meanwhile.

“What you need is power to stop the ThunderDragon. The ThunderDragon is known to be a thinker. Therefore, he’s a thinker in battle. We need to overpower him in mind and body. That is the answer Draken,” explained Gladus.

“I guess I’m doing the hard work?” asked Draken.

“Of course you will Draken. Why not? Will you send another human against a dragon with that power? No! It is stupid to even think of it,” answered Gladus.

“Tomorrow we will start our first battle,” said Gladus now starting to walk around the cave base like a leader.

“What is it?” asked Draken.

“To destroy the Richardson Castle, to try to get that King Richardson and Celia girl out of there and into the open of the battle field,” he said smiling.

“Why do we want to do that?” asked Draken confused about having to destroy an unknown castle to him.

“It would get Alexander and Alfred’s back up if it happened. We can use the girl as bait for the knight, he could be a weak key for the weather creators,” Gladus explained.

“But didn’t he help freeze Morcar? It did quite well to do that,” Draken asked Gladus looked at the dragon like an idiot and tossed his head.

“You don’t see the picture do you? He loves the girl to death. He would do all sorts of stupid things to keep her alive. You must follow my ideas and orders in order for the plans to work. Understand?” Gladus instructed.

Draken gave a funny look but liked the idea as he thought it over in his head. Gladus smiled and rubbed his fingers.

“What a feast Draken and I will create,” he said to himself in wonder.

The good side was stationed at the Sky Castle caring for the ThunderDragon and making sure that he was coping alright.

“I must thank Alex for your leadership in that battle, Alexander the knight was a wise pick you made Alfred the Old,” smiled the ThunderDragon who was resting on the ground.

“Thank you, he is a good knight. I know that,” replied Alfred. “I was just doing my job,” Alex commented.

“A dangerous job it is,” Wind answered back. “But the danger is not over yet,” Ice said.

“The danger is not over indeed, we have the troubles with Draken. A far worse villain to take care of,” Earth reminded everyone.

“We have put away one villain which is good,” Alfred said.

“Yes. Nevertheless, there’s still Draken I’m worried about. He is still a threat to us,” noted the ThunderDragon still resting on the ground.

“But Morcar was really the brains of the whole master plan they had. He’s so stupid. He just follows orders,” said Alex casually.

“Maybe so, But he’s a dragon. Humans don’t like the feeling of dragons that have a desire to attack them. Do they now?” asked the old weather dragon.

“You have a point,” answered Alex smiling.

“And he’ll try his best to make our lives a living hell if we don’t do anything about it sooner or later,” the ThunderDragon cried out.

“So what do we do about it?” asked Alfred.

The ThunderDragon started to stand up and Earth and Wind rushed over to help with his wings.

“We must trap him in a similar way to Morcar except we can’t afford to make mistakes. It could cost lives if that happened,” ThunderDragon said reacting to his pain.

“He’s a lot bigger and I don’t know how we would trap him. It would be difficult process to suffer through if we did do anything about it,” Alfred thought.

“We can do it Alfred. You, me and the elements. We’ll use the staffs and the swords too for the battle. We must find all the weapons we can get our hands on,” Alex spoke out from the crowd.

Ice walked up and patted Alex on the shoulder. He agreed with his plan. “We must stand by this young knight. He knows how to defeat

Draken. We can do it if we try hard enough,” Ice said.

“Despite the obvious dangers to this we have no choice. We have to fight and to freeze him in time to end these dangers, do we now?” asked the ThunderDragon.

Each element nodded and Alfred and Celia nodded as well. The ThunderDragon rose and looked outside to the sky.

“That is the plan we shall do. We shall work out detailed outlines soon,” advised the ThunderDragon.

Suddenly Earth rushed into the castle room with some bad news.

“Attack at…Richardson Castle…Draken and a man,” said Earth, puffed out.

Alex looked at ThunderDragon when the dragon called out. “Go, Alex, with the elements and help the castle,”

Alex ran off followed by Celia and Alfred to the dragonflies.

They flew to the Richardson castle to see the damage. From the sky, Alex and the elements could see a dragon blowing fire and ice at knights and homes at the castle. A new figure was at the scene who was with Draken.

“Is that the guy we know,” asked Fire of Alex.

“It is I believe. Let’s get a better view on the ground,” called the knight and the two went down followed by the other four dragonflies. Draken was destroying everything in sight, throwing carts and weapons at knights and familles in their homes and Gladus was cheering him on.

“Don’t stop till you drop Draken. Keep it up! This is wonderful to see from here!” he cried as the King and Queen Richardson appeared front of you.

“You’re the bloody crazy wizard from the desert. You are insane,” yelled the king.

“Takes one to know one, Richardson. Your kingdom has come to an end. Shame, the place could have done better, if the leader wasn’t so mad in the head,” Gladus answered him.

“You’ll pay for this Gladus, on your life!” shouted the King. “You’re not a king anymore. Just a broken old man with a family

to support. Oh yes, you’ve lost your love for your wife and your daughter is happily in love with the knight who could have saved your kingdom.”

“You’re as mad as Morcar, where is the idiot?” asked Richardson. “Yes, dear old Morcar. He was right about the elements. Behind

me is six dragonflies and their masters are the elements themselves. So you fired him for no reason. In a minor epic battle the fool Morcar thought he could take on the six elements, Alfred the Old, Alexander the knight and a tower of a strong dragon all by himself. Indeed, he had Mr. Draken who happens to be over there killing innocent families at this point of storytelling. But Draken was fooled too by mosquito elements in his way. Even those stupid-minded dragonflies played a role too,

“You’re destroying everything,” cried Richardson in a panic looking at the castle walls falling down. The knight and familles screamed out and ran off in all directions out of the castle and away from the destruction.

“That is the key reason why we’re here Richardson. We didn’t come for tea and cookies. It’s our business to inflict as much pain on people as we can. The death of the Richardson legend has arrived,” said Gladus.

Richardson looked at Gladus and he walked off. Alex and Celia ran into Richardson when he attacked Alex yet again.

“You brought this evil to the castle. You made Gladus come here to destroy this castle and everyone inside. All you want is my daughter and control of the world,” he shouted over the tearing of the castle walls..

“I have not. Morcar did. He knew Gladus from the start and he let him keep on returning to Richardson plotting his plans,” cried Alex.

“Blast it all!” yelled the king.

Then the dragonflies attacked Draken as the cruel dragon backed off. But the damage that was made to the castle was too much. The last castle walls started to fall as Richardson and Celia’s home was now in dust. The dragonflies shot beams at Draken which kept him from chasing the people of Richardson around.

“Stop him over there!” shouted Ice from Artice. “Right, I can do that!” Fire answered out from Firwing.

Gladus walked up to King Richardson who was alone now.

“The damage is done Richardson. You can blame Alex as much as you like. But Draken was the one who did it” said Gladus.

Alex walked up to Gladus and King Richardson and agreed with the dark soul breaker.

“You maybe a cruel person but you’re right. You had your chances to keep the castle together. I heard the problems Alfred said about you. You never let other wizards or knights take care of jobs. You placed all of the castle’s burdens on yourself and you cracked,” said Alex.

Gladus smiled at Alex and pointed his finger up in the air.

“The young knight is spot on. You didn’t do very well towards the end. The judgement has been passed and the punishment has been released upon you. The end has arrived and your legend is over. Welcome to the real world of being an average person,” Gladus said to the fallen King.

Gladus walked off as he said his last word. He turned to face the fallen king who was now saddened. Richardson watched Celia who was next to Alexander. Celia was upset that her father lost the battle for his throne.

He didn’t deserve the loss. He was a sick man who needed help. He wasn’t pure evil like other beings close to him were.

“No where to run Richardson, everyone will live in fear now. You are no longer a king. You know why?” asked Gladus to Richardson.

“Why,” asked a curious Richardson.

“You have no love for life! I know you can see the trouble you have created. To the question you have in your mind now, the answer is you can’t undo it,” answered Gladus.

Everyone knew that expect for Richardson. He was deeply saddened. His love was gone and his kingdom was destroyed and the saddest fact was now he knew it.

The fallen Richardson left the castle with his wife and Gladus watched Draken being attacked by the dragonflies and the elements.

“I think Draken’s done enough today hasn’t he?” Gladus asked the young pair. No answer came from them.

“Very well, young ones. I must be flying off with Draken. I’ll leave you and Richardson to lick your wounds. I believe you lost this battle, Alexander the knight,” Gladus answered and he strolled quite happily to Draken’s side.

“Draken! It’s time to go. We’re done enough for the good side to have a think about. Come and let us fly to the stars!” cried out Gladus to the dragon.

“Very well Gladus,” answered Draken.

The pair rose from the ground and took off with great speed as the dragonflies watched in silence. Ice turned to Water and tossed his head.

“He is right, we have lost for the people,” he said in defeat.

That night Richardson and his wife were at an inn where they were cared for by some former loyal knights. Alex and Celia watched them as they turned to each other. Alex didn’t completely hate the king. For the first time he felt sorry for the king.

“You have done a lot. You have helped save the world. You’re special. You have done your parents proud,” smiled Celia.

Alex turned to the stars and thought about them. He smiled and addressed Celia.

“There is a special role for everyone in our lives. Some are small and some are big. But any role despair size can change the course of our time.”

“Where did you get that from?” asked Celia.

“From my favourite teacher,” smiled Alex looking at the stars over Celia’s head.

“Your role is very big indeed Alex. You should know that,” she answered him.

“There will be roles that will be bigger than mine. One role could be the biggest of them. They will need to have willpower of the stars in order to fight it,”

“All you’re done is try to do the right thing.”

“Yes, I’ve try my best to be good to the world. That’s the only thing I can do and wish to do,” Alex answered her.

“You know what?” “What?” asked Alex?

“I love you, Alexander,” she whispered in his ear.

Alex smiled as she kissed him on the lips. Alex kissed her back as they walked into their room. Celia lay on the bed as Alex kissed her neck. The wind blew out the candles that lit the room as it disguised the moment of passion in the days of war

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